Welcome to the 994th Annual Hunger Games. Each district will offer up 2 tributes, one boy and one girl. Please follow these rules when submitting a tribute:

1. Please use the template I have provided, as it is difficult to determine the needed information when a different template is used.

2. The more details you provide with your tribute's bio, the more I will like them. No, this does not mean send me a book about them.

3. Please do not get upset if your tribute dies or is targeted by another tribute. I am not going to tolerate drama. And if your tribute has a vendetta formed against them, there is nothing I can do. These are games where one fights to the death, and only 4 people will live.

4. Please provide decent weaknesses. I don't want to see the weaknesses category say, "Bad at cleaning floors" or, "Is flawless". Please don't make a supernatural tribute.

5. I accept wiki contributors if they can provide a desired username for me to recognize them by.

Tribute Template:



District (Capitol and 13 included):


Weapons (up to 3):

Strengths (3):

Weaknesses (3):

Special Skills & Advantages:


Appearance (please include a photo of a detailed description):








Any Other Useful Information:

The arena is a large maze of hay bails that contains trap doors, secret passages, and a middle section which will be the cornucopia. Nobody leaves the maze until after the first 5 days, where the remaining tributes must decipher and navigate their way out of the maze. Only the first 5 tributes to make it through will be guaranteed a spot in the next round. The other tributes must battle it out until only 3 remain. These 8 tributes will be taken to another arena, which will be revealed soon.

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