Hi! Welcome to the 645th Hunger Games. Please submit a tribute. This time, there are a few twists:

1: 4 victors

3: The arena is a huge haybail maze. The cornucopia will take place in the center of it. There will be secret passages, hidden traps, and clues. There is an invisible barrier that prevents the tributes from escaping. Once there are only 6 tributes left, then they will be transported to a huge ring, where they will fight to death. 

Please Follow the Steps on Here for your Tribute (Max Amount 4):










Appearance: (Lunaii is ok.) (Also, if you do not provide a lunaii, I will be happy to make one based on the descripton.) Bloodbath Strategy:

Also remember that this round, I am ok with profile tributes and used tributes, but I would prefer newer tributes and to have them shown in the comments. Also, reservations last 24 hours unless I say otherwise.Thnx! ;)

The first portion of tributes were standing on their pedestals. Each pedestal had a path behind it that would force you to enter the actual maze. Th gong sounded and the tributes dashed toward the supplies. Britney discovered a dagger on the ground and flung it foolishly at Douglas. Douglas dodged it and knocked her over. Britney tried to crawl toward the path, but Douglas swung his axe at her and decapitated her. BOOM! Kerlie Richard grabbed a dart blower and bag of darts. She started rapidly firing her darts at Jonathan. One of the farts hit Jonathan in the hand and he wailed in pain. Tatiana found Morgan Ryder and let him know of their ally, Britney's, fatal incident, and the two found Lillian. They grabbed their items and started to flee. But Patriot Bluemoon flung a rock at them with his slingshot. Lillian took a hit to the head and somehow, the cannon boomed. BOOM! Of course, she also had one of Cleave's knives in her stomach. Tatiana and Morgan fled into the woods. Luniss grabbed her pack of blades and archery and fled. But Jonathan followed her. He tackled her. But Luniss was smarter, and took the upper hand. She rolled over and was on top of him. She had plunged her arrow into his leg within only seconds. Luniss then found shelter by the lake. Kerlie snatched another bag of sleeping gear and headed into the maze. She went down the path and stopped at a dead end. "Shit!" She returned to the bloodbath to try another passage. Violette snatched her supplies and ran down a passage. She found a secret door. She grinned. Douglas also found his way across. However, he wasn't alone at the passage. He was surrounded by Tatiana and Morgan. Douglas cartwheeld over Morgan's head and started running. Tatiana flung her spearat him and it hit his hand. But he still made it out of their sight. Meanwhile, the bloodbath had ended. The voctims were Britney Meyers, Lillian Pumpkin, and Jonathan Webb.

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