I am making the first annual Hunger Games and I need 24 tributes! You should fill in the form below to be entered...

Name (first and last):



Weapon Specialty:



all entries should be in by August 10th but the time will be extended if needed:)

District 1 Boy Syr Wrath Brony12

District 1 Girl

Bliss Creme Brony12

District 2 Boy

Cotta Saffron Fallen Angell
District 2 Girl Izzy Thulian Fallen Angell

District 3 Boy

Torin Hallow Mockingjay5

District 3 Girl

Layna Rye Mockingjay5
District 4 Boy Reed Gray RueFlower
District 4 Girl Brooke Blue RueFlower

District 5 Boy

Talon Faust Firecatcher3
District 5 Girl Kedzie Woods Firecatcher3

District 6 Boy

Zuan Klowc Eievie
District 6 Girl Canada Blon Eievie
District 7 Boy Twilight Dawn Jabberjay78
District 7 Girl Scarlett Braid Jabberjay78
District 8 Boy Colby Button EffieLuna
District 8 Girl Chiffon Leek EffieLuna
District 9 Boy Fredrick Thorton Anon....
District 9 Girl Quiosha Queen Anon....
District 10 Boy Dravey Cowken TotalDramaRox97

District 10 Girl

Laci Turky TotalDramaRox97

District 11 Boy

Forrest Shadows Jabberjay78
District 11 Girl Anabel Tinder Jabberjay78

District 12 Boy

Chris Humperdink EffieLuna
District 12 Girl Rhea Dust EffieLuna

The Reapings

District 1

Effie Trinket, a young woman with pink hair, reaches her hand into a large bowl. It is very similar to a goldfish bowl except it is three times bigger and is filled to the brim with tags. Each tag has the name of someone of age twelve-eighteen and the whole city of District 1 eagerly awaits the results. Effie mixes her hand around in the bowl and pulls out her first tag of the year.

"Who will it be?" asks an impatient bystandard.

"Hopefully not me," replies another bystandard.

Effie looks at the name and cries out, "Syr Wrath from Pennywood Road!"

An astonished Syr, a boy about fifteen who looks completely distraught, makes his way on stage. He is most fully unhappy which is the exact opposite of a normal contender for the Games should look like at this point. He looks out across at his mother and sister, sobbing. "Why would the Capitol do this? To tear families apart? No matter." He was determined to see that he win. He was determined to see his family again.

"Bliss Creme from Norton Street!" Effie announces. Syr had got so caught up in his own thinking that he hadn't realized Effie's tag-pulling.

It couldn't be. Bliss Creme. They had been best friends since the first grade! Syr could see Bliss waving a hand at him and smiling happily. Her blonde hair flowed through the wind and Syr found more determination. He was determined to see that Bliss Creme lived. Not him.

District 2

Syr and Bliss stode by Effie has she held two tags in her hands. Murmur flooded the area as he saw several teens smiling with develish faces on. Bliss saw Syr's worried expression and tried to show him he shouldn't care. These were kids that were trained just as much as her and Syr were. Were they?

"The male from District 2 competing in the first annual Hunger Games is...Cotta Saffron of Rangway Road!" Effie announced.

A boy with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes stode up. He had a big smile as all his friends and family shook his hand and congratulated him. He waved his hands to the crowd and they gave a cheer with an occasional "Whoop!" Cotta felt proud. Cotta was fully confident that he could win these games and he was better than all of his teammates. His proudness was overtaken by the joy of the next name.

"The female from District 2 is...Izzy Thulian from Coldstone Lane!"

Izzy stode up. She was quite attractive and moved swiftly to center stage. She gave Cotta a small kiss and walked to her seat. It was obvious that Izzy and Cotta were dating beside the three year difference. District 2 couldn't of been more proud of their contenders.

District 3

Four children, lined up in a row, sitting next to each other, but wordless. This time, the District is silent. If a word came out of anybody, it was Effie. She would say things like, "Whoa, a lotta people in District 3 aren't there?" or something. She was just trying to cheer everyone up. It didn't seem like anybody in three was too keen on the idea of the Hunger Games. Oh well. It wouldn't be changed. They had to keep going on with their daily lives.

"Torin Hallow of Makeshift Plaza," announced a gloomy Effie Trinket. It would seem that the glumness of the time settled into her at last.

A boy about the age of 17 arose from the back of the crowd. His facial expression showed no emotion. Either that, or shyness which seemed to inhabit a lot of people in District 3. Torin seemed absolutely indifferent to the fact he would compete in the Hunger Games. Torin hobbled up to the stage where he took his seat and looked at the ground.

Effie shoved her hand in the bucket. Then as she looked at the dark sky, the glum citizens, and as she breathed in the air that held sadness and darkness hidden beneath it, she decided the lighted the mooded. Effie jumped in the large bowl. She closed her eyes and felt names after tags after names after tags. A few faces in the crowd gave a smile, the children laughed and so did she. After a few moments of swimming through paper (and a few paper cuts here and there), Effie jumped up with a name.

"Layna Rye of Makeshift Plaza!"

A young lady with brown hair jumped up from the crowd. She seemed a little distraught but prepared herself for this moment. She seemed able to cope with it. She managed to put a smile on and sat by Torin. They talked quietly. Quietly enough so Effie, the other tributes, and all of District 3 couldn't hear them. Districts 1-3's Reapings were complete.

District 4

you know what. im getting kinda bored with the reapings so I'll just skip to teh games.:)

Day 1

Reed Gray's POV

Reed Gray stood on his gray platform, ready to jump into the shark infested waters below and then to retrieve a weapon from the cornucopia that stood tall on an island.


Reed Gray jumped. He swam as hard as he could but the island was still far away. Suddenly, Reed heard a splashing. He darted around to see a shark chomping on an unexpecting Kedzie Woods from District 5. A cannon fired. Kedzie was dead and Reed had just witnessed how powerful those sharks were.

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