Welcome to the 644th Hunger Games! 7 tributes per user are allowed.

Good Example:

Name: Galina Kiltova

District: 8

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Weapon: Archery, Knives

Strengths: Good Swimmer, Strong, Agile, Clever

Weaknesses: Arachnephobia, Clumsy

Personality: Kind, Clever, Sly, and Manipulative

Appearance: Physical Description or Lunaii

There can be 8 victors.

Tribute Gallery: Will Be Created After All Tributes Are Submitted

Bloodbath: The tributes were patiently waiting on their pedestals for the gong to sound. The Careers looked at each other and nodded. The gong sounded loudly. The first tribute to retrieve her pack was Fern. She grabbed it and fled into the forest. James was the next to his supplies. He snatched his spear and flung it toward Apolo. Apolo dodged it and tackled James. He was about to stab him but Josie yanked him off of James and stabbed his arm. Clarity, being a Career as well, was enraged at this. She fired an arrow at Josie but missed her barely. The arrow plunged into James's forehead. BOOM! Josie took her remaining items and fled in fear. Nico Robin grabbed a bag of blades. She started to run but Anneliese plunged her trident into her heart, killing her immediately. BOOM!Touro Rafinco snatched a pack of sleeping gear and a lasso and charged at Bethany. Poor Bethany was shocked and she ducked down, causing Touro to fail at tackling her and to fall into a huge mud puddle. He exclaimed in disgust. Ivy and Callisto approached him and strangled him. BOOM! Lukas Cinnamon obtained a pack and tackled Seth. Seth jabbed his knife into Lukas's leg. Seth started to flee, but he didn't make it far. Terra Skylar swung her axe and decapitated him. BOOM! Heather Summer fired an arrow at Procter but missed him. Procter then tackled her and squeezed her to death. BOOM! Shae and Jay retrieved their packs and fled into the woods immediately. But Shae turned on Jay and slit his throat with her dagger. BOOM! Toby found a sleeping bag and an axe laying about and he snatched them. He foolishly hurled his axe at Terra. Terra caught it in one hand and gave Toby a murderous grin. She cartwheeled through the air and the axe pierced straight through his chest. BOOM! Emmy Firia, being the leader of the Careers, decided to take on Terra. The two stood 10 feet apart. Emmy held a knife, Terra her axe. Before Emmy could fling her knife, Terra whirled around and fled, her curly reddish-brown hair gracefully flailing behind her as she did. In anger that Terra had fled, Emmy spun around and flung her knife as hard as possible. It plunged straight into Luke Torres's forehead. BOOM! Atlantis and Apolo were focused on trying to be sexy and attractive rather than vicious. That was their fatal error. Well, it ended fatally for Atlantis at least when Drew Waters sliced him down with a sickle. In retaliation, Apolo showed his viciousness by jabbing his trident into Drew's foot. Drew wailed in pain as Apolo finished him off. BOOM! BOOM! The fighting started to cease after this. The only tributes left at the Cornucopia were the Careers, who had setup a camp there. It was unfortunate that Mara and Astrid lacked knowledge of the Career's camp. The two girls had an unbreakable bond and alliance going. Together, they headed for the almost deserted Cornucopia and searched for remaining supplies. But Clarity's sensitive ears heard them. The Careers left Anneliese, Apolo, and Ivy to guard. Peter grabbed poor little Mara from the ground and held her by her gray tribute jacket. He ordered Wyatt to give him his spear. Astrid wouldn't let Mara die if it was the last thing she did, which in this case it could be. She grabbed a bow and an arrow and fired straight at Peter's head. BOOM! In retaliation, Wyatt swung his sword at Astrid. The sword lodged into her heart and she screamed as she died. Mara, enraged, used her slingshot to full power. She placed a knife in it and fired at Wyatt. The knife plunged into Wyatt's foot and he yelped in pain. Then Mara fired another knife at Clarity. Clarity dodged it and it found a spot in the grass. Mara fled and ran into the forest. Clarity sent Apolo, Anneliese, and Ivy after her. Mara fled to the lake. She dove into the water. Ivy was the first to come out of the shrubs and Mara fired a rock at her, which sent her falling face-first into an odorous mound of old muttation dung. Apolo then charged at Mara, but she was already dead. Unfortunately, Mara had made the rookie mistake of forgetting she could not swim. She had drowned.

The Fallen:

Day 2: The First Feats: Mason Spartan of District 1 sat in the tall meadow grasses, trying to clear his mind. He couldn't believe he was in the middle of a deadly game. He had to evade the other tributes. But how would he get supplies. Suddenly, the anthem played. "We have an announcement: The feast will be held in 2 hours." Mason thought a moment and decided he couldn't go there. But what he could do was steal from other tributes who WERE at the feast and had been foolish enough to leave their supplies behind. Procter was the first to come to mind. Meanwhile, the Careers, as usual, planned to hog all the supplies. The table rose up from the grass and was adjacent to the mouth of the cornucopia. Procter foolishly snatched his pack and Fern's without looking for any other tributes. Fern leaped from the bushes and tackled him. She didn't want to hurt him. Just retrieve her pack. And she did just that. Then the Careers came out. Emmy lead the charge. The others knew this was their signal to finally defeat the Careers. The first to charge at them were Terra and Procter. Terra swung hr axe and it sliced through Clarity's pack. In anger, Clarity flung her spear at Terra. Terra cleverly pretended to take a hit and fell down on the ground. The cannon never boomed. Clarity then approached Terra's "body". Terra then sprang up and sliced through Clarity's waist, splitting her into two pieces. BOOM! Ivy, who still had remains of feces on her face, fired an arrow at Shae. Shae dodged it and threw her dagger at Ivy. Ivy ducked, and the dagger plunged into Callisto's shin. Josie swung her axe at Anneliese, but Anneliese knocked it away from her. She grabbed Josie and held her in the air until she started to cough and gasp for air. But before Josie could murmur her last breath, Ash Greenely knocked her away. Anneliese growled at him, and flung her trident at him. Ash dodged it and tackled her. Anneliese started to cry and beg for mercy. Ash was fooled and let her go. Anneliese then grinned, and swung her trident, but she missed him. The trident swung around and went flying into the trees. Anneliese, frightened, fled to the safety of Apolo. Cassia, Cassandra, and Mason were the only ones not at the feast. They were rumaging through Procter's supplies, which were left behind. They decided not to be allies, nor to kill each other however. They equally shared the supplies. Meanwhile at the feast, Shae stabbed Wyatt with her dagger in the hand. Wyatt grabbed the dagger and used the back end to knock Shae out. Fern flung a knife at Emmy and hit her in the boot. The boot was thick, and it did not penetrate it. Emmy flung a knife back, which sliced through Fern's left breast and punctured it. Eventually, she toppled over dead. BOOM! The feats ended very soon. The only dead tributes were Fern and Clarity.

The Fallen:

Day 3: The tributes were much calmer about the Careers now. Jessica Sealy wandered out into the meadow. She snuck past a still sleeping Mason Spartan. She rummaged through his things and found a bag of apples, a water container, and a knife. She couldn't get the wooden staff because Mason was sleeping with it. She started back toward her camp where Bethany was still asleep. She started feeling weird inside. Almost like her heart wasn't working well. She clutched her chest. Suddenly she cried out slightly, and she fell down dead. BOOM! She died of a heart attack right there, 5 feet from Bethany. Bethany awoke and dashed over to her dead body. Mason did as well. Mason snatched his stuff back from underneath her corpse. Bethany looked at him. "You killed her! My ally and only friend!" Mason fell over and crawled backwards. "It wasn't me! I heard her! She gasped and then died after stealing my stuff!" Bethany kicked him and he ran off. No one had known it, but Jessica died of a heart attack. Her photo was shown in the sky that night. Not even the Careers could detect how exactly she died. It came as both a surprise and a miracle. Well, for the other tributes. Not Bethany though. SHe sobbed and sobbed. She had only one person whom she bonded well with. That was Jessica. She coudln't believe how bad her luck had been since she was born!

The Fallen: 

Day 4: The Careers sat adjacent to the Cornucopia, now empty. Well, it was empty except for a slightly foolish Shae, who planned to attack the Careers. She leaped out from the mouth of the Cornucopia and plunged her dagger into Callisto's back, killing him immediately. BOOM! Ivy whirled around and fired an arrow at Shae, but missed her barely. Anneliese and Apolo tackled her and tried to strangle her. Shae kicked Apolo in the shin but failed to get Annelise off. Anneliese wrapped a net around her. Shae struggled. Anneliese dragged the net and Shae over to the other Careers. Emmy approached with a knife, ready to slit her throat, but then Anneliese saw something in Shae's eyes. She couldn't let her die. And before she knew it, she was in a catfight with Emmy, the others watching in awe. Anneliese grabbed the knife and tossed it into the net. Shae obtained it and broke free. Before Emmy could stab Annelise, Shae grabbed her and fled with her into the woods. In anger, Emmy threw her knife at a passing wasp and it plummeted down into the shrubs. Meanwhile, Cassandra was wandering around looking for food. She was able to find a bag of potato chips in a sleeping Procter's pack. Procter sprang up and shoved Cassadnra over. Cassandra swung her axe at him and amputated his leg. Procter fell over. Cassandra grabbed Procter's supplies and fled. She retreated into the forest and then the meadow. She was half way across the field when she heard a scream. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" it screamed. It was a male voice. Cassandra whirled around and headed toward the scream's direction. She found the scream's location and then saw Lukas Cinnamon lying on the ground with tracker jacker stings the size of chihuahuas all over his body. He was in a coma and would soon be dead. She hid behind a tree and waited. She heard the boom, and suddenly the tracker jackers all headed for the Cornucopia. Cassandra browsed through Lukas's items and realized she had hit the jackpot. Back at the Cornucopis, the Careers lacked knowledge of the tracker jackers heading for them. But Ivy noticed quickly. "Tracker jackers!" she wailed. She and Emmy successfully fled. Apolo got a couple stings here and there. As Emmy was fleeing, she got a sting on her right breast. Wyatt fell to the ground, wailing and screaming. No one came back for him, and he was scared for his life. Cassia, in a tree, watched as the hovercraft confiscated the bodies of multiple tributes: Lukas was first, then Wyatt, and then the wasp that had been killed by Emmy.

The Fallen:                                                                              

Day 8: No one died the past few days. The last tribute dead was the wasp. An announcement was made about the rule change wih the second round business. Terra drank some water from her canteen. She heard footsteps. She grabbed her bow and arrows and headed in the direction. She saw the Careers trying to get a tribute down from the trees. Ivy called up at her, "Come on down, Cassia! It's no use runnin away now!" Terra pulled back her arrow and aimed right at Ivy. She fired. Ivy flailed helplessly onto the ground and clutched her leg. Emmy growled and turned around. Terra fired an arrow at her too, but Emmy blocked it with her bag. Terra whirld around and ran. Emmy and the others followed her. Terra ran through the meadow, the Careers close behind her. Terra dodged the countless spears and knives being hurled at her. Terra swiveled in the other direction and headed for the cliff. She leaped right off of it and landed in the icy waters. The Careers then went back to their camp site to find Procter foolishly rummaging through their supplies. Emmy approached him and grinned murderously. Procter started to run but Emmy caught him ina headlock and held a knife to his throat. She sliced clean through it, and the poor tribute's blood trickled down into Emmy's bra.

The Fallen:

Night 12: No one died the past few days. Apolo, Ivy, and Emmy were the last Careers left. Anneliese was alive still, but she was allied with Shae. Terra leaped down from her tree. She watched the Careers. It was night out now. Apolo had started a fire. Terra skipped across the field and slid past Emmy and Ivy, who were asleep. Apolo was not observant in the slightest and did not know she was there. She snatched Apolo's bag. She crouched behind the Cornucopia and pulled out a bag of poisonous berries. She replaced Apolo's blueberries with the poison berries, and then returned the bag. She retreated into the forest. A raging Ash approached her. Terra cleverly screamed as loud as possible and then fled as quickly as she could. The Careers heard the scream and went to Ash's direction. They severed the moment and tortured him. Meanwhile, Cassia, Cassandra, Mason, Bethany, Shae, Anneliese, and Josie were stealing all their things. Then they fled. Ash's cannon boomed. The Careers returned only to see that all of their items were gone. Unfortunately for Shae and Anneliese, they had collected the poison berries. They settled down by the lake and Shae took the first bite.

The Fallen:

Day 13: The Careers were going to starve if they didn't kill someone and get their supplies soon. They had to find a plan. Ivy walked around in the meadow. She watched a silhouette fly by the other direction. She followed it. It was Anneliese. Ivy fired an arrow at her. She missed barley. Anneliese fled in the other direction. Josie snuck up behind Ivy. She snapped her neck and killed her immediately. Anneliese was tackled bu Emmy and stasbbed to death.  The victors were already obvious. Round 2 will start later.

The Fallen:

Part 2 Bloodbath: The tributes leaped from their plates and headed for the cornucopia. Touro grabbed his pack. He lassoed Mara and tried to strangle her before she could flee, but Mara escaped the rope. Astrid knew this tiem, she had to get a weapon. She grabbed a bow and fired an arrow at Touro. BOOM! Ivy, Callisto, Peter, Clarity, Atlantis, Heather, and Wyatt gathered up and slaughtered tributes. Clarity threw her spear straight at Seth's head. BOOM! Ivy decapitated Drew. BOOM! Heather tried for Nico but she missed her. Nico retaliated by knocking her down. Nico then pulled out a blade. But Shae and Anneliese knocked Nico down and forced her to retreat. Luke charged at Atlantis. Atlantis used his trident and decapitated him. Fern flung a knife at Jay, killing him within a short amount of time. James tried to strangle Toby, but Toby was strong enough to knock him away. He punched him in the face. Procter grabbed his stuff and he speared Jessica in the arm. Then James tried to strangle her, but Jessica's hyperactiveness was too much for him. She leaped in the air and landed back on top of James. "Smell my tasty fart, yall!" she said as James yelped in disgust. BOOM! The gas was too much for him. The fighting ceased soon. Seth, James, Drew, Jay, Luke, and Toruo had died. That night, the Careers camped out by the lake. Clarity, Ivy, Callisto, Atlantis, Peter, Wyatt, and Toby.  They warmed themselves by cuddling in the blankets. Clarity and Ivy shared one. Callisto and Toby another. Wyatt and Atlantis the next. Peter had the last one for himself. They giggled and chatted a while. After Toby farted loudly disrupting the beautiful scene, the Careers laughed and coughed themselves to sleep. But they woke up in the morning and found a fire sizzling. The fire starter was Procter. He tried to crawl away, but Clarity speared him. BOOM!

The fallen:

Day 4: Anneliese and Shae woke up fromthe meadow. They heard whistling. But who could be foolish enough to walk around a meadow full of murderers whistling?! Apparently, the Career member Atlantis would. Shae and Anneliese approached him. Annielese was faster than Shae, so she darted past Atlantis. He followed her with a trident in hand. Shae leaped on him from behind and stabbed him to death. BOOM! Meanwhile, the other Careers headed for the meadow to see who had died. When Clarity saw her partner's dead body, she lunged at Shae. Anneliese blocked her and whacked her foot with a trident. Clarity clutched her foot and groaned in pain. Callisto swung his spear at Anneliese, and hit her in the arm. Blood gushed and trickled down her arm. Ivy tackled Shae and started to slit open her leg, but Fern flew by and yanked Ivy off of her. Heather fired an arrow at Fern, and barely missed her. Nico then tackled Heather, but failed to kill her. Astrid and Mara allied and both fought with Wyatt and Peter. Toby and Jessica basically had a back and forth fart competition until both were coughing and had fainted. Ash and Lukas flew by and took down Nico. Lukas started stabbing Nico in the back continuously. BOOM! Peter speared Jessica, who'd just woken up, in the leg. Jessica retaliated and shoved her ass into Peter's face. Wyatt knocked her away with his sword's back end. Jessica let out one huge fart before fleeing into the woods. Toby, meanwhile, had also just woken up. He was tired from all the flatulence. He climbed up a tree and slept. Fern flung a knife at Lukas, and hit him in the shin. Lukas yelped in pain and fled. Anneliese and Shae left the scene. It died down to just the Careers, excluding Toby, and Fern, Mara, Ash, and Astrid. Clarity foolishly hurled her spear at Ash. Ash tried to dodge it but took a hit and fell on the ground. He was gravely injured, and it would only be a matter of time before he died. Ash begged to just be put out of his misery. Callisto understandingly did so. BOO! Overtime, the fighting ceased. The last kill was made when Peter was speared in the heart by Heather, despite them  both being Careers.

The Fallen:

Day 7: The Careers were all camped out by the lake. Shae and Anneliese watched them secretly. Of course, for the careers, Anneliese and Shae were now "Clever B*tch" and *Sly Dog." Anneliese made a cocking sound loudly. The Careers all immediately got up and followed the sound. Anneliese was the second fastes tribute, and could outrun nearly anybody in the games. Meanwhile, Shae snuck up on the Careers' supplies. She snatched a small amount of it and headed for the meadow. Anneliese wasn't back yet. Anneliese was running as fast as she could. The Careers followed her like herding dogs. Anneliese's red hair flowed gracefully as she ran. Anneliese then retreated back to the lake and dove in. Her head bobbed around in the water. Wyatt was the first to leap out from the shrubs. Ivy fired an arrow at the redheaded she-devil, but missed her by 5 feet. Anneliese flung her trident and the back end plunged into Ivy's stomach, causing her to feel nauseous. Concerned, the other Careers helped her regain her stability. Clarity was ruthless, however, and dove into the lake. She followed Anneliese all the way across the lake. She flung one of her spears straight at her head but missed barley. Meanwhile, Toby farted in Ivy's face, which helped regain her stability and sturdiness. Way over at the Cornucopia, a sneaky and sly pair of two were hiding: Mara and Astrid. They were collecting remaining supplies that the other tributes foolishly ha dnot collected. Lukas Cinnamon leaped out of the bushes and approached them. Mara ran, but Astrid fought him. Astrid ended up with a hurt leg, but she was okay. Back at the meadow, Anneliese finally found Shae, and the two shared a converstaion about how stupid the Careers were. And back at the lake, the Careers groaned and yearned to have their things back. Suddenly, Fern leaped out of the bushes and stabbed Callisto in the back. BOOM! Fern immediately swveled around and she flung her knife at Ivy, killing her immediately. BOOM! Heather punched Fern in the jaw, and caused her to bleed. Toby and Wyatt yanked Fern away and flung her at a tree. Fern whirled around, and then hissed. She lunged for Wyatt this time, and she strangled him until Heather knocked her away. Wyatt gasped for breath, and then stabbed ern in the arm. Fern broke away from the firm grip of Heather, and she flung a knife at Toby this time, and hit his foot. Fern then retreated and disappeared into the darkness. Only 3 more people had to die.

The Fallen:

Day 12: The anthem played and one of the gamemakers was shown in the sky as a holographic figure. Her bright pink hair was twirled in ringlets and wrapped around her face's perimiter. "There will be a feast in 1 hour! You are running out of supplies and you need food, water, or something of use." The figure disappeared. A small table rose up from the ground and stood adjacent to the silver cornucopia. On it were numerous packages with the districts numbers on them. The bell rang and everyone leaped out of the bushes. Fern snatched her pack and fled into the forest. Shae and Anneliese grabbed their bags as well as Clarity's, Toby's, and Jessica's. Clarity, Toby, and Wyatt leaped out of the shrubs and attacked the pair. Shae stabbed Wyatt in the arm and fled into the woods. Anneliese flung her trident at Heather's head but missed, and somehow the trident went 5 feet away fro m him and plunged into Lukas's chest. BOOM! Jessica ran from her hiding spot and giggled loudly as she snatched her pack and whacked Toby in the head with it. Toby wobbled a bit and then fell over. He had been knocked out. Astrid and Mara also retrieved their packs. Heather snatched he rpack and pulled out her archery. She fired straight at Jessica's face and hit her smack in the nose. BOOM! 1 more tribute had to die until the final 8 would be revealed. Heather and the other careers fled the area when the other tributes started chasing them. Heather and Clarity lead them. Heather leaped off of a cliff in fear and landed in th icy waters. She started swimming to the shore but the Gamemakers must have frozen the water because she was soon stuck in it. Toby, Clarity, and Wyatt all assissted her. They tried to pull her out of the ice but it was no use. Suddenly, a cannon boomed. Clarity looked next to her. She saw the hovercaft lifting the emaciated, shriveled body of Toby into the air with a knife in his back. Clarity could vaguely see that the knife had a signature on it signed with blood. The signature read Toby Williams. Toby had committed suicide.

The fallen:                               Lukas Cinnamon, Jessica Sea;y, and Toby williams

Sorry my computer is glitching and the slideshow wont work so i hd to write the names


The tributes were on their pedestals, waiting. The gong sounded. The rule was evryone had to participate this time. Cassia was the first to find her archery. Terra grabbed her axe and swung it at Bethany, killing her immediately. BOOM! Josie retrieved her axe and swung it at Shae. Shae dodged it barley. Josie, in fear, ran into the forest. Fern snatched a knife and flung it at Heather, and hit her straight in the forehead. BOIOM! Mason grabbed his pack and blindly sung his staff at the nearest tribute, Anneliese, and knocked her down. Anneliese tried to crawl away, but Clarity approachd her and speared her in the heart. Anneliese's scream was louder than that of a hyena. BOOM! Mara brabbed a pack and started to flee, but Cassia found her and shot an arrow at her. BOOM! Fern knocked Cassia over and kicked her in the chest. Somehow, Mason Fern then fell over unconscious. Astrid needed an ally and tried to resusatate her unsuccsessfully. BOOM! The bloodbath was over. Terra and the careers were all that wrre left in the area. Terra grabbed her axe and fled intonthe woods, Emmy and the others closely behind her. This was the second time they chased her. Terra dodged trees, logs, squirrels, puddles, and even a gulch to keep her life. She dove into the water off the cliff and disappeared fro  sight. BOOM! But Terra hadn't died. Who could it have been? Careers had turned in each other, and Wyatt lay dead on the ground. Clarity and Apolo managed to flee from Emmy, who was obviously acting like a murderous huntress. Shae accidentlly tripped right in front of her. She tried to crawl away, but Emmy looked down at her and grinned. "HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


One more to go! The tributes were lethal at this stage. Who would die next? Who?!

Emmy settled down ner the lake. She flung her knife at a passing squirrel. "BOOM! There goes the squirrel!" she groaned. "If only that had been that damned bitch Terra from 7. She thinks she can outsmart me. I'll show her! I'll sho--"BOOM!" Clarity's body was lifted into the air, with Terra's axe lodged in her abdomen.



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