Hi sorry my last games utterly failed and I decided to make a new blog. So please submit as many tributes as you like, but you may only reserve 2 of them at a time. There will only be 8 districts, and there will be 4 from each. The arena will take place inside different places. Every 5 days, the remaining tributes will be picked up in a hovercraft and transported to the next arena. I will reveal the first arena now: The first arena takes place in a forest in Russia. The twist about it is: The ground is ice, and the tributes will be wearing ice skates.

Please include these simple rules when submitting a tribute:

1. Please include name, age, district, weapon, strengths, weaknesses, personality, appearance (lunaii preferred and if you do not provide one give a detailed description), backstory, allies, bloodbath strategy, and games strategy.

2. Wiki contributors are fine, but I need to know who is who, so if you are a wikia contributor, please include an artificial name for me to recognize you by.

3. Profiles and links are fine with me, but please note I do NOT prefer them.

4. If your tribute dies, please do not throw a hissy fit or temper tantrum, because you won't get pizza and ice cream to  make you feel better.

5. This is a disclaimer: Please do not try any of the stunts or life attempts these tributes preform, and also please do not freeze a Russian forest and try to skate across it.

6. Be sure to give your tributes adbice, or they will die quickly. Especially if they are participating in the bloodbath.

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