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    Mutiny Games

    January 14, 2017 by AngelsHolocaust

    hi, i feel like getting back into writing so i thought why not host a hunger games on this site. these games will be very gory, very enticing and impeccable as possible. please submit some tributes so these can begin as quickly as possible!!!!!!!! thank you

    District 1 Tux Bowden Mai Yakuza
    District 2 Slayton Bacchus Genesis Lantbruk
    District 3 Caspian Mahoney Mary Smith
    District 4 Billie Green Tessa Griffin
    District 5 Devon Ferox Sora Deathbell
    District 6 JJ Watt Lavender Morton
    District 7 Brighton Honeycutt Elia Donsown
    District 8 Ryder Locklear Lilah Jollenbeck
    District 9 Arc Taro Nylah Nicole
    District 10 Jack Casey Naomi Lockjaw
    District 11 Nylon Shouta Erraline Xykler
    District 12 Alpha Quells Omega Quells
    District 13 Cauter Dumont Bennie Raymond

    The platform below me shudder…

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    Hi! I'm here with a new games, a wicked, brutal games. With a VERY well-thought out twist. I'm super excited for these games, and I'm sure you will be on the edge of the seat too. Well, I can guarantee that. Let the games begin.

    Name. No ridiculous names, please. I'm not letting a 'Bubble Bubble' win. Or 'Mary Smith'. Please be creative!





    Weaponry + Strengths:



    D1: Lucretius Ashbourne D1: Caspin Shimmer
    D2: Rodeo Baldios D2: Bellatrix de Lucia
    D3: Quentz Electrison D3: Aeralene Ekiert
    D4: Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya D4: Cybelle Kyros


    D5: Allium Arcson
    D6: Aydan Cristine D6: Violet Dionaea
    D7: D7: Ava Parker 
    D8: Saibi Deller D8: 
    D9: D9: Honeysickle Ash
    D10: D10:
    D11: D11:
    D12: Rudolphus …

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    Forlorn Angels. The title really translates into; hopeless children. Children with no hope, forced to battle in this gory event that has destroyed lives, transformed innocent kids into ruthless killing machines. But The Hunger Games has many important lessons. Betrayal. Love. Friendship. Deception. So get ready for these games, because there's a lot in store. There will be drama. There will be calamity. And most importantly, there will be blood.

    Two tributes per user, must be different district and different gender. Please make your tributes interesting as possible, as it will increase their chances of survival in these games. A big part of a tribute that signifies victory in my eyes is their name. No John Smith's please, they w…

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    Welcome everyone! I'm going to try my hardest completing these games. Here's the twist to this very deadly quarter quell...

    "As a reminder to the rebels that even the vulnerable, virtuous women were not spared, all tributes sent to compete will be female."

    So, there it is! ^^^ For now, one tribute per person. I will increase the amount to two if needed. Please make your tributes creative as possible!

    Let the games begin!

    District 1: Andrea Marahall, Glitz Patina.

    District 2: Veronica Morderkaiser

    District 3: Karla Flake

    District 4: #reserved

    District 5: Phoebe Kressila

    District 6: Violet Clareson

    District 7: Rosalia Emerson

    District 8: Cora Nightcaster

    District 9:

    District 10: Helena Krisp

    District 11:

    District 12: #reserved

    District 13:

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    My New Games!

    November 2, 2013 by AngelsHolocaust

    Claim the tribute you want!

    13+ Language, gore and sexual material.

    The gong booms throughout the dark arena, and the rush takes place. A handful of tributes dart for the glistening loot, and some retreat, fleeing to the gloomy jungle surrounding us.

    I make a direct route for the glittering spear I had been persuaded by from the beginning, and manage to capture the slender weapon with ease. Now, time to slaughter. 

    Sighting a hotheaded brawl at the mouth of the cornucopia, I decide to charge in, prepared to butcher not one, but both of the weaklings. Upon further inspection, I discover the two tributes are Genoxite Venom and Duanex Zelda. That Duanex kid turned down our request to the career pack, and I'll make him pay for that!

    But before I rip…

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