Welcome, to the 8th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES! Yeah, hey everyone, I think it's time I begin another games. These will be my best yet, and possibly my last, so you better enter! These games will involve gruesome butcherings with all sorts of metallic blades, large mutts with razor sharp beaks, and much, much more! I hope you will enjoy these games as much as I will writing them, and in these games, you are only able to submit one tribute. Yes, that's right. ONE. And I will not be accepting dull, uncreative tributes that have been used before many times. Have fun reading my games, they will include chariot rides, final 8 interviews, and the victory tour. These games will be written in third person for most of it, and if you have an concerns, comments, or querys, please ask me on my talk page. Now, happy hunger games! And may the odds, be ever in your favor!

Tribute Information










History (Optional):


  • Zynna Swathe (D1)
  • Reload Thrasher (D1)
  • Temperance Fallstreak (D2)
  • Silvenus Faraknar (D2)
  • Mystique Seasonal (D3)
  • Jacob Pribe (D3)
  • Aquafina Odair (D4)
  • Hollis Todd (D4)
  • Winter Grakineey (D5)
  • Chase Pansworth (D5)
  • Ebony Black (D6)
  • Kyle Manero (D6)
  • Hazle Avery (D5)
  • Aaron Winters (D7)
  • Vriska Serket (D8)
  • Alexander Lumoon (D8)
  • Azalea Firethorn (D9)
  • Albany York (D9)
  • Summer Denim (D10)
  • Luke Mahoney (D10)
  • Phrophecy Keria (D11)
  • Blackwell Morson (D11)
  • Reed Woods (D12)
  • Hawthorne Addams (D12)
  • Amelia Anderson (D13)
  • Stallion Cub (D13)

District 1 Male: Reload Thrasher - $100 - (10) Stabbed in the stomach with Albany's switchblade

District 1 Female: Zynna Swathe - $200 - (8)'

District 2 Male: Silvenus Faraknar - $200 (11)'" Stabbed repeatedly with a bladed fan, chopped into two by Zynna

District 2 Female: Temperance Fallstreak - $75 (10)'

District 3 Male: Jacob Pribe - $100 (7) Trident mobilized through the neck by Ebony

District 3 Female: Mystique Seasonal - $45 (11)' Throat stabbed with sickle by Vriska Serket

District 4 Male: Hollis Todd - $100 (9) Head split open with Temperance's hatchet

District 4 Female: Aquafina Odair - $100 (10)' Hit in the head with a spiked club by Zynna Swathe

District 5 Male: Chase Pansworth - $100" Neck snapped then gutted by Silvenus 

District 5 Female: Winter Grakineey - $100 (8)' Axe thrown into back of head by Reed Woods

Distrct 6 Male: Kyle Manero - $100 (6) Head smashed against surface of ship repetitively by Alexander

District 6 Female: Ebony Black - $150 (9)' Stabbed in the skull with a katana by Zynna Swathe

District 7 Male: Aaron Winters - $100 (5) Throat slit with Silvenus's sword

District 7 Female: Hazle Avery - $100 (9)'" War axe shoved in throat by Ebony Black

District 8 Male: Alexander Lumoon - $100 (10)

District 8 Female: Vriska Serket - $150 (11)'"

District 9 Male: Albany York - $150 (8)'

District 9 Female: Azaela Firethorn - $82 (9)'"

District 10 Male: Luke Mahoney - $100 (7) Steel claws shoved through his throat by Zynna

District 10 Female: Summer Denim - $100 (7)'" Hatchet hurled into chest by Hawthorne Addams

District 11 Male: Blackwell Morson - $100 (9) Lungs jackhammered open with Vriska's harpoon

District 11 Female: Phrophecy Keria - $100 (8) Torso sliced open with Silvenus's dagger

District 12 Male: Hawthorne Addams - $100 (11)' Stabbed in the back with a knife by Reed Woods

District 12 Female: Reed Woods - $100 (6)' Throat slit open with a sickle by Ebony Black

District 13 Male: Stallion Cub - $100 (10) Pick axe buried into the throat by Chase

District 13 Female: Amelia Anderson - $100 (8) Chest grazed multiple times with Zynna's steel claws

'= Tribute escaped the bloodbath

"= Tribute escaped the bloodbath with injury


Yes, I will be allowing sponsoring, but there are just a few rules. And before I get to those rules, I just need to point out that your tribute will start off with $100, and if there's something missing or something you would like me to add on to the list, let me know on here or on my talk page (talk page would be more appropriate because I check it every time I come online). Now, rules. You can only start sending gifts after a day is finished, meaning if day 1 finishes, then you can send your gifts, and the gifts will be recieved on day 2 of the games. Also, if your tribute dies but you still have some money left, you can donate that money to another tribute. You are not allowed to send your tribute notes warning them about traps and nearby tributes, but you can send them any other letters you want. Also, you can't just send your tribute fifty bottles of water or something, make the gift realistic and something I can work with. Thanks, that's all for now, but feel free to ask questions in the comment section. The sponsoring list will be up soon!


Axe - $39

Hatchet - $34

Sword - $46

Spear - $44

Knife - $13

Harpoon - $21

Meteor Hammer - $53

Nightstick - $32

Pitchfork - $46

Flail - $34

Switchblade - $19

Falcata - $29

Awl - $12

Kopis - $20

Halberd - $23

Xiphos - $21

Iron Age Sword - $41

Club - $36

Throwing Knives (6) - $46

Throwing Axes (3) - $50

Bladed Fans (2) - $44

Pick Axe - $38

Battleaxe - $38

War Axe - $38

Wood Chopping Axe - $38

Rifle - $200

Nunchucks - $45

Portal Gun - $38

Hammer - $34

Spiked Club - $40

Scimitar - $31

Steel Claws - $38

Whip - $35

Bow - $25

Arrows (12) - $25

Slingshot - $16

Katana - $25

Mace - $44

Trident - $47

Dagger - $20

Sickle Sword - $42

Sickle - $32

Scythe - $45

Blowgun - $18

Darts (12) - $22

Baton - $44


Sunglasses - $8

Sheet of plastic - $4

Pain killers - $14

Iodine - $18

Poison - $16

Medicine - $18

Net - $12

Rope - $19

Sunhat - $10

First aid kit - $24

Empty backpack - $8

Backpack full of supplies - $36

Antidote - $22

Wire - $17

Socks - $10

Gloves - $10

Waterproof Jacket - $21

Helmet - $30

Armour - $37

Shield - $23

Scarf - $13

Boots - $16

Band-aids (12) - $20

Towel - $11

Toilet paper - $5

Torch - $9

Binoculars - $14

Spade - $8

Tent - $20

Sleeping bag - $18

Hook - $11

Syringe of Poison - $17

Syringe of Antidote - $24

Gasoline - $19

Matches - $6

Fishing rod - $15

Candles - $13

Boots - $11

Flask - $9

Insect repelent - $5

Blanket - $12

Life jacket - $20


Nuts - $5

Died fruit - $8

Dried meat - $12

Bread - $14

Wheat - $5

Chocolate - $10

Bag of sweets - $16

Apples (8) - $32

Bag of fruit - $30

Bag of vegetables - $30

Bag of berries - $12

Jam (1 jar) - $6

Cream - $7

Salt - $4

Sugar - $4

Coffee - $9

Arena Wear

The tributes will be wearing sturdy black hunting boots, and cargo green trousers. Underneath, they will be wearing camoflauge polyprops, and black sweatshirts. Their jackets will be a certain color, a stationary color for each district. So if the male from 13 has a twinkling yellow jacket, so will his counterpart, here's the list:

District 1: Red

District 2: Green

District 3: Carmine

District 4: Blue

District 5: Yellow

District 6: Turquoise

District 7: Orange

District 8: Burgandy

District 9: Gray

District 10: Almond

District 11: Mustard

District 12: Black

District 13: Brown

Reaping (D1)

District One

Zynna Swathe's POV:

Quivering rain drops breeze through the empty sky, simmering with twinkling splashes as they belt my window. I watch as the coruscating drops of undimmed liquid leak down the glass gracefully, a stunning motion repeated countless times. My focus traces away from the elegant beads of aqua, then my eyes are clamped on my little sister, who slants in the doorway, glossy tears leeching from her eye sockets.

With blissful sways, I wave towards her with elegance, trussing my arms around her, keeping her locked in my spirited hug. "Zynna! Please don't volunteer! I beg you!" She cries with soaking logs of water seeping from the weary bags under her eyes. "Don't worry, I won't." The words croak as they bolt from my lips, knowing that I have lied to my own, sunken sister. "Yay! I love you!" She cheers, then pecks me on my cheek with her cozy, furrowed lips. She makes a beeline out of the door, her blonde mane whirlpooling through the air, her innocence nested upon her face.

As the door bangs behind her, the guilt washes through me, the tears start oozing from my spangled eyes, the stigma throttling my neck, the odium clobbering my temples. The guilt has settled in. The reaping begins at 9:00AM, the annual election of the tributes who will be banked into the spheroid of gruesome butchering with blades, where gamemakers lasso you into monstrous devices that will take your life, slowly and painfully as possible, ferocious critters with fangs sharper than scythes, claws acuminated like hooks, and much more. I don't care about any of those things though, because I'm ruthless. Brave. And most importantly, noxious. I'm ready to dominate these games, bring glory to my district, have my family bathed with luster, an ocean of money, and my favorite, become famous.

The thought has me drooling. I quickly sponge off the sap with my knuckles, then throw open the oaken doors of my closet. What to wear, what to wear? A glistening, fuchsia shadowed dress embroidered with persian rose braids furnished as a belt grapples my attention. I quickly shawl it on before grasping for my transparent hair brush. The once tangled, knotted hair has now transformed into a flood of platinum blonde swirls with the glissading movements of my hair brush, and now, I'm ready to go. "Bye everyone!" I screech before slipping on a pair of coral pink stilettoes which flicker with every step I take. I head out the door, tossing my cascading twirls over my shoulders. I prance towards the square, then get my finger pricked before striding towards the 16 year old girl's section.

"Hey Zynna!" A voice calls from behind me, I twirl around to find my eyes lasered on Annabelle. Annabelle has been my friend for 6 years, and she's really helped me with the death of Destiny. "Nice dress." She says, and I quickly beam away from her, eager to know who our new escort is this year. "Hello everyone! My name is Tavia Taxle, and I will be District 1's new escort for the next 20 years!" Tavia screeches into the microphone. Tavia looks young, at least 20, she has an orange wig with blue twinkling streaks, a black jumpsuit, and carmine stilettoes. "Now, ladies first!" She cheers. She implants her hand, and whirls it around, trying to catch clasp of a note. She yanks out a diamond slip of paper, then reads the name.

"Annabelle Bliss!"

She shouts, and the look on Annabelle's face is a dangerous smirk, a smirk that can already translate that she's ready to kill, ready to win. "I volunteer!" I growl, shoving Annabelle to my side and making my way up on stage. "It looks like we have ourselves a volunteer! What's your name sweetie?" Tavia howls.

"Zynna Swathe." I say with satisfaction, Tavia dismisses me and strolls over to the boys bowl. Her hand falls into the boys bowl and she fishes for a slip. After finding the slip, she lumbers over to the  microphone, then carefully reads the slip. "Xander Saber," she shouts, only to be interrupted by a volunteer. The boy with tan skin and light brown hair mounts the staircase, then announces that his name is Reload Thrasher. Weird huh? I shake his hand, then I'm pushed into the Justice Building.


  • The Lake
  • The Black Beach
  • Purple Forest
  • Jungle
  • Waterfall
  • Tiger Mutts
  • Toucan Mutts

The Arena: The arena is a majestic, luxurious sphere with wedges split into four. The tributes start in cruise ship, and the only way to get to the island is to either swim (it's not a very far distance) or sail there with life boats the cornucopia provides. The cruise ship still has a golden cornucopia, on the very top of the cruise ship, is where the tributes will start. To the north, there is a glimmering purple forest with large trees, edible blackberries, and it rains in this wedge quit a lot. To the east, a large glorius jungle is found, with a flowing stream of crystal clear water, and loads of leaves, trees and more natural resources. Here, you will find poisonus mushrooms, and edible nuts. To the south, a dark, gloomy beach is loacated, also known as 'The Black Beach', here you will find gigantic black rocks, lots of dark shells and crystals, and a black sea that can wash you away if you get close enough, also, to the east of The Black Beach, a cave with a circular aqua waterfall is found. To the west, is a huge, deadly lake with limnic eruptions occuring every five minutes, intoxicating anyone who drinks from the lake. Now, mutts. Snow white tigers with razor sharp fangs are located in The Black Beach and the Jungle. Then, we have the Toucan mutts with scissor sharp talons and frightening teeth sharper than pencils are located in the Purple Forest, and are also found in nearby trees near the lake.

Day One

The tributes are elevated into the arena.

They are in a aristocratic, lustrous cruise ship, but on the very top.

Small waves torrent under the cruise ship, allowing the ship to blissfully sway in unison with the waves.

Tributes can escape the cruise ship with life boats that are located near the east of the cornucopia, or, if they're naturals, they can swim there.

Zynna Swathe of District 1 rings in the area. Gleaming weapons shimmer like coins, Zynna locks her eyes on the butchering tools, deciding which blade she will use to slaughter with. 

Reload Thrasher of District 1 casts a quick glance over his shoulder, noticing that there is a large island to the west of the cruise ship, a destination he will be visiting, if he get's the chance to.

Reload rakes the hair out of his face with the swipe of his bulky hand, then sets his attention on the timer.

Fifty seconds remaining.

Temperance Fallstreak of District 2 scans the cornucopia, eagerly voting on which acuminous weapon she will retrieve from the human butchery she will soon scuttle through with bloodlust and satisfaction for.

Temperance looks over to Silvenus Faraknar, her counterpart and love interest. Temperance honors Silvenus with an apathetic smile, which Silvenus ignores, too busy focusing on the golden chamber that lies infront of him.

Fourty seconds.

Mystique Seasonal, District 3, ambitiously taps her foot on her plate, excited to spring from her plate and dominate these games.

Mystique tosses her long, brown swirls over her shoulders then winks at Jacob Pribe, her District partner, before erecting her focus back on the cornucopia.

Aquafina Odair of District 4, shuffles on her plate, a sharp breeze flies past her, letting Aquafina's blonde mane elegantly sail through the air.

Hollis Todd of District 4 slicks back his sideburns, then steadies himself in a ready position.

Thirty seconds.

Hawthorne Addams of District 12 stands in between Ebony Black of District 6, and Silvenus Faraknar of District 2, two major threats.

Hawthorne gulps, but then quickly calms down, realizing that he too, is a threat. Hawthorne's counterpart, Reed Woods, like Aquafina, fidgets on her plate.

Reed almost tumbles off of her metallic plate as a large wave flushes underneath the ship.

The tributes from District 9, Azaela Firethorn and Albany York, unlike most tributes, are plated next to eachother, dreading the moment the gong will ring out.

Twenty seconds.

Vriska Serket of District 8 snickers with delight, finally, somewhere where she could finally let her anger erupt, and take it out on others by letting them suffer with the scorching pain of hot, blazing death.

Vriska rolls her eyes as her District partner, Alexander Lumoon, lets tears cascade from his eye sockets, sure, he may have gotten a training score of 10, but Vriska could still tell he's weak.

"Wimp." She says out loud.

Winter Grakineey, District 5, clamps her teeth together. Winter's fellow District partner, Chase Pansworth, enhales a deep breath.

Fifteen seconds.

Kyle Manero, District 6, shivers, knowing that he's in between Hazle Avery of District 7, and Zynna Swathe of District 1.

Aaron Winters of District 7 is determined to be the first to get a life boat, accepting the fact that it's no use to grab any weapons, knowing that he cannot bring himself to kill another human.

Blackwell Morson, and Phrophecy Keria, the tributes of District 11 ready themselves.

Summer Denim of District 10 stiffens with fear.

Ten seconds.

Summer's District partner, Luke Mahoney, stares into the glimmering sky.

The sun prickles his eyes like needles.

Stallion Cub of District 13 simply stands on his plate, while his District partner Amelia Anderson caresses her flaring, bleach blonde mane.

Hazle Avery of District 7 can't wait to show her friends and family back at home what she's made of.


Ebony Black of District 6 shudders.

She looks over to her District partner, Kyle Manero, and nods.

"You can do this."

She whispers to him, knowing that Kyle isn't confident. Kyle shakes his head.

"No I can't." He whispers back.

Ebony rolls her eyes and jerks her head towards him once more. "Yes, you can." 


Blackwell Morson of District 11 takes a huge breath. He scans the other tributes, trying to make out which tributes are threats and which tributes aren't.

He stumbles across the tributes from District 2, together, they are vicious, although the girl isn't very talkative like most careers. She's mysterious, but bloodthirsty.


Zynna Swathe of District 1 glissades her blonde twirls out of her vision. She thinks of Destiny, Zynna's once best friend who was brutally tortured by the girl from 7 in a past Hunger Games.

Zynna shifts the thought to the back of her mind. Destiny will be avenged, for Zynna will make sure the death of the girl from 7 is as painful as Destiny's was. Zynna spots the girl from 7 a few pedastools away, then smirks with noxiousness.


Albany York of District 9 gives Azaela Firethorn a half-hearted smile. Azaela returns the smile, then at the last seconds, knows she has to protect the twelve year old boy from her District.

Azaela turns to Albany and smiles again. "Allies?" She asks. Albany nods his head, then settles his focus on the coruscating chasm infront of him.


Vriska Serket of District 8 curls her mouth into a malicious smirk.

Vriska has a plan to take out all of the careers, and she needs to find a few other strong companions to help her with slaughtering the tributes that think they own the arena. Vriska comes across the girl from 6, and the boy from 12, knowing that those are probably the only tributes that would contribute to the alliance.


Ebony Black of District 6 ambles from her metallic disc, then darts towards the cornucopia without thinking twice. She salvages a jet black trident, then scuttles towards an apricot, shaded life jacket.

She grasps for the life jacket, but so do another pair of hands. Jacob Pribe, District 3, hisses at Ebony, then the two grapple over the life jacket. Ebony growls, then dwindles her trident towards his neck.

She sinks the three blades through his throat, then catches hold of the life jacket. She rushes towards a life boat, and then discovers something very horrifying.

The only way to sail to the other island to to chuck the boat into the water, then to chuck yourself into the freezing cold water. Ebony takes three big breaths.

"Wait!" Hawthorne howls, barrelling towards Ebony, equipped with a backpack.

"What!?" She hisses, trident poised incase of attack.

"Allies? I know how to navigate the life boat!" He yells, leaving Ebony clueless. Should I ally with him? She thinks to herself before making the decision.

"Fine! But you're jumping into the water first!" She screeches, Hawthorne pacing towards the boat.

"Okay, we need to chuck the boat in first, then we'll jump in together!" He clamors, watching as tributes aimlessly canter towards the cornucopia.

"I've established that!" Ebony shrieks, hands clutching one side of the boat, Hawthorne's clutching the other.

"On three!" Hawthorne wails.

Ebony rolls her eyes.

"We don't have time! Just chuck it in now!" She screams, then thrusts the life boat off of the edge of the boat, sending the wooden boat to whirl through the air, then submerge into the midnight blue water.

"Okay, jump!" Ebony hoots, facing Hawthorne.

"But I don't have a life jacket!" He responds. Ebony's anger boils inside of her. "You're an idiot! Ugh, I'll jump in first, then I'll catch you, here hold this!" She hollers, then hands him her trident.

Ebony takes three steps back, then sprints towards the edge of the boat, then dives 50 meters into the water, letting a long battle cry escape as she's plummeting towards the turquoise lagoon below her.

She hits the water with impact, then glides to the surface of the water, where her damp, sable black mane floats behind her. "Come on!" She screams to Hawthorne, swimming towards the boat.

Hawthorne, trident in hand and backpack on back, vaults into the water. Hawthorne's head glissades to the surface, then he quickly laughs before paddling towards the boat. Soon, they're on their way to the majestic island.

Meanwhile at the cornucopia, it's mayhem.

Hurricane force winds have struck, and the goal for most of the tributes is to stay on their feet. Silvenus finally makes it to the cornucopia, then lunges for an argent dagger. As he twirls around, his grin grows bigger as the girl from 11 darts towards him. Silvenus circulates his dagger, then drives the lethal blade through her chest.

He yanks the dagger downwards, slicing open the girl's torso. Her corpse plummets to the ground with a thud. Silvenus snickers, then rushes deeper into the cornucopia.

Temperance, Silvenus's District partner, bounds through the cornucopia, then grabs a hatchet. A boy with long blonde hair comes sprinting towards Temperance, and she quickly dislodges the hatchet from her clasp. The hatchet skives through the center of his head, splitting open his brain.

Temperance gasps, she had just killed Hollis, a member of the careers. She quickly removes the hatchet from his concaved skull, then runs back towards the cornucopia.

Zynna was battling with the girl from 13, and both were badly cut up. Zynna plunges her steel claws through the girl's chest, then rakes them around like raking leaves.

Zynna rips the claws out of the girl's chest, and all six blades are now saturated with the girl's crimson, syrupy liquid. Chortling, Zynna spirals on her heels before rushing towards the cornucopia.

On her way there, the boy from 10 spoors infront of her, blocking Zynna from the entrance of the cornucopia. Zynna cackles, then skids the six blades through his throat.

Zynna wrenches the blades from his lifeless body, then grabs a sword, a bag of nuts, and a life jacket before joining the rest of the careers.

Aquafina and Reload battle Azaela and Albany from 9. The clueless, young boy from 9 dodges the deadly cadence of Reload's sword.

Aquafina's knife is driven into Azaela's kneecap. Azaela coos in pain as she removes the sharp, silver tool from her leg, then reluctantly wobbles to her feet.

Reload laughs as he beats the knife down on Albany, but not before Albany's switchblade is plunged into his stomach.

Reload's grasp on the sword is set free, and Aquafina watches in repugnance as he slowly dies. Albany grabs the sword before running towards a life boat with Azaela.

Aaron is on his way to a life boat when he's knocked to the ground. Silvenus slants above Aaron's reclined body, then slakes his sword an inch above Aaron's neck.

"Hello," he whistles, "why, your head would look perfect on my wall." Silvenus hoots, then slowly snips open his throat with a wipe of his sword, sending atoms of blood to vaporize Silvenus's face.

"You're mental, you know that, right?"

A voice orates from behind him. Silvenus whips around, then spots Vriska, spear in one hand, a harpoon in the other.

"Oh, how joyful! Another head for my wall! Man, with these weaklings around these games will be a piece of cake!" Silvenus sermonizes, then pounces.

Vriska heaves her spear through Silvenus's arm, causing him to yelp in pain. He stumbles back, and into Blackwell.

"Move!" Vriska yells, and oddly, Silvenus takes a grudging step to his right. Vriska sprints towards Blackwell, then begins to jackhammer open his lungs with deadly plunges of her knife.

Blackwell's body ramps to the ground, and soon his cold, leeching body drapes on the white, glossy surface of the cruise ship. Silvenus just stares, stares in absolute terror in what a girl has just done. He quickly scrabbles away from the scene, making a direct route towards the cornucopia.

Vriska scowls, then spins around and heads for a life boat. She slips into the life boat, then quickly tilts the boat off of the edge, soon, she and her boat are plummeting towards the glistening water below them, and with a large shatter, the surface of her boat makes impact with the water.

Kyle grabs a spear from the cornucopia, and once he sees Alexander approaching him, he knows he has to get out of there quickly. He scoops up a life jacket the scuttles away from Alexander, then lumbers towards a life boat. That's when the force pummels him to the waxen, milky surface below him.

Kyle's head is smashed on the white, cold deck of the ship, then lifted up, only to be clobbered again. A repetitive movement. Soon, Kyle's heart gives out, but it only stops hammering just after he rolls around and jams his spear through Alexander's chest.

The blade of the argent, metal spear now makes it's appearance out of Alexander's tailbone, and in a second flat, both of their crimson leaking bodies lounge on the pearly ashen surface of the ship.

Chase endows himself with a large pick axe, scurrying through the swarm of blood infused tributes, racing to get his hands on a glimmering life jacket. As his hands clench for the fluro vest, another pair of hands also take hold of the carroty casing.

Stallion's snakelike eyes are fixing on Chase's own, then with a hiss, Stallion grabs a hammer then begins battering Chase over the head, and as scarlet streams of blood begin to torrent from Chase's head, he finally collapses. Stallion snickers, slithering the hammer into a fissure in his belt. But as Stallion is positioning the jacket, Chase rises then buries the pick axe deep into Stallion's throat.

Confiscating the jacket from Stallion's carcass, Chase rushes for a life boat, and after a few minutes, Chase's route is headed for the island infront of him.

Meanwhile at the cornucopia, Reed Woods and Hazle Avery are fighting over a battle axe, whilst Mystique and Summer are captured in a deadly duel of glistening blades. Reed manages to grab the handle of the battle axe, and knocks in Hazle's kneecap. Hazle screams and stumbles backwards, although she doen't realize she has just stumbled into Silvenus.

"Come on Silvenus! We need to get out of here!"

Temperance, the girl from 2, yells in a fit of anger. Silvenus growls, pushing Hazle into Reed again before running towards a life boat. Hazle gasps in relief. But what she doesn't know is that she cheated death, and soon Silvenus would finish off what he was about to start.

Winter Grakineey runs to the rack, stacked high with life jackets, but instead of smirking with delight, she hisses, seeing all of the life jackets have been taken.

Shit, Winter thinks to herself. Quickly grabbing a wooden oar, she runs for a life boat, but then scowls and stops. 

Infront of her, Vriska stands there, holding two life jackets. 

"Little bitch."

Winter says, whacking Vriska over the head with her wooden paddle. Winter laughs, then grabs one of the two life jackets. Winter ponders over the thought of finishing her off, but instead bites her lip and runs for a life boat.

Slowly, tributes are escaping the cornucopia, still trying to keep their balance. Reed, satisfied, leaving with a battle axe and fishing rod, runs to a life boat, but realizes she can swim. 

I could get there, Reed thinks to herself. She puts her battle axe into her backpack, then dives into the radiating water below her.

Reed's not so lucky as she submerges below the surface, realizing the small sickle of her fishing rod has hooked itself into a rock deep into the water.

Reed lets go of the fishing rod, then as bubbles of oxygen flee from her mouth and nose, she rises to the surface. I probably wouldn't have caught anything anyway... Reed muses, then paddles towards the island ahead.

The careers reach the edge of the boats, and only a handful of life boats remain. Zynna tells the other careers that they should pair up and take a life boat each, and the rest of the careers agree. 

"I can't believe we lost Hollis!" Aquafina growls, throwing a life boat into the water below. Temperance's face paints itself into a rosy red, knowing she had killed Hollis.

"Whatever. Reload's the one we should be worrying about. I mean seriously? Killed by some stupid 12 year old from District 9, that's just an embarrassment to District 1!" Zynna screeches. 

"Come on, lets just get to that island over there." Silvenus chimes before diving into the water, followed by Aquafina. Temperance and Zynna soon jump into the water, and pull themselves up onto a boat.

"Hurry up Aquafina!" Silvenus shouts. Aquafina scowls. Almost immediately, they're off towards the island. "Ugh! Someone stole my harpoon!" Aquafina whines.

Vriska chuckles as she hears Aquafina complain from below. Vriska had stolen her harpoon earlier on, then used it to slay Blackwell. Clutching her head in pain, she stumbles towards the last life boat, but then something hits her.

Mystique clocks Vriska with her baton, sending Vriska falling into the water below. 

Vriska strikes the water, but rapidly rises to the facade. 

That stupid bitch could have killed me! Vriska deems to herself, swimming towards the island with dripping wet tresses.

Mystique flutters into her boat, then knocks herself into the water, whirling towards the island in advance.

Summer and Hazle are collided into battle, being the remaining competitors at the cornucopia. Hazle propels her spiky sword into Summer's hip, but Summer doesn't give up yet. Summer throws her knife, which staples itself to Hazle's shoulder blade.

Both girls remove the blades from their flesh, then both run for the edge of the boat, where they both dive off of the large cruise ship in unison. 

The gruesome bloodbath filled with guts and gore ends with eleven perished tributes, and brooks of scarlet blood stain the glossy ship. This was a bloodbath to remember.


Ebony and Hawthorne lug themselves onto land, trying to catch their breath from all of the paddling with the oars. "I feel so bad for those people who have to swim here." Hawthorne exclaims. Ebony nods in agreement.

"Come on, we need to set up camp, I can already see a boat headed in this direction,"

Ebony grunts and grabs her trident, storming off deeper into their arena. Just to their luck, rain begins bucketing down, most likely just to clear up the blood that flows on the surface of the ship. The rain grows stronger.

"I hope Kyle's not dead..." Ebony cries, head notched in Hawthorne's direction.

"I hope my counterpart isn't dead eiter. Then again, she's a smart girl, I doubt she'll be dead. If I don't win I hope Reed does." Hawthorne says.

"Oh, and what about me?" Ebony laughs. "What about you?" Hawthorne laughs with her. Their friendship was growing stronger.

"What's District 12 like?" Ebony wonders. "Pretty much like most Districts. In poverty. Quite gloomy. There's not really much there to offer. How about 6?" Hawthorne asks. 

"I think you just said it all. Although my family are one of the lucky ones." Ebony says quietly as they walk together. "What did you get from the cornucopia again?" She asks.

"Um, let me check," Hawthorne says, rummaging through his backpack.

"A dagger, a scarf, a torch, some bread, and a few apples." He says. "How about you?"

"Wow, you got a lot. I just grabbed the trident and the life jacket, I was eager to get out of there." She states.

"I was the first there." Hawthorne giggles. "So, you killed the kid from 3?" Hawthorne enquires. "Yeah, but I hated killing him. I did it for my own good." Ebony says.

"I understand." Hawthorne says. The cannons then begin to chime, eleven in total. "That was one heck of a bloodbath.." Ebony murmurs. "I guess Kyle was one of them." 

Hawthorne frowns. "Cheer up. We'll wait and see." He mumbles.

"Wow, this place is gorgeous," Ebony reveals as they enter the purple forest. "It is, isn't it? We'll just walk for another ten or twenty minutes and set up camp there, okay?" Hawthorne says.

Ebony blushes. No one had ever been this kind to her, not even Kyle. Ebony was soon finding trust in this District 12 native.


Azaela and Albany are ambling on to land where they both fall over in their own puddles of sweat. Albany is puffing heavily, then after a few minutes, pulls himself together.

"Okay, we need something for your cut. What did you get from the cornucopia?" Albany asks Azaela.

"A backpack and that sword." Azaela says, raising the sword. "I have no idea what's in the backpack though."

"I got the switchblade, a flask of poison, berries, a sunhat and a sleeping bag." He tells her.

Albany begins to look through Azaela's backpack.

"You got good supplies! A net, a jacket which I guess is waterproof, a bundle of rope, boots, an awl, and a loaf of bread. There's no medicine though." Albany says.

As if on cue, a silver parachute drops down in between them.

Azaela snatches the silver capsule hanging from the parachute, then flicks open the lid. "Medicine!" She yelps.

With a gentle hand, Azaela pours the cherry liquid into the palm of her hand then brings it to her mouth. Swallowing the candy red liquid, Azaela sighs with relief. 

"The pain's gone, Albany!" She cheers. "Here," Albany says, ripping off some moss from a tree nearby. "To cover up your wound."

"Thank you, Albany." Azaela says, tenderly placing the moss to her gash.

Azaela groans with more relief, then realizes a figure swimming towards the island. "Come on, we really need to get out of here." 

Albany and Azaela quickly grab their stuff and are about to ditch the scene when Albany notices something.

"Don't forget that sword." He sniggers. Azaela laughs and grabs the sword before taking off.


After hours of tributes arriving and scavenging deeper into the island, the careers finally come ashore. Zynna staggers onto land, then begins to bark with frustration.

"Somebody got the sword, it wasn't there when I got there." Zynna rumbles. "What are you going on about?" Silvenus asks her.

"There was a sword at the cornucopia, it was one from home, I recognize it. It was in our mueseum in District 1, our first victor won with that sword. Athena Whirlwind. Sister of Aphrodite and Artemis Whirlwind," Zynna said.

"Athena was a smart girl, she played the games safe. She was the first tribute ever to get her hands on a weapon, reaching the loot first. She killed the boy from 9 with ease, slicing open his chest with that sword. She formed a shaky alliance with the her District partner, Alejandro Silverstem, and soon let the tributes from 2 and 4 join."

The other careers were fascinated so far, eager to know more.

"They named their alliance the Careers, the name had spunk, an edge. It let the other tributes know who was boss, who would dominate." She said with taste.

"Anyway, soon, the careers, the pair from 7, the boy from 10 and the girl from 11 remained. The careers stumbled upon the pair from 7 on the eighth day, Maple and Archer. Archer brutally slayed the girl from 4 with his axe, and Maple, who had no clue what to do, shot the boy from 4 square in his eye with her bow and arrow." Zynna says. "Pfft." Aquafina whines.

"Athena rushed in, decapitating Archer, then maliciously plunged her sword through Maple's windpipe. Two more days passed with no deaths, the Gamemakers decided to spice things up a bit, sending in large rhino mutts. The mutts killed the boy from two, and unfortunately killed Alejandro. Athena and Charisma, the girl from two, were left with the boy from 10 and the girl from 11, Abe and Pansy." Zynna purrs.

"Day twelve, the day it all ended. Pansy was aimlessly strolling through the woods in the arena, when Abe hopped down from a tree. Pansy slotted a large stone into her slingshot, and fired. The stone made impact with Abe's forehead, but he was still alive. Pansy rummaged around in her backpack, desperately trying to find ammunition for her slingshot. Abe recovered quicker than Pansy had expected. Pansy was unarmed, and she wasn't surprised when the axe lodged itself into her skull." Zynna laughs.

"Then there were three. Athena, Charisma and Abe. Charisma decided to put an end to her and Athena's alliance, and slowly crept towards Athena, who was polishing her sword. Athena saw Charisma grappling a spear in the reflection of her sword, and as Charisma brung down the spear, Athena spun around and buried the sword into Charisma's throat. Abe and Athena soon came face to face, and their battle was unforgettable. Swords clashing with axes, small cuts opening rapidly on bare skin, and that's when the axe was knocked out of Abe's grasp. Athena clocked Abe in his lungs, then threw the sword. The sword dug deep into Abe's chest, and he towered over in unison with the trumpets of conquest." Zynna finishes.

"Athena's sisters Aphrodite and Artemis won shortly after, all winning with that sword. Now some stupid underling has hold of it. I need that sword. Once I get that sword, I'll win these games. My name will be the next bejeweled on that sword!" Zynna roars with triumph.

*   *   *

Soon, all of the tributes make their way to the island, bruised and exhausted, but they do manage to slowly drag themselves deeper into the arena. After gloomy hours of strolling aimlessly through the arena, the blood bathed tributes set up camp and give themselves a well earned rest, sketching out their game plan for day two of the games.

Day One Deaths

  1. Jacob Pribe, got a trident buried in his throat by Ebony Black - Placed 26th
  2. Phrophecy Keria, got her torso slit by Silvenus Faraknar - Placed 25th
  3. Hollis Todd, hurled hatchet embedded in his brain by Temperance Fallstreak - Placed 24th
  4. Amelia Anderson, steel claws plunged through chest by Zynna Swathe - Placed 23rd
  5. Luke Mahoney, steel claws sunken into throat by Zynna Swathe - Placed 22nd
  6. Reload Thrasher, got stabbed in the stomach with a switchblade by Albany York - Placed 21st
  7. Aaron Winter, neck slowly snipped open with a sword by Silvenus Faraknar - Placed 20th
  8. Blackwell Morson, got his lungs stabbed repeatedly with a harpoon by Vriska Serket - Placed 19th
  9. Alexander Lumoon, got a spear slowly pushed through his chest by Kyle Manero - Placed 18th
  10. Kyle Manero, got his head smashed repeatedly by Alexander Lumoon, dies from injuries - Placed 17th
  11. Stallion Cub, got a pickaxe buried into his throat by Chase Pansworth - Placed 16th

Day Two

Summer Denim of District 10 is rapidly zooming through the beach, armed with a long, slender knife. The sky is a gloomy black shade, radiating the fawn sand with a dim silhouette. Summer is running out of breath, and decides to take a rest.

As Summer plonks herself down on the sand, she watches charcoal colored crows fly across the sky surrounding her. Summer plances her hand over her chest, and feels the steady beat of her heart. 

I should probably get out of here, I'm fully exposed, just lying here in the middle of the beach, Summer thinks to herself, then rises to her feet.

Soon, she takes off, her long black curls brutally flailing behind her.


Mystique Seasonal, District 3, cautiously crouches on a large rock, embedded in the jungle. Mystique catches a twinkle in the corner of her eye, and raises her bat. 

Mystique sighs and lowers her bat, recklessly walking towards the flistening parachute. Inside the metallic crate dangling from the parachute, Mystique's expression brightens, removing the pristine bow, and a sheath crammed with silver bolts.

Mystique hauls the sheath of arrows over her shoulder, takes the bag of nuts, and grasps her bow tighter. Mystique removes a coffee tinted nut from the small plastic bag, and pops it into her mouth before rushing away.


Winter Grakineey, District 5, grins as she spots the glistening lake ahead. Winter begins trekking towards the large pond of water, then as she gets down on her knees, begins taking malicious chugs from the water.

Winter already hears the whistle behind her, and gasps. The axe hits Winter in the back of the head, and she slumps into the water below her. Behind her, Reed Woods of District 12 promptly rips the axe out of her head and takes Winter's pack.

"Hm. I'll have to find somewhere different to drink from, I'm not drinking this girl's blood." Reed exclaims, then sprints down the strip of grass.


Silvenus Faraknar of District 2 is leading the career pack as they sprint through the forest, eager to get these games over and done with. A cannon rings out, and Silvenus slowly snickers, whereas Aquafina snarls.

"Great. Now some weakling got our kill. I told you we should have gone west." She sneers, pushing past Silvenus, then she hears something.

"Did anyone else hear that?" Aquafina asks. "Up in the trees." The careers all look up, and see a swarm of gruesome toucans with flickering scarlet eyes staring down at them.

The toucans explode into action, fluttering towards the careers in a flock of bloodthirst. Temperance throws her war axe at one of the toucans, skewering it's brain.

As Temperance rushes to retrieve her axe, a large toucan claws at Aquafina. Aquafina grimaces, and is about to stab it with her knife, when a sickle lodges itself into the toucans head.

Zynna begins to pry loose the launched sickle. Aquafina scowls.

"I could have killed that stupid chicken myself!" Aquafina bawls, taking the sickle from Zynna's hands and storming off to slay some 'chickens'. Zynna shrugs her shoulders, then takes hold of a spear.

Temperance is the next to be attacked by one of the obnoxious toucans, and she repeatedly stabs it in the back with a sharpened bullhorn she found at the cornucopia. The bird plummets, and she crawls away from it.

Another bird swoops past and latches onto Temperance once again, and she screams for Aquafina. Aquafina sees the toucan hanging from Temperance's chest, then reveals an acuminous pick axe, which she had worked hard to get in the bloodbath, and hurls it towards the toucan.

The toucan flies away, luckily, and Temperance sighs in relief. But then she sees the deadly sigh of a pick axe flying towards her, and she can already see the guilt in Aquafina's expression.

The pick axe wedges itself into Temperance's chest, and she topples over.

Aquafina cries out, sprinting towards Temperance's body, along with Silvenus. Zynna slowly cackles, then brutally slashes a toucan into two halves. "Temperance!" Silvenus weeps, crouching down near Temperance's body.

Temperance smiles, then sits up. "Hey, Silvenus, look what I got from sponsors yesterday." She says, revealing a metallic chestplate underneath her shirt. Silvenus gasps, relieved, then turns to Aquafina.

"You easily could have killed her. I'm watching you, there's no way I fully trust you. Know your place here in the career pack, you're at the bottom of this gang, and I won't hesitate to kill you right here. One more idiotic move and you're done. Got that clear?"

Aquafina nods.

"Now come on, lets kill the rest of these dim-witted birds." Silvenus says.


Hazle Avery, District 7, is currently spying on Hawthorne and Ebony, ready to exterminate both of them. 

She takes a big breath, then laces her fingers around the handle of her dull war axe she found while swimming towards the island, obviously someone dropped it or just threw it into the water, knowing that it weighed them down.

Hazle grips her axe tighter, then charges towards them. 

She throws the axe at them, and it rips through the thick bark of a maple. She grunts, takes out her knife and thrusts it towards Ebony.

Ebony Black, still shocked at what she's just evaded, pulls the axe out of the tree and swings it at Hazle.

Hazle steps back and propels the knife once more in Ebony's direction. Ebony steps backwards, luckily, then brings the axe down on Hazle.

The axe rips through Hazle's throat, splitting her adam's apple into two halves. Hazle slumps over, and falls face first into a pond of her own blood.

Ebony looks over to Hawthorne, then sees the knife in his arm. Hazle must have thrown it before she was killed, but Ebony knew she could take care of this minor wound.

Ebony walks over to Hawthorne, then begins to stitch up his wound with a needle and thread.

Day Two Deaths

  1. Winter Grakineey, axe thrown into the back of her head by Reed Woods - Placed 15th
  2. Hazle Avery, Adam's apple split open by Ebony Black - Placed 14th


Sorry, I'm very busy at the moment. These games will not continue, but I however, I will release a final battle between the final 8 tributes, consisting of:

Zynna Swathe of District 1.

Temperance Fallstreak of District 2.

Aquafina Odair of District 4.

Ebony Black of District 6.

Vriska Serket of District 8.

Albany York of District 9.

Azaela Firethorn of District 9.

Reed Woods of District 12.

Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Day Nine, The Finale!

After murdering Silvenus Faraknar of District 2, Zynna Swathe ran to the black beach and washed the blood off her bladed fans at the end of the ocean.

She was now gazing into the ocean, staring almost wistfully.


Zynna whipped around and took out her spiked club.


Aquafina stood there, and she was holding a large trident, covered with blood.

"The final 8, huh?" Zynna bellows.

"Shut it." Aquafina spits, twirling her trident in her left hand. "Saw you killin' Silvenus with those fans of yours. I wasn't pleased by the sight. You chopped him up like an onion."

Zynna bit her lip, then slowly took one step towards Aquafina. Three more steps and she's a dead woman, she thought to herself as she grinned a merciless grin.

She breathed a sigh then began her sinister speech. "You think I'm gonna sit here and watch tributes walk by? I'm playing the game Aquafina, I'm sure you are too. Gonna spike me with that trident, huh?" Zynna hissed, then took another step forward.

"Yeah, I expect you to kill, obviously. But slashing him half, don't you think that's a bit over the top? And yeah, I'll play this game. But I'll never play it like you." Aquafina growls, her blonde locks whirling in the blundering wind which has striken the beach.

Zynna remembered Silvenus' death vividly, it stuck in her mind like glue. The gruesome, gory disection of his physique. Since when did she start to enjoy killing? Oh wait, she always had.

Taking a step forward, Zynna began to stall again. "The audience want a good show, don't they? I'm here to please them, and also to please District 1. Why do you want to go home anyways? Why'd you even volunteer? You have no skill. No chance. And what's at home for you, some fishes? Whatever, I've never liked you idiots from 4."

That totally set Aquafina off, and she began rapidly swinging her trident out of anger. Zynna smacked Aquafina's head with the spiked club, slicing it open like silk.

Blood hosed out of Aquafina's ear, and Aquafina staggered forward while weeping and crying. Zynna clobbered Aquafina again, and the cannon rang out across the beach.

She took Aquafina's food and water supplies, kit of throwing knives, pickaxe and jacket, then took off for the jungle.


Ebony Black twirled a golden hatchet in her left hand and looked to the sky.

"Don't worry, Hawthorne. You shall be avenged."

Ebony looked ahead. She stared as the black waves crashed against the swarthy rocks, and she simply sighed. She had vowed to murder Reed Woods of District 12. Reed murdered Hawthorne without caring that he was from home.

Her swirly, dark hair rippled in the wind, and she sighed again before springing to her feet. Then all of a sudden, a blazing hot mirage washed over her and she whipped around.

Everything was up in flames, possibly to bring everyone together. Ebony held her hatchet to her chest as the grey sky faded into a pitch black. 

Gasping briskly, Ebony watched as the flames faded into the jet black shadows. Everything was gone. Everything was burnt and many stockpiles of ash replaced the forest and jungle. 

Ebony reached for her drink bottle, broke the seal off, and took two sips from the plastic cylinder. Throwing it away as she downed the last of it, she put her hatchet aside and removed a red, flashing blade from her satchel.

The blade represented a sword, but the scarlet metal of the sword was crooked, giving it a curved, lethal uniqueness. She grabbed her golden hatchet, slipped it into her belt, and saw someone approaching her through the black mist of night.

Biting her lip and trying to make out who the figure was, Ebony fixed her eyes on the blonde advancing on her. It had to be either Zynna, Aquafina or Reed, the only blonde tributes remaining. 

The sky flickered with a vibrant dark blue, and Aquafina's face appeared, then vanished, along with the cobalt blue backdrop spilling over the sky.

That immediately ruled out Aquafina as the tribute approaching her. Ebony could definitely take on Reed, but Zynna... could she come out on top?

Ebony couldn't gather one last thought, because swiftly, a knife lodged into her shoulder blade and she yelped, tugging the blade from her jacket and watching as blood ran down her turqouise raincoat.

Reed emerged from the darkness of the night and was brought down immediately with her own knife, which Ebony had hurled as she saw Reed springing from the dusk atmosphere.

The thirteen year old girl rised and ripped the knife out of her forearm and tossed it into the ocean as if it were a frisbee, then turning back to her opponent, she pulled a sickle from her belt and a sprinkle of fear peppered over her.

Swinging her blade, Ebony's sword clashed with Reed's sickle, which Reed had hoisted to dodge Ebony's slash. Breaking free from their connected blades, the two girls staggered backwards and Ebony delivered a foot to Reed's forehead, allowing Reed to lose balance, and also grip of her sickle.

Reed dashed for her sickle, but Ebony was predicting this, and cast a slice across Reed's right hand. Reed screeched, but that didn't stop her. She rolled to the ground, and as she came back up, she gripped the wooden handle of her sickle.

Reed hit Ebony in the throat with the handle of her sickle, then turned away and ran for the black water washing over the sand, expecting Ebony to chase after her. But that's exactly what she wanted.

Darting after her, Ebony watched as Reed dived into the water, then Ebony stopped and stared. She wasn't going to follow in Reed's footsteps then end up drowning, but she made a promise to herself. To kill Reed Woods.

For Hawthorne, she thought to herself, then immediately gave chase after the blonde from 12. She plunged into the lapping water, seeing the small girl paddling like a puppy ahead of her.

Gliding towards Reed, she swam through the warm water freely and lost track of where she was and what her aim was. She imagined herself floating in the pure, stunning sea of District 4, holding her little brother's hand as they sailed through the water. But that wasn't the case.

She snapped out of her fantasy, then looked ahead once more, but instead of finding Reed, she found a small island, no bigger than the beach in the Capitol, which she had visited before individual training.

Rolling onto the island, she scoped the plethora of water ahead of her, hoping to see Reed, but the she only found dark waves drifting around her. Then it suddenly hit her, like a knife to the gut.

A dripping wet Reed had emerged from water, but Ebony hadn't noticed. Reed then rammed her sickle into Ebony's chest, and Ebony only noticed Reed was there after being stabbed.

Ebony fell to the ground and Reed stood over her, laying her sickle down and putting her mouth to Ebony's ear.

"I'm sorry, Ebony. But I'm playing for real, thirteen year old girl or not. You couldn't save your little boyfriend, but it looks like you couldn't save yourself either." She whispered, then turned around, bending down to grab her sickle, when she discovered it wasn't there.

"No..." She trembled. She reeled back around and Ebony was sprinting towards her, holding the sickle which Reed had stolen from Hawthorne after stabbing him in the back.

Ebony bowled Reed over and pinned Reed to the ground by shoving a dagger into Reed's wrist. Ebony held up her satchel, which had a large hole in it. "I raised this to dodge the blow. I'm not going down easily, but you are." She purred, then held the sickle to Reed's throat.

"I'm sorry, Ebony! Please don't kill me! Please don't k-" Reed burst out but Ebony slapped across her face and clamped her hand over Reed's mouth. "As if I'll grant you with mercy." Ebony said, then slashed Reed's throat open with the sickle.

"You have been avenged, Hawthorne."


Are you going to try your hardest to win? For Hawthorne? A voice begged inside of her head.

"Yes. I will try my hardest to win. For Hawthorne." Ebony declared, when the voice began to purr again.

And if you die, you will go down with a fight? The voice asked, and Ebony nodded.

"Yes. I will go down with a fight."

"Well you better hurry up." This time, the voice came right behind her, and Ebony whipped around, but she whirled around too lately and her mouth was slashed open with a katana.

Ebony shrieked and dropped her sickle, bringing her diminutive fingers to her blood drenched lips. She gazed upwards, only to see the katana tearing through her skull. Blood warmed over her temples and her cannon rang.

Zynna pried the katana loose from Ebony's skull and staggered backwards, losing balance as she removed the blade. She regained balance and then knelt beside Ebony's corpse.

"You call that going down with a fight?" Zynna hissed, then shook her head in disgust. "That makes me sick." She hummed, then began swimming back to land.


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