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  • I live in wonderland
  • I was born on July 21
  • My occupation is single
  • I am female
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    February 16, 2014 by Amaxine01

    CHAPTER 1I was at the mall when it happened.  When my whole world turned upside down.  I can remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday.  We were shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch, laughing about some girl because she was wearing the oldest sweater you could get.  Thinking back to the time where not getting a phone would be crucial to your social status I think I just laughed because I knew I used to be like her.That's when it happened, when suddenly my closet friend fainted and didn't wake up.  Then one by one each of my friends dropped, it looked like the domino effect.  I fled the store never looking back, I still feel horrible for just running and not helping my friends.  The thought of falling into a deep state of sleep and never w…

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