Welcome to the 725th Hunger Games, and yet another quarter quell. Please follow these rules when submitting your tribute:

1. I will not accept tributes that have been submitted to me before. I also will not accept profiles or links.

2. I will be accepting reservations provided the user gives a decent reason why they cannot submit a tribute now. Reservations last 24 hours.

3. I accept wikia contributors, as long as they provide a desired username for me to recognize them by.

4. Do not make flawless tributes. I have seen tributes before that say crap like "his main weakness is his inability to properly slice pie" or "she cannot brush her hair". No, no, no. That's not how it works. Please submit a tribute that is actually human and has flaws. Lol shouldn't have to say this.

5. Please follow the template when submitting your tribute, even if you are copy-pasting from HGRP.

6. This is not so much a rule as it is a request. Please remain active throughout the whole games as it is really difficult otherwise to have submitters respond to polls or questions and such.

7. Each user can have up to 10 tributes.

Please follow the template:

Full Name:



District (list 3 in case one is taken):

Weapons (up to 3):


Weaknesses (same amount as strengths):

Token (optional):

Backstory (optional):


Appearance (please provide a picture or an extremely detailed description):

Sponsor List: Each tribute starts with 500.


Awl- 50

Knife- 80

Dagger- 80

Slingshot- 80

Scythe- 90

Sickle- 90

Sword- 100

Spear- 100

Axe- 100

Trident- 100

Bow and 12 Arrows- 150

Throwing Utensils (knives, spears, needles, darts, axes)- 200

Survival and Health:

Canteen- 80

Berries- 80

Bag of Apples- 90

Bananas (5)- 90

Medicine (heals any wound within 10 minutes)- 100

First Aid Kit (contains bandages, life saving instructions, injection needles and antidotes for wounds)- 150

Other Utilities:

Matches- 50

Plant Guide- 80

Food Guide- 80

Hunting Skills and Tips- 80

Sleeping Bag- 100

Backpack (contains knife, medicine, canteen, and bananas)- 200


1f- Glow Decor

1m- Pacster Chalmers

2f- Jeneva Fox

2m- Mitchel Normandy

3f- Grace Knight

3m- Wario Wade

4f- Anne Dare

4m- Kodai Hitogoroshi

5f- Phoebe Servert

5m- Zach Taylors

6f- Jenna Warren

6m- Leo May

7f- Ficusi Galpa

7m- Beech Aspen

8f- Sorcera Spectrus

8m- Leif Matix

9f- Savannah Hart

9m- Reid Zephyr

10f- Helena ?

10m- Bayley Thompson

11f- Tiara Spectrus

11m- Flippy Twinmind

12f- Violet Briggam

12m- Connor Kenway

13f- Piper Quinn

13m- Max Turner

14f- Lily Allison

14m- Harley Swoop

15f- Amore Madness

15m- Brad Red

Cf- Duskus Sinrood

Cm- Jeff Killheart


Piper Quinn, 13:

I stood on my pedestal, staring at the castle gates. I knew I had to get in there, but it would be difficult as I was not as fas as some of the others. I looked to my right. Max Turner (13) stood there. He looked at me. I looked away quickly. I looked to my left. There stood fairly odd looking girl. I was sure her name was something like Lily Allison (14) or something. The gong sounded. I ran from my pedestal and across the drawbridge. Inside the middle of the castle, there was a huge feast. This was gonna be a huge bloodbath, I just knew it. I looked to my right. A tower. I ran inside as quickly as possible. I knew I couldn't risk my life.

Jeff Killheart, Capitol:

I ran from my pedestal and saw a few tributes fleeing the bloodbath. Glow Decor (1) was chasing me. I grabbed the closest weapon and swung the small baton at her. She dodged it. She knocked me to the ground. This bitch didn't know what she was getting into. She punched me in the face. I grabbed her tribute jacket and yanked it. She went rolling over my head. I got up and hit her in the head with the baton. She immediately fled after grabbing a red backpack. Bitch. I'll get her sooner or later.

Tiara Spectrus, 11:

There were already only a few weapons left. I reached for my stronger resources, but got knocked over. I whirled around to see that 6 idiot, Leo May on top of me. He punched me in the nose. It gushed blood. I kicked his nuts and stood over him. I grinned. This idiot had no sense at all. Nobody messes with an 11 tribute unless they're outta their damn mind. I grabbed a sword from off the ground and slid it into his heart. BOOM!

Savannah Hart, 9:

I watched the other tributes fighting. They would die soon, and I had to find something quick. I snatched a small set of throwing knives that Wario (3) was after and fled. I ran up a tower. I bumped into the bright red mane of Piper Quinn (13). I flung a knife at her. She dodged it and ran the other direction. I ran away from her and up the steps to see where it led me.

Phoebe Servert, 5:

I grabbed an axe and tried to find other items. I wish that we could make teams this round. But whatever. Less people to have to boss around anyways. I looked at Kodai (4). He was grabbing a whip and he looked at me. He hissed and his teeth sparkled more than the vampires on twilight. Ugh, creep. I flung my axe at his head. It plunged into his heart, BOOM! I could get used to this.

Grace Knight, 3:

Ugh. These tributes were such bad fighters. They really didn't know how to fight did they? I grabbed a sickle off the ground and started chasing that idiot from district 5, Zach Taylors. I tackled him. He punched me in the face. Idiot. "You should know better than to mess with a girl, you dumbass." I called at him. I swung my sickle at him but he dodged it and ran. He looked back at me, "You chased me, for the record, princess." He screamed as he was running from me. I threw my sickle at him. "Shut your mouth, you nincompoop!" The sickle cut a scar in his cheek he kept running until he fell in the moat. His jump splashed icky muck on my clothes. "Ugh! What is this crap!" Great. So I missed a victim and got gunk all over me. Well that's just amazing.

Reid Zephyr, 9:

I grabbed a sword from a backpack. I tried to run but immediately got tackled by the crazy boy from 11, Flippy. He snatched a knife off the ground and started cutting open my cheek. I kicked him off of me. I started to run but I heard a grunt. I turned around and saw a knife whizz ing toward my face.

Glow Decor, 1:

BOOM! Someone else had died. I think it's that little baby from 9. I flung my spear blindly. It plunged into the throat of the girl from 7, Ficusi, right before she could run from the area. BOOM! This would be easy. I grabbed Ficusi's backpack from her corpse and fled the area.

The Fallen- The Killer

Leo May- Tiara Spectrus

Kodai Hitogoroshi- Phoebe Servert

Reid Zephyr- Flippy Twinmind

Ficusi Galpa- Glow Decor

Day 2:

Jeneva Fox, 2

I woke up. I looked for the other careers and remembered that there were no alliances this round. Shit. Someone's footsteps echoed in the hallway of the tower I was in. CRAP! I heard the person fall, and I knew it was a girl from the wa she squealed. I was sure it was Anne Dare (4) but wasn't sure. I ran into the hallway and saw her on the ground. Jeff Killheart (c) was on top of her witha knife. "I want her!" I called. I ran and knocked Jeff of of her. I swung my mace at the girl and she squealed. Just then, Tiara Spectrus (11) ran in. She shoved me over. I stood up. I grabbed her hands before she could punch me. Anne ran off. "Get off of me, you psycho!" Tiara screamed. She broke away. I kicked her in the stomach before she could run. "Bitch." I called. Jeff then tackled me and I fell on top of Tiara. "I can't breathe! You two slugs are way too heavy!" She whined. Ugh, this girl had no respect whatsoever. I smacked her. "Didn't your damned parents ever teach you manners?!" She shoved Jeff and I off of her. Now she was pissed. This bitch was gonna get it. I charged a her, but Jeff ran and knocked me out the window of the tower. In a desperate effort, I grabbed Jeff and Tiara both and we all fell. I landed in a haystack in the farm adjacent to the castle. Jeff fell in the bar house. Tiara, unfortunately, went head first into a horse manure stack. I laughed at her unfortunate cushion and she heard me. She grabbed a handful of the dung and flung it at me, but missed by at least 12 yards. I ran away. I knew I couldn't risk falling into the crap pile.

Violet Briggam, 12

I heard a commotion. I looked outside and saw Jeneva Fox (2) running toward my tower, laughing. I looked further away, and saw Jeff Killheart (c) running out of the barn. Then I saw Tiara Spectrus (11) sitting in a hill of horse manure. Oh... Bujeezus. Do not wanna end up in there. But I know I won't. You see, back home, I was always kept away from the farm and those dirty creatures. They could never get near me. Just then the door to the room I was in opened. I swiveled around to see Sorcera Spectrus (8) charging at me. She tackled me. "Don't you dare even think about it!" I hissed as she pulled her dagger out. She spa her tongue out. GEEZUS! Is this girl a snake or something? Her tongue was as long as a frog's! She walked her cold, sharp fingers across my tribute attire. I gasped. She showed her sharp teeth. The next thing I saw was her open mouth coming at my neck.

Savannah Hart, 9

BOOM! I turned around to the direction of the cannon. I barely saw Sorcera Psectrus (8) shoving Violet Briggam's (12) body off the ledge. I suddenly got an idea. I might be able to pose as if I was from another district to make it look like I was a different tribute. I could go as two people. I ran over to Violet's corpse and hauled her back to my base, right next to the drawbridge. I stripped off her clothes and wore them myself. I stashed my clothes in the bucket for the well. I grinned. This might be easier than I thought.

The fallen- the killer

Violet Briggam- Sorcera Spectrus

Day 3:

Brad Red, 15

I woke up to the sound of screaming. I looked out the window. Wario(3) and Amore (15) were having a fistfight. Wario knocked Amore to the ground. I ducked below the window. I couldn't risk anyone seeing me. I heard another scream. Then a cannon boom. I peeked out the window and saw two things. Somehow, Anne Dare (4) had gotten caught in the fistfight and was killed by Amore's spear, which was going for Wario. The second thing was Wario flinging a knife at my head. WAIT WHAT?! I tried to dodge it, but I heard myself scream and everything became dark.

Amore Madness, 15

I watched as the knife hit Brad (15). BOOM! He was my district partner! Wario was so gonna get it. I swiveled around and slammed my spear butt into his chest. He spat a bit and feel to the ground. I flipped my spear around and jammed it into his throat. BOOM! I heard footsteps. I swiveled around. "Who wants some o' this?! Huh?!" I screamed confidently to comfort my anxiety. "STEP OUT!" I screamed. I heard footsteps behind me. "Amore." It said. I knew that voice. It was Beech Aspen (7). I slowly turned around. He had a sickle in his hand. I panicked and ran. I slammed face first into the tower wall. I flopped to the ground and blew the hair from my face to see Beech getting closer. Wait a second. This guy is stupid! I can get rid of him! I stretched my foot out and my boot slammed into his jaw. I swung my axe and decapitated him in moments. BOOM!

Zach Taylors, 5

I heard the cannon boom. I looked out my window. I saw Amore running from the sepcene with Beech's sickle. I heard the door open. I looked behind me to see the familiar silhouette if Glow Decor (1). "You must be truly worried about your district partner. What's her name? Phoebe? Well, she might just be doing... Not well. After all, there are no alliances this round." She pulled her spear out and pointed it at my throat. "But trust me. You aren't gonna save her. She'll be dead soon anyways." She taunted. "Where is Pheobe?!" I demanded, not sounding a s confident as I meant to. "She is alright. For now, at least. But if she even makes it to the top 5, well take care of the little bossy boots." I flung my knife at her, she dodged it. She then swung her spear at me. I dodged it and almost fell out the window. I looked at what was outside. It was just the old farm. I looked back at Glow. She charged at me. I dodged her and she went flying out the window. I looked back out and saw her fall right into the mixture of mud and manure in the pig sty. I shivered in disgust. Unfortunate outcome for her.

The fallen- the killer

Anne Dare- Amore Madness

Brad Red- Wario Wade

Wario Wade- Amore Madness

Beech Aspen- Amore Madness

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