Welcome to the Holiday Games. These games are obviously inspired by the holidays, Christmas, and the new year. I plan on adding very sufficient and interesting twists to the games this time and in desperate need for readers and tributes this time.


1. I am in desperate need of tributes and readers, so I will allow 6 tributes per user.

2. Please do not spam my blogs. It is disrespectful and it wastes time and space.

3. I want decent tributes. PLEASE! I have seen tributes before on other blogs where their weakness was "having sex". So please give me a decent tribute that has decent weaknesses lol.

4. No reservations or self made templates. I would really prefer my template as the used one, and if you want to add stuff to it, that is fine by me. Reservations are a waste of time.

Template (please follow):





Weapons (up to 3):

Strengths (3):

Weaknesses (3):


Appearance (photos preferred):

No alliances as it regards a portion of one of the twists.

(1/4 Victors)2F: Star Veilwen Age: 16 Weapons: Morning Star, Axe, Sword Appearance: Starhgd9female.png

3F: Petra Mines Age: 17 Weapons: Electronics, Knives, Traps Appearance: Petra_Mines.png

3M: Blade Spectrus Age: 14 Weapons: Ilwaki Spear, Makrigga Appearance: Blade.png

10M: Kwartz Diodin Age: 12 Weapons: Scythe, Axe Appearance: Kwartz_N.png

11F: Petiola Midrib Age: 16 Weapons: Sickle Appearance: Petiola.png

Death Chart: Killer: Weapon: Day:

Fat Robin Hood - Bomb - Bomb - 1

Mac Greybeard - Hedonism Spledor - 6 Male's Sword - 1

6 Male - Hedonism Splendor - Hands (strangled)- 1

11 Male - Thalia Wulf - Hands (strangled) - 1

Anala Henderson - Kwartz Diodin - Axe - 1

8 Male - Sapphire Malachite - Rapier - 1

Flamingo Kisser - Petiola Midrib - Sickle - 1

Dancing Weirdo - Lilith Rose - Sickle - 1

Hedonism Splendor - Anala Henderson Berry Muttation - Fangs - 2

Beech Aspen - Poisonous Lake Water- Poison - 3

Ficusi Galpa - Lana Khloros - Hatchet - 3

Sapphire Malachite - Lilith Rose - Knife - 4

Lilith Rose - Thalia Wulf/Sapphire Malachite - Knife/Rapier - 4

Garrett Johnson - Petiola Midrib - Sickle - 4

Lana Khloros - Cora Nightcaster - Knife - 4

Cora Nightcaster - Petra Mines - Knife - 4

Allan Pisces - Kwartz Diodin - Scythe (grim reaper style) - 5


Petra Mines (3):

I take a deep breath as I rise up on the pedestal. Suddenly I start shivering. I look around myself. CRAP! I am surrounded bye ice! The ground is ice! It is a nice forest! But the trees are fine. They aren't frozen. This is gonna be tough! I look to my right. Petiola stands there, glaring awkwardly at the Cornucopia. That girl is strange. She is extremely strange. I don't get her. I really don't. I remember in training, she fell flat on her head. But that could be her strategy. To appear weak and then lash out. I won't underestimate her. I look on my left and see Fat Robin Hood. He is coughing and I see him stick his bigass finger up his nostril and pull out a huge, green mold of mucus. UGH! Suddenly he starts moaning. I look back at him and he falls off his pedestal. OH SHIT! BOOM!

Garrett Johnson (12):

I hear a cannon sound already, and we aren't but 20 seconds into the countdown. I look across the frozen field and see a hovercraft collect Fat Robin Hood's fatass corpse. Suddenly I hear the gong. OH NO! It's starting! I turn around and run into the forest, slipping on the ice. I fall flat on my face. I slide across the ice and slam into a tree. I skid from tree to tree and keep going on until I can maybe find shelter somewhere.

Petiola Midrib (11):

I dash for the Cornucopia, and trip on the ice. I'm not at any loss, because I'm doing considerably well considering the other tributes. Poor Mac Greybeard hasn't even gotten to the first crate, which is like 5 feet from his pedestal. I trip again and I head a click. Suddenly, a park of ice skates pop out from the soles of my boots. I grin. I knew this wasn't how the games were gonna be. But I can't use them now because I don't want to show everyone I have them. I must use my feet and trip like everyone else. I look for a button to deactivate the skates and I see a small red circle and press it. I look to my side. I'm so glad I fell over right next to a sickle.

Anala Henderson (9):

I hear at least three cannons. I see two of the corpses on the ground. Mac Greybeard is one of them, and the other is the huge boy from 6. I grab a Hurlbat off the ground and turn around to evacuate the area, but I see Petra charging at me. I dodge her attack and fall on my face. I shiver and get up. I aim the Hurlbat and am ready to throw, but suddenly I feel a sharp piercing through my side, and everything goes dark.

Kwartz Diodin (10):

I pull my axe out of Anala's side and watch her body fall to the ground. BOOM! I aim my axe at Petra, but she flings a knife at me. It hits me in the boot and I fall over. She approaches me, another sharp knife in her hand. I see a small frozen pebble on the ground. I grab it and chuck it at her. It hits her right in the eye. "OW!" She cries. I get up, kick her down on the ground, and run off into the forest. It's sad that I have to kill these people in order to win, but if I have to start sometime, why not now. But she isn't gonna die. She's tough. She'll last until I would say the top 5.

Sapphire Malachite (1):

I hear more cannons. Random people. I don't care who they are. There aren't any teams this round and I can't join the careers because there aren't any! I look at the guy from 8. He's charging at me! I dodge his attack and plunge my rapier through his side. BOOM! Dumbass. I see some bitch chasing a bird trying to kiss it. WHAT THE HELL! That's the 5 girl. Everyone calls her Flamingo Kisser, but I'm not sure of her real name.

Thalia Wulf (6):

I grab a small knife and run. I would have grabbed something more useful, but I don't plan on dying anytime soon. I see another girl that looks like me. HOW MANY FREAKING REDHEADS ARE THERE IN THESE GAMES?! Me, Lilith, Petiola, Sapphire, Kwartz, and a few others. Geez! I hurl my knife at Lilith, but it misses her by an inch. She looks back at me and charges at me. I try to dodge her attack, but she tackles me. I kick and scream, but then realize no one is ever gonna help me because they want me dead as well! I throw Lilith at a tree, but her weight knocks me over. Lilith picks up my knife, which it dropped, and flings it at me. It plunges into my pinky finger and I shriek as it gushes out blood. Lilith runs into the woods and I stick my middle finger up at her. "BITCH!" I scream.

Day 2:

Cora Nightcaster (12):

I wake up. I yawn loudly and then cup my mouth remembering I'm still in the games. I hear a rustling in the bushes. I approach the shrubs and I hold a knife out in front of me. It was all I could manage to find at the bloodbath. Suddenly, Blade Spectrus slides out of the bushes, groaning in pain. The ice must have tripped him up. I swing my knife at his back, but he blocks it with his arm, which starts bleeding severely. I kick him down when he tries to regain his balance. I then try to run, but I slip and hit my head on the ice. Blade pins me to the ground and starts to cut open my neck. Luckily, I feel a sneeze coming on, and I sneeze right in Blade's face, causing him to jump off of me in either disgust or shock. I fling my knife at him, and it grazes his blue hair, chopping off a chunk of it. I crawl in between his legs while he is wiping the mucus off his face and then I push him down and flee.

Hedonism Splendor (1):

There are no careers, so I don't know what to do. I grab a berry from a small bush. I hold up the plant guide I found in the cornucopia. I see the berry I have and it says it is NOT poisonous. Good. I am about to eat it but then suddenly I see the face of Anala Henderson pop out of it. "I've died once before a day ago. Now it's your turn! You should have known better than to try and eat me! When it said I was not POISONOUS it didn't mean I wasn't dangerous!" I dropped the berry with Anala's head and she fell on the ice. Suddenly she grew her arms and legs back out of the berry and she grinned murderously at me. "You don't have a weapon, bitch. Whatcha gonna do now?!" I taunt her. She tucks her auburn hair behind her ear. "Think again, fool!" She hisses at me. I see only her fangs which were absent when she was alive pop out or her gums and I feel them pierce my throat. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I scream.

Star Veilwen (2):

BOOM! I hear the cannon sound loud and clear. I see the hovercraft descend downward and collect Hedonism's crispy corpse. I can barely see on his neck there are bloody bite marks. Suddenly I hear a rustling in the bushes. I back up, frightened. Anala Henderson comes out. She has a berry for a body and is some type of mutation now, as I recall her dying in the bloodbath. I slip and she hisses at me. "Don't kill me. Please!" I whine, trying to show off a weaker side of myself. I keep a sword hidden under me and I reach for it, but she starts biting my neck. I pull out the sword and plunge it into her back. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She cries. I immediately grab a first aid kit that I found in the cornucopia and apply a bandage to my neck, as well as some ointment. Sweet mama, that was close. Suddenly I feel somewhat dizzy, and everything becomes blurry. The poison is seeping through my body and blood. I see a whole pack of berries running toward me, and they have the faces of dead tributes. I fall on the ice and everything goes dark.

ATTENTION: When you post advice next for your tribute, remember to include that they need to try and find Star. Star has been selected as a pawn for a game inside of these games. There are only 6 people who get to move on to the next arena, and if your tribute finds Star thanks to your advice, they have a guaranteed spot in the next arena.

And on another note, to make things easier to see who is alive still, I am going to be erasing the tributes on the chart who are dead, so please free to cry if your tribute is not on the list.

Day 3:

Lana Khloros (8):

I wake up and see some of the bushes shuffling around. I get up and grab my hatchet off the ground. I approach the bushes carefully and am about to swing when I hear BOOM! I see Beech Aspen's body, filled with green puss. Ficusi Galpa comes running over and she kneels down by Beech's body. I believe they had called a truce. There aren't any alliances so they must have a truce. I crouch down by an adjacent bush and wait until a good time to kill Ficusi. She sobs loudly. "NOOOOO! I told him not to go in the f*cking lake water!" She cries. I'll end her sorrows right here and put her out of her misery. I lunge at her and plunge the hatchet through her heart. BOOM!

Lyphae Hydra (4):

I approach a waterfall, hoping to find shelter. I recall seeing a map of the arena a while back, and there was a cave behind the waterfall. I attempt to find a route to get behind the waterfall and hope for the best.

Blade Spectrus (3):

I see a small cave hidden behind a waterfall. I approach it and see Lyphae running across the ledge. She is not even tripping on the ice. I try to follow her but I slip and fall until I hit the water like concrete.

Star Veilwen (2):

I wake up and here gushing water. Where am I? I try to stand up but it hurts. I realize I am inside of a protective bubble. I try to poke it but it just bounces back and forth slightly where I tapped it. I pull a knife out from my jacket and try to cut the bubble open. It fails. I scream for help. "HELP!" I cry. I see someone run inside where I am and it's Lyphae.

Sapphire Malachite (1):

I here a weird sound and someone's voice sounds in the sky. "ATTENTION TRIBUTES! Star Veilwen has been found. Star is also a victor and there will be 3 more spots. The person who found Star has a guaranteed spot in the next arena and will be picked up momentarily. Give a big congratulations to Lyphae Hydra! And, there will be a must-attend feast tomorrow. And we want to add a small... twist for you guys. There is an item hidden in the arena which whoever finds it also is guaranteed a spot in the next arena. If you can guess it by out hints, then tell your tribute through advice. And as for Star, she will live. If you can find decipher this riddle in time.


You should be familiar with this, as it is an easy find. And while it's not very interesting, it contains new words that one may keep in the mind.

Day 4:

Allan Pisces (4):

I watch carefully as one of the tributes leaves their stuff behind and runs off, probably for the Feast. I race over to her stuff and grab a knife, a sleeping bag, and a canteen, which is full. I see the tribute's jacket on the ground. It reads 'Lilith Rose, District 10'. I grin. This might be easier than I thought.

Lilith Rose (10):

I watch as a few tributes grab their bags from the table. I pick up a rock and wait until Sapphire Malachite is coming my way. I throw it right at her and it hits her in the forehead. She trips on the slippery ice. I approach her to retrieve her stuff, but she springs up and she swings her rapier at me. She then stabs it right at me and it pierces through my boot. "OW!" I cry. "You bitch!" I tackle her to the ground and we engage in a fistfight. I yank her hair and punch her nose. She is bleeding severely. She stabs her rapier through my stomach and I realize I won't have long to live. I lay on the ground, bleeding my guts out. Sapphire approaches me again with a rapier in her hand, and before she can swing, I notice a knife on the ground next to me. I know I have the power for one more kill at least before I die. I grab it and fling it at her, and it plunges through her skull. BOOM! I lay on the ground, helpless as ever. I hear more footsteps. I see Thalia Wulf standing above me, her dark red hair glimmering in the sunlight. I mouth the words 'please kill me' and she understands, and I can barely make out a knife coming at my face.

Petiola Midrib (11):

I hear a cannon sound. Oh god. Things are gonna get tougher now. I leap out of the bushes, dash to the cornucopia using the skates I discovered on my boots, and snatch my bag from the table. As I skate towards the forest, I see Garrett Johnson coming out at me. I swing my sickle at him violently and it lops his head off in an instant. BOOM! I grin. Maybe I do have what it takes to win this thing.

Petra Mines (3):

I spot Cora Nightcaster on her way to the Cornucopia. I can see her throw a knife at Lana Khloros. BOOM! I race out of the forest and try my hardest not to slip. I have gotten used to the ice now, and it is easier to manage. I pull a knife out of my belt as I race toward the cornucopia and fling it at Cora. It plunges into her forehead. BOOM! Another one dead. I grab my bag from the table as well as Cora's and Lana's.

Kwartz Diodin (10):

I watch as Petra collects three bags. She runs off into the forest. I pull my axe out from my backpack and run toward the Cornucopia. Blade Spectrus comes right at me and I punch him in the face, causing him to slip. He grabs my boot, and I fall on the hard ice. He stabs me in the arm with his sword, and I retaliate violently by swinging my axe at him. He dodges it barley and somersaults off of me. I get up and have the common sense to not chase him to the cornucopia, but go around and then come back.

Day 5:

Allan Pisces (4):

I remember that only 5 can make it to the final arena, as Lyphae has claimed a spot. I'm fairly sure on some of the ones who will make it to the next arena. Petra Mines seems fairly capable and lethal. Petiola Midrib is clever and creative, and Blade Spectrus seems to know his way around. I see a silhouette running toward me. It is none other than Kwartz. If I can kill him, I'll move to the next arena and battle the remaining 5. I grab his fist before he can punch me and I throw him over my shoulder. He pulls me down with him. He pulls out a scythe. Does anybody else notice that Kwartz is kind of the grim reaper of the games?!

Petra Mines (3):

BOOM! That means someone died! We've made it to the finals! I see the hovercraft come demon from the sky. A woman in a crazy suit and pompadour motions for us to board. I grin and approach the hovercraft. As I board, I see the other tributes. I take a seat in between Petiola Midrib and Kwartz Diodin. I grin. "You ready, Little Miss Petra?" Blade taunts. I grin at him. "Oh I'm ready. Round two, bitches!"

The Finalists:

Petra Mines

Petiola Midrib

Blade Spectrus

Thalia Wulf

Lyphae Hydra

Kwartz Diodin

* Lyphae Hydra was Guaranteed a spot in finals as they found Star Veilwen

Arena 2:


Petra Mines (3):

I stand on my pedestal and rise up from the tube. I see we are in the lobby of a hotel. This is a first. I've never fought to the death in a place where normally we are supposed to be treated like kings and queens. I hear the bell on the counter top ring and I hop off my pedestal. I snatch a bag of luggage and rummage through it for any useful items. A spear, an axe, and a slinky. What the hell? Why is there a freaking slinky in a game where we fight to the death?!

Petiola Midrib (11):

I grab a bag off the ground and to my luck, find a sickle inside. I hear footsteps behind me. I twirl around and see my sickle slash through Thalia Wulf's cheek. She falls to the carpeting, bleeding. I pull a knife from the bag which seems to have many weapons and I fling it at Thalia. BOOM! I see the manager come downstairs. He must not know this is where the arena is. "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" He shouts. I see Blade kill the manager with his makrigga. I can't help but snicker under my breath.

Kwartz Diodin (10):

I grab some baggage randomly and I pound on the elevator button. I see Lyphae coming after me and I can't wait for the elevator. So I take the dumbwaiter. I crawl in and wave at her as I am elevated upwards. She growls and sticks her middle finger up at me. I spit my tongue out at her in retaliation.

We have decided to create... a twist. We don't think the games would be long enough if we just had 6 kids fight to death in an arena. So we decided to add some... new faces. So the games will be on pause until each tribute creator who has a finalist posts ANOTHER tribute that will team up with a finalist. Each tribute creator must post a new tribute and say who they want them to ally with. First come, first serve.

Day 7:

"ATTENTION TRIBUTES! You have been divided into teams of two and one team of three. Petiola and Alvilda, Lyphae and Konami, Kwartz and Skeet, and Petra, Blade, and Necron. These teams won't be permanent, though. And tonight, you might just find it difficult to handle when your "ally" plunges a knife into your back. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

Lyphae Hydra (4):

I groan. WHAT THE HELL?! Another f*ckin twist?! I roll my eyes as a short boy with blue hair comes outs of the elevator and strolling toward me. "This doesn't mean we are friends or anything, okay? We are simply allies, and only for a short time." I glare at him. He shoves me against the wall suddenly and hisses at me, baring his sharp fangs. "Then don't be shocked when my little friends here pierce your juicy, fleshy throat!" He lets his grip loosen and he smirks arrogantly at me. This bastard has it comin to him. I just know it.

Alvilda Pearl:

I stroll out of the elevator and toward a girl with vibrant orange hair, almost as red as mine. She reaches out and hugs me. I return the hug. She shakes my hand. "My name is Petiola Midrib!" She greets me. I smile. "I'm Alvilda Pearl." I reply. She grins and I can see her expression is welcoming. Perhaps we may get far in this game. Together. Or perhaps alone eventually. She seems likable though, so I presume we will have an enjoyable and festive time slitting peoples' throats. "So I see you have the whole redhead thing goin too!" Petiola jokes. I grin smugly. "Well, in this case, I'm thinking we should have the team name, "Team Ginger"." I joke back. Her jaw drops. "That's not a bad idea! Go gingers!" She holds her hand up and a smack it, loud enough to make sure any tributes nearby will know very well that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Petra Mines (3):

I lead the way toward the cornucopia. Blade and I both know the ropes well, but Necron is fairly new to the game. And I'm not happy he is on my team. But at least I have Blade, who knows his way around better than that wimp. "So what's the plan?" Necron asks. I role my eyes. "Blade, will you get the little wimp to shut up? Please?" I punch Blade's arm slightly. Blade whispers something into Necron's ear. Necron's eyes widen and he nods. I see Lyphae and Konami heading towards the cornucopia as well. Lyphae picks up a large trident and Konami snatches it from her. He snaps at her and says in a squeaky little voice, "Find your own, bitch."

Necron Arius:

I notice that Konami and Lyphae do not have a good connection, so perhaps it will be easier to take them down. I whisper into Blade's ear, as he seems more agreeable than Petra. "It might be easier to take them down because they dint like each other very much. They with fight for one another or defend each other." Blade scoffs at me. "You've gotta leave some of this stuff to the professionals, kid." Blade runs from the plant we are hiding behind and races toward Konami. Konami sees him and bites him in the back with his fangs. Blade falls over. Some professional. I see a back door and I run out of it. I make my way around and go through the front door so Lyphae and Konami won't see me coming. I snatch a knife off the carpeted floor and sneak up behind Lyphae. She is fighting with Petra. I plunge the knife into Lyphae's back. BOOM! Petra is taken by surprise and both her and Blade glare at me in awe. "Thank you very much, for your confidence in me."

Kwartz Diodin (10):

I grab Skeet's arm and pull him behind a large suitcase. We see Konami running from the Cornucopia. Lyphae's body is laying on the ground, and I'm assuming it was her cannon that fired. I whisper into Skeet's ear. "They are a team of three, and they are dangerous. Let's wait to attack them when they have decreased in size and/or strength." He nods and we discretely and quietly make our way back to the elevator. I hear Petra's harsh, full voice shout, "STOP!" I whirl around and see Petra charging at me. I pound on the elevator button. It opens, and in hop inside, with Skeet. I kick the close doors button and it closes right before Petra can jump in. "That was close!" I say. Suddenly someone grabs me. I try to shout, but the lights turn out, and whoever has grabbed me is covering my mouth. Is Skeet trying to kill me? What's happening?!

Skeet Callaway:

I wake up. We are in a fancy bedroom. I look next to me and see Kwartz. His eyes project an attribute of nervousness. I feel an itch on my forehead and try to reach for it, but then notice that my hands are tied with the cord for the television. Same for Kwartz's. I try to break the cord, but a cold, feminine voice catches me off guard. "Why don't you stop trying to untie yourself and be a good boy for us?" I look behind me and see a tall girl with a shockingly bright red braid and evil green eyes. Alvilda! She was the one who captured us! The girl next to her is none other than Petiola, who coincidentally is also a ginger. "You know? Maybe we should get rid of the foolish one here trying to free himself, and keep the ginger for ourselves. We could be a team of gingers." Alvilda gets in my face and hisses, "ONLY gingers." She kisses my cheek. "But you smell good, so I think we will spare you." I smile and feel relieved when suddenly she says, "IF you can prove yourself worthy of being on our team. You can't say no. Because WE have the upper hand here, and if you refuse to join us, you will find a think sharp sword piercing through your bony necks." She holds her 'true to its description' sword up to my throat. "Why don't you make the choice? Is it life? Or death?"

Death Chart:

Lyphae Hydra - Necron Arius - Knife - 7

Day 8:

Petiola Midrib (11):

Lyphae Hydra died yesterday, which means I have a greater chance at winning, as she was a major threat. Skeet and Kwartz are still tied up together in the bathroom, while Alvilda and I are in a luxurious room. We check on our captives occasionally to make sure they haven't escaped. Alvilda and I sit down on one of the beds and discuss the major threats. "Konami. It's impertinent that he dies today. We need to kill him, which is why we have Kwartz and Skeet." Alvilda tells me as she looks me in the eyes. I nod. "He's at the top of the threat list. I know Petra and Blade are dangerous, but they are arrogant, and arrogance can be a downfall, so they may be slightly easier." I add. Alvilda nods. "Necron is smart. He knows his way around, and he's one of the smartest ones besides you, me, and Kwartz." Alvilda continues. "Who should we go after first?" I ask. Alvilda grabs a brush from the counter top and starts combing through her red curls, and starts braiding it. "Let's get rid of Konami first. He is a team of one now, and I don't want him getting too close to Petra, Blade, and Necron. Anyways, what of the captives? Have they given in yet?" I frown slightly. "Let's go check in on them now." I suggest. Alvilda doesn't budge. "You go. You are more easy-going and can probably talk them into it, while I've already given my first impressions as a bitch."

Kwartz Diodin (10):

I hear the door open. Skeet and I are tied back to back still. Petiola strolls in, a smirk on her face. "Have you made up your minds yet?" She asks. I groan. "Yes." I mumble. Petiola kneels down beside me. Her orange hair smells of shampoo, which is strange considering she couldn't have taken a shower as we have been here all night in the bathroom. "We will join your team." I say. Petiola smiles again. She starts to untie us. I know I can't attack her yet, as Alvilda is probably right outside the door, waiting with her glimmering, lethal sword. Petiola and I then untie Skeet. Skeet, apparently, doesn't get the memo, and starts to attack Petiola. But before he can, Alvilda's sword is pushed up against his neck. "You lay one finger on her, and you're TOAST!" She threatens. Skeet nods and Alvilda lowers her sword. "You either join us, or join Lyphae and the rest of the dead tributes." She scowls. She points her sword at me. "YOU! Come with me! Now! Schnell!" My eyes widen. Since when does she know German?! She jabs the sword lightly at my back as I leave the room with her. She slams the door on Petiola and Skeet. "We need your help, Kwartz, and because you're the only smart one of your team considering Cheap Skeet back there just made a stupid move, I'm asking you this. Are you in, or are you out?" She holds out her pale hand. I shake it. "In."

Necron Arius:

I wake up. I am alone. Where are Petra and Blade?! I notice Blade is sleeping on top of the cornucopia, but Petra is nowhere to be found. I wake Blade up. "Where is Petra?!" I ask. Blade jumps. "WHAT?!" He cries. "Petra is gone?!" He looks around. She is no where to be found. "That bitch ditched us!" Blade screams. "She will pay for this." I try to sound threatening. Blade puts his hand on my shoulder. "What's the plan?" He asks me. My eyes widen in disbelief. "Me? You want me to form the plan?!" I ask. I'm shocked! I thought Blade hated me! This is shocking. But I suppose I must not prove myself unworthy. I bring Blade over to the map of the hotel. I point at the cornucopia, where we are. "We can't stay here, because she will know where we are, and she will kill us." I say. Blade frowns. "If she wanted us dead, she would have killed us when she snuck off." Blade points out. The elevator behind me dings and the doors open. Suddenly Blade's jaw drops. I turn around and see a body in the elevator. We run toward the elevator and drag the body out. I am not sure who it is. The corpse is a girl. She has aquamarine hair and blue skin. "Is that... Lyphae?!" Blade stutters. I notice there is a note on her tribute uniform. I read it. "Look! There's a note! It says, 'If you want your ally back, you must solve this riddle: In a small passageway that leads outside, to the outskirts it goes.' What's the mean?" Blade shrugs somewhat. "I'm thinking you should know, Necron." He says. I think for a moment. It must have to do with the hotel. "It goes to the outskirts? A small passageway?" Suddenly we both look at each other. "THE GARBAGE CHUTE!"

Day 9:

Blade Spectrus (3):

I lead the way to the garbage chute upstairs and the plan is for me to dive down and find Petra while Necron guards the chute. As I slide down the chute, I spot a rat on the ceiling of the chute. UGH! Suddenly I crash into the dumpster. OH SHIT! And I practically dove down here for nothing, because Petra isn't even here! Suddenly I hear a rumble. I look down from the dumpster and it is being lifted. What is going o--- SHIT! I'm freaking being hauled out of here by a dump truck! I call for help but I know it's useless as it's a mile up to get where Necron is. I should have gotten another plan. Seriously. The ride is fairly long, and suddenly, the truck stops. The dumpster is tipped and I fall into a huge pile of dirt at the landfill. I call out loudly, and then realize something. This is not dirt.

Petra Mines (3):

I wake up, and find myself trapped in the middle of a laundry chute. I am soaking wet. There are wet piles of clothes on top of me. I yank them off and climb up the chute. I get to the top and see Necron peering into the garbage chute at the other side of the room. Maybe now is my chance to get rid of him. I approach him, and as he is peering in, I push him, but he doesn't fall. He whirls around and spreads his arms and legs out, and his legs stretch to the point where they trip me. I fall on the ground. Necron stomps on me and I retaliate by shoving him down the chute. But he pulls on me and pulls me down with him. We get to the bottom, where there is an empty dumpster. Necron looks me in the eye, and we are in broad daylight. Something about his eyes is different. This is not Necron. I back away. Suddenly, Necron's clone morphs into something else, and I see Thalia Wulf. I thought she died! But this wasn't Thalia. This was a shifter. The capitol's idea of a Muttation.

Alvilda Pearl:

I Decide not to let Skeet continue living. He is a blooming idiot who can't even tell me from Petiola. As we walk down the hall, trying to hunt down Konami, I pull out my long sword, and am about to plunge it into Skeet's back, but suddenly Konami tackles me. Petiola and Kwartz try to tug him off of me, unsuccessfully. I kick him, and he goes flying and hits a small potted plant nearby. I twirl my sword intimidatingly and as he is on the ground, I am about to stab it through his heart, but he jumps up and punches me. He then swings the potted plant and hits Skeet, Kwartz, and Peitola in the heads, knocking them over. As he is doing that, I grab him in a heimlick-like maneuver, and barely manage the haul his hyperactive body down the laundry chute. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He cries. I may not be able to kill him, but I can hold him off long enough to get out of the area. I am in need of a kill though. I walk over to Skeet, who is just getting up, and I hold my sword up to his throat. But before I can slice it through, Kwartz puts his arms around my neck. "To quote you, Touch him and you're toast." He says calmly. I make a motion with my free hand toward Petiola, signaling her. She nods, and swings her sickle straight at Kwartz. Kwartz dodges is barely, and holds me in front of him as a shield. At thinks point, I can break free of his grasp. I elbow him in the gut and he groans loudly. I kick him and then cram him into the dumbwaiter. "Have fun, bastard." I taunt. I turn around to see Skeet coming at me. I aim my sword for his throat and he FINALLY makes a smart choice, and ducks, then flees. He pounds on use elevator button, and it opens. He hops inside, and the doors close just before I can decapitate the little show off.

Day 10:

Blade Spectrus (3):

It is about 5:00 a.m. judging from the sky's hue I'd say. I remember the path of the dump truck and I am making my way back to the hotel, where I will probably meet my impending doom. Fun. Apparently, it's not as fun as falling into a huge pile of shit. Yum. Yeah, I'm gonna make sure I tell everyone back home that this was rigged footage made by the Capitol after I win. Or maybe I should suicide. Then I wouldn't have to face their taunting and laughter toward my "vacation" from the arena. I brush the remaining excrement off my tribute uniform and can now see the hotel. I see Petra in the dumpster fighting with Necron. WHAT THE F*CK?!

Petra Mines (3):

So apparently, I was wrong about the morphing Muttation. Necron had just found a machine that turned him into dead tributes temporarily. I am fighting with him now. I pull out a knife and fling it at his head. He dodges it and manages to pull the piece of cardboard we are standing in in the dumpster and it trips me up. Necron stomps on me and retrieves my knife off the ground. He is about to stab me, but something small and blue tackles him and I'm not quite sure what it is--- OH SHIT! That was Konami! F*CK! I'd rather keep Necron than Konami! I try to pull Konami off of Necron but he is holding onto him too tightly. I see Blade running towards the dumpster. I motion for him to come closer. I pull him in when he reaches for me and we both are able to yank Konami off of Necron. We let go at just the right time, and Konami's head gets stuck in the garbage chute entrance. We all hop out of the dumpster and Blade starts reasoning things out between Necron and I.

Kwartz Diodin (10):

I wake up. It's already sundown at least. I hear a knock at the door. Groggy, I tiptoe to the door and peer through the peephole. Skeet is there. I open up the door and he comes in, hyperventilating. "Being chased... by... the orange freak and the pirate bitch!" He gasps, and then falls on the ground. I look outside my door for anybody near and hear footsteps. I get back in and close the door shut and lock it. I help Skeet stand up and I tell him we need to hide, but suddenly there's a knock at the door. "Housekeeping!" A voice cries. I am about to open the door, but Skeet grabs my shirt. "Are you f*cking stupid? Don't open it!" He whispers. I roll my eyes and peer through the peephole. The housekeeper, as expected, is standing there. I open the door. "Come on in." I greet her. "Thank you. It's very nice to have such kind guests. Even though your are fighting your little death games." She says. I blush. She's gorgeous! But for some reason she looks slightly familiar. She has that sly grin and those piercing green eyes. She pulls off her bonnet and shakes her flame red hair back and forth. And finally, it hits me. Well, they hit me. Both that this is indeed Alvilda and also that her fist just smacked me. I fall on the ground. Alvilda pins me to the ground and holds her sword up to my neck. "Well, well, well. Look who's toast now." I see Skeet sneaking up on Alvilda, and I make sure not to engage in eye contact with him as to not draw suspicion. Alvilda gets in closer and is about to decapitate me, but Skeet pulls her off of me in the nick of time. I immediately spring up, and I grab Alvilda in a headlock. Skeet hands me a sword and I hold it up against her throat. "Obviously not me, you German bitch." I growl at her. She suddenly starts shedding tears. I frown. "Please don't kill me! You can't kill me, please! I have to get home to my family. They miss me so much! Can't I be a victor with you? Please! I know I've been mean, but it will make up for it. I'll ally with you. I'll protect you! Please!" She cries. My weakness is sympathy. I lower my sword and she falls to the ground, coughing. I hand the sword back to Skeet. "I can't hurt her."

Alvilda Pearl:

I lay on the ground, strong as ever, and ready to prove how stupid Kwartz was to let me go. I am about to lash out at Kwartz, but something in my gut stops me. He just spared me. No one has ever done that. They've only used me. They've treated me like shit. Those other pirates never cared about me. Never. But Kwartz must, because he just spared me. I can't kill him. It's just not right. Petiola arrives and catches Kwartz in a heimlick-like maneuver. I give her a signal to halt and she does so. She looks at me with strange eyes and I tell her, "He spared me. We need to ally with them again." Kwartz smiles somewhat. Skeet doesn't seem to be convinced however. But he goes along with it, still holding a cautious expression. Petiola and Kwartz help me up, and I catch both of them in a hug. Now I'm really crying. For real. No, seriously. Skeet joins the hug and we stay like that. "I'm not letting go. We need to stay like this for the night." Kwartz says. "Do you think we should close the door?" I ask. Petiola pipes up. "Yea." We waddle over to the door, all still grouped up in a hug, and we kick the door shut, and Skeet reaches out with his free hand and locks it.

Day 11:

Petra Mines (3):

I watch as Konami runs to the Cornucopia, which lays near the entrance way. He rummages through a few bags and luggage and grabs a handful and starts to run. I pull a knife out of my belt and fling it at him. It misses him by an inch. He sees me, and charges for me. I somersault in the other direction as he tries to bite me with his sharp, glistening teeth. Blade and Necron try to hold him off from me but it's not use. Konami is already starting to plunge my own knife into my skull. I brace myself for death when suddenly an orange flash takes Konami down. I look up and see Petiola and Konami in a fistfight on the ground. I am about to get up, but I feel a boot hit my head. I fall over and when I turn around and lay on the ground, I see Kwartz Diodin. His eyes are glaring at me coldly, and he intends to kill. I crawl backwards and bump right into another person. I turn around again, and see Skeet.

Necron Arius:

I see Skeet and Kwartz fighting with Petra, and Blade is fighting Petiola and Konami. Where is Alvilda? Suddenly I look up on the ceiling and see a long red braid disappearing among the pipes. I see a pair of evil green eyes staring at me. "Alvilda." I whisper to myself incoherently. I hop into the elevator, and go to the next floor, while the others are still fighting. I want Alvilda to myself. I reach the next floor, and I find a way to get to the pipes. There is a small door on the ground and I open it. I look out of it and way below I see Skeet get stabbed by Petra. BOOM! Suddenly Alvilda's sword plunges through my hand. I groan loudly and everyone below looks up.

Petiola Midrib (11):

I look up after hearing a groan and see Alvilda chase Skeet up onto the next floor through a secret door. Some shouting and metal clanging sounds, and suddenly, BOOM! I look up and try to see who died, but it's too high up. Suddenly, Necron's body is shoved out of the door and it falls on top of Petra and Kwartz. Konami and Blade stop fighting. Kwartz and Petra lift the corpse off of them. Alvilda hops down and holds a bloody sword. "One down, 3 to go." She smirks. She then twirls around and hurls her sword. It plunges into Konami's chest. BOOM! She just got two kills in a matter of 1 minute! Holy shit!

Kwartz Diodin (10):

Knowing this would be the last day due to Alvilda being present, I grab Petra's throat and squeeze tightly. Let's hope I can get a kill too. But Blade grabs me, and manages to pin me to the ground. I struggle and squirm and try to escape his weight, but he's too heavy. His blue hair has grown rapidly since the star of the arena. His eyes are sparkling and his teeth shining. Suddenly I see a trail of blood spew from his pale lips. BOOM! He falls to the ground with Petiola's sickle sticking out of the back of his head. Suddenly another cannon sounds. BOOM! I look and see Petra laying in the ground with a knife sticking out of her back. That means it's just me, Petiola, and Alvilda. SHIT! WE JUST FREAKING WIN THE HUNGER GAMES?! SHIT! YESSSSSSSSS!

And so, the three other victors were found. Petiola Midrib, Kwartz Diodin, and Alvilda Pearl have win the Holiday Games.

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