Hi! I'm kind of redoing another one of my games cuz i was super busy and couldn't even get to all the tributes. My school uear is done, so i have a lot more time now. There are 2 tributes from each district, and there are twelve districts. Use this template for tributes.(If template is not used to full extent or tribute is rather flawless or inefficient, I do reserve the right to politely decline them.)





Weapon(3 at most):


Weaknesses(must match amount of strengths):



Appearance(Lunaii or Real Life Picture required unless you fill out what is optional below):

Optional for Appearance:

Hair Style, Color, and Length (If short bangs say bangs):

Eye Color:

Skin Color:





I will not be including training or interviews and such as they are irrelevant to my games. I will reveal the arena when all tributes are in. There will be 3 arenas. Once 12 of the tributes have fallen, the rest will be picked up in a hovercraft and taken to a second arena, where another bloodbath will commence. Once 6 more have fallen, the final 6 will be transported to the final and most complex arena. There can be THREE winners. The only rule is that NONE of them can be from the same district.

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