President Nilda Snow walked to the podium. She calmly waved her cold, pale hand in a sweeping motion to hush the crowd. "Welcome to the 3rd Annual Thrist Games. Now before we adjourn to the districts to retrieve our tributes, I have a piece of information to share. There is going to be a major twist this year. The tributes must be good with fashion designing for this, and you will agree once I finish my speech. The tributes will sew their own tribute parade outfits. Each tribute must create a garment that represents their district. The Thirst games has officially met Project Runway. They will wear this outfit in the games and fight in them. The 4 winners will receive a fashion spread throughout the Capitol."

Tribute template:






Fashion Skills:

Chariot Outfit Design (must include photo):

Interview Design (must include photo):

Appearance (please include a photo if possible or a detailed description):


Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast Strategy:

Alliances (can be filled out later):

Token (optional):

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