Introduction + Quell Idea

Hi My name is Fox and I'm new to this website :) I hope I enjoy it and this is my first hunger games! I wanted to make a quell right away because I have a few ideas I want to put in these games.Okay here are the ideas:

  • There will be 8 wedges of the arena,each containing a different natural disaster.Goes like this:
  1. Forest - Wildfires
  2. Mountains - Volcanic eruptions
  3. Desert - Heatwaves (no water & food source)
  4. Meadow - Limnic eruptions
  5. Tundra - Blizzards
  6. City Ruins - Earthquakes
  7. Beach - Tsunami
  8. Castle - Tornadoes

I'll announce the next Quell idea when the tributes are full ;)

OKAY! Next Quell Idea is that their will be another tribute from each district.They will be known as 'A Threat Tribute' They will be posessed by the Capitol and turned into deadly killing machines.Okay those are the ideas thanks for taking part :D They won't attend training because they don't need it ;D

Note: With the Threat tributes.They will be a mini arena.The must ALL attend the bloodbath.The three remain Threat Tributes will be dropped off into the arena with the normal tributes.


D1M Aurum Livingstone - Deceased
D1F Misty Bull - Deceased
D2M Troy Ventura - Alive
D2F Saffron Ventura - Alive
D3M Discus Gryo - Alive
D3F Delilah Woods - Deceased
D4M Kenny Chemblair - Deceased
D4F Cascade Fen - Deceased
D5M Foxlip Dillard - Deceased
D5F Tate Toxic - Deceased
D6M Artur Geolite - Deceased
D6F Katya Fiach - Deceased
D7M Teal LaCross - Deceased
D7F Harp King - Deceased
D8M John Parker - Deceased
D8F Kaeya Li - Deceased
D9M Wyett Sand - Deceased
D9F Allianna 'Allie' Whittle - Deceased
D10M Darren Rollo - Alive
D10F September Rollo - Alive
D11M Fallon Sage - Deceased
D11F Bluebell Daisy - Alive
D12M Ryan Coal - Deceased
D12F Vanessa Teter - Alive

The Threat Tributes

The Threat Tributes
D1 Zac Ashton (ViniciusDeAssis1999) - Deceased
D2 Omo Loa (AsherMizzou) - Deceased
D3 Rose Winters (Ambalina) - Deceased
D4 Script Level (FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne) - Deceased
D5 Ronan Swift (Flynn77) - Deceased
D6 Petra Liit (FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne) - Deceased
D7 Libra Dove (AcidOcean) - Deceased
D8 Tereza Cristina (ViniciusDeAssis1999 - Deceased
D9 Pamline Falcone (FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne) - Deceased
D10 Tiger Grey (Maxoconnell) - Deceased
D11 Pandora August (Maxoconnell) - Deceased
D12 Lilac Coalburner (Rockman117) - Deceased

Tribute Template








Appearance (Lunaii):



Bloodbath Strategy:


Training Center


I walk into the training center very slowly,I see the girl from 2 laugh with the girl from 1.I'll show them what I'm made of.The head trainer,Atala, clearly states each point of each station,she tells us some ways that we can die in the arena,and she tells us that we should NOT ignore the survival skills.I decide I should just show off my skills later.As I'm learning how to throw knives I see the careers stand behind me giggling.Time to test my skills.I walk over to the Archery Station.I yank a bow out of the rack and slip the arrow into it.I pull back the string and lower myself an inch just incase.BAM! The arrow sinks through the dummies heart.I turn around and the careers look suprised.I giggle to myself and walk off.


I'm throwing axes like a boss when I see the boy from 12 join me.He's good but I'm WAY better then him.I throw an axe and it plants itself inside the dummies heart.I smile and I scavenger the training center to find Teal.I see her in the Camoflauge station with the girl from 8.They are sharing a good chat so I decide to look for a different station.I see knife throwing,seems good.I stand next to the girl from 12.She never misses a target.She then shows me how to throw a knife,she's really nice.Two hours pass by and training is done for today.


Everyone starts with $1000

$50 each kill

Awl- $100

Axe- $250

Sleeping Bag- $100

Nuts- $20

Instant Relief(7 pills)- $350

Dried Fruit- $50

Water & Canteen- $50

Diamond Shards- $500

Cooling Pills(7 pills)- $200

Hot Packs(2 packs)- $125

Poison- $150

Jacket- $100

Throwing Knives- $100

Soup- $50

Trident- $200

Sword- $150

Net- $50

Bread- $25

Rope- $125

Machete- $125

BB Gun(15 Bullets)- $375

Mace- $200

Cut Cream- $123

Burn Cream- $100

Full Course Meal- $500

The Threat Games

Ok so,there will be 12 insane killing machines each from a different district.The three people who remain out of the killing machines will be dropped into the arena with the normal tributes.Here it goes:


I rise up in my panel drooling,I can just smell the human flesh.I'm hungry.I see the cornucopia infront of me and I see all the other insane tributes.20..19..18..I see Tiger (10) crawl off his panel.He blows up and I see his head fly into the air.BOOM! It looks delicious! GONG! We all run to get supplies.Lilac (12) reaches the cornucopia first.She picks up a spear and pierces it through Zac's skull (1) BOOM!.She then picks up an axe and throws it at Omo (2).It digs inside his chest and he falls to the ground.BOOM!


Lilac is mental.She chopped off Scripts (4) arms and legs.She then gives an evil laugh.She picks up a spear and throws it at me.I duck and it goes through Libra's head (7) BOOM!.Only 3 can live.Tereza (8) grips her sword and stabs Pamline (9) in the heart.BOOM! Lilac is running away from Petra (6) Untill Ronan (5) throws an axe at Petra.It slices off her arm and she screams at the top of her lungs.I then stab Script in the heart to put him out of his pain.BOOM! Petra chases Ronan and throws a knife at him with her good hand.BOOM! He falls to the ground and Petra yanks the knife out of his back.I see Lilac running towards me.But Rose stops Lilac by punching her to the ground.Blood plunges out of Lilac's mouth but she doesn't think twice.She lifts the spear up and pierces it through Rose's head.Rose is dangling off Lilac's spear.Lilac laughs her head off and runs around with her spear in the air.BOOM! It's down to Lilac,Petra,Tereza & I.I run towards Petra And she stabs me in the hip.Tereza jabs her sword through stomach.And the last thing I see is Lilac throwing a mace at my head,giving me my death blow.BOOM!

12th: Tiger (10) killed by Explosion

11th: Zac (1) killed by Lilac (12)

10th: Omo (2) killed by Lilac (12)

9th: Libra (7) killed by Lilac (12)

8th: Pamline (9) killed by Tereza (8)

7th: Script (4) killed by Pandora (11)

6th: Ronan (5) killed by Petra (6)

5th: Rose (3) killed by Lilac (12)

4th: Pandora (11) killed by Lilac (12)

The three remaining tributes Petra (6), Tereza (8) & Lilac (12) have been revived back to themselves and have been dropped off into different wedges of the arena.Petra is in wedge 7 (Beach) Tereza is in wedge 2 (Mountains) & Lilac (12) is in wedge 8 (Castle).The tributes do not know that these tributes will be joining them.May the odds be ever in your favour!

The Games


Misty Bull (1)

The tributes & I rise up on our plates.I look around at these weaklings.Pathetic.I lift up my head and the sun prickles my eyes like needles.I then pay attention and get ready to run.I examine the cornucopia and see a Bow & a sheath of arrows.Those are mine.I then see some axes & throwing knives.I can kill with those but I could trigger so many death blows with those arrows.I stare at the clock and only 15 seconds remain.I decide I'm gonna run for those arrows.10..9..8..

Cascade Fen (4)

I'm standing in between Foxlip (5) & Kaeya (8).Only 7 seconds left.I take a deep breath and get myself in position to make a run for it.GONG! I'm about to run for weapons,but I see Kaeya running away.Not so fast.I grab her by the jacket and snap her neck.BOOM! What's gotten into me!? I know I'm a career but I never thought I'd be so deadly.I whisper sorry in her ear even though she can't hear anything.I then see the boy from 3 throw a knife at me.I dodge it and run hoping to find a trident.I see Misty (1) fight with the girl from 11 over a Bow & a sheath of arrows.The girl from 11,I think her name is Bluebell,Picks up a knife and swipes it at Misty's hand.Bluebell then snatches the arrows and runs off.

Delilah Woods (3)

I see Aurum (1) bury an axe into Tate's chest (5).BOOM! These b*tches are craycray! I dodge knives & axes while trying to find a mace.I then see it sitting on a crate inside the mouth of the cornucopia.I run into grab it but Fallon (11) also runs in.We fight over it for a minute.I kick him in the nuts and he falls to the ground.Ha! I throw the mace through the air and it digs through his skull.BOOM!

Allie Whittle (9)

I search for throwing knives and I then see them tied up in some rope lying in the grass.I then see a spear fly over my head and pierce through Artur's brain (6).BOOM! I see that Misty threw the spear.I only thought she was good with axes & knifes.Cascade (4) is armed with a trident and has 4 harpoons neatly arranged in her belt.Troy & Saffron (2) join the careers and they search for tributes.I hide behind the cornucopia and peek to see the action.Saffron digs her axe inside Teal's stomach (7) and finishes her off by slicing her head off.BOOM! I'm about to vomit.I then see Troy stab Wyett's throat with a dagger (9).BOOM! I need to kill Troy.I throw a knife at him and it whizzes over his head.As I'm running I throw another one and it cuts his cheek.I then tackle him to the ground and stab him in the arms and legs.I'm about to finish him off when I see Kenny (4) & Saffron (2) run after me.I then run away and then realise what this arena is.There are 8 different wedges with a different setting.Oooh! I run into a section with a beach!

Saffron Ventura (2)

The girl from 9 will pay for what she did to my brother! I'll save her death for later,I need time to plan a good way to kill her! My brother & I aren't the only brother & sister competing.Theres a pair from 10 aswell,They each had a backpack and the girl had an axe and the boy had a spear.They ran into the wedge with mountains.Kenny found some cut cream and is applying it to Troy's skin while I search for tributes.I see Harp (7) & Ryan (12).I dig my axe inside Ryan's skull.BOOM! 'I throw my axe at Harp but he dodges it.Cascade stabs Harp (7) in the throat.BOOM! And then Misty jabs her spear through the boy from 8's head.BOOM!'''''



End of Day One Statistics

Wedge 1: Foxlip (5) , Blubell (11)

Wedge 2: Darren (10) , September (10) , Tereza (T8)

Wedge 3: Vanessa (12)

Wedge 4: Katya (6)

Wedge 5:

Wedge 6: Delilah (3) , Discus (3),Allie (9)

Wedge 7: Allie (9) , Petra (T6)

Wedge 8: Aurum (1) , Misty (1) , Troy (2) , Saffron (2) , Cascade (4) , Kenny (4) , Lilac (T12)

Day 2

Discus Gryo (3)

I wake up and flop myself around to face Delilah's beautiful appearance.Yesterday at the bloodbath I threw a knife at the girl from 4.I missed her by an inch! Delilah has just woken up and she grips her sword that she stole from Troy (2)."Good morning beautiful" I tell her.She rolls her eyes and sits up."You know i'm gonna kill you eventually." she says with an attitude.I sigh and pick up my backpack and slip it on.I take out my knives and slip them into my belt.She puts her knives in her belt and grabs her sword.We walk through the rubble then something terrible happens.The earth starts to shake and a the concrete starts to open infront of us.The crack is getting bigger and we're running as fast as we can.Delilah pushes me down and laughs.I throw a knife at her but she dodges it.How could she do this to me,we're even from the same district.I get up and my legs slips.The crack is right behind me.I pull my leg back and run as fast as I can.I then see Delilah fall over a rock and she screams in pain."Help me!" she yells.Should I help her or not? She tried to kill me.But I love her with all my heart.I then remember what mum told me back home.If you love someone let them go.I run past her and she yells really insulting things at me."YOUR AN UGLY RETARD AND YOUR GONNA ROT IN HELL YOU A**HOLE!" I then look back and I see she get's sucked into the crack.I don't hear a cannon but then the concrete snaps together and blood splatters from below.BOOM! I fall to my knees and try to catch my breath.I try to forget about Delilah but it's impossible.I loved her.Truely & dearly loved her.

September Rollo (10)

Dallon (10) and I are strolling along when we see something at the peek of the mountains.It's a figure.We walk slowly towards the figure and the figure steps out of the fog.The figure has long hair and it's running towards us.I look closely and I know that this isn't an ordinary tribute.I know because I've never seen her and she has red eyes.I get my axe ready and Dallon pulls out his spear."Hi I'm Tereza from District 8, I am a threat tribute.And I will kill you before you have time to blink." She grips two knives and throws them.They both cut our faces but not too bad.Dallon throws the spear at her and she catches it.As she's fighting with Dallon,I sneak up behind her and bury the axe in her tail bone.She drops to her knees and I pull out a knife and grab her by the neck.I slit her throat and she collapses.BOOM! Dallon looks at me in shock."I needed to protect you." I tell him.He nods his head and we carry on walking.

Troy Ventura (2)

Night falls and we sit down to see who's lives were taken today.Delilah from 3.She was so annoying,at training she dropped an axe on the District 5 girl's foot,but she was quite good with knives.The next tribute is a girl called Tereza? I take a close look and it says 'THREAT TRIBUTE,DISTRICT 8' We all exhange looks and I notice that her eyes are completely red.Those were the only tributes that died today.Theres still alot left.We then hear a noise in the bushes.I pick up my dagger and stand up.A figure then sprints out,it's a girl with blonde hair and red eyes."Hi I'm Lilac from District 12, I am a threat tribute.And I will kill you before you have time to blink"

Lilac pulls out a machete and she swipes it through the air.We hear a cannon.BOOM! What the hell,no ones dead.Then we see Aurum's head fall off.(1) I grab Saffron (2) by the hand and yank her up,we run,we look back and see Lilac holding Aurum's head,laughing her head off.Cacade (4) catches up to us and she let Kenny (4) & Misty (1) fight with Lilac.We soon have reached wedge 4,a Meadow.

Day 3

Katya Fiach (6)

I burst through the bushes and sprint away from the careers.Saffron (2) throws a knife at me and I duck.I race past the trees & I jump over logs,Troy (2) throws an axe and it lands infront of me.I yank it out of the grass and climb up a tree.Cascade (4) catches up with Saffron & Troy.Saffron drops her pack and climbs up the tree.I take a deep breath.I look down and I get my axe ready.I drop the axe and hear the splattering of blood.I hear the most painful scream ever heard.Saffron falls out of the tree and lands on her back.She only has one arm.I look down at her other arm and I jump out of the tree.Cascade chases me for about a minute.I throw a knife at her but she dodges it.She tackles me to the ground and pulls out a harpoon."Thought you could out-run a career honey?" She says deadly.She raises the harpoon but then a cannon sounds.BOOM! Cascade falls off my body and I see the arrow in her back.I raise my head and Blubell (11) stands above me.She smiles and pulls out an arrow.She shoots the arrow and my vision turns dark.BOOM!

Bluebell Daisy (11)

"Nice shot!" says Foxlip (5).I decided to allign with him because he would have killed me if I didn't.I nod my head and I take Cacade's harpoons and Katya's knives.I slide them in my belt and I sit down with Foxlip."So what now?" He says.My mind turns evil and I pull out my bow."Theres a tribute" I say and I point to him.He turns his head around."I don't see anyone,where?" He asks."There" I say and shoot my arrow at him.BOOM! I grab his sword & backpack and sprint away.

Day 4

Misty Bull (1)

Cascade (4) pushed us into that mental Lilac girl.I'm so glad she died.Now time to kill off her pathetic district partner.I don't even know how many people are alive,not many.I draw out a sword and sneak up behind him.I pierce the sword through his abdomen.BOOM! It's game time.I run through all these wedges hunting for pathetic tributes.I come past Allie (9) I run towards her,she turns around and I see her knife come towards my heart.My world then turns into darkness.BOOM!

Allie Whittle (9)

WOAH! I just took out a career.Vanessa (12) comes up behind me and congratulates me on my kill.Not many tributes left.I then hear a noise.Then a voice.Then another voice.I gulp and Vanessa has already thrown the knife.BOOM! I turn around and we see tributes with red eyes,their not normal.Theres still another one."Hi,I'm Petra from District 6,And I will kill you before you have time to blink" She tackles me to the ground and sinks her teeth in my neck.Before she has any time to make a move,Vanessa cuts her neck with the knife.BOOM!

September Rollo (10)

I go out hunting for tributes when I see Allie (9) & Vanessa (12) I run towards them and pull out my axe.Allie charges at me with her knife and I grab her arm and snap it.I knock her to the ground and swing my axe through the air.It finds her brain and she's a goner.BOOM! Vanessa runs away in shock and I hear the cry of Dallon (10).I run back to where I left him and I see the pair from District 2.

Dallon Rollo (10)

I'm fighting with Saffron (2) and September (10) is taking on her brother.Saffron is good.But not good enough.I knock her down to the ground and let my spear do the work.I raise my spear and let it down on her.She grips the head of the spear and rolls up.She draws out an axe and throws it,everything turns black.BOOM!

Saffron Ventura (2)

I grab Troy (2) by the arm and run away from September (10).As Troy & I are running from September,Claudius Templesmith's voice crackles through the arena.

The Feast

Discus Gryo (3)

"Attention tributes,tomorrow at sunrise,their will be a feast,no ordinary feast,something special awaits you.If you choose not to come,expect the worst." Claudius Templesmith's voice leaves the air and I lay my head on my backpack.I think about Delilah.I'm a monster.I can't believe I left her to die.A shiver runs through my body and I soon fall asleep.

I wake up just as the sun is rising.I grab my backpack,slip it on,and take a deep breath.I then sprint as fast as I can towards the cornucopia.I see no other tributes in sight.I look in the distance and see high tech gadgets.I know every single one of them.I run towards them and look at them.They each have a tag with a name on them.I look at the 50mm Machine Gun.I read the tag and see 'Discus'.I grab it and rip the tag off.I then hide behind the cornucopia waiting for company.

Troy Ventura (2)

I arrive at the cornucopia with Saffron (2).No tributes in sight.I run in for what I appear are high technology weapons.Saffrons eyes light up as she picks up the bazooka.She stares at me evily.I pick up an Uzi.It's small but deadly.We each go opposite ways and we wait for tributes.

Vanessa Teter (12)

I'm running away from that mental girl from 11,Bluebell.I reach the cornucopia and run in. I see the gadgets.I pick up a multiple grenade launcher and it's already loaded.Bluebell is not far behind me.I'm not a killer? I can't kill someone.September (10) runs in and grabs her flame thrower.I hide behind the side of the cornucopia.September pulls the trigger on the flamethrower and a wave of fire bursts out.She runs up to Bluebell and knocks her in the face.Bluebell falls to the ground but recovers quickly.She sprints for her pistol and shoots the bullet at September.She misses September by an inch.September starts bashing Bluebell with the back of the flame-thrower and finishes her off by sticking the flame-thrower down Bluebells throat and pulling the trigger.BOOM! I see Discus (3) running towards me.I pull the trigger on my grenade launcher and 4 grenades go flying at him.BOOM!

Saffron Ventura (2)

I sprint out and unleash the bombs from my bazooka.September comes running after me.I let a bomb fly at her but she ducks.She throws her flame thrower at me and it knocks my head.I fall over and the bazooka flies out of my hands.She picks it up and puts it on my mouth."Maybe you'll see your brother in hell,won't you?" She says evily.I try to escape but she'll pull the trigger."You killed my brother you little b*tch! So I'm going to kill you,then your brother,then that stupid girl from 12,sounds good?" I start to cry and the last thing I see is Troy running to save me.BOOM!

Troy Ventura (2)

I'm too late.September got her.What's the point anyway.I drop my uzi and spread my arms apart.September doesn't think twice.She lets a bomb at me and I hear my death blow.BOOM!

Vanessa Teter (12)

I gulp as September looks at me.I run away but she pulls my hair and drags me along the green grass.I bite her hand and pull out a knife.I stab her in the hip and roll myself up.I pull out another knife and throw it.It cuts her face and a gash opens on her nose.She runs at me with the bazooka and a bomb flies over my head.I throw another knife at her.She falls to her knees and digs the knife out of her waist.I could end this.I pull out a knife and throw it with my eyes closed.


I did it.I won.I see the hovercraft appear above me.It brings me up and tears start rolling down my cheeks.I am the victor of The 25th Hunger Games.


Death Chart

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