"Welcome to the 602nd Annual Hunger games. May the odds be ever in your favor." President Nilda Snow announced. "This year, there will be some twists, which will be revealed when we receive our... contestants. Each tribute must be voted into the games by their district. Each district must vote up 2 tributes, one boy and one girl. One of the twists will be revealed now. There will be three arenas. In the first arena, once 12 tributes are killed, the remaining tributes will be transported to another arena, where 6 more will die. Then, it's off to the third arena, where 4 tributes will emerge victorious." The audience cheered loudly. President Nilda grinned and blew kisses, then walked back to her chair. She smiled sinisterly. She knew these games would be memorable.

Please follow the template when submitting your tribute(s):






Special Skills:




Appearance (please provide a picture):

Backstory (optional):


1. I will not do reservations, links, profiles, or accept flawless tributes.

2. Each user can submit up to 4 tributes.

3. Please don't submit a tribute if you're not even going to read the POVs and stick around for the actual games. I often will do polls and questions and stuff and I don't let tributes last long if they aren't given advice consistently.


Each tribute has a total of $1,000. Purchase items wisely.

Basic Weapons:

Knife- 100

Sword- 200

Trident- 200

Spear- 200

Axe- 200

Bow and Arrow- 400

Other Weapons:

Boomerang- 100

Slingshot- 100

Awl- 100

Sickle- 200

Scythe- 200

Poison- 200

Club- 200

Throwing Knives (10)- 300

Throwing Needles (10)- 300

Throwing Axes (3)- 300

Land Mines (10)- 500


Berries (20)- 100

Canteen- 100

Bag of Apples- 200

Survival Skills Pamphlet- 300

Other Useful Utilites:

Matches- 100

Binoculars- 100

Flashlight- 100

Gloves- 100

Sunscreen- 100

Night Vision Goggles- 200

Rope- 200

Net- 300

Sleeping Bag- 400

Backpack (includes canteen, 3 knives, and berries)- 700

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