Chapter1:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I waited and waited for the name to be called. Who was it going to be? We have already eliminated myself, considering there are like 200 other girls her--"GALINA KILTOVA!" Shit. I quickly walked up to the stage. I did not want a dramatic death. I looked up from the ground and let the escort pull me up by my hand. I saw her pale skin, her bright red lips, and her pink ringlets cascading down and around her face. "Vell, vell. Look vat vee have heergh." I politely coped with the saliva on my frock. I would wait until we got on the train to question her prepubescent predisposition for stupidity. I stood beside her and tried to ignore the way she spat saliva at the crowd when she used her accent. "Now, for zee boys!" She pulled the first name from the top of the stack. "Noah Shanae!" she exclaimed in an uneducated fashion. I rolled my eyes. Obviously this woman also had a predisposition for spinsterhood. 

Chapter 2: The escort, whose name I discovered was Inessa Bugtee, showed us to the train. Her blabbing made absolutely no sense. It literally sounded like, "Uvauvauvayow." Noah and I giggled. When we boarded the train, Inessa escorted us to two, miraculaously relaxing chairs. Inessa blabbed herself out of the room to find our mentor. Noah looked at me. "Your hair is very well styled. Did you style it that way?" I returned a glance toward him and cheesily said, "Yes. I did style it that way." We heard the door open. We whirled around to see a tall woman in a trenchcoat and hat. The hat's round brim hid her face as she wqs looking down. Then she brought her head up. She slowly approached us, her heels clicking on the ground every 5 seconds. This woman was extremely slow. Either that or she had a huge misinterpretation of what drama was. I cold not take it anymore. I stood up and stormed over to her. She had gotten 3 feet from the door. I snatched her arm and pulled her to the chair seated across from Noah and I. I spoke to her, "Yeah. Hi there. You are our mentor right?" she looked up. Her face was tall and narrow. She had the outline of Slenderman. Her lips were pursed and her eyes round. Her nose had a tip to it like a fox. I suddenly recognized her. This woman had been in the Hunger Games I watched when I was still only 12. Her name was Jennika Stromoling. Noah obviously did not care that she was a bit "strange" and he helped her remove her hat and coat. From the moment he removed her hat, Jennika's fire red hair sprang out and fell down to her waist. I shrugged. It was going to be a long time until we got to the Capitol.

Chapter 3: We arrived at the Capitol to see thousands of people waving at us. They were wearing the strangest things. Their outfits and makeup made it seem like they had fallen into various paint buckets, each with a vibrant, bright color. The train stopped. We were escorted out and sent straight to the Remake Center. The stylists came. I looked at them. They introduced themselves. The girl with the purple swingbob and stomach acid colored face was Vilga. The man with the bright green hair and the purple face was Lucius. And finally, the gothic girl with the pale face, straight black hair past her waist, and black eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, and tattoos was Daisy. Pretty ironic. They made me sit down in a soft chair. First, they stripped me naked. Now I knew wha the expression, "Naked in front of a crowd" means. She dumped a huge container of water on me to soak me up. They washed me all over, and cleansed me. Then they grabbed portions of my hair and started drying them. They left it slightly damp to style it. They fishtailed it up into a huge bun on my head. Then they plopped on a feathery hat and a dress that made me look like a mixture of gelatin and tissue paper. I met up with Noah. He and I stepped into the chariots. The doors opened. Out first was District 1. I heard before that the girl's name was Ella and that the boy was unknown to me. They had feathery dresses on that looked like flamingos. Then District 2 emerged. The girl, Yvonne I think, looked quite intimidating. The boy, Maximus, was even more muscular. Then came District 3. I did not know their names yet. District 4. The girl was Nastya. She was also a Career. The 5 girl was Jennika and the boy was Shane. The 6 girl was Avalannah. The 7 girl was Gretchen and the boy was Gru. Now it was our turn. I reluctantly waved. Noah had a smile on his face that would probably stay on there for a while. I whirled around to see the other districts. The tributes from 9 and 10 were unknown to me. The 11 girl was Serene and the 12 boy was Miro. We finally stopped. The president stepped up from his chair. Was this real? Was I actually looking into the eyes of President, more like dictator, Evangeline Horngoo? Could this get any worse?

Chapter 4: I woke up. Inessa burst into my room. "Get a move on, Galinda, ve've got trainin!" she screamed. I rolled out of bed and groaned. "It's GALINA!" I moan. She shrugged and left. I got my clothes on and tied my hair back in a small bun. Then I headed downstairs. inessa escorted Noah and I to the Training Center. We joined the other tributes in a semi circle around a platform, in which a tall, blonde woman stood. "Good morning. My name is Vera. I am your training instructor." I groaned. I looked at the other tributes. Then at the odds board. 60-1 for us all. About an hour after she explained rules, we got to work. I decided to line up at the Gauntlet. In front of me was Avalannah and also the pair from 9. Avalannah went. She took the first step. She evaded the trainer's bat. She leaped to the next platform, but missed it because it started elevating. She fell to the ground. Her fancy little updo untwisted and flopped back down to her shoulders. Now was the 9 boy. He somersaulted up to the first platform. And then he flopped to the ground right on top of Avalannah, who was getting up. The girl from 9 attempted, and failed as well. Now it was my turn. I ran as fast as possible. I dodged the trainer's bat. I leaped to the next one. I knew that the platforms would rise, and I waited till it descended. i ran to the next one. The trainer swung his baton again and I limboed under it. I leaped across to the next platform. I started breathing heavily. I looked for the next platform and then realized that I had already made it across. I decided to go to the back of the line again. I still needed more practice even though I already made it. The boy from 10 tapped my shoulder and then pointed to the knife throwing section. The Careers were staring hard at me. I gulped unnoticeably. I couldn't let them think i was frightened or even intimidated.

Chapter 5: After training finally ended, we received some news. We would be cast into the Games ASAP. Jennika walked us to the hovercraft. I looked at Noah. He looked back at me. He burst out crying. I trotted over and hugged him. "It is okay, Noah. What's wrong?" I already knew what was wrong, but asking felt much more considerate. Noah burst into tears again. "Suppose I--I--I don't come back-- home!" he sobbed. I held him close to me. I sat down on the ground and he rested his head on my shoulder. "There, there, Noah. Don't worry. I will look out for you. There are two victors, and I will do everything I can to make sure you are one of them." Jennika groaned. "COME ON!" she shouted. I helped Noah up. We walked to the hovercraft and Noah dried his tears. We boarded. A woman in a hazmat suit came by, giving us each injections containing technological devices to track us as we "slaughtered each other" in the games. I shrugged. Why must we have those? So it's easier to kill us?

Chapter 6: We stood on our pedestals waiting patiently. I looked at the timer as it counted from 5. The tributes ran toward the bloodbath. The girl from 3 snatched her bag and started to run off with it, but the boy from 10 snatched a scythe and struck her down. BOOM! The boy from 9 then obtained a pack of knives, and flung one at the girl from 1, Ella. Ella dodged it. Then the boy from 9 flung one at Yvonne. She caught it in one hand, and returned it to him, piercing it through his forehead. BOOM! Maximus then looked at me. He chased me. I fled straight into the forest. Then I looked at Noah. I remembered my promise. He was foolishly grabbing stuff at the Cornucopia. I crwled quickly between Maximus's legs and charged at Noah. He looked at me in fear. I grabbed his arm along with his pack of sleeping gear, apples, cheez-its, and water and fled with him into the forest. We started getting tired and slowed down slightly. I whirled around after hearing a sound and saw the girl from 9 with an axe coming at me. "DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed. She swung the axe at Noah. I intercepted it and it sliced cleanly through my pack. Some apples tumbled out and s;ipped under her feet, casuing her to fall over. I snatched her axe and held it over her head. She looked up at me. "Please! Don't kill me!" she pleaded. I had a weakness apparently. Mercy. "I'll be your ally. Anything. Just please don't hurt me!" she shouted. I grabbed her and took her to the lake. "What's your name?" I asked sternly. She responded with, "Shannon. Shannon Butterscotch."

Chapter 7: I woke up. I felt quite groggy. Shannon was up as well. Noah was sleeping though. I heard footsteps. Then a scream. Noah sprang up and checked the area. He motioned for us to come over there. Shannon gasped when she saw the body of the girl from 5, Jennika, lying on the ground helplessly. She was hyperventilating. We dragged her to our campsite. We tried to give her resusatation. She suddenly sprang up and spat out a load of poison berry juice. She looked at us. She cartwheeled backwards and landed on a tree branch. She climbed up as fast as a cheetah. She looked back at us and gasped. But she immediately fell down. She thumped on the ground. Noah grabbed her and held her down on the ground. Shannon aimed an arrow at her, but I had her back down. "We won't hurt you. We just want to ally with you." She looked up and her face became even redder than her hair.

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