Introduction + Rules

YO,ITS FOX.So yeah,these are my 2nd games and hopefully they go as good as my 1st ones.These games are going to be humerous,aswell as deadly.WHAT COULD BE MORE DEADLY THEN KILLING OTHER KIDS FOR AMUSEMENT.Okay there are RULES.Ohmergawd,I know right.Well yeah,those rules are:

  2. DON'T CUSS.

Oh,and these are a regular games,24 tributes.There might be some twists along the way but not at this point.Please send in a tribute,and have fun! Oh and in my last games I killed like 10 in the bloodbath so this time only 5 or 6 will be killed to be fair and give everyone a chance :) Oh and you can submit 2 TRIBUTES MAXIMUM.If your going to make careers you can only have 1 career.Thankyou and please join!


Male Female
D1 Flurn Spleng Leo Carter
D2 Jupiter Storm Maisie Parks
D3 Currant Lure Mize Crust
D4 Hiro Pulse Titania Losh
D5 Raven Emerald Pheonix Emerald
D6 Jake Brown Coral Cane
D7 Callam Delaney Chastody Seneic
D8 Fraiser Grey Jennika Squirrelson
D9 Squirrelson Jr Cora Wheatley
D10 Cayman Cullen Leia Daffodil
D11 Luke Trange Essence Moon
D12 Sten Frost Lilac Coalburner

Tribute Template










Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:




Awl- $100

Axe- $250

Sleeping Bag- $100

Nuts- $20

Instant Relief(7 pills)- $350

Dried Fruit- $50

Water & Canteen- $50

Diamond Shards- $500

Cooling Pills(7 pills)- $200

Hot Packs(2 packs)- $125

Poison- $150

Jacket- $100

Throwing Knives- $100

Soup- $50

Trident- $200

Sword- $150

Net- $50

Bread- $25

Rope- $125

Machete- $125

BB Gun(15 Bullets)- $375

Mace- $200

Cut Cream- $123

Burn Cream- $100

Full Course Meal- $500

Training Scores

District 1

Flurn: 9

Leo: 10

District 2

Jupiter: 10

Maisie: 8

District 3

Currant: 7

Mize: 5

District 4

Hiro: 8

Titania: 9

District 5

Raven: 6

Pheonix: 6

District 6

Jake: 8

Coral: 3

District 7

Callam: 9

Chastody: 7

District 8

Fraiser: 4

Jennika: 4

District 9

Squirrelson: 6

Cora: 10

District 10

Cayman: 5

Leia: 9

District 11

Luke: 7

Essence: 10

District 12

Sten: 6

Lilac: 12


The arena has 4 parts to it.In the north part of the arena their is a rainforest,In the east side of the arena their is a rocky area with a waterfall.In the south side their is a beach with ocean water and lots of palm trees,and in the west is a desert with 3 lakes and also cacti. (lots of cactus)

Death Chart

24th: Coral (6) Knive to face by Lilac (12)
23rd: Sten (12) Axe to skull by Leo (1)
22nd: Cayman (10) Machete to head by Titania (4)
21st: Fraiser (8) Axe to head by Jupiter (2)
20th: Squirrelson (9) Arrow to skull by Maisie (2)
19th: Pheonix (5) Sword to abdomen by Cora (9)

18th: Cora (9) Knife to head by Raven (5)

17th: Raven (5) Dagger to throat by Essence (11)
16th: Jake (6) Mace to face by Lilac (12)
15th: Luke (11) Axe to neck by Chastody (7)
14th: Jennika (8) Trident to chest by Titania (4)
13th: Maisie (2) Spear to temple by Jupiter (2)
12th: Flurn (1) Burnt to death by Lilac (12) & Currants (3) fire.
11th: Callam (7) Sword to throat by Mize (3)
10th: Titania (4) Dart through heart by Leia (10)
9th: Lilac (12) Head sliced off with machete by Currant (3)
8th: Hiro (4) Dagger to chest by Essence (11)
7th: Leo (1) Axe to head by Chastody (7)
6th: Leia (10) Dagger to back by Essence (11)
5th: Essence (11) Axe to head by Chastody (7)
4th: Currant (3) Spear to head by Jupiter (2)
3rd: Mize (3) Axe to chest by Chastody (7)
2nd: Jupiter (2) Axe to head by Chastody (7)

The Games

Coral (6)

My stylist hands me a mustard coloured jacket,I slip it on and I stare at the tube.Soon,I will be lifted up into the arena,and will attend a cornucopia bloodbath.My stylist said even though I got a training score of 3,he knows I can win.

I hop in the tube.I then start rising.Oh god.I look around at the other tributes,I'm in between Sten (12) & Raven (5).15 seconds left.I get ready to run.5..4..3..2..1..


I sprint for a spear,I dodge a knife thrown by Lilac (12) she starts to chase me,I run inside the cornucopia when I reach a dead end.I twist my body around and she gives an evil smirk.

She throws the knife and I know that I am the first to die.BOOM!

Leia (10)

One cannon so far,that will multiply in a minute.

I search through backpacks and scavenger for weapons.I see it in the distance,the blowgun.I run for it,I scoop it up and pick up a backpack.

I need to get out of here, fast.As I'm running I see Leo (1) has thrown an axe into Sten's (12) skull.BOOM!

I stop and see that the arena has 4 different sections.I run into the rocky area.

Titania (4)

I see tributes already running away.I spot Cayman from 10.I sneak up behind him and headlock him.I gash his head open with my machete.BOOM!

Not my weapon of choice but good enough for me.I turn around and Jupiter (2) has lodged an axe inside Fraisers head.(8).BOOM!

Maisie (2) chases Squirrelson (9).She shoots an arrow at him and it pierces through his skull.BOOM! Flurn (1) then sends a spear flying at Lilac.But she ducks under it and runs away with it.

Flurn (1)

All the remaining tributes have escaped the bloodbath,leaving us careers here.This year,our alliance has Leo (1),Maisie & Jupiter from 2,& Hiro & Titania from 4.

We might accept another tribute,but at this stage,it's unlikely.We decide to set up camp inside the cornucopia for today.

As the sun dies down,the night sky rises.We all look up into the sky to see who has died.The girl from 6,the boy from 8,the boy from 9,the boy from 10,and the boy from 12.

Jupiter takes guard for tonight and we all fall asleep.

Day 2

Cora (9)

I wasn't able to get a slingshot in the bloodbath,but I did recieve a sword.My mentor told me to search for water,I have been in the rainforest for a day and haven't found one water source.I decide to move on to a different section.

I reach an area with rocks and boulders everywhere,it's pretty quiet,when I hear a calm,pleasent sound.A waterfall.I see it in the distance and I run for it.I'm halfway there when I spot a figure drinking from the water.It's the girl from 10.I don't know if I should kill her or not.I slowly walk up to her and sit next to her."Hi,I'm Cora,want to be an alliance?" I ask her.She accepts my request and I tell her we need to start hunting for tributes.

She agrees and we walk around the arena waiting for fresh meat.

Leo (1)

The Careers and I have decided we are going to look for tributes.We see a figure in the distance,Mize from District 3.We all sprint for her and Maisie is shooting arrows at her,missing every single time.If it was my decision I would just kill Maisie,she's nothing special,infact the girl from 12 is way better then her.

We are still running after her when she makes a smart move.She jumps in a lake and swims to the next section."We lost her!" screams Maisie.I glare at Maisie,gosh,it would feel nice to kill her,but if I killed her,I'd have to face Jupiter,so I guess I'll just keep quiet for now.

Raven (5)

Pheonix (5) & I are hunting for tributes when 2 figures sprint out of the trees.Pheonix grips her spear & I get ready to throw some knives like a boss.It's the girl from 10 and the girl from 9.The girl from 9 screams at the top of her lungs and tackles Pheonix to the ground.

The girl from 10 fires a dart into my hip,I throw a knife at her and it cuts her shoulder blade.BOOM! I can't kill her by hitting her shoulder blade,can I? I then twirl around and the Pheonix has a sword sticking out of her abdomen.My sister is dead.

I sucker punch the little girl from 9 and I grab some rope from my backpack,I'm going to make this death a death to remember,the girl from 10 is running away while I hang Cora,I think,on a branch.

I tie a knot and slowly walk up to her."Hows it hanging?" I ask her.I stick two knives in her eyes and shove 2 up her nose."You know,I've never played darts in my life,so it's a little new to me" I whisper in her ear.

I slowly walk backwards and I throw knives into her body.I then hear a twig snap behind me.BOOM! I've killed Cora,but who could be behind me? I see Essence from 11."You monster" she says.She then runs up to me and pierces a dagger through my throat.BOOM!

Essence (11)

My first kill was worth it,I just saw Raven (5) hang a little girl and throw knives at her untill a cannon went off.I set up camp in the rainforest,I look up into the sky and the first picture that shows is the girl from 5,next is Raven from 5,and last is the girl from 9.

I hate the capitol.

I slide into my sleeping bag and slowly fall asleep.

Day 3

Jennika (8)

Ugh,I am honestly so annoyed right now.Squirrels keep following me around the arena.I pick up my sword and dig it inside one of the squirrels heads.Time to kill more!

I have killed 3 more squirrels so far,they just keep coming.This is intense.I pick up the squirrels,put them in my bag,and run.

Great,now I'm being chased by a stampede of squirrels.I wonder if this is just for the amusement of the Capitol,or if squirrels actually want to kill me.Well,atleast I have dinner.

Jake (6)

I'm walking along in the desert,I'm desperate for water.I slowly make my way inside the rainforest.I find a pond and start taking huge gulps immediately.I hear a twig snap behind me.

Lilac from 12 stands above my body.She giggles."Your cute" She says with a cheeky grin."Your pretty hot" I tell her."Yeah,well,I don't let people off so easily.Time to die pretty boy." The last thing I see is the mace swinging through the air and smashing my face.BOOM!

Chastody (7)

I'm spying on the boy from 11.He's munching on a groosling leg,he has another leg on top of his backpack.I'm starving,I need to take a chance and try and kill him.I walk up to him,I draw out my axe,I lift it up slowly.BOOM! I slam my axe in his neck and yank it out.I take his supplies and run.

Jupiter (2)

We hear running and panting.I pull out my axe.I see the girl from 8 running like a maniac,and what's that!? A stampede of squirrels are following her.Titania runs towards the girl and sticks a trident in her chest.BOOM!

We decide to set up camp in the rocky area tonight.We look up in the sky and the first shown is the boy from 6,then the girl from 8,then the boy from 11.It's Maisie's turn to take guard tonight.We all get into our sleeping bags and slowly fall asleep.

Maisie (2)

I decide,that tonight is the night,the night when I'm going to kill the careers.I take an arrow and decide who to kill first.Hiro seems like an easy target for now.I crawl over to him and put my hand over his mouth.He opens his eyes and immediately knows what is going on.He starts screaming.I see Jupiter waking up."WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING MAISIE!" He yells at me.I'm still trying to find Hiro's heart,when a spear is thrown into my temple.BOOM!

Day 4

Lilac (12)

I lay out my weapons in an organised line and decide which weapon of torture I'm going to use next.I take a long time to think about my options,and I decide it's time to decapitate an underling.I grasp my machete and search for trbiutes.

I see the boy from 3,but before I can make my move Claudius Templesmith's voice crinkles through the arena. "Tributes,we have dropped off 1 hotel in each section of the arena,if you want food or water,you should probably come,yeah.May the odds be ever in your favour!" His voice exits the arena and I come up with a deadly plan.

I sneak up behind the boy and I gently lay the blade of the machete on his back. "Okay electrical boy,we are going to the hotel together,you will do everything I say,and maybe I won't kill you,got that?" He nods his head and I drag him by his arms."Oh,and if you run,your dead." He gulps and we arrive at the hotel.

Currant (3)

Right now I'm being held hostage by the mental girl from District 12.But the hotels are AMAZING.I explore the hotel and I'm so excited to stay here untill Lilac tells me the plan.

"Okay,I'm going to start a fire right now,the careers will arrive,and I'm going to need your help to make this building collapse.The hotel is made out of wood,so it's going to be easy to make it burn down the structure."

Burn down the structure? I nod my head and she runs outside and starts the fire.

After a few minutes we see the careers arrive.I jump out the back window and Lilac follows.We then quietly set the wood on fire and the fire is getting bigger by the minute.Lilac then runs around the front and locks the door from the front so the careers can't get out.

She looks over at me and gives me an evil grin.

Hiro (4)

The rest of the careers and I are chilling in the lounge eating chicken sandwiches.I then take a sniff and I look behind me.Fire."FIRE" I yell out in panic.Titania (4) screams and runs for the front door."IT'S LOCKED!" She screams.Leo (1) and Jupiter (2) run up stairs and start smashing a window.

"COME ON GUYS!" Howls Leo from upstairs.We all jump out the window and we hear a cannon.BOOM! Leo drops to her knees and starts bursting out tears."What's wrong Leo,we all got out safely?" I tell her in a comforting way.She looks up to me and whispers something.

"Flurn was still in there"

Mize (3)

I come face to face with Callam (7).I can beat him.I snatch the sword from my backpack and he tears out a spear.

I run at him and before he can maneuver,I slice his spear in half and I scrutinize him in a deadly manner.I clasp my sword,and puncture him in the throat.BOOM! Another man down.

Day 5

Leia (10)

I amble around the forest,and suddenly I hear a noise from behind the bushes.A figure scampers towards me,I block the figure with my sheild and realise it's the girl from 4.I launch a dart at her and it finds her eye.Just to make sure she's dead I blast one more dart through her heart.BOOM!

I gasp with gratitude.Not many left,I seize the backpack from her and quickly dash away from the scene.

Currant (3)

Lilac and I have decided that we should enter another hotel,as we enter the desert we see the hotel in the distance.As soon as we walk in we are interrupted by Claudius Templesmith.

"Attention tributes! We will be demolishing the remaining hotels in precisely 60 seconds,may the odds be ever in your favour!" I look over at Lilac and she runs for the front door.I tug her back by the neck and push her into the wall.I jerk the machete from her hands and slice her head off.BOOM!

I run outside and abandon the hotel.I can lightly hear the hotel collapse.As I'm running I see her.I slowly reach her and I lock her in my arms.I need to protect her.I need to protect Mize.

Leo (1)

"Congratulations Final 8!"

Wow.I guess I've made it to the top 8.Titania hasn't came back yet,she's been hunting for tributes while the rest of us guarded our camp.

Night falls pretty quickly and the first picture shown all leaves us in shock.Titania."Who do you think killed her?" Asks Jupiter. "Probably the three girl or the twelve girl" Says Hiro in a gloomy voice.

Just as he advertises his ideas the District 12 girl shows up in the sky.

I slide in my sleeping bag and bawl myself to sleep.

Day 6

Essence (11)

I clutch my dagger and tackle the boy from 4 to the ground.

I prod the dagger inside his chest and chuckle as his cannon blows.BOOM!

Leo (1) comes running at me,I attack her and gulp as she pulls out a mace.

"This might hurt a little"

She sways the mace through the air and I quickly run away.She's getting hot on my tail,she drags me along the grass.BOOM!

I look up at Leo and she has an axe jammed in her head.

She slumps to the ground and I see the girl from 7 with a malicious smile on her face.

I quickly grab the mace and make a run for it.

Leia (10)

I don't know what to do at this point,two cannons have gone off.

Final 6.

Day 7 (The Feast)

Mize (3)

I arrive at the cornucopia with Currant.I see the bags with numbers 2,3,7,10 and 11 stitched onto the bags.

We explode out of the bushes and start sprinting for the bags.

I snatch the backpack and dart around the cornucopia.

I see Essence battling it out with Leia.

Essence then wraps the mace around Leia's throat then starts choking her.Leia fires a dart into Essence's cheek and Essence slopes to the ground.

Essence rips out a dagger and boosts it into Leia's back.BOOM!

Essence (11)

I tear my dagger out of Leia's back and I catch hold of my mace.I clench the chain and see the girl from 3 a few yards away.

I run for her when I see a flying figure in the corner of my eye.

The girl from 7 has been on top of the cornucopia this whole time.

She perches on my shoulder,she then rears the axe and embeds it in my head.BOOM!

Jupiter (2)

I run in for my bag,2 cannons so far.I grasp the bag and slowly grip my spear.

I trot around the cornucopia and see Currant.

I nab the back of his jacket and twinge my spear in his neck.

He falls to the ground,almost dead.


I then spike my spear through his head and his cannon blows.BOOM!

Chastody (7)

As the girl from 3 is chasing the boy from 2 I abduct all of the 3 remaining bags.

I twirl around and the girl from 3 lunges her sword at me.

Pathetic.I dodge the sword easily and launch my final axe at her.

She renches the axe out of her chest and falls to the ground.BOOM!

Jupiter (2)

That girl from 7 didn't need to steal those bags because she won't be needing them.She's weaponless.

She's going to die.

I walk towards her,I got all the time in the world right now.

She quickly digs through her pack and draws out a golden double-sided axe.

I stop for a minute and sprint towards her.

I throw my spear and I know it won't miss.She raises her axe and the spear get's chopped in half.

She throws the axe and it plummets towards my head.BOOM!


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