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  • Algernon, the mustache man

    I am making the first annual Hunger Games and I need 24 tributes! You should fill in the form below to be entered...

    Name (first and last):



    Weapon Specialty:



    all entries should be in by August 10th but the time will be extended if needed:)

    District 1 Boy Syr Wrath Brony12

    District 1 Girl

    Bliss Creme Brony12

    District 2 Boy

    Cotta Saffron Fallen Angell
    District 2 Girl Izzy Thulian Fallen Angell

    District 3 Boy

    Torin Hallow Mockingjay5

    District 3 Girl

    Layna Rye Mockingjay5
    District 4 Boy Reed Gray RueFlower
    District 4 Girl Brooke Blue RueFlower

    District 5 Boy

    Talon Faust Firecatcher3
    District 5 Girl Kedzie Woods Firecatcher3

    District 6 Boy

    Zuan Klowc Eievie
    District 6 Girl Canada Blon Eievie
    District 7 Boy Twilight Dawn Jabberjay78

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