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    Other Tributes

    August 3, 2012 by Angel Finnin

    Name: Blu Fontana

    Age: 16

    District: 1

    Weapon: Bow and arrows

    Personality: Arragont, rude, snotty

    Appearance: Wavy, long, dirty blonde hair, tan, lanky arms and legs, skinny, dazzling green eyes, tall

    Height: 5'11

    Backstory: Blu used to be a quiet girl before her parents enrolled her into training school. Then she became an arrogant, rude, snotty girl who only cared about herself. She had no friends at all because she was too mean to everyone. She volunteered at the reaping so she could prove to people that she wasn't just another pretty face.

    Strengths: Running, swimming

    Weaknesses: Strength

    Highest Training Score:

    Highest Rank:

    Name: Silver Kademan

    Age: 14

    District: 2

    Weapon: Spear

    Personality: Confident, ruthless, scary, likable

    Appearance: Long, straigh…

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