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An All Girls Onslaught: Blitz

Welcome everyone! I'm going to try my hardest completing these games. Here's the twist to this very deadly quarter quell...

"As a reminder to the rebels that even the vulnerable, virtuous women were not spared, all tributes sent to compete will be female."

So, there it is! ^^^ For now, one tribute per person. I will increase the amount to two if needed. Please make your tributes creative as possible!

Let the games begin!


District 1: Andrea Marahall, Glitz Patina.

District 2: Veronica Morderkaiser

District 3: Karla Flake

District 4: #reserved

District 5: Phoebe Kressila

District 6: Violet Clareson

District 7: Rosalia Emerson

District 8: Cora Nightcaster

District 9:

District 10: Helena Krisp

District 11:

District 12: #reserved

District 13:

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