After brainstorming a name for the new Hunger Games that had a completely different name, President Nilda Snow rubbed her chin as she looked at the others in the conference room. A woman with pitch black hair and pale skin, Vera Luchabra, stood up. "We need something to add to it. Something juicy and original. You have to think fast, Mrs. Snow. We have little time until the first Thirst Games." Nilda stood up with a pointed finger. "I've got it! Instead of us selecting the 24 tributes, the Districts will. We'll give them all the names and their capabilities and personal information, and the District mayors will all select the most capable girl and boy they can find." The other representatives nodded in agreement. And with a wicked smile, Nilda blew the golden hair from her face and said, "Mrs. Luchabra. You will go to each district, 1 a day, and give the mayors the names. We have the lists of everyone in our files, so get to work. You start in District 1 tomorrow." Vera excitedly skipped to the file room.

The next day, Vera arrived at the districts one by one. She walked into each mayor's office, her heels clicking loudly. Her black hair was tied in a silky, bouncy ponytail uptop her head. Her lips were painted red, and made her pale skin look whiter than porcelain. She placed a stack of papers on each mayor's desk. "THis is a list of all the possible tributes in the district. You are required to select two of them, your decision, and they will fight to the death with the other future tributes.  Your decision must be final by sunset. Here is a template."








Appearance (provide Lunaii as my computer is broken and my iPad does not make Lunaiis):


Token (optional):

Allies (optional):

Backstory (optional):

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast Strategy:

Reaped or Volunteered:

Once all tributes are in, I will post the gallery and the tributes' training scores, and odds. Reservations last approximately 1 day. I also do reserve the right to decline your tribute if they are "crappy". Please no B.S. like  'Weaknesses: Bad at tying shoes' or 'Name: Selena Gomez'. There will be 3 arenas. After 12 tributes have been killed, the remaining 12 will board the hovercraft and be taken to another arena. Once 6 more are eliminated, the remaining tributes will once again be transferred to another arena, in which will determine the winners. There can be up to 4 winners, but none of them can be from the same district.

Also, each user may have 4 tributes.

1f Aurelia Roba (dead) 17 Machete, Labrys, Mace Career


Adrian Faberge (dead) 16 Javelin, Scythe Career
2f Chloe Black 16 Swords, Throwing Axes Career
2m Ace Coles (dead) 16 Sword, Fist and Legs
3f Marielle Jaffe (dead) 17 Bladed Fan
3m Lyon Nactuna (dead) 15 Throwing Knives, Archery
4f Lemonade (Addie) Icyna 14 Tomahawk, Tridents, Spear Career Leader
4m Walu Escolar (dead) 14 Trident Career
5f Cassia Slyara 15 Archery/Stealth
5m Zach Carrey (dead) 16 Axe, Blowgun, Wire, Knife TBD (Marielle, Lynon, and Victoria if the users accept)
6f Jaylynne Morrison (dead) 17 Machete
6m Cario Paradox 16 Archery
7f Azil Moxoni 16 Axe, Blowguns, Fire
7m Peace Valley (dead) 16 None
8f Lorelei Damion 17 Whip Career
8m Indigo Rankine (dead) 13 Sword, Slingshot
9f Wayde Heartby (dead) 18 Fencing Sword
9m Kaleel Nastern (dead) 16 Mace Azil Moxoni (if Glimmerandsparkle approves of alliance)
10f Rhea Marela (dead) 15 Scythe, Slingshot
10m Nikolai Ivanov (dead) 18 Archery, Curved Sword
11f Melly Reesha (dead) 12 Blowgun
11m Garnet Wilke (dead) Undetermined Spear, Machete, Sword Career
12f Victoria Edwards (dead) 14 Daggers, Knives/Stealth
12m Martin Andersen (dead) 13 Teeth, Dagger, Knifes

The tributes stood on their pedestals, adjacent to the train caboose doors. 5...4...3...2...1! GO! The tributes all rushed into the train and the doors closed behind them. A few tributes then started having a fistfight while the others headed for the other train cars. Nikolai, Indigo, and Martin were in a fistfight. Martin smacked Nikolai in the cheek and fled. He then started looking for the train car holding all of the supplies. Nikolai stood up and held Indigo up in the air. "I'll get you, you big brat!" Indigo foolishly cried. Nikolai smashed him against the door to go outside. He flung the doors open, and threw Indigo out of the train. Out of bounds. BOOM! Meanwhile, a few of the smarter tributes had already gotten close to the supplies car. The careers, Marielle, Jaylynne, Cario, and Azil and Kaleel had found it. The careers burst through the doors and started fighting with Azil and Kaleel. Azil snatched an axe off the ground and plunged it into Walu's chest. BOOM! Marielle burst through the doors and grabbed her bladed fan. She leaped up into the air and smacked her fan into Kaleel's hand. "MY HAND! BITCH!" He cried. He swung his mace at Marielle but completely missed her. Marielle then hopped out the doors and headed for another train car. Azil grabbed Kaleel and led him out the doors to the medical support car. Meanwhile, other tributes were foolishly searching in the wrong cars for the weapons. Rhea found a door that was labeled "Weapons" She opened it, not knowing it was a trick. Inside the doors was a huge vortex. "HELP!" Rhea screeched as she held onto the door frame for support. Her tribute boots flew off her feet and got sucked in. "HELP ME PLEASE!" Nikolai ran to her support almost immediately. "Nikolai please!" She cried. Nikolai grabbed her and pulled her to safety, kicking the doors shut. Rhea gave Nikolai a kiss on the cheek. As they walked away, an unnoticeable head of blonde curls followed them. She hid behind a door and kicked her boot to the middle of the floor. Rhea looked back. "A BOOT!" She pointed to it. She ran back to the boot and looked in the tag for the district. "District 5 Female. Nikolai I think that bitch from 5 is following us!" Before she could say another word, Cassia somersaulted from her hiding spot with her already pilfered bow and arrow and shot Rhea in the chest. "HELP ME!" She screamed. A bloody spot appears on her tribute jacket. Cassia gave Nikolai a sly grin and ran to the next car. Nikolai kneeled next to Rhea's nearly dead body. "Stay with me, Rhea! Please!" He begged. "There's oly six winners, Nikolai. I would've been killed sooner or later. But follow Cassia to the weapons department, and thenI--BOOM!Meanwhile, Melly had been trying to find shelter somewhere. She found the dining hall. She snuck into the kitchen and pilfered a few hamburgers and water glasses. She then settled down next to the refrigerated section and fell asleep, safe and sound. Victoria was busy evading the swift attacks of the Careers. Lemonade flung a spear at her, but Victoria dodged it. Lemonade was running so fast that her ponytail was falling out, and eventually her long blonde hair was let down. Chloe found Lyno hiding behind a crate in the weapons room. She grabbed him and held him against the window. His face was smushed against the glass. Chloe then took her sword and slid it through his scalp and out the other side, only to show the gore to a passing Wayde. Wayde covered her mouth and ran. BOOM! Lorelei meanwhile, was feigning a friendship soon to be feigned relationship with Ace Coles. "Acey, I have to confess something to that adorable little complexion of yours. I... Well you see, I am in love with you. REALLY in love with you." She lied. Ace pulled down his zipper. He knew what was coming as did Lorelei. Or did he... Lorelei took her jacket off and looped it around the back of Ace's neck and back around to her other hand. She pulled him in closer, and right when he was about to kiss her beet red lips, Lorelei somersaulted over Ace's head and tightened the jacket that was still around his neck. She squeezed and squeezed. Ace started coughing. Lorelei knew the cannon would boom within a matter of time. She dragged the almost deceased body and opened the doors to the vortex room. She pulled her jacket off his neck, and picked up Ace. Ace was still coughing and gasping for air. "What the hell, bitch!" He mumbled. Lorelei smirked slyly. "me? A bitch? I don't think so. I prefer the term "seductress with a craving for dead boys"". Ace gritted his teeth one last time before Lorelei dropped him in the floor again. "You won't succeed with this! You won't win!" He huffed and puffed. "Or will I? You forget that I have the power to torutre you in your last minutes of life. You're lucky that your cannon is about to go 'boom' because I was perfectly ready to have some more fun. But, playtime is over. Time for scienc class. You know what we're doing in science today?" She taunted. She whipped him in the face, leaving a mark. "We're doing an experiment. That experiment is the best yet. It's sometimes considered a game. I call it 'Roll the bastard off the ledge'. Buhbye, handsome. Sad to see you go!" She gently nudged her foot against Ace, knocking him into the vortex. The cannon boom was barely heard over the constant Whizzing sound of the vortex. Meanwhile, the other Careers were in a brawl with Azil, Kaleel, Zach, Cario, Marielle, and Martin. Zach slammed Chloe against the wall. He punched her multiple times in the face. Chloe kicked Zach onto the floor. Chloe spat out blood and pinned Zach to the ground. She grinned. "no! Please don't hurt me!" Zach cried. Chloe slammed her axe into his skull. BOOM! Azil and Aurelia were in a cat fight. The two girls were rolling on the floor, yanking each others' hair, and biting each other. Azil bit Aurelia's ear. Aurelia screamed and grasped her ear. Azil leaped over Aurelia, her mousy red hair going with her. She then took her axe and swung at Aurelia, but Adrian ran by before anything could happen. Unfortunately for Adrian, the axe castrated him. Azil dropped the axe. "I ain't usin that no more!" She flung her hands up, and started for the door. Kaleel followed. Cario had promised to kill a Career, and no one messed with Cario Paradox's promises. Cario fired an arrow into the midst of tributes, and there was a loud, feminine scream. BOOM! The other Careers gasped as they looked on the floor and saw an injured Aurelia laying on the ground. BOOM! Cario gasped, and then ran to the next car. The other Careers sobbed over how many of their allies had died that day. Walu and Aurelia both! Adrian frowned and shook his head. "if you think two deaths compared to the endangerment of my testicular thriving is major, then there is something very, VERY wrong with you!" He complained. Chloe, Lemonade, and Garnet stared at Adrian as if he were on cocaine. Lorelei skipped on into the semi circle of Careers. "hey team! What'd I miss?" Adrian held his head down. "Castration from an unrelenting sociopath with sexually charging red hair."

Melly Reesha woke up from her sweet, lovely dream of seeing her family again. She started stripping tears when she saw it was only surreal. But what was genuine was the sound of footsteps. The Careers. Melly leaped up and ran into the refrigerator. She closed the door. She heard Lemonade's loud, booming voice. "Look, Adrian. Just because you got castrated doesn't mean you have to take your anger out on US! We're not the ones who forced you to be stuck with one testicle looking like you were stuck with TESTICULAR CANCER!" Melly couldn't help but giggle. She had indeed seen the hilarious moment in which Azil Moxoni swooped in with an axe and castrated all but one testicle on Adrian's private area. "YOU may have lost TWO people, but I lost a FREAKING TESTICLE!" Adrian screamed. Melly heard Lemonade clicking her boots along the floor, coming closer and closer. Lemonade opened the door. She saw Melly's boot sticking out from behind one of the crates. She ran over to it. The other Careers were lounging at one of the tables, letting their boss do the dirty work. Lemonade searched the boot for evidence. She looked inside the boot. I was labeled '11 Female, Melly Reesha'. Lemonade knew she was near. Or was she? Melly found a back door and opened it loudly. Lemonade rushed over to it. Melly crawled away and ran out through the side kitchen door. She then took off her second boot and placed it by the front dining hall door to make it seem the other Careers didn't see her if she ran that way. Lemonade exited the kitchen. "Careers! Attention! We shall now commence in a morning routine in which you jog around the insides of the train cars looking for tributes!" Lorelei then joked around. "Yes, Sergeant Icyna!" Lemonade eyed Lorelei evilly. "Don't eye me, bitch. I'm a seductress. I do the Lion's share of the work and I ain't comin home to see the evil eye." In the evening, Martin swooped into Azil and a Kaleel's room. "Time to die, bitches." He taunted. Suddenly an axe flew at his face and decapitated him. BOOM! "HAHAHA!" Azil laughed. "Idiot wasn't too observant, now was he. What an oblivious mess!" She shook her head.

Jaylynne woke up to the sound of laughing. She stood up. She looked around the room, which was filled with circus trick gadgets and gizmos. The Careers skipped along and burst through the door. "LOOK! It's the 6 bitch!" Garnet cried. "Get her, Lemonade!" Chloe called. Lemonade saw Jaylynne's scared expression as she crouched into the crate. She went down the passage it had and closed the door to the bottom of the crate. "Slow poke!" Garnet called. He dashed over to the crate and crawled in. He noticed Jaylynne wasn't there. "BITCH!" He cried. "Wait. Don't get mad over nothing. Back in district 8 my friend was a circus entertainer. I know all these tricks." She tiptoed on over to the crate and pulled the door open. She climbed inside. "WOOP! Get her, Lorelei! Kill her!" The other careers cried. Jaylynne found the exit of the tunnel. It led to the dining hall. She ran in and slammed face first into Melly. Lorelei came up through the exit and saw both girls on the ground. She grabbed her whip and whipped Melly in the arm. She chased the two girls into the kitchen. The other careers one by one were shoving each other as they struggled to fit through the exit. Lorelei flung her whip and it latched onto Jaylynne's arm. Melly kept on running and she reached the door to the next car. Lorelei pulled Jaylynne in closer. "KILL HER LORELEI!" Garnet called. Lorelei then shoved Jaylynne to the ground. As she was about to strike her with the whip a second time, a flash knocked her down. "Leave her alone, you monster!" Marielle cried. Lorelei kicked Marielle in the shin. Marielle then fell backward. Lorelei kicked her in the face. Marielle stood back up with a bloody nose. "Had enough, bitch?!" She taunted. Lorelei tried to whip her, but Marielle kicked her into a nearby supply closet. Marrielle approached the closet slowly. She looked inside and Lorelei shoved a mop into her face. Marielle grabbed Lorlei and swung her against the wall. Lorelei quickly retreated to one of the tables. Marielle couldn't see her as she has water in her eyes from the mop. "Where'd she go?!" She cried. Lorelei jumped off the table and slammed her foot into Marielle's stomach. The two girls fought on the floor. Marielle then stood up and kicked Lorlei. Lorelei cartwheeled back up and slammed her fist into Marielle's already bloody nose. "Looks like we can stick to fists and feet, District 8." Marielle managed. Lorelei dropped her whip. "Fine then. Game on bitch!" Marielle dropped her fan. The two girls collided into each other and knocked each other down. Jaylynne stood back up and watched in awe along with the other Careers as Lorlei and Marielle stayed engaged in their cat fight. Marielle then kicked Lorelei in the chin. Lorelei hunched over and grasped her chin. She faked an injury. She fell over onto the floor. Marielle was about to stomp her feet on Lorlei, but she jumped up and grabbed Marielle's ears. She pulled her up into the air and brought her back down on one of the tables. "Finish her, Lorelei!" Chloe called. "Grind her, Marielle!" Jaylynne called. Lemonade then grabbed Jaylynne upon seeing her and smashed her into the wall. Jaylynne gasped for air as Lemonade started squeezing her neck. Lorelei then called out, "Let her go, Lemonade. She ain't worth it. If I plan to kill Marielle then at least let her live up to her promise, it's only fair." Lemonade looked at Lorlei awkwardly and then nodded at Jaylynne to go. Jaylynne dashed out of the room. Marielle then tackled Lorelei. She whispered something into Lorelei's ear and her eyes widened. "DON'T EVER TALK ABOUT MY DAD, YOU BITCH!" Lorelei cried. She grabbed Marielle and threw her towards a window. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Marielle cried as she went flying out the window. Sure she was dead, the careers headed out of the room and searched for more tributes. Meanwhile, Marielle was busy on the outside of the train. Clinging for her life, she tried to climb back through the window. Her nose was bleeding, her clothes were ripped, and she had a huge headache. She managed barely to climb through the window. She picked up her bladed fan. Suddenly she was tackled by a flash. Marielle tried to hold off the constant attacks from Nikolai. Nikolai started to strangle her, but suddenly an arrow pierced through his forehead. BOOM! Marielle looked at the direction the arrow came from. Out of the dark supply closet came the drop dead gorgeous blonde curls that could belong to nobody but Cassia Slyara. Marielle stood up and aimed to throw her fan. Cassia then whirled around and ran, her blonde curls bouncing in her back. Marielle followed her. Cassia leaped through the refrigerated section and exited through the back door. She locked it behind her. Marielle stomped her feet. She then returned to the kitchen and rested. This had indeed been quite a long day.

Victoria woke up. She ran to the next train car knowing she couldn't stay in any one place for long. As she was running to the next car, she slammed into Wayde. "District 12." Wayde groaned. She stood up and aimed her fencing sword at Victoria's throat. "Don't kill me! Please!" Wayde then smirked, "I've been watching you, 12. You seem pretty... Sneaky. How am I to know that you won't attack me?" A flash knocked Wayde to the ground. "Because my ally will do it for me, bitch." Victoria replied as she stood up. Jaylynne pinned Wayde to the ground. Victoria gave Jaylynne a look and she backed down. Victoria took her place pinning Wayde to the ground. "I've been watching you, too, District 9 scum. And I haven't seen anything too gorgeous. And your ability to escape an attacker is the worst of all." Victoria grinned. She pulled a sharp dagger from her belt. "I think maybe I'll give your family back home a little message: Next time you raise a child, teach them to defend themself." Victoria started cutting away at her face. Jaylynne then screamed. "DISTRICT 7!" Indeed, Azil and her ally, Kaleel, were charging toward them. Azil swing her axe at Jaylynne. "HELP!" The axe immediately amputated her left hand. Victoria then looked back. She blew the sleek black tendrils from her face to see a raging Kaleel. Kaleel knocked her to the ground and started punching her. Wayde got up and started to run, but Azil knocked her down. "Kaleel! Get this bitch. I'll get District 12." Kaleel then started to punch and kick Wayde. Azil started chasing Victoria around the room. Victoria bumped into a wall and fell. Azil the pinned her to the ground. "You think you're so tough just cuz that bitch from your district ended the first age of the games. Well guess what, skank! This is a new age!" She started to raise her axe to kill Victoria, but she was knocked over. Jaylynne then grabbed Azil's axe and flung it out the door. Azil then saw she was cornered. "KALEEL!" BOOM! Kaleel ran into the room with a bloody mace. "9 is dead." It was barely visible, the blonde hair on the floor, and the bloody face. Kaleel flung his mace at Jaylynne. "AAAAAH!" She cried. The mace hit her in the stomach. She held her stomach as it bled severely. Azil caught the mace and whacked Victoria's hand. Victoria then was grabbed by Kaleel and thrown out the window. She grabbed onto the side of the window and held on tightly. BOOM! Azil had killed Jaylynne. Only one more tribute had to die now. Would it be Kaleel? Azil? Or maybe Victoria? Azil and Kaleel both looked out the window to see Victoria's boot coming towards their faces. Azil ducked, but Kaleel was kicked and sent flying into the opposite wall. Victoria approached Kaleel, but Azil grabbed her axe from the hall and ran back in. She swung it harshly and blindly. The next spthing she saw was Victoria's head along with her sleek black hair splitting from her emaciated, unhealthy body. BOOM! Suddenly the train stopped. The tributes all payed attention to the sound of a hovercraft. "ATTENTION TRIBUTES! Round 1 is finished. Please board the hovercraft and you will be transported to the next arena."

Round 1 Death Order:

Indigo Rankine

Walu Escolar

Rhea Marela

Lyno Nactuna

Ace Coles

Zach Carrey

Aurelia Roba

Martin Andersen

Nikolai Ivanov

Wayde Heartby

Jaylynne Morrison

Victoria Edwards

The tributes stood adjacent to the moat and drawbridge of the castle. The countdown ended. The first tribute to reach the slowly opening drawbridge was Lemonade. She waited. The drawbridge descended completely. Melly dashed across and headed up one of the towers. She got to the top and looked out the window. She watched as a bunch of the other tributes started obtaining supplies from the village area in the castle. Lorelei had claimed another soon to be victim. She had an idea. She had Garnet. She grabbed him and took him up one of the towers. "Garnet, babe. I gotta tell ya something." She lied. "Anything, sexy." Garnet replied. Lorelei wrapped her arms around Garnet's shoulders. She started kissing him. Garnet started stripping off Lorelei's tribute uniform. Right as he reached for the shirt, Lorelei made her move. She grinned at him, and then pulled out a dagger. She stabbed Garnet in the shoulder. "WAIT! What are you doing?! We're a team!" He complained. Lorelei smirked. "It's the hunger games. Nuthins permanent." She answered carelessly. She then stabbed him continuously. BOOM! Lorelei then stood up. She bent over and gave Garnet a kiss on the cheek. She started to leave the room, but a head of blonde curls blocked her way. "Alliance. I've been watching you, 8. You have some pretty clever plans. I also remember you from when we were little. You know, when we had preschool together? And then your parents moved you away to district 8 because your dad was stalking your mom?" Lorelei gasped. The memories flooded back. She hugged Cassia. "It is you!" She cried. The two girls then sat down in the tower and discussed their strategy. Meanwhile, in the bloodbath, Cario decided to kill another Career. He swung a sword at his opponent, Chloe. Chloe then grabbed Cario and threw him in the ground. Before she could make another move, Cario fired an arrow into Chloe's foot. "AAAAH!" She cried. Cario then retreated into another tower. The Careers alliance was starting to go on the bubble. Lemonade grabbed Peace Valley and threw him on the ground. She pinned him to the ground. She took her trident and lodged it into his forehead. BOOM! "I got the tree hugger!" She boasted. Adrian was busy in a tower still complaining over his testicular loss. "I always wanted to be circumcised, but not in this way!" He sobbed. Marielle then grabbed her fan. She leaped up into the air and swung the fan at Kaleel. It scarred his face. Marielle then grabbed Kaleel and threw him against a wall. Azil swung her axe at Marielle, but missed, and the axe went flying. It plunged straight into a tower window. "AAAAH! My other testicle!" He cried. Azil shrugged. She then grabbed Marielle and pinned her to the ground. Marielle struggled and squirmed. "Alright, District 3. No one lives forever!" She stabbed her in the shoulder. Marielle then bit Azil's long red hair and tugged it with her teeth. Azil spun and yanked her hair from Mrielle's mouth. As Marielle chased her around the bloodbath area, Azil decided to tie her hair back into a braid so no one would bite it again. Kaleel then tackled Marielle. Marielle saw this as her chance. She bit Kaleel's nose and pierced her teeth into the skin and cartilage. It started bleeding horrifically. Marielle then threw Kleel against a wall. She grabbed a knife and lodged it into Kaleel's forehead. BOOM! Azil then swung another axe and decapitated Marielle. BOOM!

The tributes had a pleasant night in their towers. Lorelei and Cassia woke up to the sound of laughing. "Careers!" Cassia exclaimed after looking out the window. Lorelei grinned. "You hide. The Careers don't know I am not one of them anymore. Hide under the bunk." She said. Lemonade was first in. Then Adrian, and Chloe. Lorelei ran up and hugged each one of them. "Where have you been? I got lost with that blonde bitch. The girl from 5. I was looking for her. She confessed something to me. Adrian.. Is it true? That you love me?!" She smiled. Adrian started to approach her. Lemonade saw the whole plan. She knocked Lorelei away from Adrian. She then pinned Lorelei to the ground. Cassia then emerged from under the bunk and tackled Chloe. Chloe fought with her. Adrian grabbed a knife off the ground and approached Cassia and Chloe. He tried to stab Cassia, but she rolled over and the knife plunged into Chloe's ear. "AAAAAH!" Chloe yelled. Cassia then got the upper hand and threw her against a wall. Chloe tried to stand up, but Cassia grabbed her again and threw her out of the tower. "HEEEEELP!" She cried. Lemonade turned around and threw Lorelei out the window as well. Luckily for them, they both fell in the moat, but were stuck outside the castle. Cassia saw she was cornered. She closed her eyes and back flipped out the window and as she fell, she fired an arrow at Adrian. The arrow landed in his would be testicles and he screamed. "OOOOOOOOW!" He cried. Cassia plunged into the murky moat. She, Chloe, and Lroleei then climbed out. Chloe tried to run, but tripped on a rock. She tried to crawl away. "Wait!" Cassia called. "You know, the forest is out of bounds." She said. Chloe knew what was coming. Cassia and Lorlei wanted her to team with them. "NO!" She called. Lorlei then frowned. "It would only be for a while. Don't you want revenge on Lemonade fr bossing you around 24/7?! I had my reasons for joining Cassia." Chloe thought a moment. "Fine. I need someone more welcoming to me anyways." Cassia and Lorlei smiled and hugged Chloe. Meanwhile, in another tower, Melly was fleeing from the constant attacks from Azil. Azil swung her axe and scarred Melly's leg. Melly then stuck her leg out and tripped Azil. "AAAAAH!" She cried. Melly then leaped out the window and landed right in the moat. Azil glared at her as she smirked and started walking out of the moat, drenched.

Cario woke up from a deep sleep in one of the luxury beds in one of the towers. He saw Lemonade and Adrian standing there, staring at him. "Oh my god!" He exclaimed. Lemonade lunged at him. Cario fired his arrow and it grazed her hair, splitting the Hairband, undoing her blonde ponytail. Adrian lunged as well, but Cario fired again. This time, the arrow plunged into Adrian's skull. BOOM! One more death had to happen. Meanwhile, in the village area, Azil was fighting with Melly. Azil lunged at her slicing her axe clean through her neck. BOOM! Round 2 was over, and the 6 remainders would be moving on to the maze.

Round 2 Death Order:

Garnet Wilke

Pace Valley

Kaleel Nastern

Marielle Jaffe

Adrian Faberge

Melly Reesha

Note** All dead tributes will participate in the after round of this games. They will be revived and will fight again until 4 remain.

Part 3

The tributes stood on their pedestals. 5,4,3,2,1! GO! Lorelei ran toward her passage and was accompanied by Cassia and Chloe. Lemonade found an axe laying near her pedestal. She ran over to Chloe and swung at her. Cloe screamed as her hand flailed to the ground. "AAAAH!" She screamed. Lorelei and Cassia tried to go back for her, but Lemonade had already finished her. BOOM! "CHLOE!!!!" Lorelei screamed. Cassia held her back. "Don't go, Lorelei! She'll just kill you!" Lorelei's eyes flared with anger as she followed Cassia into the midst of the maze. Cario had already found the cornucopia in the maze. He saw Lorelei and Cassia run towards him. "Wait!" Cassia cried. "Help us kill Lemonade!" Lorelei called. Cario grinned, "That's the 4 bitch, right?" He asked. Lorelei and Cassia grinned as well. Lemonade then somersaulted out from one of the maze passages. She wielded her axe and flung it foolishly at Cassia. Cassia dodged it effortlessly. Lorelei picked up a bow and arrow and tossed it to Cario. Lemonade was defenseless. "One more death until there are 4 winners. Can you guess who that's gonna be?" He taunted. Cario aimed his arrow. He was ready to fire when he was knocked over by Azil. "Wait Azil don't!" Lorelei cried. Azil grabbed Lemonade's axe and started to swing at Cario. Lemonade started to run. Cario barely was able to fire his last arrow. Lemonade looked back to see if she had followers and the arrow lodged into her forehead. Lemonade dropped to the ground, defenseless. Azil stopped. "We won..." She said shockingly. BOOM! Cario smiled.

Part 3 Deaths:

Chloe Black

Lemonade Icyna

Don't worry those two will return along with the other deceased conpetitors in the next round, which will take place in th runner up arena, the Clothing Mall for district 8.

Part 4:

The tributes stood on their pedestals in the parking lot. 5,4,3,2,1! GO! Melly was the first one to get inside she started trying to find a safe spot. She saw the cafeteria. She skipped over and swiped a sandwich and milkshake from the counter. She then found a nice, cozy spot in the janitor closet to eat. Out in the lot, Jaylynne and Cloe were in a fight. Chloe easily picked Jaylynne up and hurled her into a nearby car. The alarm sounded loudly and masked the sound of the cannon. The Careers then found the store with the weapons. Lemonade swiped a spear and a few tridents. They all had found the jackpot. Mrielle had also discovered the weapons location, and she was ready to fight. She leaped into the air and swung her fan at Aurelia. Aurelia dodged it and retaliated by punching her. Marielle rolled over in pain. She sprang back up and kicked Aurelia in the chest. Aurelia then tried to attack again, but Garnet knocked her out of the way. "I'll take this bitch." He smirked. He started to swing his fist and Marielle, but she quickly reacted by grabbed his arm and swinging him over her shoulder. She then dragged him to the window and tossed him out. He landed on the concrete with a splat and tried to navigate his way back in. But Nikolai was there as well. He stormed over and grabbed Garnet, holding him with one hand. He then slammed him against the exterior wall and cracked his skull BOOM! Back at the weapons department, Martin had also navigated his way there. He snuck up behind Lemonade and bit her hand. Lemonade swiveled around and plunged her spear into Martin's back. She then picked him up and threw him on the ground. BOOM! Rhea found the weapons department as well and grabbed a slingshot. She placed a knife inside it and fired. The knife hit Adrian. It didn't kill him as it was the handle that hit him, not the blade. Adrian hurled his spear and it missed Rhea, but it plunged into Zach's heart as he ran in the doorway. BOOM! Ace found the weapons too, and he grabbed a sword. He swung for Walu, and decapitated him. BOOM! Ace wasn't looking, and Marielle tackled him. She then started clawing at his face with her bloody hands, which had been cut by a previous sneak attack from Zach."Whoa, whoa, whoa, Bloody Mary, take it easy!" Ace cried. Marielle growled. She punched him in the face and started biting his hand. Ace screamed. "My stan corrected! You ain't Bloody Mary, you're bloody scary!" He cried. Marielle retrieved a dagger off the floor and plunged it into Ace's cheek. She started cutting his face up. He started screaming and kicking the air uselessly. Marielle plunged the dagger into his forehead. BOOM! Marielle then saw the Careers all running toward her. She snatched a backpack from the floor and started running. The Careers followed her closely. Marielle saw an escolator. She hopped up onto it and tried to evade the Careers. "Where'd she go?!" Aurelia inquired. Lemonade squinted her eyes and saw the strawberry blonde hair bouncing against Marielle's shoulders as she swiftly went up the escalator. Lemonade climbed up a nearby staircase and leaped across the open space and tackled Marielle. Marielle then kicked Lemonade in the face. She whirled around and tried to run, but Lemonade grabbed her boot, pulling her to the moving stairs. As the went up, Lemonade started to aim her spear. Marielle then looked for an escape. She saw a tribute running by below and she rolled herself over the railing and landed right on the passing by Indigo. She then looked up and smirked at Lemonade. Lemonade leaped off the escalator and landed on the already knocked down Indigo. She plunged the spear into his back and started chasing Marielle. BOOM! Marielle saw a pole. She wrapped her fingers around it and swung around to have her boot meet Lemonade's face. Lemonade toppled over. The other Careers followed Marielle without lending one hand to Lemonade, who had boot marks on her face. Marielle the saw a trash can. She leaped over it and kicked it behind her. Chloe was too close behind Marielle and was tripped by the garbage can. Aurelia and Adrian kept on following Marielle. Lemonade and Cloe raga inked their balance and followed the other Careers. Marielle then got to the elevator. She pressed the button and to her luck, it opened. She got in and hit "Close Doors". Adrian and Aruelia slammed face-first into the hard doors.

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