Welcome to the Annual Squirrel Games. Necterine411 and I came up with this because both of us love squirrels. Actually, i love squirrels and she loves [killing] squirrels. Jk. Anyways, sponsor one tribute in their squirrel form.

Squimmer Squarvel Squashmere Squoss Squove Squato Squenobaria Squtus Squamber Squoah Squiress Squeetee Squarina Squags Squinnick Squannie Cresta Squirrelface Squamora Squason Squohanna Squight Squavannah Squecelia Squoof Squemetria Squaye Sque Squesh Squeeder Squaff Squatkiss Squeeta Squaymitch Squaysilee

Sponsor one each. Thanx.

BLOODBATH: the tributes stand on their pedastals, waiting. They eye their weapons, which lay at the Acornucopia. The gong sounds, and the tributes run for it. Squemetria grabs her pack and runs off into the woods. Squato grabs his sword and whacks down Squamora. Squamora falls down and blood spatters everywhere. Squaysilee and Squaymitch grab their packs and flee. Squatniss watches as Squirrelface and Squeeta flee without their packs. That Squirrelface seemed pretty clever. Squimmer grabbed her pack and pulled out her archery. Squatniss saw the pack and grabbed it from Squimmer. Squimmer grabbed a sword previously used by the deceased Squoof to whack at Squatkiss.She ran off into the woods. Squove flung a knife at Squesh and hit him in the calf. Squesh turned around in fury and tackled Squove. Squove thought all was over but at that moment, Squohanna knocked Squesh over and continually dissassembled him using a sharp axe. Squarvel grabbed a pack but was tackled by Squags. "GET OFF OF ME, YOU OLD SQUIRREL!" Squags was enraged and smacked him in the face. she took a knife and stabbed him in the heart. "THAT DAMN HOOLIGAN!" she screamed in her cackly old voice. With the bloodbath over, the dead tributes were shown that night: Squoss Squtus Squamber Squamora Squight Squoof Squesh Squeeder Squaff

Day Two: Squato may be the toughest of the Squareers, but he still fears some tributes. Like the sly girl from District 5, Squirrelface. He has no clue to what she may be capable of. And also Squatkiss. She is very lethal. But he is perfectly safe. He is in the Squareer Pack. Of course, some of the Squareer tributes are not as intelligent or clever as him. Squove is, though. She is even deadlier than Squatkiss. He hears a rustling. He turns around. Squarvel is gone! Squato runs into the bushes. He sees Squaysilee strangle Squarvel. Squato pulls out a sword and the cannon booms. And so does a second. That is when Squato hears Squimmer scream "Thief!". He sees Squirrelface run off into the woods, with several bags. Squimmer aims an arrow, but Squato lowers her arm. "She won't last long anyways." Meanwhile, Squecelia was finding shelter in a very deserted cave. But something about it seemed too silent to be deserted. Squecelia, armed with a knife, searched the area inside the cave. And what she saw rampaging at her was an angry, vengeful Squenobaria. She ran toward the cave exit, knowing she couldn't hold Squenobaria off. But she was able to puncture Squtus's neck with her knife. Squenobaria pulled out a sword, and Squecelia's eyes widened.

Day Four: With Squecelia dead, Squenobaria didn't have anything to worry about. Except that her partner, Squtus was dead. She thought maybe she should consider joining the Squareers. After all, the strongest of tributes were there. Squato, Squove, Squimmer. Squarvel was dead, though. She then heard a rustle in the bushes. She investigated. There layed a dead Squaye from District 9. She looked to see if she could find out what happened to him. Someone dangerous was out there. Or something. She saw a knife sticking out of his stomach. She looked at it. This wasn't Squove's knife. It wasn't Squirrelface's knife either. She sniffed the handle. Squashmere. She swung around to face Squashmere. She backed away. Squenobaria knew she couldn't live much longer unless some sort of miracle struck. And she was lucky. Squavannah from 8 had stolen Squashmere's pack. Squashmere flung a knife toward Squavannah, but missed. Squenobaria gritted her teeth and tore out Squashmere's throat. Squavannah noticed Squenobaria and fled. Squenobaria chased her, but bumped right into Squatkiss. Squatkiss fired an arrow at her and hit her straight in the chest. Squemetria, Squavannah, and Squoah watched in fear from the bushes. Squaymitch ran in and found Squatkiss. But before he could form an alliance with her, Squove flung a knife and hit him smack in the back, causing him to die immediately. Squatkiss fired an arrow at Squove but she dodged it. Squavannah, Squemetria, and Squoah decided to steal Squatkiss's and Squove's packs, but Squoah knew that they couldn't take Squove's, for she was a Squareer. Squatkiss turned around and grabbed Squemetria and shook her. Squavannah stabbed Squatkiss in the leg. Squatkiss fled in pain.

Day 5: Gamemaker Vera Lemchitski was getting tired of countless tributes gaining strategies and such. No one was dying. She decided to make the Games a bbit more.. fun. She dragged her finger across the blue table and set a hologramm of a load of tracker jacker nests in various places. Squimmer took a ssmall breather from the other Squareers. They had been on her back so long. SHe needed a break. Squarvel was dead. Squato was smothering her. And Squove never payed attention to her. Squarina was asleep. Squimmer started to climb up a tree to just take a rest. She layed her head down and then started screaming. She had layed down on a tracker jacker nest! She wailed continuously and leaped out of the tree. She forgot to tell the other Squareers. They started stinging Squarina and Squato. Squove heard the noise and retreated to the lake. Squato followed Squimmer and Squove to the lake, leaving Squarina behind. Squarina screamed and screamed. Squavannah, Squemetria, and Squoah heard the racket and investigated. They found Squarina lying dead on top of rather useful looking Squareer supplies. They gathered up the supplies and moved on. More tracker jackers layed hidden in the arena, however. Squeeta searched all around for Squatkiss but could not find her. But he did find Squags. The two formed an alliance and sought out Squatkiss. They settled in the meadow after a long search and ate some of their food. A tracker jacker nest nearby smelled the food. Squeeta got up and walked around a bit more. He accidentally stepped on the nest, causing a swarm to rise up. Had he not found the nest first, Squeeta would have found Squatkiss anyways, for she heard the fatal screams of Squeeta and Squags. Squemetria had been assigned by Squoah and Squavannah to stand guard for the first two night hours. Sadly, Demetria was somewhat adventurous. She wandered off and looked for tributes. She found Squatkiss. SHe tackled her and whipped out her knife. She started cutting open Squatkiss's nose when she was found by Squato, Squove, and Squimmer. Squimmer tackled Squemetria and started attacking her.Squemetria cleverly evaded the attck by biting Squimmer. Squatkiss grabbed her pack and fled into the woods. Squemetria stabbed Squimmer's heart multiple times, killing her instantly. She ran further on the field, and foolishly into the Acornucopia. Squato approached her with a sword at the ready. Squemetria started crawling backwards. When Squato swung at her, she cleverly pretended to be dead. Squato was fooled, but Squove was not. She carelessly flung a knife, which plunged into Squemetria's back. They heard the cannon boom.

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