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    Welcome to the 80th hunger games you can submit your tributes in this form and the rules are the same as the real fictional hunger games and the arena will be anouced later. 2 tributes from each of the 12 districts you can submit up to 2 tributes 1 male 1 female must be from diffrent districts.No on my page shit. And there can be two winners if from same district. Have Fun And MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR- multiple people.







    Blood bath strategy:




    Token Optional:

    D1 Male:

    D1 Female:

    D2 Male:

    D2 Female:

    D3 Male:

    D3 Female:

    D4 Male:

    D4 Female:

    D5 Male:

    D5 Female:

    D6 Male:

    D6 Female:

    D7 Male:

    D7 Female:

    D8 Male:

    D8 Female:

    D9 Male:

    D9 Female:

    D10 Male:

    D10 Female:

    D11 Male:

    D11 Female:

    D12 …

    Read more >

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