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  • I am We are both Male!!!
  • AndyandCal

    Hey everyone, this is CallamD97 and Mysims' joint account for this lovely games, we will tag our names at the bottom so you know wh typed what,


    So, this games is a new kinda games invented by Callam and myself, it revloves around powers and such so we need you to submit tributes! 2 tributes each is the max!

    Extract from Panem's History-Vol.4 The Return Of The Games

    30 Years after the rebellion and the death of President Coriolanus Snow

    Another rebellion occured

    This one was lead by Callam and Andrew Snow

    They obliterated the districts and formed their own hunger games variation

    They chose the brave, intelligent, cunning and most exceptional children

    They took them to The Capitol and genetically altered their DNA

    The outcome was a super-human…

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