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Andy1854 September 21, 2013 User blog:Andy1854

Welcome to the first annual Runway Games. 2 tributes from each district will be selected for a game in which they must go through a competition of sewing to determine who the best designer is. The losing tributes will be placed in multiple rounds again in which only 5 more will win. Each district has one certain element that contributes to sewing skills.

District 1: Embroidery Hoops

District 2: Pins

District 3: Sewing and Embroidery Needles

District 4: Yarn

District 5: Fabrics

District 6: Sewing Thread

District 7: Knitting Needles

District 8: Embroidery Thread

Please follow the template when submitting a tribute.


Age (12-18):

District (1-8):

Gender (M or F):

Special Fashion Designing Skills:

Favorite Type of Clothing to Make:

Fashion Must:

Strengths in Fashion Designing:

Weaknesses in Fashion Designing:


Appearance (photos preferred):

All tributes will go through different challenges until 6 remain.

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