Hey guys, not all of you know me, becuase I'm pretty new to the wiki, but I thought I'd make a Hunger Games myself! Just submit tributes for all the districts (I'm accepting Districts 1 - 13), and make sure to include things that all tributes need! Also, be sure to tell me if you want to ally with anyone. I'll also have some tributes myself. I might do reapings and the training scores, but I'll definitely do the games. This is only my first games, so it might not be that good. Sorry about that, but I'll get better in time :D

(Oh by the way, the whole games will be totally random! Like, for the bloodbath, I'll be rolling dice. Same with the training scores)

District Name (Females) T/S Creator Name (Males) T/S Creator
1 Ryley Cayllyatt 6 Clove1001 Syr Wrath 9 Brony12
2 Willow Shadowlock 9 Clove1001 Dare Ward 10 Brony12
3 Shana Buzz 2 Nate777 Ian Volt 3 Nate777
4 Navy Cray 7 Kenzen11 Artimis Trout 8 Kenzen11
5 Cherri Blonde 8 Foxface911 Max Blonde 12 Foxface911
6 Millie Sip Drugs 1 EffieLuna Illegal Drugs 9 EffieLuna
7 Giselle Sunburst 2 Jabberjay78 Twilight Dawn 11 Jabberjay78
8 Thread Form 4 Necterine411 Shay Flax 10 Necterine411
9 Vector LaGuardia 9 Tiki tooki Nike O'Hare 5 Tiki tooki
10 Kedzie Woods 2 Firecatcher3 Talon Faust 6 Firecatcher3
11 Bell Evergreen 4 WinnietheKitty Nate Forrester 11 Something482
12 Lilac Coalburner 10 Rockman117 Aaron Winters 10 Rockman117
13 Tiana Merch 7 Akuhano Deegan Crowley 12 Akuhano

Decided: 2 WINNERS :D


I know this isn't a quarter quell, but I still want a twist, because im evil. Everyone must choose a partner, and stay with that partner throughout the games. If you do not choose a partner, one will be chosen for you. Haha, have fun.


District 1

Ryley Cayllyatt

I wake up to see a shining pair of shining brown eyes staring down at me.

“Ryley, I’m scared.” whined Sam. His worried little face made me smile at him.

“Don’t worry, it’s only the reapings. You’ve gone through this before!” I tell him. He's just worred that I'll be reaped. I put him on the floor, and shoo him out of my room. I need to look my best for the reapings today, because today, my friend is going to volunteer, and I want her to remember me pretty in case she doesn’t come back. I decide to wear my favorite white tee, with my silver hairclip.

“Ryley, breakfast!” called my older sister. I go downstairs, just to be hit with the smell of cooking eggs and bacon. “Are you ready for the reapings today?”

“Yeah, I am. I hope my friend gets the chance to volunteer!” I tell her. Honestly, I don’t want Michi to go. I’d miss her too much.

“I understand. Finish your breakfast, and then go on out. The reapings start in ten minutes, and you don’t want to be late!” After she tells me this, she leaves to get ready herself. I finish my breakfast, and take Sam out to the square. He heads off for his friends, and I go towards my group of friends.

“Hey Ryley, are you ready to see me win the games this year?” brags Michi. She is just so determined to win. I don’t want her to volunteer, but I can’t tell her that. I guess it’s her choice.

Our escort ascends the stage, and yells “WELCOME TO THE 72nd ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES. MAY THE ODDS EVER BE IN YOUR FAVOR.” I hate that line, it’s just so trite. He starts to talk about the Dark Days, and how the Hunger Games were made to keep us districts in line. Afterwards, he heads over to the female ball.

“Pammy King!” It’s a twelve-year old. Without thinking, I shout, “I volunteer!”

I’m shocked at my choice. I just volunteered for the Hunger Games. Michi is glaring daggers at me, and I slowly walk up to the stage. I turn around to see Sam crying into my sister’s shirt, and I bow my head. I reach the stage and climb up.

“Give it up for your female tribute, Ryley Cayllyatt!”

Syr Wrath

I’m so nervous. I’m going to be leaving District 1 for the first time today. But I have to do it. Even if it’s only to live up to my brother’s standards. I have to get into the games.

“Syr! Get your butt down here RIGHT NOW!” My brother yells down to me. I know I should be down already, but even if he’s trained me all my life, I still don’t want to go to my death. I shouldn’t be thinking like this, but it’s inevitable. What if I die? What if I don’t ever come back again? What if h— “GET THE F--- DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW”

“Coming, I’m coming, jeez.” I head down the stairs, just to see my brother’s bright-red, angry face.

“Get down faster next time. We need to talk.” He says. The reddish tinge is gone from his face, and he seems calmer now. “Don’t forget, you have to volunteer first. If you’re second, you can’t go this year. I’ve trained you enough, you can win this. I know you can.”

I’m actually surprised. This is the first time he has shown faith in me. We eat our breakfast, and head out the door. He’s a mentor this year, so he heads straight for the stage. I head for the sixteen-year-old area, and meet up with my friends. We talk, waiting for the reapings to start.

The escort goes up onto the stage, and yells, “WELCOME TO THE 72nd ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES. MAY THE ODDS EVER BE IN YOUR FAVOR.” He doesn’t need to yell, the idiot. He has a microphone. He starts to ramble about the Dark Days. I don’t need to listen, I know the speech well enough. Afterwards, he heads for the girl’s ball. “Pammy King,” he yells.

I feel somewhat bad for the girl. It’s a twelve-year old. I hope someone volunteers for her. And someone does.

“I volunteer!” I hear being screeched. I turn, only to see another twelve-year-old girl ascending the stage. She starts to tremble onstage.

“Give it up for your female tribute, Ryley Cayllyatt!” The escort yells out. The crowd cheers, they love to see volunteers for the games. He walks over to the boy’s ball, and calls out “Mike Loian”. It’s an eighteen-year-old, and he looks extremely pissed off. It looks like he was going to volunteer this year, and he got picked. How sad.

“I volunteer as tribute!” I call out. I jog up the stairs, and look my brother in the eyes. He looks happy, and then turns away.

“Give it up for your male tribute, Syr Wrath!” I turn to Ryley, and shake her hand. “Good luck,” I say.

"Good luck," she whispers back.

District 2

Willow Shadowlock (Sorry Clove, I couldn't find a history, so I just made things up)

"Come on, you got this" I'm panting, slashing left and right, trying to get to him. He's just dodging everything I throw at him. Out of frustration, I toss my sword at him, and knick his arm. He stops and laughs. Perfect. I sprint up to him, and put a knife under his throat.

"Gotcha," I say. But suddenly, I feel something poking at my stomach. It's a dagger.

"And now, I would've stabbed you, and you would be dead. Don't let your anger get the best of you, or it WILL get you killed." I bow my head. Internally, I'm fuming. I can't wait to win the games, just to piss him off. "Are you listening to me?" I look up, only to find out that he was still talking, and that I zoned out. I storm out of the training area, and go straight to the square. I sign in,and go over to the thirteen-year-old area. The other kids shy away from me. Good, they know their place.

A peacekeeper comes and shoos them back towards me. "There are too many people, so stop making extra god-damn space!" He yells at us. The rest of the people meekly walk away, but I know better. I smile at the peacemaker, and he walks away.

My god, all the peacekeepers here are softies, but no one else knows that. Might as well keep it a secret for when I kill everyone and come back. The reapings start, and as soon as the name "Trina Mei" gets called out, I volunteer, and walk up to the stage. I can't wait to kill everyone else.

Dare Ward

I’m floating on a cloud. Such bliss. My favorite music is playing in the background. “Just shoot for the stars, and if it feels right, then wake up!” Wake up? That isn’t part of the song.

I wake up to a light shaking on my shoulder. I open my eyes, to see my dad glaring at me. “Wake up! Your mother made breakfast!” I get up, get dressed, and go down the stairs. My little brother, Sammy, jumps into my arms. He yells, and knows that I'm going into the games today. I set him down, smiling, and eat my breakfast.

After breakfast, we go behind the school to our secret training spot to talk. “You have to come back to us. I’ve trained you enough for the games. You know what to do. I know you can win this,” he tells me. I nod, and hug him.

I go to the square to meet up with Trina. Because I’m so helpful in the community, the Peacekeepers make an exception for the two of us, and let us stand together at the front, where we can see everything. “I’m volunteering for the games today,” I tell her.

“Yeah, I kind of guessed that. Come back, okay?”

“You know I will.” We watch, and suddenly, Trina's name is called out. I am devastated that we have to go in together, when I look up and see a girl named Willow volunteer for the games. I sigh in relief, and when the male is called, I am the first to volunteer. I go up to the stage, and stand next to this smaller girl. I smile at her, and am about to thank her for volunteering, but she just glares at me. What a classic Career. We shake hands, and I know that she already wants to kill me.

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