aka Andy

  • I live in California
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is I enjoy drawing, but as it might not provide a decent living for me, I desire to learn more in fashion designing and cosmetology.
  • I am I am male, but I am transgender, so if you could refer to me as "she" that would mean a lot. I classify myself female now.
  • Andy1854

    The Holiday Games

    January 1, 2014 by Andy1854

    Welcome to the Holiday Games. These games are obviously inspired by the holidays, Christmas, and the new year. I plan on adding very sufficient and interesting twists to the games this time and in desperate need for readers and tributes this time.


    1. I am in desperate need of tributes and readers, so I will allow 6 tributes per user.

    2. Please do not spam my blogs. It is disrespectful and it wastes time and space.

    3. I want decent tributes. PLEASE! I have seen tributes before on other blogs where their weakness was "having sex". So please give me a decent tribute that has decent weaknesses lol.

    4. No reservations or self made templates. I would really prefer my template as the used one, and if you want to add stuff to it, that is fine by…

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  • Andy1854
      • Please join these games if you can find the time to follow along because I need to practice with my writing skills and receive constructive criticism on my skills. Thanks so much! :)**

    President Nilda Snow approached the balcony. As she stared down at the millions of fans on the lower ground. Nilda waved her cold, pale hand in a swift motion as to silence the crowd. "Welcome, everyone, to the new Thirst Games. Now, to ensure that these games will be memorable, we plan to add some... twists to this year's games. One of the twists will be revealed now. There will be three arenas. The first arena will be the location of the games until 12 tributes are killed off. After that, the remaining combatants will be transported to another arena, where …

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  • Andy1854

    The 602nd Hunger Ganes

    November 18, 2013 by Andy1854

    "Welcome to the 602nd Annual Hunger games. May the odds be ever in your favor." President Nilda Snow announced. "This year, there will be some twists, which will be revealed when we receive our... contestants. Each tribute must be voted into the games by their district. Each district must vote up 2 tributes, one boy and one girl. One of the twists will be revealed now. There will be three arenas. In the first arena, once 12 tributes are killed, the remaining tributes will be transported to another arena, where 6 more will die. Then, it's off to the third arena, where 4 tributes will emerge victorious." The audience cheered loudly. President Nilda grinned and blew kisses, then walked back to her chair. She smiled sinisterly. She knew these …

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  • Andy1854

    The 994th Hunger Games

    October 10, 2013 by Andy1854

    Welcome to the 994th Annual Hunger Games. Each district will offer up 2 tributes, one boy and one girl. Please follow these rules when submitting a tribute:

    1. Please use the template I have provided, as it is difficult to determine the needed information when a different template is used.

    2. The more details you provide with your tribute's bio, the more I will like them. No, this does not mean send me a book about them.

    3. Please do not get upset if your tribute dies or is targeted by another tribute. I am not going to tolerate drama. And if your tribute has a vendetta formed against them, there is nothing I can do. These are games where one fights to the death, and only 4 people will live.

    4. Please provide decent weaknesses. I don't want to…

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  • Andy1854

    Runway Games

    September 21, 2013 by Andy1854

    Welcome to the first annual Runway Games. 2 tributes from each district will be selected for a game in which they must go through a competition of sewing to determine who the best designer is. The losing tributes will be placed in multiple rounds again in which only 5 more will win. Each district has one certain element that contributes to sewing skills.

    District 1: Embroidery Hoops

    District 2: Pins

    District 3: Sewing and Embroidery Needles

    District 4: Yarn

    District 5: Fabrics

    District 6: Sewing Thread

    District 7: Knitting Needles

    District 8: Embroidery Thread

    Please follow the template when submitting a tribute.


    Age (12-18):

    District (1-8):

    Gender (M or F):

    Special Fashion Designing Skills:

    Favorite Type of Clothing to Make:

    Fashion Must:

    Strengths …

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