The tributes have been chosen to participate in the Hunger Days. There will be 13 days. One for each district, and one extra day for remaining tributes. There can be six victors in these games.For each district, the days location is based on their essential jobs and talents. For district one, a castle. For district 2, a stone maze. District 3, a computerized arena. District 4, the ocean. District 5, a solar field. For District 6, a large train. 7 is a forest. 8 is a booby trapped tent. 9, a grass field. 10, a farm. 11 shall be a garden. 12, a mine.

You can sponsor up to 4 tributes. The tributes are all from the 74th hunger games. Many unnamed tributes have been given names for these games.

Glimmer Marvel Clove Cato Crystal Noah Azora Owen Foxface Pepe Kaylie Jason Sarah Tyler Savannah Peter Morgan Rohan Opal Branson Rue Thresh Katniss Peeta The games will start soon! Also, you may change who you are sponsoring at anytime. The order of the days will not be in any particular order. You never know what district's day will be next. The first day has now been revealed. District 5's solar farm has been chosen as the first location. When it will star, undetermined. But I will say this: it is soon....

It's the first day of the Hunger Days and all of the tributes are facing the solar farm for district 5. From district 5! Foxface jumps over a bunch of weird bumps in the ground. She leaps high up at one point and lands on the grass, safe. District 4s Owen has already grabbed his bag from the Cornucopia and is on his way toward the field, but is cornered by a raging Sarah from district 7. Sarah throws an axe at Owen. Boom! Owen is dead. Sarah grabs her axe and throws it at Cato. Cato grabbed it and chased her. Sarah kicks Cato in the stomach, and then runs off into a forest. Cato growls in pain. Clove, meanwhile, throws a knife at Tyler, Sarah's partner. Tyler dies immediately.

Part two of the first day comes soon....

It's part two of the first day and Owen and Tyler have died. District 8's Savannah snatched her bag and pulled out a knife. She stabbed District 4's Azora in the arm. Azora yanked out the knife and was about to throw a dart at her when District 6's Kaylie wrapped a chain around her and pulled. Azora spt at Kaylie and she was caught off guard. Jason, also from District 6, runs and grabs his bag. He sees Foxface climbing a tree. He also notices Katniss of District 12 running away from Glimmer and Cato. All of a sudden, a knife lands in his leg. He whirls around ad saw Clove running toward him. Jason tripped Clovewith his foot and ran off toward the forest. District 9's Morgan has her bag and is now trying to find Rohan, her partner. She sees him and runs toward him. But Peeta blocks her out of the way and tries to strangle her. Morgan punches him in the face and then runs. She picks up a rock and chucks it at him. Peeta is hit on the forehead and retreats. Glimmer knocks Rohan over. She has a sword and holds it to his neck. Right then, District 10's Opal pushed her off of him. She offered an alliance with Rohan. He accepts and they run into the forest. Katniss chases Foxface. Foxface is tackled by a furious Cato. Cato starts to strangle him, but Foxface stomps on his foot. When Cato growls in pain, Foxface bites his hand and runs. Katniss sees this as a miracle. She aims an arrow at Cato, and fires it. It lodges into a tree next to him. Suddenly, dusk starts arriving. At exactly 5:00, the first day has ended.

The second day's location has been revealed. It is the booby trapped tent for District 8.

Its day two now. The location is the tent of traps for district 8. As soon as the tributes run through the tent, Savannah of district 8 herself teams up with Foxface and Morgan. They are joined by Peter of district 8 as well, Crystal from district 3, Azora who left the Careers because of an arguement with Marvel, and Jason who is madly in love with Azora. Distrcit 5's Pepe immediately climbs up a ladder and tries to cross a tight rope to get to his bag. He just crosses when all of a sudden he steps on something and he falls back to the ground. That was when Opal struck. She waved her sword toward him until immediately Clove threw two knivea. One hit Pepe in the eye and killed him. Opal dodged it and whacked Clove's arm with her sword and it injured her leg. Clove charged at Opal and tripped on something. Katniss's foot. Katniss then ran toward Opal. She took a swift punch from Opal and then whacked Opal back equally hard with her bow. Katniss kneed Opal and then jabbed her neck with an arrow. Opal and Pepe have died. Azora and Jason are caught kissing by a rampaging Marvel. Marvel threw his spear and it punctured Azora's arm. Jason then turned red with anger and kicked Marvel in his nuts. Azora then tossed her chain to Jason and Jason wrapped it around Marvel's neck. He pulled tightly but when it was not enough, Azora aided him. They pulled as hard as they could until Marvel's eyes were bulged and he was drooling as he flopped to the ground. Peeta accidentally bumped into a Morgan from district 9. Morgan tackled him to the ground. Peeta presumed this would be the end, but when he thought Morgan would slice him and dice him, he felt something wet on his lips. He opened his eyes to see that Morgan was kissing him! Well, Ill be darned. These are the most romantic Hunger Days I have ever seen. Just then, Glimmer sneaks up on Morgan and Peeta. As she is about to jab them with a knofe, she is knocked to the ground by a raging Peter. Noah and Crystal follow. Just then, Crystal trips on Glimmers leg. Glimmer and the other Careers laughed loudly. Noah, Savannah, and Foxface immediately assissted Crystal in recovering. Noah glared at the other Careers. They could tell he was pissed that they had laughed at his partner. He ended his career as a Career and joined Svannah's Alliance. That was when the bell rang. Day two was done. Opal and Pepe and Marvel have all died. You may now send gifts to your tributes.

Day three has begun. It is the farm for district 10. Jason has already found a place to hide with his love, Azora, and the rest of their team. District 10's Branson is still resting with his crippled foot. Then Glimmer, Cato, and Clove come and see him. Clove attempts to kill him, but Glimmer shoves her away. She then aims an arrow and fires. Branson is dead. That was when Cato felt something sharp. He whirled around to see a raging Morgan. Morgan shoved him to the ground and pulled her knife out of his leg. She and Cato fought. Peeta ran in and shoved Cato away. He made out with Morgan and then screamed. He fell to the ground dead as Morgan saw his attacker. The girl from 6. Kaylie. She ran to Morgan and when Morgan thought this was the end, Kaylie instead took her sword and stabbed Glimmer through the foot. As day two ended, Clove left the Careers and formed her own alliance of one for unknown reasons. Branson and Peeta have died.

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