Here are all the wonderful tributes I have created!

Feel free to use any of them, but please ask my permission before doing so, and give me the link to the fanon Games so I can track how they are doing!!

Oskar Pacific, District 4 Male

Gender: Male

District: 4

Age: 15

Height: 5,4

Personality: Not afraid of anything. He is very resourceful (can make weapons, find water...). He doesn't travel around much and prefers to wait for people to come to him. Likes to set traps.

Strengths: Setting traps, resourcefulness

Oskar in reality.

Weaknesses: Doesn't move around the Arena

Fears: Large alliances

Weapons: Trident, glaive, sword, sickle

Alliance: Anyone that can benefit him - Never a Career

Picture/Description: A reasonably strong 15 year old, with fair hair and sea-green eyes. His hair goes across the left temple on his face. Has a vaguely muscular body.
Oskar Pacific lunaii

Oskar Pacific -- 'Will you notice me now?'

Interview Angle: Talking about family back home, looking sincere

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab what you can if it's nearby, run

Backstory: He is the oldest of three children. He has a 6 year old sister, and a ten year old brother. He doesn't have a very good relation with his father. His mother died when he was young, so has often kept himself in the background of things. After his family forgot his birthday, he volunteered because he figured they didn't care about him, and that if he won the Games they might notice him at last.

Token: A jasper stone that his mother gave him when he was younger for strength. It has been put in a brass ring that he wears.

Marina Zale, District 4 Female

Gender: Female

District : 4

Age: 16

Height: 5,3

Personality:. A little bit crazy. A medium height girl who's mostly silent, except for the odd phrases she speaks. She is very seclusive, but in fact she's quite manipulative. She uses her craziness to look weak for other tributes.

Strengths: Tricking other tributes

Fears: She has vertigo (fear of heights)

Weapons: Trident, sword, net

Marina Zale lunaii

Marina Zale -- 'Never leave me'

Alliance: Others from District 4, anyone that is like her and is useful. Never a Career. 

Description: Long, fair hair that curls around her shoulders. Emerald eyes. A little bit skinny, with nice nails and a nice pale complexion which her stylists seem to like about her.


Marina in reality <3

Interview angle: Just answering questions (with a few crazy phrases and random words in there!)

Bloodbath Strategy: Fight to get any weapon or backpack, then get out of their sharpish!

Backstory: Marina used to have a very close relationship with her family and adored her older sister (Coralia Zale), who Marina saw as her idol and role model. But when her sister got reaped and killed, Marina went into depression. Not so long after, a close friend of hers was also reaped. This made Marina go a little bit of the scale, after failing to cope with her friends and her sisters death. She often feels like her sister's death was her fault because she didn't volunteer in place of her sister.

Token: An bracelet with an emerald codfish on it. Marina often fingers this bracelet, holding it close to her heart and whispering random words associated with her sister.

Blondin Ash, District 12 Male

Name: Blondin Ash

Gender: Male

District: 12

Age: 17

Height: 5,2

Personality: Outgoing, independent and intelligent. He's not loud, though. He likes to speak his mind, and isn't afraid to give his opinion on people... Especially when it comes to the Capitol citizens. He likes to joke around, but can be very severe when the time comes.

Back story: Blondin is from a poor family in his District. He hardly goes to school because he is often trying to support his pregnant mother, younger sister and brother, and his miner father, who is often wea

Blondin in real life.

kened by inhaling all the coal particles. Blondin has always been a hard worker, and as a result of trying so hard to keep his family alive, has become very cut off from the rest of the people in his district. He his nearly always out of the house, in the woods, either hunting or taking a break from life, and just resting. (He is like Gale in some ways). He has always had a soft spot for a Merchant girl that he often sells his poached animals too. This is the only time he sees her, and often thinks about her, though he knows he can never be truly with her because of their financial differences. His only dream was to stop having to commit illegal acts by killing game, and to marry the girl he loved. For many years, he applied for the tessarae but was never reaped. When Blondin was 16, the girl he loved was reaped. After her reaping, Blondin ran directly into the words and burst out crying, and shot as many animals as he could in an angry killing spree. Though he discovered he had nobody to sell the animals to. He kept them for his family, and they ate well that night, because Blondin no longer had anyone to sell Game to. But Blondin did not eat. He felt sick knowing the girl he loved would die, and was more out of reach than ever. When she was killed in the Games, Blondin became very reclusive and angry. One day while out on a major killing spree, he met an old lady who was searching for something to help her ill husband get better with. The old lady could sense his anger and hate. "Don't be angry, my boy. Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal to throw at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." Blondin ignored her, and continued hunting. But later, he came across her again. "For every minute you deny your feelings, and are angry, you are facing another sixty seconds without peace." Blondin returned home with his game, pondering the old lady's words. He knew that his anger would only get worse, and decided to let go. He never had a relationship with this girl, he only loved her. It was nothing more. Blondin realised that clinging onto anger would only make his life worse, and he was not prepared for that. Blondin forgot the death of his true love, but his heart ached for the life he never had. A year later, he was reaped. 

Strengths: Forming friendships and alliances

Weaknesses: Under estimating people

Blondin Ash, D12

Blondin Ash -- 'I must let go of the past'

Fears: Being ambushed in the dark

Weapons: Shurikens, throwing knives, axe

Alliance: Others from D13 or D12

Picture/Description: Blonde and blue eyes. A baby-faced teenager who isn't unpopular with the girls. He is honest but he uses his nice personality to his advantage.

Interview Angle: Talking about his hopes to win and forming new friendships

Training Strategy: Try everything, do as much as you can. Build strength, learn to use large weapons and survival skills.

Games Strategy: Join up with your alliance, stay with them until you thinkt that things are getting dangerous. Try and kill loners or smaller alliances if you come across them.

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab what you can!

Token: Silver necklace from his father

Dayta Huksley, District 3/5/13 Female

District: 3

Gender: Female 

Age: 15

Personality: Patient, a great sense of humor, oddly protective of allies. She has an honest and forgiving personality. She rarely becomes angry with people, but when she does she breaks out in huge and violent rages that can be life-threatening to herself and others. She can turn on you like a candle to a flame.

Back story: Dayta was raised in the common District (3/5/13) technology family. Her father was an intelligent engineer; her mother helped put together circuit boards. Until the age of 12, Dayta attended school but was often silent and struggled grievously. Unknown to her, she has dyslexia, and finds it extremely hard to understand or decipher text. Because of her failure in class, Dayta was pulled out of school and worked with her mother in the factories instead. Dayta was assigned to a job involving wrapping plastic around wires. She sometimes poked herself with the sharp wires, leaving her hands sore and red every day. One day when Dayta was at work, the metal wire came into contact with a hot radiator and heated up. Dayta's hands were severely burned by handling the wire, and have been left with long, thin scars on her palms. When

Dayta in real life.

Dayta dropped the hot wire because of being burned, the fabric of a fellow worker's clothes caught fire, resulting in the factory being burned down. Dayta's mother was killed in the fire, and the scars remind Dayta of her mother's death, and she constantly feels like it was her fault that Mrs Huksley died. Dayta was so traumatised that she stopped speaking and working, but acts in a friendly way towards people. She is often scared to touch things that she hasn't seen before, and has the occasional flashback of the flames which scare her immensely. Even after these flashbacks, Dayta finds it hard to adjust back to reality, and becomes dazed for about ten minutes before she fully recovers. 

Appearance: Dark blue hair, with a light blue streak. A pale face, dark green eyes, huge, mottled scar on her shoulder from being burned in the fire, normal weight and height, often wears dark blue lipstick and blue eyeshadow. 

Dayta Huksley lunaii

Dayta Huksley - 'Don't come near me. I'm scarred enough already'.

Strengths: Her logical and well-thought-out plans, she can easily make people feel sorry for her to get sponsors and attention.

Weaknesses: Flashbacks and fear of confronting new things, not being able to talk much, dyslexia

Weapons: Axes, glaives, spears (anything that can throw long distances really)

Interview Angle: Try and say as few words as possible (because of her muteness), but give some hint of strength and courage to show the Capitol that even the most unlikely people are the strongest.

Training Strategy: Try and have a go at everything, analyze other's skills and try to match them 

Bloodbath Strategy: Don't get too close, but if a weapon or backpack is close by, grab it and run.

Games Strategy: Try and find water or weapons first depending if you have any already. Then see if you can track down nearby tributes, follow them secretly, and figure out a plan to kill them before making any quick attacks. Patience is key to survival.

Token: A silver chain necklace with a decorative circuit board hung from it. A symbol of her district.

Aubrac Keld, District 10 Male

District: 10

Age: 16

Personality: Patient, silent, forgiving and barely speaks. Insecure about his sexuality and how people look at him. A very enclosed boy, that doesn't really show his true colours unless he begins to trust you properly.

Backstory: Aubrac grew up as the Mayor's son. His father was always pushing him to become Mayor in the future, and his sister was always jealous of him getting so much attention, so he doesn't have any kind of relationship with his sibling. His mother was scarcely seen with his father, as their marriage was forced, and she prefers to stay in the house, rather than go out. She never goes to the reapings, and this often scared Aubrac, because he always feared being reaped and not being able to say goodbye to the one person he loved most. At about ten, Aubrac began to feel different from the other boys in his district. He liked to stay round girls, but only ever had friendships with them. When he was old enough to understand what was going on, he broke the news about him being gay to his father. His father was astounded, and took a while to come to terms with the fact his son wasn't 'normal'. His mother was proud of him, and supported him in everything he did. The fact that he was gay was kept between the family, but one day, he and his sister had a huge argument, and she let slip to her classmates that he was homosexual. Soon, older children started bullying him, and then so did the rest of his class. Even his friends started mocking him. Aubrac became afraid to come to school, and bunked off class and found himself working with nature, and familiarizing himself with healing plants, animals and natural food resources... though he still worried about missing out on his education. Afraid for her son's welfare, his mother took him away from the main town of District 10, and gave him his education through his private tutor. Aubrac became a lonely little boy that grew up in


"You view me as normal until I tell you I'm gay. What is your problem? I'm still human."

solitude for the rest of his life, and became emotionally damaged inside, though he forgave those who had done him wrong, as he is a strong Christian believer, which he also happens to keep a secret, though he has been seen publicly praying at the reapings to save him from being chosen. He was only ever seen outside of his house/property at the reapings, but Aubrac secretly ventured into the fields and forests nearby to stay close to nature, and especially liked 'socialising' with the woodland animals. At the reapings, people mocked him and made him believe he would be reaped, and that no God could save him. This year, his mother came along to support him, but had a very grave look on her face, like she knew what would become of her son. As it happened, he did get reaped, and his mother had nothing but the look of guilt and secrecy on her face as he stepped up to the platform.

Strengths: Being able to recognise the useful and dangerous things in the wilderness (i.e. can tell where plants will grow under snow, sources of food in bad weather, which berries are safe to eat etc...)

Weakness: Not having lots of physical strength.

Aubrac Keld, District 10 male

Aubrac Keld -- 'I am normal. I'm just not like you, and that is why you despise me'

Weapons: Knife, sword, dagger

Training Strategy: Try and have a go with the weapons. He knows enough about the wilderness, it's time to learn about combat. Keep your head down and focus.

Private Training: Identify plants and make something with them. E.g. paint for camo, food, filtering etc.. but then show your newly learned skills with weapons and have a spar in hand-to-hand combat.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run away, perhaps grab a weapon/backpack on the way out. People will kill you before you can get anywhere near the Cornucopia, and just pray to God (literally) that you find your alliance alive.

Allies: Others who he has seen train and knows who he can trust (he has a very analytical mind of people)

Interview Angle: Make people feel sorry for you, but don't let them think you are weak, and do not give out the whole truth, though say that he is gay and got past the bullies to make the female Capitol citizens support him for 'beating the bullies', which is technically a lie but Aubrac is doing whatever it takes to win, and show God he is worthy of Heaven.

Token: A low-hung necklace that has a silver cross on it, with the words 'Believe and Have Pride' inscribed across it.

Corin Ritter, District 1 Male

District: 1

Age: 18

Personality: Mysterious but occasionally chatty, strong both physically and mentally, but manipulative with those he thinks weak and of no use to him.

Backstory: Corin lived at the training academy, as his parents were teachers there. They were also both previous Victors. He was taught as a young child to stay quiet and focus, so he never really spoke much. Many girls admired his handsome face, though he never got close to anyone (maybe this might change in the Games?). The year before he was supposed to volunteer, his sister was killed at age 15 in the Games, so Corin's volunteering was posponed until he was at least 17. Corin has alway
Corin Ritter, D1

Corin Ritter - 'Insult me, and I will kill you'

s felt a bit cut off from normal life, as he lived in the academy, hardly saw his parents and never really made any friends or girlfriends, though many girls loved him - he feels lonely, and wishes that his life had played out differently had his sister won, and he had not been forced to volunteer. He feels trapped in his own life, and is waiting to break free in the Games. He is half-evil, because he is extremely manipulative and as asked of him by his parents, will do whatever it takes to win.

Strengths: Maniuplative, strong for age

Weakness: Not being wary enough of others

Corin real life.

Weapons: Spear, anything that can throw long distances

Training Strategy: Try and get into a Career alliance, try all stations and master as many as you can.

Private Training: Throw something that goes long distances, throw heavy weights and do the toughest obstacle course possible. Thank the Gamemakers for their time, and say 'see you soon' as if you are totally sure you are going to win.

Bloodbath Strategy: Find alliance, kill as many people as possible while grabbing weapons, supplies and backpacks.

Allies: Careers

Interview Angle: Look cool, handsome and desirable.

Token: Red diamond shaped like an arrow that is hung on a necklace

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Cassius Luppe, Capitol Male

Cassius Lupe, capitol

Cassius Luppe --- 'You cannot kill your betters, but I can still kill those beneath me, and that is you'

District: Capitol

Age: 18

Personality: Confident, cocky with people who are better than him, strangely bloodthirsty compared with other Capitol citizens, malicious towards others

Backstory: Cassius Luppe grew up in an excessively rich Capitol family. His mother was a fashion designer for Capitol celebrities, and his father was a high-ranking politician. Cassius was always 'immune' from reapings because of his father's high place in politics. He was an only child, which meant he was very spoilt and never really appreciated everything he had. He was homeschooled, so never made any friends and laughed at those poorer than him. He loved the Games, but never wished to compete in them. He placed bets on the best people all the time, and when tributes died, he laughed at them and made jokes about their death, which lead to him becoming bloodthirsty. One year, his father did something to offend the president, and secretly, rigged the reaping bowl so that Cassius was chosen. He suspects that this is the case, though he does not know for sure.

Appearance: Pale, Capitol skin with next to no blemishes and very sharp cheekbones. Small, thin lips and big green eyes with plucked eyebrows that is common among Capitol citizens. Dyed black hair with a small brown fringe at the front.

Cassis real life. Look at his swag XD

Strengths: Not feeling guilty for deaths, pure strength

Weaknesses: Underestimating people, lacks common sense

Weapons: Glaive, throwing axe, spear, trident

Training Strategy: Use everything. Have lots of practices in combat, mainly practice weapons, but do some Plant ID and survival skills to make sure you have an even balance in all skills.

Private Training: Throw long-distance weapons at moving targets and give pleased shouts that celebrate his greatness to show the Gamemakers how strong you are and how much you believe in yourself to win. But don't get cocky. That'll throw them off and just show strength, mentally and physically.

Bloodbath Strategy: Find alliance, kill if you have to reach supplies and weapons.

Games Strategy: Get to your alliance (Careers) and then make sure they trust you. Ask to kill first to show that you are strong and not just some pathetic Capitol citizen like most District citizens think you are. Make lots of kills, but when the tribute number gets smaller than twelve, split from the group, which should make others in the alliance leave too. If they don't break up, stay near them, and poison whatever food they have, or while they sleep, put poison in their water bottles or any water they've collected so that when they drink, they will all die - that way, he has taken out the strongest tributes and can focus on the loners who will be easier to kill. When there are certain gatherings (such as Feasts), get there early and take all the packages to weaken anyone and everyone. Place one, and then wait for a tribute that wants that package to arrive. If he's laid the package in the right place, they should be easy to fire at to make clean and easy kills with no issues. Do the same with other packages, and make sure they are all within range of killing. Do not take on big alliances unless they have water bottles and food that you can poison to take them out.

Allies: Careers

Interview Angle: Smile, look strong and have a good chat about his lifestyle, showing how powerful he is

Token: None. He thinks he is better without one.

Brahmos Ion, District 13 Male

Name: Brahmos Ion

Age: 16

District: 13 or 3

Gender: Male

Personality: A very logical boy that is a bit geeky, and is always getting top grades in class. He is very forgiving, but trusts only those who he knows will be of use to him (i.e., if you're not good at anything, he won't ally with you). Intelligent, logical, forgiving, occasionally generous, funny when he's not thinking or being

Brahmos in real life.


Backstory: His parents were very intelligent like him, but his mother suffered from an illness and died when Brahmos was only young. His father became emotionally damaged, and went slightly crazy, so for Brahmos' saftey, he was taken into care by another family. He grew up with them, knowing that he was adopted. For many years he was a troublemaker, but his teachers took him aside one day and told him that if he didn't sort his life out and stop being such a troublemaker, then he would be taken to a special institute for boys that couldn't cope with normal district life, and would work as cargo loaders for the rest of their lives - being the lowest of the low in the hierachy in his District. Brahmos listened to them for once, and changed himself completely. He promised to work hard, and soon became a quiet but hardworking and efficent boy who the teachers always showed off to others.

Weapons: Wire, mines, poison darts, braininess

Appearance: Plain skin colour, blonde hair, green eyes, quite tall for his age + lunaii. Not at all the stereotypical nerd - he isn't skinny and doesn't need glasses - his vision is fine and he's actually quite stocky. He doesn't have super bad acne, he has a totally normal face and normal appearance.

Brahmos Ion Lunaii

Brahmos Ion -- 'I will make you proud, even if it kills me'

Strengths: Plans attacks and sees the weaknesses and strengths in others to form well thought out ideas.

Weaknesses: Cannot carry larger weapons (though he's perfectly fine to carry backpacks).

Interview Angle: Have a casual but intelligent conversation and smile a lot to make it seem like you are happy, and make sure he sounds grateful to the Capitol for all they have done for him to draw in loyal Capitol sponsors.

Training Strategy: Have a go with the weapons mostly because he's not good at those, and try plant ID and survival stations. Learn quickly, and you will succeed.

Private Training: Do whatever you can to show your intelligence. Make a mine or bomb, or perhaps a complex trap that involves triggered knives and stuff like that to impress the Gamemakers.

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab what you can, stay wary and find alliance. Don't get too close, and keep an eye on the tributes that are most likely to kill you, and avoid going to close to the Cornucopia.

Games Strategy: Try and find water quickly, and if without weapons, set some traps to catch animals/tributes. Try and poison other tributes' water sources, track them and when they die, take their weapons and move on to another victim. Kill when it is needed, and do not light fires unless the smoke can be hidden. If you already have weapons, focus on finding safe water and food sources, and on the way, try and find plants that might come in handy if you become injured or sick. Keep moving, though camp at night and set traps all around to avoid being killed in your sleep.

Height: 5, 11

Allies: Never a Career, mostly a loner unless district partner is useful. Will not ally with anyone else but district partner for fear of disloyalty.

Token: A photo of his birth parents in a locket that encourages him to do well in life. They may have died, but they would want him to succeed.

Gamma Fission, District 13 Female

Age: 15

District: 13 or 3

Gender: Female

Personality: Slightly crazy (i.e. just a bit weird sometimes), but beautiful. Lovely manners, polite and quite the 'perfect' little girl. Often mistaken for being younger than she is, which leads her to manipulate them into doing whatever she wants, so in some ways secretly manipulative and horrid. Definitely an underdog.

Backstory: Lives in a small apartment with her mother (Missile Fission, neé Atomic), brother (Radon Fission) and father (Shrapnel Fission). Her parents are very hard-workers, and Gamma barely sees them because of their dedication to inventing new nuclear weapons for the Capitol. Her brother is extremely intelligent, but Gamma always felt like she was living in her brother's shadow. She always tried to make herself look pretty to impress others, and made sure her manners were impeccable to make people like her, and give her attention. She even had Capitol surgery to give her pastel-pink irises! She has loyal friends, but she always saw them as better than her at everything, so Gamma made herself popular by being a 'rebel' at school and dolled herself up whenever she went anywhere. One day, Gamma pushed her rebelliousness too far. She attempted to escape the school and living areas, and go to a live bomb-making factory. As it happened, District 13/3 were making a very large and important bomb that could quite easily wipe out all the districts and the Capitol in one explosion. Gamma managed to get very close, and touched all the robots and bombs that were being made. An operator saw her, and took her out immediately. As a result, Gamma was expelled from school, and forced to work in a textiles factory making uniforms. She felt as unpopular and shadowed as ever. Knowing there wasn't much she could do, Gamma volunteered for the Games in the hope that it might bring her popularity and attention, and no longer live in her brother's shadow.

"Do not look me over. I am Gamma Fission, and I will bring you to your knees."

Weapons: Spear, war scythe, glaive (in order of preference)

Appearance: Pale skin, Capitolized pastel pink eyes, dark purpleish (dyed) hair colour, wavy curls usually in a rough ponytail, medium-height, perfect nails and delicate face with dimples.

Strengths: Making weapons, manipulating others, long distance throws

Weaknesses: Sometimes underestimates people and always tries to be better than them

Training Strategy: Train with hand-to-hand combat and close-quarters weapons, trick others into seeing your strengths and not your weaknesses to form an alliance that sees you as the best.

Private Training: Make a simple weapon and then shoot it at a target. If you are still allowed time, do a tricky obstacle course that involves climbing, running and fighting. When you finish, bow and look pretty to get the Gamemakers on your side - give yourself better odds.

Bloodbath Strategy: Only kill if required, grab anything you can, preferably weapons and/or a backpack. Then find alliance and run.

Interview Angle: Show that you are strong, but look feminine and desirable to attract sponsors (most likely male sponsors)
Gamma real life

Gamma real life!

Games Strategy: Get water, food and weapons while with your alliance, become the leader to make it seem that you are trustworthy, and then in their sleep, kill all of them as quickly and quietly as possible. Steal what supplies you need from their corpses, then move on and see if you can friend anymore alliances. Once their cannon blows, run because people will know where you are. If it is impossible to friend anymore alliances, move every day (so people can't follow you as easily), and try and track people to kill them, though do not attack 'awake' alliances alone. Only kill small alliances while they sleep.

Allies: Those that you think will be useful but easy to make weak and manipulate. She never stays with allies longer than two days, and often murders them on the second night.

Height: 5,4

Token: Red pearl bracelet that was given to Gamma by her mother on her first reaping year for luck.

 Nova-Luna Astra, Capitol Female

Age: 17

District: Capitol

Gender: Female

Weapons: Spear, sword, trident, traps

Appearance: When Nova was young, she had grey hair and green eyes. But when her parents  went missing she decided to completely change her look, just to add to the mischief she caused.  Nova now has short, blonde hair with a blue streak. Her eyes were made a surgically different colour. She went from emerald-green to crystal-blue, and she has a regular figure. She lost a lot of weight when her parents were lost in space, and now isn’t particularly slim or fat, just normal. She has reasonably pale skin and long, elegant fingers, which were always the same.
Nova reallife

Nova in real life.

Personality: Nova is a very thoughtful girl. She is incredibly intelligent, just like her parents, and studies the stars in detail, which means she has the useful ability of seeing things much clearer and at a further distance. She is a very happy go-lucky person that always puts a smile on people’s faces. She can turn a sad mood into a bright one, and often likes to fool around to cheer people up. She is very optimistic. She likes to pull pranks and tell jokes as well (which develops her skills with traps) but can be very serious when the time comes. Her heart-warming attitude makes her a good ally to have, and her intelligence and hard working personality also makes her very useful and a valuable ally.

Backstory: Nova’s parents were both successful and famous astrologists. They studied the stars and Nova-Luna was happy just to sit beside them while they worked, helping them out and getting a few teachings from them. One day, her parents were asked to go to on an important space mission in which they would be gone for at least ten months. Nova was only ten at this time. When the spaceship departed, a friend of her parents’ became her babysitter. Her carefree carer, named Eclipse, let Nova-Luna do whatever she wanted. Nova became a cheeky young girl that was renowned around her District for her expertise in well-thought out and 100% successful pranks.

Nova-Luna Astra D13 Capitol

Nova before her makeover.

Whenever she could, Nova set up hilarious traps that would dunk people in slime or any liquid she could get her hands on. Until, one day, people got sick of her stupid jokes and even Eclipse was getting annoyed. So, in an effort to distract Nova-Luna from trouble, Eclipse bought her a puppy, who Nova named Equinox, Nox for short. This puppy became Nova’s main companion and best friend as she found it increasingly hard to make strong and long-lasting friendships. They would go about the city landscape together, and Nova became smitten with this young pup. They would spend days together up on roof-gardens, sprawled carelessly on neatly trimmed grass. Nova would chat away to Equinox as if he was a human - he made a better listener than any human, however! Months passed, and soon it was time for Luna’s parents to come back from their space trip.

While Nova was in school, terrible news was brought to her. Her parent’s spaceship had gone missing. Mission control could not locate their ship, and other scientists and astrologists had to assume they’d been killed in a meteor shower, or lost control of their ship and died. There was no more evidence to show what may have happened to them, and their disappearance was forever a mystery. Nova-Luna ran off crying, and headed straight to her favourite rooftop garden. Alongside Equinox, she sat alone, wondering if her parents were really dead, or just missing. This tiny chance of their survival gave Nova hope, and this hope in turn gave her strength to carry on. She stayed in Eclipse’s permanent care when she returned back to normal life.

After making it safely out of her first reaping, Eclipse bought her adopted daughter a special present. It was a very powerful telescope. Nova-Luna was delighted with her gift, and spent her following evenings stargazing with Nox at her side. Nova constantly searched the skies, in the hope that she might one day come across her parent’s spaceship, or even any clue as to what happened to them. She never found anything. But, still clinging onto her hope, she refused to give up, and spends whatever time she can looking up at the night sky. The endless universe that is space draws her in and she cannot stop herself from looking up at the silvery moon and the twinkling stars.

Electronny Commision

The New Nova: "Mother, Father...if it takes me lightyears, I will find you. I will keep looking until I die."

Until, she gets reaped. She is distraught, and is deeply upset about saying goodbye to Nox, which upsets her more than the fact she might never see Eclipse again, who has looked after her for six years. For Nox’s sake, Nova-Luna is determined to win, so that she can live normally and fund a bigger search for her parents that are floating ominously somewhere in the sky.

Strengths: Setting traps, seeing long distances, analyzing things closely, water purification

Weaknesses: Swimming, climbing

Fears: Blindness, loneliness

Alliance: Anyone that she believes can help, or make worthy allies. Never a Career, unless no other option arises. She will never be a loner.

Interview Angle: Talk about how she tragically lost her parents, and show the Capitol that no matter what happens, she will always have hope.

Bloodbath Strategy: Get what you can, try and avoid attacking people, and find alliance.

Games Strategy: Stick with your alliance as long as you can, and only when you feel it right should you split up from them. Once you are reduced to a loner, hide wherever you can and get whatever food or water you can. Only make decisions if you are absolutely sure it will benefit you. And never give up hope.

Feast Strategy: Let others do the killing for you, and when everyone is busy, run in, grab the backpack and leave ASAP. If still with your alliance, arrange a place to meet after the Feast so you all have chances.

Token: Two silver rings on a chain that were her parent’s marriage rings, now hung on a necklace close to Nova-Luna’s heart.

Kasha Rye, District 9 Female

Age: 16

District: 9/Any

Gender: Female

Weapons: Beauty, bow, sword and martial arts.

Appearance: A very beautiful olive-skinned girl with long brown hair that falls in elegant curls around her shoulders. She has golden hazel eyes, with long, feminine eyelashes. Her nails are neat and perfect. She is a nice, slim shape and a has a few curves. Pearly white teeth and smooth, toned legs. Many girls are jealous of her looks, and boys are nearly always attracted to her, which could be used as a distraction in the Games.

Kasha in real life.

Personality: Kind, not boastful, intelligent, casual, down-to-earth, generous happy but constantly crumbling on the inside, unintentionally manipluative... many people are surprised at her skill in her combat as she looks so innocent. She blushes whenever boys say anything nice about her. (she has a very confusing character, but just take your own view on her)

Backstory: Kasha was born to a resonably well-off Merchant family in her District. Her father owned a successful bakery, and her mother was in charge of harvesting grain from their own field that they had nearby.Kasha did well at school, and achieved lots of good grades which makes her very smart. She isn't popular, but most people found her very likeable because of her casual and honest attitude. She tried to be nice to everyone, and helped those in need. She never once boasted about her family's money, even though she was always well-fed and a nice weight which was easy to see. She was nearly always smiling with those pearly white teeth of hers, which attracted the attention of one young boy named Teff. He started to flirt and talk with Kasha - much to her dislike but delight. However, she fell for him and they both started dating quickly. But Teff was not all he seemed to be. He tried to get Kasha to do things she did not want (she refused to do any of them which annoyed Teff greatly). Teff took advantage of Kasha's kindness by making her feel sorry for him. Kasha was constantly manipulated by her cruel boyfriend. Kasha became reclusive as she tried to shut him out, and came to shut everyone out. Her parents became concerned about Teff's influence on her. They decided to break the two apart, and set Kasha to work in the fields alongside her mother. Teff was furious and rampaged their field, setting it alight and destroying the family's bakery. All their money was put into fixing the damage. Kasha came to hate her boyfriend, and swiftly broke up with him, which made him even more angry. While Kasha was at school, Teff bunked off, and went and murdered her parents in a mental rage over the break-up. Kasha came home and saw their bloody bodies as soon as she stepped in the doorway. Kasha lay down next to them, crying her eyes out. Everything she loved had been destroyed by this boy wh

Pain is fear leaving the body.

o she stupidly fell for. Her family's bakery and field were sold, and she went to live with her cousins, aunt and uncle. Kasha took the murder case to Peacekeepers. But they did nothing. As it turned out, Teff's father was the Head Peacekeeper. Teff was never brought to justice, but Kasha never saw him again. Fearing that her own life might one day be at risk, Kasha trained in multiple martial arts to protect herself. She trained in: Taekwondo (kicking), Aikido (submission, joint and choke holds), Sambo (pinning down), Kendo (sword arts) and Japanese Kyudo (Japanese archery). She trained this way as soon as she turned fifteen, and quit school to practice them. She lived without her parents, foraging off the streets and fell out of favour with the kids at school because of her constant absence. But she maintained her beauty, which is the main reason for her survival. Since then, she has used it to make people feel sorry for her, which she will also use to get sponsors, and mainly male allies. Just like Teff, she used manipulation to survive, but is only doing it so she can live, and unintentionally.

Strengths: Immense beauty, manipulation, multiple martial art skills.

Weaknesses: Falling in love too easily and being too kind towards people when they are in need.

Fears: Getting ambushed and someone having a unique advantage over her

Alliance: Male tributes that she can manipulate with her beauty

Alliance: If from a Career district, then a Career, but usually has male allies that swoon and fight over her

Interview Angle: Look pretty, be sexy and attractive to gain sponsors, but be kind to show you aren't a stuck-up Merchant girl.

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab whatever you can, but don't go to the centre of the action. Try and keep your head down while you find allies and supplies.

Games Strategy: Kasha will make sure that she has at least some kind of weapon and/or supplies and meet with her alliance as soon as she can. If she sees someone in need, she will help them if her allies agree with it. By accident, her allies will probably be male and constantly swooning over her and do whatever it takes to protect her, so she will get into few fights but if the time comes she will definitely use all her martial art skills. During fights, she will probably flutter her eyelashes at male tributes to make them dazed and take action. When she becomes a loner after her alliance either dies or breaks up, she will probably do a Johanna Mason move and look weak so people will fall for her as she is 'needy' and attractive. She will then take out tributes as she goes along, which probably means she'll kill mostly males as they are more likely to fall for her. Then, she will use her martial art skills to kill or injure any remaining tributes until her Victor crown is placed on her head.

Feast Strategy: Attend with whatever ally/allies you have and formulate a plan in case one of you gets into trouble. If you have no allies left, get there early to retrieve your backpack before everyone else or arrive fashionably late and just hope the backpack is there.

Token: A yin-yang locket given to her by her martial arts teacher. Each half of the locket contains a picture of her mother and father taken just a week before they were murdered by Teff.

Spectre Shadow, Any District Male

Age: 17

District: Any

Gender: Male

Weapons: Mace, sickle, Halberd

Personality: Angry, short fuse and bloodthirsty when going on a mental rage. A mysterious character that has never got any attention in life, except from bad attention that either shouted at him or remarked about his name – the ‘White Killer’. He appears to be constantly in a bloodlust, but inside, Spectre is just lonely and misunderstood. He was never taught the right way to act around people, so therefore never made any friends. His criminal name means nobody came near him, not even in the prison, and the only people he spoke to were there to control and guard others from him. Everyone thinks he is the devil himself, horrid and nasty, which usually he is, but he is just crying out for any kind of attention that won’t upset him.

Appearance: Pale skin because of the amount of time he spent in the darkness. Has strange,
Spectre Shadow

"You're next."

white hair. He has very protruding cheekbones and his eyes are very hollow and always bloodshot. It makes him look like he’s been starved all his life, when in actual fact;  it’s just the way he was born. He doesn’t have a skinny body, however. Although he looks a bit emaciated, he is actually very strong and can lift heavy weights with ease.

Backstory: Spectre Shadow’s parents are unknown. He was found by a visiting Capitol doctor at the back of an abandoned house. He was taken to a special institute for orphan children, of which there were many. He never made any friends and kept himself in a reclusive state, and constantly hid in the shadows which led to his frightfully pale skin.

One day, while at school when he was about ten years old, a teacher started telling him off for not following instructions.  It immediately set off Spectre’s short fuse. He grabbed a chair and threw it directly at his teacher. He had a wild look in his eyes, full of anger and hatred. The teacher died as a result of a dangerous head injury in hospital later that week, and Spectre was arrested for manslaughter. He was taken to juvenile prison, where he was kept under lock and key, and given lessons on how to manage his anger. He was only released two years later when he came to the age of being eligible for reapings.

 At his first Reaping, the terrible and high-pitched Capitol accent made him furious. He ran up on stage and started beating the escort. He was restrained by Peacekeepers, who had to sedate him with a sedation gun more commonly used for wild animals. Since then, he was known in his District as ‘The White Killer’ because of his white hair and his murders of the school teacher and the district escort.

 As a punishment, he was kept in permanent solitary confinement, only speaking with the prison guards and anger management coaches. He let out his anger by using mace; sickles and historic halberds (if you don’t know what they are, look them up!) which gave him his immense power and talent in battle. Violence meant he could release all his anger and had no hesitation at attacking someone when he became angry. He shaved his head during his time in prison, as he claimed to get ‘bored’ all the time. He was only let out for Reapings, where he was put in a straightjacket and chained around the neck, ankles, and top arms and handcuffed.

After five years of Reapings, Spectre has finally been allowed out of this hard and uncomfortable uniform. Angry at the Peacekeepers and no longer wanting to be kept in a jacket, he volunteered for the Hunger Games. During his time in the Capitol, he managed to attack a trainer and killed them too, only sealing his fate as the ‘White Killer’. He was locked in his apartment room for the rest of the training period, and beaten for his actions. He was given an interview; however, though viewers may have been scared of him because as a result of the beatings, he has scars all over his face, and has a result of being handcuffed all the time in prison, he has thick, white rings around his arms where the metal cuffs once were. Some sponsors liked him, because he is quite clearly a fighter and strong.

Strengths: No hesitation at attacking people, immense (and rather underestimated) strength Weaknesses: Inability to understand people’s intentions, not so good with nature and plant ID

Fears: Being locked away again, kept in the darkness

Alliance: Loner

Interview Angle: Be yourself and try and stay calm, even if the Capitol accent annoys you greatly. Do not attack anyone, as you’ve killed your District escort already.

Bloodbath Strategy: Kill, kill, kill. Take backpacks, or anything you can get. Don’t let anything stand in your way, but don’t take on alliances.

Games Strategy: Doesn’t really have a strategy. Just go with the flow and see how it goes.

Feast Strategy: Doesn’t really have a strategy for this either – though he will try and kill as many people as he can in an effort to get the prize at the Feast.

Token: None. He doesn’t have anything that he treasures, which saddens him slightly.

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