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Fifth Quarter Quell

Four years after the 121st Hunger Games, President Rome has announced the 5th Quarter Quell and it's twist. To celebrate 125 years of Hunger Games, the government decided to make these games particularly special. 

Instead of Capitol citizens, the Gamemakers will be previous Victors. President Rome had planned this special year, and this is why he allowed four Victors in the 121st Hunger Games instead of one. These four Victors will become the main Gamemakers. They will design the arena, control the environment and create mutts. They even have the power to kill off certain tributes if they wish. But all the while they will be under the watchful eye of President Rome and the Head Gamemaker. 

The Victors include: Odin Amarth, Beemo Xra, Crimson Typhoon and Shyvana Feuer. They will become the main Gamemakers, assisted by a large team of other Victors from various Games. 

They will control everything about the Games, including mutts, the arena, the environment and even which tributes will die. Prior to the start of the Games, they will decide the training scores of the tributes and will greatly affect their chances of getting sponsors and surviving. Some Victors will even design the chariot and interview outfits. However, they will be under the watchful eye of the President and the Head Gamemaker. 

Not only will the tributes have POVs written, the four main Victors will also get POVs written. 

For the Users 

Due to the fact that so many Victors will be needed, here are the different options Victors can be:

  • Stylists - create outfits for chariots/interviews, all districts 
  • Mentors - mentor tributes and help give advice, all districts
  • Trainers - assist tributes in the training centre and decide the private training scores and rankings, (2 users only)
  • Weather Gamemaker - decide on all weather in the arena, how long the days are (1 user only)
  • Arena Designer - design the arena environment (1 or 2 users)

If you want to find out more about any of these positions, just message me! 

The 125th Hunger Games will begin after the 10th August. 

P.S. The Victors taking positions in the Capitol do not need to have won actual Games.

Here is the templates for each of all of the positions, including tributes.

Gamemaker Template:

Name, Age, District They Came From, Gender, Position (which job), Backstory (optional), How They Won, Year They Won, Personality, Picture/Description, Token (optional), Fears, Strengths

Mentor Template:

The same as the Gamemaker template.

Stylist Template:

Name, What District Are They Styling?, Gender, Personality, Picture/Description, Chariot Outfit for Tributes

Tribute Template

Name, age, gender, district, strengths, fears/weaknesses, weapons (in order of preference), backstory (optional, but preferred), alliance, picture/description, private training (what will they perform), strategies (optional), token (optional).

Main Gamemakers

Position Name District Gender Age Year of Games User
Assistant Gamemaker Beemo Xra 3/1* Female 18 121st  Blue-Ribbonz
Mutt Maker Odin Amarth 1 Male 23 121st  Icanhasnofriends
Weather Gamemaker Lyra Meadowlace 2 Female 23 120th


Arena Designer Akumai Kubaya 8 Male 20 114th Tehblakdeath
Cornucopia Designer Crimson Typhoon 13 Male 18 121st  AwesomeAiden
  • Beemo Xra changed Districts, due to a particular situation (see my other blog post, 121st Hunger Games epilogue).


Position Name District Gender User
Scorer Kiara Seasplatt 8 Female Biel1458
Ranker Angelina Stotch 2 Female Meoryou

The Scorer decides the private scores of all tributes, based on their performance in private training.

The Ranker decides the predicted rank of tributes, e.g. 8th, 23rd... 


All the mentors will be very important in the storyline. They will have their own POVs as well, and you will need to give them advice at some point.

Name District Gender Age Year of Games How They Won                                 User
Firebelle Vinicius 1 Female 27 115th She was in an alliance with her brother + boyfriend. When they were both killed, Firebelle flew into a rage and killed the remaining career tribute. Tehblakdeath
Geneviene Maine 2 Female 32 116th The typical Career. Killed anyone and was ruthless, and was more skilled than other tributes. Scarizard
Seraphina "Sera" Oaks 3 Female 21 119th Teamed with her District partner went looking for the button that would free her from a maze. Pippycat
Clay Barines 4 Male 33 110th Started off as a double-agent, but then became injured. He managed to make a friend who helped him but was killed in a feast. Clay then ran and hid in a tree. There was a Finale battle and Clay came out on top. Tehblakdeath
Stanley Pines 5 Male 46 94th Killed everyone in the Bloodbath. A Wiki Contributor
Blade Spectrus 6 Male 20 119th Towards the end of the Games, Blade teamed with Sera Oaks but let her escape the maze first. He searched around, alone, until he came across the final button where he battled Rubin Jett for it and won. Tehblakdeath
Bee Clio 7 Female 15 124th Her friend sacrificed herself so Bee could be in the final two where Bee then axed her opponent. Pippycat
Wendy Shrullux 8 Female 15 1...? She was in an alliance for a long while but was driven crazy by hallucinations and killed the last person, her ally, thinking her friend was a Career.
Acacia Twilight 9 Female 21 122nd Fuelled by upset and anger of her ally's death, she killed the remaining tributes. Sambaroses
Eli Winersin 10 Female 39 100th It was the last 3 - one girl drowned and the other was stabbed by Eli when she ducked to avoid his spear shaft.
Robin Smoke 12 Female 15 123rd By killing a member of an alliance, remaining ally then commited suicide.  Ladysi
Shyvana Feuer 13 Female 22 121st Allied with an old Victor and killed the person who attacked her ally. PumPumPumpkin :3


Name Gender District Age User
Emerald Greene Female 7 26 TheManOfGold
Rebekah Ure Female 9 20 Blue-Ribbonz
Lucille Mayflower Female 12 17 Sambaroses

These three stylists were kept as they will have an important role to play in the storyline. If you would still like to add stylists, feel free to do so and comment below.


Name   Gender District Age Weaknesses/Fears        Weapons User/Creator
Alexandrite Bohamia Female 1 14 Tree climbing, easily tricked Bow, sword, knives Marinalacrosse
Ajax Orbit Male 1 17 Severely forgetful, dislikes killing people who've done nothing wrong Sword, spear Biel1458
Jem Nightshade Female 2 16 Plant ID, hand-to-hand combat Throwing daggers/knives The Symphonic Taco
Kristoph Inferno Male 2 15 Speed, climbing, h-2-h combat, getting burned Matches, throwing knives Smilingtribute
Lolita Fey Female 3 13 Brute strength, easily distracted/persuaded, fears becoming a doll Chain whip Blue-Ribbonz
Jrue Maclin Male 3 17 1-2-1 combat, ignores the details, climbing, bees/wasps, trackerjackers Mines, traps, dagger, knives MyWorld
Electra Lucid Female 4 16 Hunting, hand-to-hand fighting, electrocution, claustrophobia Knowledge and wits, archery The Symphonic Taco
Marsh Steel Male 4 17 Laliophobia, plant ID, Sword and trident TheFakerChild
Sparks Edison Female 5 12 Likes to cause trouble, h-2-h combat, daydreams, death, spiders, never seeing her loved ones Bow, sword, electricity Sambaroses
James Desmond Male 5 15 Falls for traps, headstrung, untrusting Machete, trident, poison ConspiracyKiller825
Ruby Burn Female 6 12 Weak, gets attached to people, running Dagger, any knife Pippycat
Orlando Johnson Male 6 15 Weak without weapons, swimming Daggers, throwing knives MyWorld
Sunny Coleman Female 7 13 Swimming, merciful - sometimes zones-out Blowgun, sword, axe Summer bee13
Jayson Huff Male 7 17 Not a bright one, slow, big target, social skills Axe, hatchet Nlby001
Amaya Selene Female 8 17 Uncoordinated, intelligence, indecisive Spear, mace, bow Pippycat
Henry Polyester Male 8 12 Not strong, climbing, asking for help, snakes Knife Meoryou
Bree Riverbuck Female 9 18 Fishing, throwing knives, making friends, death Blowgun, dagger Biel1458
Dipper Pines Male 9 12 Paranoia Sword, blunt objects Wikia Contributor
Jessica Woods Female 10 16 Slow, climbing Sword, throwing knives MyWorld
Euan Lorelle Male 10 15 Swimming, cocky, inexperienced with other weapons, h-2-h combat Scythe, axes, knives Sambaroses
Artemis Moonsilver Female 11 13 Very sensitive, doesn't like killing, strangely hyper Bow and arrow (needs desperately) Marinalacrosse
Tobias Drew Male 11 15 Too cocky, tricky ally Sickle, wire Summer bee13
Amaryllis Skylark Female 12 14 Resistant, hand to hand combat, fragile body Dagger, throwing knives Sambaroses
Gideon Gleeful Male 12 13 Tantrums Knife A Wiki Contibutor
Ophelia Zigler Female 13 16 Not stealthy, wants it her way always Flail, spiked mace, bare hands Summer bee13
Eric Desmond Male 13 18 Plant ID, close combat, mutts Spear, throwing knives, sword ConspiracyKiller825


The start of these Games will be begun on another blog post, so remember to go on that instead of on this page when they start up. Once the final reservations for the tributes come in the Reapings will be begun not long after, but mentor places will still be open.

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