Hiya! Okie so all my other blogs/games have floppd miserably, so I decided to make a new one cuz i just got back from vegas from spring break. Its also dedicated to one of my closest friends i met on wiki when i first joind by the username AshtonMoioLover. You may add in a total of 3 tributes maximum. There will also be 4 winner smax, and that may change. So the arena is in Las Vegas and the tributes can run to casinos, shopping centers, and even just the normal deserts and suburban areas. Please use the template: Name: Age: Weapon: Disrtict: Sex: Strengths: Weaknesses: Skills: Personality: Appearance: (must have photo of some kind) Bloodbath Strategy: Games Strategy: Optional: Height: Weight: Backstory: Allies:

Also, I DO NOT accept tributes who do not have enough work. I remember once i had something as stupid as, "weakness: Eats Ice Cream Sloppily" i mean, whos ginna eat friggin ice creaam when ur fighting to the DEATH?! Lol, so no crappy or prepubescently brainstormed tributes. And if u rlly wanna impress me, gimme a vindicictive tribute.

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