Hi there. I LOVE animals, so I thought it may be fun to make games with them. Please submit a tribute of your choice that is some sort of natural rescource or animal combination. Like for example, you could do like Night Fox from District 7, or Water Hawk from District 11. I will accept twenty four tributes. A good example of a tribute:

Name: Night Fox Sex: Female District: 8 Weapon: Knives Strengths: Swimming, Manipulating, Evading Weaknesses: Spiders, Clumsiness Personality: Sadistic, Cunning, Lethal, Observant Strategy: Evasion, Does not attend Bloodbath, keeps good distance

So yeah. Submit tributes so I can slaughter twenty two of them and keep one alive. Yes you read correctly. TWO VICTORS. They DO NOT have to be from the same district. But it MUST be a MALE AND A FEMALE. Thanks!

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