Welcome to my newest games. There are 12 districts, 4 tributes each. Please submit tributes (up to 8) using the following template:

Full Name:








Appearance (rl pic, Lunaii, or description):




Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast Strategy:

After following the template, submit your tribute(s), following these rules:

1. I will not do reservations this time unless a worthy explanation is provided.

2. I will veto your tributes if they are flawless, typical, or crappy.

3. You will need to remain active on the days I edit as you should advise and sponsor your tributes.

4. I know it says quell but I want new tributes that have not been in MY games before. Other games are okay.

5. I accept wiki contributors as long as they give a designated username so I can remember them.

6. I do profiles and links but if they do not follow the template please add that extra info.

7. Root for your damn tributes lol. You'd be surprised what it can do lmfao.

As a heads up, I may do Reapings, parade, and interviews. I will do training and obviously the games. I will also be providing odds and training scores post-training.

You start with 1,000 for each tribute.

Sponsor items:


Knife: 100

Awl: 100

Sword: 200

Axe: 200

Scythe: 200

Sickle: 200

Spear: 200

Archery (bow and arrow): 300

Throwing Utensils (knives, needles, spears, axes, darts): 400

Vital Items-

Bag of Food (Oranges, Apples, Bananas, or Berries): 100

Canteen: 100

Medical Kit: 200

Other Luxuries and Items-)

Matches: 100

Sleeping Bag/Gear: 200

Backpack (contains weapon of choice, bag of food, and canteen): 500

Arena Attire, twists, and arenas will be revealed post-tribute submitting.

I will keep track of tributes using a notebook and then when all are in I will make a gallery.

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