District One Female

Name: Blu Fontana

Age: 16

District: 1

Weapon: Bow and arrows

Personality: Arragont, rude, snotty

Appearance: Wavy, long, dirty blonde hair, tan, lanky arms and legs, skinny, dazzling green eyes, tall

Height: 5'11

Backstory: Blu used to be a quiet girl before her parents enrolled her into training school. Then she became an arrogant, rude, snotty girl who only cared about herself. She had no friends at all because she was too mean to everyone. She volunteered at the reaping so she could prove to people that she wasn't just another pretty face.

Strengths: Running, swimming

Weaknesses: Strength

Highest Training Score:

Highest Rank:


Blu Fontana

District Two Female

Name: Silver Kademan

Age: 14

District: 2

Weapon: Spear

Personality: Confident, ruthless, scary, likable

Appearance: Long, straight, bleach blond hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin, scrawny, lanky arms

Height: 5'2

Backstory: She was always the popular one of the two girls in her family becasue of her confidence and looks. She always had everyone at her feet because she was the most popular girl. She was also the most adequate girl in the district. She easily could get people to do things she wanted, especially her parents. Her feternal (sp?) twin, Amanda hates her for always having everyone love her.

Strengths: Looks, climbing

Weaknesses: Strength, running, small

Highest Training Score:

Highest Rank:


Silver Kademan

District Three Female

Name: Annabella Macleod

Age: 15

District: 3

Weapon: Wires, mines

Personality: Sweet, nice, kind

Appearance: Curly golden hair, dark, dazzling brown eyes, somewhat tan skin, straight teeth

Height: 5'1

Backstory: She grew up working in a factory with her beloved brothers and sisters. She became very skilled at making mines and wired traps by the time she was eleven. She honestly became very addicted to playing with the wires in the factory, so she got beat alot for not doing any work and only messing around with the wires.

Strengths: Smarts, clever, sly

Weaknesses: Small, naive

Highest Training Score:

Highest Rank:


Annabella Macleod

District Four Female

Name: Belle-Maria Callahan

Age: 12

District: 4

Weapon: Trident, knives

Personality: Sly, clever, quiet

Appearance: Bleach blond hair, brown eyes, very, very pale skin, small, very, very scrawny

Height: 4'8

Backstory: She grew up training indoors, and never outside. Surprising for someone who lives in District Four, she doesn't know how to swim or like the outdoors or the water. She is considered very strange in her district for being one of the few people who have no idea to swim. She ignores them and tries to continue on with her training, but everyone picks on her. So, strangely enough for a 12 year old, she volunteered, willing to show people what she can do. D Strengths: Running, climbing, hiding

Weaknesses: Swimming, strength

Highest Training Score:

Highest Rank:


Belle-Maria Callahan

District Five Female

Name: Sarah Gogan

Age: 17

District: 5

Weapon: Mines, spear

Personality: Sweet, outgoing, nice

Appearance: Long red curly hair, pale skin, dazzling hazel/brown eyes

Height: 5'7

Backstory: She grew up known as the bad girl of District Five. She hated all the people who are all goody goody and never wanted a part of that life. She comes off to everyone as nice, but don't let her fool you. She won't be nice to you for long if she doesn't like you.

Strengths: Running, swimming, stealth, strength

Weaknesses: Climbing

Highest Training Score:

Highest Rank:

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