• Please join these games if you can find the time to follow along because I need to practice with my writing skills and receive constructive criticism on my skills. Thanks so much! :)**

President Nilda Snow approached the balcony. As she stared down at the millions of fans on the lower ground. Nilda waved her cold, pale hand in a swift motion as to silence the crowd. "Welcome, everyone, to the new Thirst Games. Now, to ensure that these games will be memorable, we plan to add some... twists to this year's games. One of the twists will be revealed now. There will be three arenas. The first arena will be the location of the games until 12 tributes are killed off. After that, the remaining combatants will be transported to another arena, where 6 more will fall. Then we have a third arena, where 1 victor will emerge victorious. May the odds be ever in your favor." Nilda winked at the crowd, her aquamarine eyeshadow glistening. The crowd cheered and cheered. Nilda grinned murderously as she walked toward her throne. She knew this would be a memorable year.

Tribute Template:










Appearance (please provide a picture):

Backstory (optional):

Token (optional):


1. Please remember that if you sign up for these games, it is imperative that you give advice to your tribute(s) and follow along throughout the games.

2. Please no reservations, links, or profiles. It gets way too complicated and difficult.

3. Please no complaining if your tribute(s) die(s). There is only one victor.

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