CHAPTER 1I was at the mall when it happened.  When my whole world turned upside down.  I can remember it so clearly, like it was yesterday.  We were shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch, laughing about some girl because she was wearing the oldest sweater you could get.  Thinking back to the time where not getting a phone would be crucial to your social status I think I just laughed because I knew I used to be like her.That's when it happened, when suddenly my closet friend fainted and didn't wake up.  Then one by one each of my friends dropped, it looked like the domino effect.  I fled the store never looking back, I still feel horrible for just running and not helping my friends.  The thought of falling into a deep state of sleep and never waking scared me though.As I ran across the paved parking lot everyoneone around me started falling just like that and then diappeared.  There was people screaming, blood coming from the fallen, babies on the ground.  Scared so much by these sights I could never get out of my head I almost didn't see the car that could've killed me.  A slightly tanned boy came out and asked if I was alright, after the initial shock I realized that I knew the boy.  His name was Tanner, ironic right he was slightly tanned and named Tanner.  He was in most of my classes and was about the same age as me.  He told me to jump in the car and he would drive me to his cabin then he would go back and look for more kids.After he took me to the guest room he made a quick lunch but neither of us were eating.  When we finished and cleaned up he left and I was alone.  It was possibly the longest night of my life or it seemed to be, Tanner came back early in the morning with two more survivors both from our school, a girl named Lily and another boy Kyle.  Both were very well known inside and out of our school them being jocks and all.The first night was awkward and very quiet none of us not yet knowing what to say.  We were all in a little bit of shock I guess, I mean seriously we saw people disappearing for no reason, we don't even know if our parents and sibilings survived this... this... attack.  "Oh my gosh..." said a very startled Lily"What is it, something bad? did you see something?" I asked hurriedly"No, I just got this text from Hilary saying that she and some kids are at the school""Your getting wifi?""No I'm just pretending and I was actually trying to scare you"And so that's how my first couple of weeks started out.1 month laterDuring the horrific time I had spent with Lily was very, well... horrific.  She always complained about food, her hair, even when we could get out of this cabin but then stopped because we all stared at her like we were ready to kick her out.  Then one day the room I had shared with Lily was quiet and I woke up to check on her when she came out of the bathroom with the most bloodiest nose ever.  Of course me being so stupid at the time I screamed like there was no tomorrow and the guys came running in with their makeshift weapons.When they barged in Lily started saying how she had woken up and felt super dizzy that's when her nosebleed started and wouldn't stop.  Just then she fell like all the others had and stopped breathing, after at least a minute she disappeared.  Just like that.  No way of knowing how or why she did.So that's how we get to me, Tanner, and Kyle fighting over what we should do. "WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE" yelled a very furious Kyle"I KNOW THAT YOU IDIOT" shot back a just as furious Tanner"HOW DO WE KNOW THAT THIS ISN'T CONTAGIOUS""Well aren't you smart" I suddenly said to Kyle, "Tanner obviously saved you two from wherever and none of us has been affected until now" Tanner always trying to be the peacemaker replied, "well we still don't know that for sure so we should consider us moving"That's how Kyle died.  As soon as we went to sleep that night I could hear this rustling outside.  Of course I thought it was just a duck or something but I was wrong, it was actually Kyle.  A few minutes later there was screaming.Tanner and I suddenly awake ran outside to check it out, I wish I haven't.  Outside there was a floating Kyle his leg looked broken, cuts, bruises, and leaves covered all showing skin.  Tanner started shooting but it seemed like nothing was working because whatever he did the invisible "monster" just got angrier until Kyle stopped moving and then disappeared."Wake up, wakeup!!! We need to move." shouted a scared TannerAs I woke up from the ground Tanner started pulling my hand and trying to run as fast as he could.  Which was horrible for me, I mean I fainted and now some guy is just yanking my hand.  "Can you stop running so fast?" I half said half panted"Fine.""Are you ok, you look a little shaken""Oh I don't know, I just saw someone who was almost a brother to me die!""Oh...." I said just shocked at everything nowCHAPTER 2"Aves, Aves can you hear me?""Mom? Is that you, where are you?""Don't worry I'm safe in heaven now, with your little sister and... and....""MOM, MOM PLEASE DON'T GO PLEASE"I woke with a start, actually I woke up to Tanner shaking me and asking if I was ok.  I answered that I was fine and then said, "Why were you shaking the crap out of me?""Well you started screaming about someone not leaving and then I think you were crying.""Oh well than I guess I thank you for waking me up from my nightmare""No need too"After a quick breakfast we hit the trail off with a good start until it started raining.  It started getting humid and then some type of fog started risisng and it got hard to see.  I kept falling but Tanner kept catching me, it was super awkward for both of us.  After a while we stopped to take a break, when I took my shoes off to rub my feet I saw all of these blisters and man did they hurt."Ouch those look like they hurt" said a teasing TannerAnd of course I answered back, "Well they almost don't with all of this walking and the humidity I can't feel a thing you know?""Well I think we have a half hour to get where were going so...""Wait, where are we going?" I interupted."To the school, if Lily said there were more "survivors" then maybe we can all work together to survive whatever is happening""Smart idea, then maybe we can rebuild civilization.""Maybe we can"Soon after we rested we got on our way.  The walk wasn't that long but if you have blisters and getting attacked by bugs every minute it would seem like forever.  Then finally we got to the school.  It was dark and it gave you this creepy feeling, like someone was watching you.  When we walked into the school it was horrible.  There was trash everywhere, desks and chairs strewn broken and cracked, the cafeteria was messier than ever all of the food gone.  When we got to the eight grade floor I couldn't stop the tears from streaming across my face, imagine your own familiar world broken and lost.  All of the book pages were torn, everything seemed to be.  I couldn't stop crying seeing everything the way it is was earth shattering.All of sudden I heard a noise coming from the science room.  Then a shadow of a body heading towards the door. "Umm.... Tanner I think there's someone back there."Tanner being Tanner said, "Maybe it's just a shadow?" but then ending his statement in a question"Maybe it's just a shadow." I mocked, "come on man, I mean be serious here I'm pretty sure it's a "shadow" of a person.""Since your so sure then maybe you should check it out""Me!?" I half yelled half whispered, "I'm the girl here, aren't guys supposed to be the "stronger" gender?""Ladies first.""Ughhhhh fine you baby" Creak creak..... the door sounding way louder then it needed to be.  Both of us walking towards the shadow seemed overwhelming to me but we still kept creeping forwards.  Then the "shadow" turned around and made a sound that sounded so creepy and blood curdling that it masked my scream.  Then I felt someone breathing on my neck, I slowly turned around and saw a familiar football jacket so then I looked up so I could see that my confirmations were right.  And I wish they weren't.  There standing right in front of me was the most popular boy in school or he was the most popular guy."Can you tell your friend to stop breathing so hard" said an annoyed Zac, "I bet that thing and every other one thats living here can hear him.""First my friend is actually not my friend, second how do you know that?" 

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