All of us are anxious and worried as we stand on our plates, waiting for the buzzer to sound, which will start these death games. I look at the other tributes. The girl and boy from District 7, whose names are Grind and Grievous, eye the weapon I have my eyes on: the throwing knives. I can see my district partner, Gouge. He is looking at the sword. I look around. It is me against 23 people and I don't even know the names of half of them. I look at the trees, and back at the Cornucopia. Seethe from District 2 has her hard eyes placed on me. That is when the buzzer sounds. I run into the mouth of the Cornucopia and an arrow is fired at me. It's Crop from 1. It misses me barely and I catch it. I turn around and jab a girl who is unknown to me straight in the arm. She pulls it out. I am cornered. That is when I see my pack. But Crop fires another arrow at me. I get an idea and when the arrow misses barely again, I pretend to take it in and fall to the ground. I let some drool slide from my mouth and onto the floor of the Cornucopia to give the impression that I am dead. I can see from the corner of my eye that Crop has strangled the other girl now. When he runs out of the Cornucopia, I keep myself against the hard floor. If I pretend I am dead, I have a higher chance of living. But there was an issue to my plan. Lana, who was eying my knives before, snatches the knife pack. But as she runs out of the Cornucopia, Seethe kicks her to the ground. The pack flies back into the pile as Lana is knocked to the ground. I can barely see Seethe using a machete to literally disassemble poor Lana. Then I see my partner out on the grass. When he sees my "thought to be dead body", he goes crazy. He charges at Crop and Crop kills him. I can't do anything or everyone will see my strategy. I wait and wait, watching more and more tributes die as they run around screaming from the Careers. I see only 9 escape. Then I see the Careers find one last tribute. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!" she squeals. I see Rifter use an axe. She swings her axe and it slices through the girl's neck. When the Careers go around making sure no one is hiding or planning an ambush, I worry. If they find out I am alive I am a dead girl. I wait a while longer. When I hear Hitcher call, "Let's go. Everyone here is dead.", I think about how lucky I am. When it is nightfall, I figure it is safe. I get up off the ground and look around. I am sure no one is there and start running. That is when I hear something pursuing me. I whirl around, expecting to see a Career or other lone tribute. But it isnt a tribute. It's a hovercraft! The hovercraft isnt after me. It's after the dead tributes! I watch as it lifts Lana off of the ground. I run into the forest and hide in the shrubs. When the hovercraft leaves, something buzzes. Then I realize that the dead tributes are about to appear in the sky. I see all of the dead tributes. After they show Swift, Snuff, Swinger, Lana, and Gouge, they show a bunch of unfamiliar tributes. I was incorrest on my calculations of who got away. It isn't 9 of us, it is 10! And adding me, 11. I hear a rustling in the tree branches above me. I look up and see Brisky, the District 12 girl, eating some plants. I start to move as all of a sudden, a dead Brisky falls to the ground right next to me. I notice that the plants are probably poisonous. I get an idea. I reach into my pack and take out a knife. I start giving the dead Brisky multiple cuts so she is bleeding. Then I take the poisonous plants and run away from the area. I find the Careers by the lake. They are asleep. I silently tip toe to their supplies. I take the smallest amount of food I can possibly take. I replace it with the poisonous plants. I think that the Careers may like poison hemlock. I quickly break up the plant into little pieces and place it in the ziploc bag I stole food from. I quickly retreat back into the safeness of the forest. The next morning, I find a tribute taking MY food. I approach him with a knife. He is startled and he leaps into the bushes. I chase him and find him climbing up a tree. I fling a knife at him and he falls down. I run and find a cave. As I enter, I am followed. I pretend not to notice. I keep walking deeper into the cave. I find a snake. I hold it at the start of the jaw so it cannot whip around and bite me. I hold it at my pursuers. Flare from 5 and Limber from 9 stand there, frightened by the snake. I start to edge them toward a wall. I reach forward and let the snake bite Limber's hand. "OWWWWWWWWWWWW!" she screams. "What have you done?" she growls. That is when Seeker from District 10 knocks me over. Now I am face to face with the snake. But Limber, in rage, takes a torch. She wants to burn the snake. "Come here, snakey." she urges in a sing song voice. The snake turns around. But instead of being burned, the snake leaps up and bites Limber's nose! Flare takes an arrow and pierces the snake's neck. I quickly get up and punch Seeker in the face. I grab her pack and swing it straight into Flare's face. Then I grab Flare's hair and pull it. She shrieks. "OW! LET GO!" I grab her shoulder with my free hand. I start banging her against the cave wall. She calls for help and then Seeker again knocks me down. Flare's skull is cracked and she falls over dead. Seeker takes her chain and wraps it around my neck. She starts to pull but I reach for the dead snake. I grab its head and toss it backwards, letting the guts and blood spatter in Seeker's face. She is distracted and I get up and run out of the cave. The boy I killed, Flare, and Limber were shown in the sky that night. The snake bites Limber received must have been fatal. Then I see another face. A Career! It is the unfamiliar looking boy from District 4 I believe. Then I hear something odd. I look around and when I look above, I see thousands of papers falling from the sky! I start running. They may just be paper, but if you get enough paper cuts, you may not last long. I hear a scream. I run over and I see a blonde Career girl from District 6 screaming as the papers cut her. Caster! "Get them off of me! No!" she shrieks. Then she sees me. She takes a dart from her belt and flings one at me. I dodge it, but it still lodges in my backpack! I take it and throw it back at her. I miss by approximately 5 feet. Crap. She runs and tackles me. She is bleeding so much from the cuts that she is literally oozing blood. I feel it drip on my jacket. Well now I will look like I do all the dirty work. Smething starts buzzing. I hear what sounds like Bloody Backer Packers! They are poisonous blood suckers that collect blood and their backs bulge lika a balloon! Caster sees them and knows that she is a goner due to her bleeding. They immediately attack her! She screams non stop while I run and hide in the forest. Then I feel something poke my hand. I raise my hand to look at a Backer Packer taking my blood rapidly! I pound my fist on it. I use a knife and scrape off multiple tiny, disgusting insect guts off of my hand. Then dawn comes. It is the 7th day already! I cannot possiby thrive for much longer. These games are killing me. I just want to go home.

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