I stand on my plate, waiting anxiously for the games to begin. Why the hell did I actually volunteer for my older sister. That was extremely stupid. I watched the other tributes. The girl from District 7 looked pretty rough. I might want to stay clear from her. She seems to have her eyes on the knives, like the girl from District 2. Her name was something like Stove or Glove or Clover. Oh well. Must be another really crappy name. The tributes from District 1 look competitive. But I have heard from the other tributes that they werent the most worthy Career tributes. Ithink their names were Marble and Liver. Something like that. Whatever. I am the worst when it comes to names. I can see that the girl from District 12. She and Liver both have their eyes on the archery kit. Her name was something like Splatkiss. A boy who I think is from District 4 is eying the sleeping gear. He has the most adorable curly hair. But mine is better. It has to be! I look at the girl from District 5. That girl seems pretty clever looking. She has two buns on the sides of her head and isnt looking at any of the weapons. And the boy from District 9. His eyes are closed for some stupid reason. Then hes falling to the ground. I see he has a knife in his chest. What the hell?! The Games have started without my knowledge! Damn! I run for the sleeping gear, but the girl from District 6 gets it. Then Marble knocks her to the ground. He jabs her with his spear. I decide that even though Marble isnt competent, it wouldnt be smart to take the sleeping gear from his hands. I run for the fire crackers and fire starters. I can see the boy from 8 getting them, and he-- wait, hes my partner! Damn, I need to be more aware if I am to survive these games! Liver heads toward me! She shoves me over. "Before you kill me, can you tell me why your parents called you Liver?" Liver punches me in the face. "Its Glimmer, you dunmb ass!" I roll my eyes and think 'Oh. I was gonna say. Liver seems like a very awkward name.' Then Glimmer is shoved off of me. The girl from District 4! Then Glimmer and the boy from District 2, whose name is Cato, start slashing her apart. I run. I see Stove throw a knife at the girl from 7. I run as fast as i can and into the forest.

Chapter two: Wow. I actually survived the first day. And I seem to have a certain enemy. Liver, the Car--I mean Glimmer, the Career female from District 1. I think my partner is still alive. Same for the two hotties from Districts 3 and 6. Boa and Jason. Or it might be Noah. I here Stoves voice. "Come on out, District 8 bitch!" I call back. "I aint hear, Stove!" the reply is, "STOVE?! ITS FREAKIN CLOVE, YOU RETARD! NOW IM JUST GONNA KILL YOU SLOWER!" I doubted that two people would name their child after a stove. I feel somthing grip my arm. i whirl around and see Clove holding my arm with a knife in the other hand. She knocks me over. Marble puts his arms around my neck, and is about to squeeze. I bite him and say, "Aww, looks like Marble has no marbles!" he scratshes his head, lost. "Thats not your name, is it?" I ask. Just then, Clove grabbed me again. I kicked her off of me and she was thrown off balance. Then Marble, or whatever his name is, is pulled up into the hands of two cuties. its Boa and Jason! Cuties to the rescue! I get up. Clove knicks me right back down. Glimmer and Cato come. Jason punches Cato in the face. "That is for targeting me in the Cornucopia!" Boa then helps me up. "You okay?" he asks. I bluch. "Yes!" Then I kick Glimmer. "You dont have to hate me just because I misunderstood your name!"I scream at her. Woops. Why the hell did I just scream?! That was when the girl from 9, my partner, the girl from 3, the girl from 10, and Splatkiss came in. Uh oh. Then I see Foxface running by. I grab her and pull her over to me. "Alliance!" then the girl from 9, my partner, Jason, Boa, Foxface and I started fighting off the Careers. The girl from 10 joins the Careers. Splatkiss and the 3 girl both run off. Glimmer fires an arrow at them, and punctures the girl from 3's arm. Jason and I pull her over to our group. Splatkiss is gone in the forest already. I then take out a stick of dynamite and throw it at the Careers. "Lets play catch!" I taunt. All of the careers but the girl from 10 run. She might not be that bright. We run too. Then the 10 girl picks up the dynamite and plays around with it. Then she blows up. The other careers return. Then we run into the forest and lose the careers. Then we settle on a beach. Day 2 is over.

Chapter three: day four Ots the fourth day. Nothing happened the third day. I go back to the cornucopia where many dead tributes still lay. Clockface hears groaning. So does Playdoh--I mean Jason! We go to where the moaning is. Valora is lying there, injured. "Tanora!".Jason whispers. I tjought i had her name wrong. More groaning after Tamora is up. Abloogy from -- I mean Azora! Both are groaning. More groaning! Oh no. Thats not groaning, thats screaming! Pistol from District 3 needs help! She falls to the ground, dead. I can see her attacker. Glimmer! Clockface starts running! Why the hell is she running? I dont want a coward on MY team! Then I realize something. Clockface doesnt run off, she must be deceiving Glimmer! She runs in a circle around the Cornucopia with Glimmer following. Then she pretends to fall. I act quickly. I kneel beside her and whisper in her ear, "Pretend we arent an alliance!" Then when Glimmer comes around the corner, i put my arms around Clockface and pretend to squeeze. When Glimmer tries to kill us all, a knife lands in her back. As Glimmer falls, I can see the girl from 7! But spmethings weird. All of the people who were groaning, and now all the tributes who died in the Cornucopia, they are now users from the Hunger Games wiki! Azora is Ashtonmoiolover! That must be why she and Jason are kissing right now! And Tamora, she's Rainfacestar! And Foxface, is Asfbn! And me! I am....

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