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    The 72nd Hunger Games

    October 6, 2011 by Akuhano

    Hey guys, not all of you know me, becuase I'm pretty new to the wiki, but I thought I'd make a Hunger Games myself! Just submit tributes for all the districts (I'm accepting Districts 1 - 13), and make sure to include things that all tributes need! Also, be sure to tell me if you want to ally with anyone. I'll also have some tributes myself. I might do reapings and the training scores, but I'll definitely do the games. This is only my first games, so it might not be that good. Sorry about that, but I'll get better in time :D

    (Oh by the way, the whole games will be totally random! Like, for the bloodbath, I'll be rolling dice. Same with the training scores)

    District Name (Females) T/S Creator Name (Males) T/S Creator
    1 Ryley Cayllyatt 6 Clove1…

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