Welcome to the 1,854th Annual Hunger Games! Submit up to 4 dtributes and please include their name, sex, district, age, weapons, personality, and appearance (if you have a lunaii that would be fantastic, and no real life pictures plz only lunaii if any pictures), and strategy (for bloodbath and after) (your tribute does not have to participate in the bloodbath).

The twists: There can be two victors, and they DO NOT have to be from the same district, but they DO have to be one female and one male. And the hardest twist of all: these are no ordinary hunger games. These games have eliminations. If your tribute's training score is under the score of 5, your tribute will be eliminated, and will be executed by the Capitol. And the last twist: there are only 6 districts, but each district has 4 tributes.

D1 Females: D1 Males: D2 Females: D2 Males: D3 Females: D3 Males: D4 Females: D4 Males: D5 Females: D5 Males: D6 Females: D6 Males:

One last thing. If you want your tribute to survive, you must gove them advice to survive.

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