aka Robyn/Andrew (Mysims and Robinbird FYI)

  • AndyandRobyn

    Hey everyone, its me, Mysims, and my best friend in real life Robyn here, making our first joint games, now Robyn is too shy to make her own games, so I'll be assisting her in making these epic! We will write rotating reapings, chariots, then we will do training (group) and training scores, not the sessions. Then interviews, which will take a long time, and finally our amazing GAMES! This will be one of my many games, around 12th or 13th games, but my first one with Robyn, hopefully these will go good :)

    The world was ending. Even 2000 years ago they knew it. Political leaders were in a frenzy, recession and inflation spread across the world. Britian taking the brunt of it. By 2014, oil had completley dissaperared from everwhere except Arab…

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