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Ok, so I am a HUGE fan of the new show, Whodunnit? and I felt the urged need to create a games for it. There will be 12 tributes and 6 districts. Keep n mind these will be a game that you WILL need to be active throughout the whole games. Once a day, unless otherwise, I will post the murder. Based on your tributes' knowledge and investigative skills, I will team them with similar thinkers and have them solve mysteries to the best of their ability. At the end of each day, one tribute will be murdered b the "killer". The killer is a tribute of my choice and they will know from a message on their talk page that they have the killer. The tribute killed at the end of the day will have been unable to solve the case. I will choose who dies first, last, and whenever. Also, each district is different and specializes in a skill that uses investigative occupations. I will list them below the template. Also, each tribute must decide if they are going to investigate the crime scene, last known whereabouts, or Morgue post-crime. Their occupations or district may suggest a certain place. Follow the tribute template:

Full Name:




Occupation (must have to do with district's specialization):

Appearance (give me an extremely detailed description and I will customize their look on the app "imadeface"):


Strengths that would be useful for crime-solving:

Weaknesses that would hinder decent crime-solving:


District Specializations:

District 1: Crime Reporters

District 2: Homicide Investigators

District 3: Coroners (investigators of corpses)

District 4: Nurses and Doctors

District 5: Witnesses

District 6: Undercover Detectives

Please submit up to 2 tributes a person. Remember, you MUST be active the same day I post each murder so you can comment saying where your tributes will investigate. I will decide everything else. I will determine the killer, the victims, the winner(s), the teams, and the location(s). Thanks!!!!

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