Okay, so, I've decided to make another games, but this time, it's Battle Royale style. These will have qualities of Battle Royale, along with The Hunger Games. Okay, so for all of you who haven't read or do not know what Battle Royale is, let me sum it up for you. A group of ninth-grade Japanese students are gassed on a bus, and slowly awaken one by one in Okishima Island School, on Okishima, an isolated, evacuated island southwest of Shodoshima. They learn they have been placed in an event called the Program. A military research project, it is a means of terrorizing the population, of creating such paranoia as to make organized insurgency impossible. The students are required to fight the other members of their class to the death. The Program ends when only one student remains, with that student being declared the winner and receiving a government funded pension. Their movements are located by metal collars, which contain tracking and listening devices. If any student should attemp to escape the Program, or enter forbidden zones (which are randomly chosen at the hours of 16 and 6, both a.m. and p.m.), a bomb will be set off in the collar, killing the wearer. If no one dies within any 24-hour period, all collars will be activated simultaneously and there will be no winner. 

13+, Gruesome slaughter, major violence, mild language and sexual material. (for japanese names)

School Uniforms:

They will be the same uniforms they wear in the movie.


  • Thin beige, buttoned-up school blazers.
  • Red or white ribbons (optional).
  • White blouses.
  • Beige mini skirts.
  • White socks (knee high).
  • Black school shoes.


  • White buttoned up shirts.
  • Beige school coats.
  • Red or black ties.
  • Beige school shorts (or pants).
  • White socks (ankle length).
  • Black school shoes.

Class Representatives:

  • Yoki Yatsuma (Female)
  • Kenzo Hiroki (Male)
  • Yoshika Katsue (Female)

Students (Tributes)

Name (must have a Japanese name, you can find a website above):

Age: (14 or 15)



Personality (I don't want everyone being psycho nutcases)

  • Yoshika Katsue (C1)
  • Naomi Akane (C2)
  • Sayuri Noda (C3)
  • Reika Mami (C4)
  • Yoka Mayumi (C5)
  • Ren Higashi (C5)
  • Miu Kazumi (C6)
  • Teppei Azumuko (C6)
  • Mami Miu (C7)
  • Daisuke Tsujimura (C9)
  • Tomoko Kawashima (C9)
  • Aimi Katumi (C10)
  • Askuno Nayahara (C12)
  • Katsuko Abiko (C13)
  • Keiko Akabe (C14)
  • Kanji Hiromitsu (C14)
  • Tokie Kojika (C15)
  • Jurori Sakura (C16)
  • Yoki Yatsuma (C17)
  • Kaji Arashi (C17)
  • Tsubaki Yamamoto (C18)
  • Shin Masaru (C18)
  • Misaki Moe (C19)
  • Hotaru Meziku (C20)
  • Hitomi Noriko (C21)
Class Number Males Females
1 Takei Ukyo Yoshika Katsue
2 Haruto Katsuro Naomi Akane
3 Yuki Takahashi Sayuri Noda
4 Riku Watanabe Reika Mami
5 Ren Higashi Yoka Mayumi
6 Teppei Azumako Miu Kazumi
7 Tukerio Katayami Mami Miu
8 Kai Yamazaki Rin Narita
9 Daisuke Tsujimura Tomoko Kawashima
10 Kenzo Hiroki Aimi Katumi
11 Ryo Naragawa Emi Kobayashi
12 Yutaka Iwasa Askuno Nayahara
13 Kato Nakamura Katsuko Abiko
14 Kanji Hiromitsu Keiko Okabe
15 Isamu Ren Tokie Kojika
16 Jurori Sakura Megurine Luka
17 Kaji Arashi Yoki Yatsuma
18 Shin Masaru Tsubaki Yamamoto
19 Taro Tokaji Misaki Moe
20 Kekai Harayuma Hotaru Meziku
21 Niho Yamakoshi Hitomi Noriko

The Study Trip

Hitomi Noriko, C21

As I quickly take my seat before Naomi Akane and her gang consisting of Tokie Kojika, Katsuko Abiko and Askuno Nayahara notice me, I catch a glimpse of Kanji Hiromitsu, locking his eyes with mine. I've liked him forever, and when I say forever, I literally mean it. He's stuck up for me when Naomi and her gang have bullied me around, he's been there for me when I'm crying in a gloomy shack near our school, and well, he's just there, everywhere I go. I consider moving out of my seat and joining him, but that would mean passing the malicious girls that constantly traumatize me at school every day. The thought plummets. Those cruel, noxious girls are feeding on me like I'm a meal, and the nights when I slit my wrists with a kitchen knife are the days when I've had enough. I've considered suicide, those girls are just nasty, and I wouldn't think twice if I was told to slay them. Yeah, what are the odds of that happening? Those repugnant girls will soon have a taste of their own medicine, when I unleash my wrath on them. Oh, Hitomi, you're just sinking to their level, there's no way that you can stand up to them, the ugly truth blares through my head with a mysterious tempo. But it's true, I have snapped, and I've learnt to accept that fact. If all the people surrounding me were to vanish, I would break down, right here, right now, and let the tears cascade. But I force myself to stay strong and not let them get to me, but I promise, soon, they will snap themselves when I let loose the inner demon locked away inside of me.

Riku Watanbe, C4

A quivering torrent of air pours over me as I reel down the window beside me, and I quickly sense a chuckling Taro Tokaji beside me. "Aw, you look so cute today," he says as he rubs the palm of his hand across my shaggy hair. I smile and pull out a pop magazine. Taro's jaw drops. "Gimmie that." He shrieks and yanks the magenta magazine from my hands. I sigh and pull out my cellphone. Well, I should probably call my mother and tell her we're about to take off, I have nothing better to do. I dial her number and wait for her to pick up. "Hello? Riku, is this you?" "Yeah, it is. I just wanted to let you know I'm about to take off, I'm safe. Tell Dad I love him." "Stay safe sweetie!" I chuck my phone back into my backpack and look over to Taro. We've been dating for four years now, and most of the other class members are used to our gay relationship. Just a few people fuck around with us, but we just get over it. Some people are just dickheads. I gaze upon the bus, ringing in my fellow classmates ahead of me. My best friends are Megurine Luka, Kenzo Hiroki and Tomoko Kawashima. I trust them with anything, but overall, I trust Taro the most. I fix my eyes on him, then lean in for a kiss. Taro slowly embraces, and I can already hear the vicious giggle of Naomi Akane. But I don't care. Taro brings me pride and that's all that matters. That vain bitch can have a laugh, but soon she'll end up dead from all that crack she sniffs.

Aimi Katumi, C10

As I amble down the aisle, a leg emerges from below and the next thing I know, I'm falling face forward. My face crumples against the cold, ebony strip below me, and I look above me to see a devious Naomi Akane towering over my body. "Well, if it isn't Aimi Katumi. Nice earrings, pimple-face. Give them to me!" She scowls. I crawl away from her and rush towards the end of the bus. A sturdy hand locks itself around my pony tail, and I'm wrenched backwards. "You're awful," I tremble, spiralling to my feet. Anger boils inside of me, I try to fight the urge, but I rapidly erupt. I clench my fists and send them bolting in her direction. She dodges the blow, and grapples me by my shirt. "You're going to regret that." She snarls, hammering her knee into my gut. I feel like I've just been clocked with a bat, and air is knocked out of my lungs and slowly leaking from my mouth. Falling to my knees, I peek above me. Naomi hisses, ramming her elbow into my head. You know what's sad about all of this? No one gives a shit. I can sense their eyes all caught on me, but not one bothers to help. This is horrendous. At a snail's pace, I drag myself towards an empty seat and begin to shed tears. Naomi Akane is a horrible girl, and soon karma will pay her a trip.

Daisuke Tsujimura, C9

Honestly, I'm sick of Naomi's bullshit. I can't stand seeing her push other people around. Watching in abhorrence as she guffaws away, I decide to take a stand. "Naomi, give it a break." I reveal, escalating to my feet. Naomi's head flogs around, a wicked grin pasted across her face. "Excuse me?" She howls. This infuriates me more. "I said, give it a break." I purr with shrewdness. "We've had enough of your shit, come on. Take some time out." Naomi rolls her eyes, then advances on me. "I'll do whatever the fuck I want. Got that clear?!" She screeches, yanking me by my school coat. I simply nod, and then I'm knocked back into my seat with her fists. I cup my chest in pain, then groan. I begin rummaging through my backpack, and find a small pod of pain relief. Pouring three drops of the maple liquid into my mouth, I let out a comforted moan. "Are you okay?" A voice shoots from behind me. I turn around and stare into the angelic eyes of Tsubaki Yamamoto, the most beautiful, clarified girl in the school. I'll admit that Naomi is a striking girl, but Tsubaki is more purified, which I find more attractive. "Yes. I'm fine, thanks." I tell her. She smiles, then rests back into her seat. She may be gorgeous, polite, and the most compassionate person I know, but there's a different girl I'd rather share my life with. Tomoko Kawashima.

Megurine Luka, C16

My eyes tango towards the fetching, gorgeous Kaji Arashi. He's beautiful, but I don't fully trust him. Nor do I trust anyone else on this bus, only Yoka Mayumi. The girl who's been there for me forever. We first became friends in elementary school, we were paired together on an art assignment, where we were assigned to make farm animals out of clay. We became very close, and I trust her with almost anything. "Hey!" She cheers. "Hi, Yoka." She sits down beside me and pulls out a pink object. "What's that?" I ask her. "A cellphone! My parents finally let me get one." "Oh, I've heard of those before, can I have a look?" I request. She hands it over. Prodding the buttons randomly, the screen begins to flicker a lime green. "Look who I have on my contacts!" Yoka yelps. Then I see the name. Kaji's. "Oh my god. How did you get his number?" I ask. "I just asked him. You shouldn't be afraid to talk to him. He's such a gentleman." She says. Maybe I will. "You know what? Tomorrow, I'm going to speak to him." I declare, grinning. "I'll be right by your side." Yoka assures. "Now give me that phone, you don't know what will happen when your hands are on it." She laughs. I hand it over to her, then look back over to Kaji. His flaring ruby eyes are bolted on me. He's been looking at me this whole time. Modestly smiling, I look away. 

Haruto Katsuro, C2

I know this sounds a tad abnormal, but the students surrounding me scare me out of my mind. It feels like I've been with them forever, but there's no one, absolutely no one, that I can trust. Some can be nice, some can be cruel, and some can be herrendously vile. Sure, I may be able to trust our class representatives, Yoki Yatsuma and Kenzo Hiroki, but they're probably the ones willing to put a knife in one of their friends' back. I may be able to trust Tsubaki Yamamoto, that gorgeous girl sitting infront of me, but that's about it. Then all of a sudden, a loud, eardrum shattering shriek transpires from the front of the bus. Everyone's eyes fix on the bus driver, and we all begin sporting O shaped mouths as howls escape them. The bus driver, Kinichi Kiyofumi, falls from his black, leather chair, his face crinkling into a black and crimson portrait. A buff man with flickering fawn skin shoots down the black, belt-like surface below us, tossing around black cylinders. An unusual sentiment settles in, and I begin to feel sluggish, no, not sluggish, but sleepy. My eyes widen, and the shrieks pummeling around the room slowly withdraw, along with mine. Then slowly, I plunge into a deep slumber.

The Awakening

Tukerio rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands, then finally felt the glacial metallic halo press against his throat. His eyes widened. Tukerio Katayami's eyelids unlocked, then found himself discomfortably reclining in his chair. Are we already here? Wow, I can't even remember disembarking here. Oh no, I've fell asleep. I'm so stupid, Takerio thought to himself.

Cautiously, he grabbed the ice-cold hoop locked around his neck, then begain to pry it loose. It wouldn't dislodge, no matter how hard he pulled it. He decided to give up, then slanted backwards into his seat. Then he saw it.

All of his classmates, sprawled over their desks, their arms dangling at their sides. Tukerio's face stiffened, and his eyes began to furrow as they cringed.

Tukerio toddled toward Jurori Sakura's desk, his body sluggishly quaking. Are they all dead? Tukerio almost shrieked at the horrifying thought.

"Jurori," he recklessly murmured. "Jurori, wake up." Tukerio began to shake Jurori, and as hoped, Jurori gradually escalated from his chair.

"W-where are we?" Jurori cries out. "I don't know, come on, wake everyone up, then we'll figure out where we are and what to do." Tukerio said.

One by one, classmates awakened, and now, all forty-two of them were either standing up, or assembled in the comfort of their seats. But, they were all sporting masks of panic, and frowns of confusion.

The door creaked open, and a slender man with elongated, burgundy hair marched into the room, an atrocious, yet frivolous grin blotched across his face.

The students were mystified, and were clueless of who this man was. The man sat down in a large, leather seat behind a coffee oak desk, which was once their teacher's, then slowly began chuckling.

"Welcome, students, I have some great news for you!" He hooted with delight, leaning back in his seat and snickering viciously with a brutal tempo.

"You will be taking part in this years Program."


Perplexion. Perplexion leaks into the room, the pupils illuminated with shining confusion. Naomi Akane wanders to the front of the classroom, Tokie Kojika and Askuno Nayahara one step behind her.

"What do you mean?" She asks, shivering with bewilderment. The three of the girls, coils of obsidian hair poised behind them, tremble in unison. They may already look like triplets, along with their other acquaintance, Katsuko Abiko, but they all act as if they've known eachother for centuries.

"Now, now, Naomi. I'll get to that later. Let me introduce myself, my name is Katsuhiko Kazufumi. All forty-two of you will be taking part in a special, special game!" Katsuhiko chants.

"What the fuck is going on?" Yutaka Iwasa hollers, stalking towards the front of the classroom. 

"Okay, let me dumb it down for you fucking retards. Your job is to kill eachother. Yes. Kill eachother. There's no rules, only a few conditions. First of all, don't you fucking dare try to pry loose those collars around your neck. Well, you can, if you want a bomb inside of them to detonate, allowing your legs and arms to unsew themselves from your body, your own, warm blood to cascade across the surface, your wine-red arteries rolling with the scarlet wave."

"You're mental..." The words trickle from the back of the room. The voice belongs to Hitomi Noriko, the disheartened girl who would never hurt a fly. 

Naomi yelps, a polished tear gushing from her eyes. She sinks to her knees, and whimpers into her cupped hands. Askuno guffaws, then struts past a weeping Naomi.

"Is this some kind of joke? Oh, I get it. We're on one of those hidden camera shows, aren't we? Haha. Come on, show us the cameras! The joke's over." Askuno sniggers.

"This is all very real, Askuno. Don't you believe me, darling?" Katsuhiko utters with an emotionless expression slithered across his face.

"I don't believe you. You're a coward. Come on, I wanna go home. Oh, and Naomi, stop being a wimp." Askuno says with bluntness. 

"Askuno, dear. I raped, tortured, then brutally murdered your mother. She put up a fight when I told her the news. Now, do you want to end up like your dead mother? And wow, your father was a lucky man, but it's such a shame that he also put up a fight." Katsuhiko almost purrs.

Askuno, unresponsive, ogles into the revolting man's eyes. Askuno turns around, and walks to the back of the room, slowly letting tears seep with the cadence of her dreadful bellows.

"So, we're here to kill eachother?" Tokie asks. "Yes. You are here on Okishima Island, this will be your habitat for three days at the most. Your habitat to kill one another, how nice? Killing those who might have bullied you, or you might have envied. You all should really be thanking me!" Katsuhiko laughs.

"How big is this island?" Takei Ukyo asks. "Ten kilometers length wise, and same with width. You will all be recieving maps before you head off, and every six hours, I will announce three forbidden zones. If you are caught in a forbidden zone, the bomb inside your collar will detonate." Katsuhiko says, still snickering his head off.

"There's a deadline for the Program. Three days. If more than one remain on closing date, all of the collars will detonate in a random fashion. That means there will be no winner." 

Some of the girls look scared out of their mind, while the majority of them keep a neutral expression. 

"Oh, and girls, don't give your hopes up yet. Our two recent winners, Mai and Ushi, were both female. 49% of the winners so far have been female." Katsuhiko states.

"But, the Program will most likely twist you. Mai is now extremely insane, and carries around a doll everywhere she goes. The doll was her assigned weapon, and it's now drenched in the blood of her fellow classmates. She's always smiling. Yes, smiling." 

The girls shiver, a few of them are already psycho bitches, but how far will they go? Killing their own classmates is a hard task to complete. Everyone shares a special bond with eachother, but how long will it take for a so-called friend to stab their classmate in the back?

"If no one is killed each 24 hours, the Program will be cancelled, and everyone will be executed before you can say  "fuck.""

Disgusted, the students all look around, deciding who they are willing to slaughter, and those they won't.

"Everyone, sit down." 

Nobody listens. Infact, those who are already sitting rise to their feet.

"Fine, you want to play it that way? Tatsuo!" Katsuhiko roars.

A man, wearing a camoflauge jumpsuit, sturdy boots, and a bottle green helmet, barges through the door, equipped with a large, brunette rifle.

The man, named Tatsuo, points his gun upwards, and pulls the trigger three times.

A rattling tempo shoots through the room, some duck for cover, others shriek and dive to their side, striking the wooden floor with consecutive bangs.

"SIT IN YOUR SEATS. NOW." Katsuhiko howls, anger boiling inside of him. Slowly, they follow his orders, sitting down in their chairs.

"Now, open your desk. You will find a small piece of paper and a pencil. Take those out, please." Katsuhiko says calmly, as if what occured before had never happened.

The students take out the paper and pencils in their desks, and politely wait for their next order.

"Now, write this down. 'We will kill eachother," Katsuhiko grins sadistically. "Write that down five times. You need to get that message through your skulls." 

The room is filled with the vibration of pencil led skidding across paper. Some take longer than others to complete this duty, others quickly jot down the five sentences, giving them more time to sort out their game plan.

"Now, this island has been evacuated, so it's basically deserted. There are lots of places to hide in this island, but that's why we have created forbidden zones, we want as many exposed as possible. Got that clear?" 

The students nod, a few slow writers also nod as they scribble down their five sentences.

"Now, I'm going to pick out a random number, the numbers are in desk order, if 1 is picked out, then Yoshika will be leaving first. As you leave, take a day pack and a map. In your day pack, there will be a weapon, some food, a canteen of water, and some other supplies." Katsuhiko says.

He digs his hand into a clear bowl next to him, and smirks as he rummages his hand around. "Oh," he says. "And your teacher, Mr. Otohiko, has also been murdered." He finishes with a laugh.

The students stop and stare at him, they so badly want to murder him, but they would pay the price for that, no doubt. 

"Wow, that's ironic. Number 1! Yoshika, please take a day pack, a map, and leave. You have twenty minutes to leave the premices." 

Yoshika Katsue, one of the two female class representatives, sluggishly stand up, and unhurriedly grabs her day pack and map. She turns her head towards her classmates once more, and as soon as she exits, she takes off down the hall.

Being the fastest sprinter on the girl's track team, she has an advantage. She's decided one thing, she's going to play the game. 

Yoshika sprints past a streak of soldiers, then heads for the exiting doors. She stops at the doors, then looks back. Maybe I should wait for Takei Ukyo, she wonders for a second.

She shakes her head and dismisses the thought. She takes one last glance at the column of soldiers behind her, then steps foot outside. 

Play the game, she thinks to herself.


"Well, Yoshika should be gone by now. Takei, you're up next." Katsuhiko says. 

Takei Ukyo comes to the front of the class, still shivering from everything that's going on. He takes his day pack, a map, then walks out of the door, not looking back. 

He quietly walks down the hall, remembering those amazing memories he shared with his classmates. That night when he shared a kiss with Yoshika under the stars, or when Tsubaki and him went on a romantic date. He shared amazing memories with each and every one of them, even Naomi and her gang.

He holds back his tears, then takes a deep breath before heading out of the door. 

"We will kill eachother."


"Naomi Akane, please take your equipment then leave the premesis." Katsuhiko says bluntly. Naomi pulls herself together then walks towards the front of the classroom.

She takes her day pack, a map, then heads out of the door. 

As soon as she steps foot out of the classroom, she wipes away the fake tears then chuckles viciously. "Now, lets see what weapon I got, shall I?" She says, a disturbing smirk curled across her face.

She unzips her day pack, and finds an elongated, pitch black pickaxe with curved blades, giving the weapon a unique edge. Naomi smirks, then realizes she could easily murder Haruto when he comes out.

If he has a gun, I'd end up dead, I better just run and hope I can find someone to kill, Naomi thinks to herself, throwing her daypack on her shoulders and heads for the door, her fingers ribboned around the handle of the pickaxe.

Now, which way to go? Should I head towards the residential area? Surely someone will come there, Naomi assumes. 

She wastes no time, she darts out of the school building, one hand clutching her map, the other strapped around the thick rod of her pickaxe.


Death List

42. Niho Yamakoshi: Reaping hook whisked around in his back by Yoshika Katsue

41. Emi Kobayashi: Knife plugged through the back of her head by Ren Higashi

40. Ren Higashi: Sculptured into two halves with pickaxe by Naomi Akane

39. Miu Kazumi: Bullet whirled through the throat by Riku Watanbe

38. Kato Nakamura: Bullet popped through the chest by Riku Watanbe

37. Mami Miu: Five bullets ripped through her face by Tokie Kojika

The Program

After hours of students leaving the premesis, the school has been evacuated, apart from Katsuhiko and his fellow soldiers.

Niho Yamakoshi sprints down the hall, and finally throws himself into his temporary sanctuary to slay his classmates. How brilliant.

He searches through his day pack as he slowly walks towards a farm coop ahead of him. He smirks as he pulls out the M16 Assault Rifle. 

He also finds a small plastic bag containing a few magazines with black straps around them. As he's about to take out a magazine, a humble voice sprouts from behind him.

"Niho!" The girl shrieks, rushing towards him. It was Yoshika Katsue, a fellow classmate of his. 

She had a river of golden ringlets flailing behind her as she ran, and she was always one of the many stunning girls in Niho's class.

Niho is puzzling over whether he should kill her right now, but he knows he can trust her. Yoshika embraces Niho with a hug, and he's caught by surprise.

His face burrows into the soft fabric of her glistening gold curls, and he can hear her crying on his shoulder. "Don't worry Yoshika. You're safe with me." Niho confirms, then pulls her in closer.

"We'll stick together until the end, okay? I won't let you die." He slithers his face deeper into her ochre waves suspending from her scalp, and makes a vowl to himself.

Protect this girl, don't let her die. He remembers a moment at school, when he stood up for Yoshika when she was getting bullied around by Naomi and Askuno.

Naomi and Askuno were pulling Yoshika by her hair in the girl's cloak room, and as he walked past he could hear the ear-shattering scream projecting from the small room.

He knew someone was getting hurt, so he knew he had to put a stop to whatever was going on. He walked into room, and was horrified at the sight.

Yoshika was dangling from a golden hook, screaming as Naomi and Askuno repeatedly hammered their fists into her stomach. Yoshika had done nothing wrong, but Naomi and Askuno seemed to be enjoying the performance of rapidly pummeling Yoshika.

Blood sprinkled from Yoshika's mouth, and that's when Niho realized Naomi and Askuno could've killed her. He ran forward and grabbed Askuno and Naomi by their windswept manes, tugging them backwards and grabbing Yoshika before rushing her to the school's nursery.

Now, they were finally together, and it would stay that way until the very end of this stomach-churning game. What kind of sick society would retrieve a different school each year and force them to fight to the death to terrorize the population? It was sick.

Then Niho felt the sickening thrust. A blade shreds through his back, wedging his tailbone into two individual strips. 

A platinum red liquid fountains from the whopping opening in his back, forming a swamp below him, cherry slabs revolving from his back, hitting the puddle of blood beneath him with repulsive plops.

The blade digs in deeper, and more of the crimson liquor pours from the sickly crack in his back, spilling along with lust, creamy chunks. 

He slumps to his knees, blood splashes as his knees hit the surface. More and more of the flame-shaded blood showers as his legs bathe in the chestnut colored pond. 

"W-why?" He brings himself to ask Yoshika before he's overthrown backwards, his body rinsed with the own damp cordial of his blood. 

Yoshika sheds a tear, staring at the reaping hook in her hand with disgust. She had to kill. She had to play this repulsive game. She needed her family, and she has a full life ahead of her. So from now on, it's kill or be killed.

She takes one last look at the mutilated body soaring around in the loch of blood, then turns on her heels and sprints away, glistening threads running down her eyes. She was crying. She was ashamed.


Ren Higashi ran straight for the residential area as soon as he left the school, and now he's finally made it into the first house by smashing open a window with a vast rock.

Cautiously and carefully, Ren grapples the window cill then hauls himself into the house. 

Landing with a mastered rotation through the air, he takes out his torch and examines the house. The harvest gold light skims across the room, and Ren knows that he's the only one here, and he needed to keep it that way.

After scanning the house, he tries flicking on the light. His finger whisks across the pallid switch, but after brushing it back and forth countless times, he realizes he'll just have to rely on the small torch in his left hand.

In his right hand, he grasps a celeste, aluminum baseball bat. Soon, he would use this colossal baton to disfigure his fellow classmates, then later, he'll be possessing a gun, and he'll get out of here alive.

Suddenly, the front door begins to slowly creak open, alarming Ren. He quietly creeps into the darkness, switching off the persian blue device in his left hand.

Before he sees the actual person, Ren feels intimidated at the blade in the figure's hand. A long, threadlike, electric blue trench knife, flickering with a vivid luminosity.

Emi Kobayashi, a shy girl who doesn't talk to her classmates much, lumbers into the room, and Ren sees something horrifying resting on her face.

A merciless grin. 

How could a girl, as nice and as caring as Emi, have a devious smirk on their face? Especially when in this situation, it's disturbing. Ren lurks towards her, the cyan baton behind his back.

Emi whips around, sees Ren, and the battle begins. Emi snickers, propelling the trench knife towards Ren's stomach. 

Ren trudges backwards, but unfortunately the knife caught him in his side, and a red liquid begins to cascade down jet black school coat.

The grip on his aluminum bat fastens, clobbering Emi in the side of her neck with a deadly swing. An auburn, ropy fluid cyclones from a puncture in her neck, enfuriating her more.

She clutches the skeleton-like handle of her trench knife, then rips open Ren's shoulder with a thrust of her knife. Ren yelps in pain as he stumbles backwards.

Emi sees Ren as a threat, so she knows she must escape before he can kill her, she'll let nature take possession of his life. 

Emi throws the knife with all of her might, and it lodges into the rosewood wall inches above Ren's head with a sickening smack.

Ren tears the knife out of the wall, then sprints after a fleeing Emi. He swipes the knife downwards, slashing open her back.

Emi screams ring out across the island, and she falls to her knees. Rust colored blood downpours from the large opening in her back, a lagoon of blood floundering beneath her as she struggles to rise.

The knife drives through the back of her head, magenta chunks of brain mixed in with scarlet tassels of blood spilling from the canyon in her head.

A floral white paste leaks from the jagged blade, and to his disgust, Ren discovers the blade had ripped through her right eye. 

The defaced girl slumps forward, then falls headfirst into the redwood liquid beneath her.

Ren gasps. Did he seriously just kill one of his classmates? Yes. But for his survival only. Ren takes Emi's day pack, and runs away from the residential area, not once looking back.


Naomi Akane hears the ear-shattering scream from next door, then smirks as the clasp on her pickaxe tightens.

"Let the Program begin, for real." She says to herself, walking outside of the second house in the residential area.

She spots Ren Higashi, an electric blue knife in his hand, although now the long knife is drenched with a red sap. Beneath him, lies Emi Kobayashi's corpse, slithering around in a pool of electric crimson blood.

Puzzled, Naomi chases after him as he abandons the scene, sporting a phony frown on her face, fake tears streaming from her eyelids as she advances on the bleached blonde boy.

"Ren! Wait!" She cries out, acting as if she can barely even lift the pickaxe. Ren spins around and stares at Naomi in disgust as she comes closer.

"Get lost, Naomi." Ren spits, glaring at Naomi with his slim eyes. Naomi falls to the ground, and breaks down crying. 

"Ren, I'm so lonely. No one's going to trust me now. I have no one. Please! Stay with me!" She shrieks, throwing her arms around Ren's legs and not letting go.

"N-naomi. Just go away, go find Askuno." Ren says, dragging Naomi along the arctic concrete. 

"Like she'll trust me, she'll kill me the minute she sees me!" Naomi cries, staring into Ren's eyes. "Please! I need someone, I don't want to be alone! I'm so scared!" She screams.

Naomi Akane, scared? Ren can barely believe the ugly truth. Someone as tough and as fearless as Naomi. It's hard to believe... Ren looks down and watches as Naomi's bright, sapphire tears run down his leg.

She needs some as brave as me to guide her along... Ren thinks, then sighs. "Okay, Naomi, you can stay with me. But on one condition, the next time we kill someone a gun, I'm getting the gun, okay?" He says.

Naomi nods, then stands up, wiping away the tears. As Ren walks infront of her, Naomi grins and raises her pickaxe. 

Punching the pickaxe down on him, Ren can already hear the noxious whistle of the swaying blades. He steps out of the pickaxe's path, and elevates his knife.

The pickaxe implants itself into the concrete beneath them, and Naomi dodges the drive of Ren's knife. The knife comes soaring towards her one more, and she throws herself into a barrell roll, evading the thorned blade.

Successfully landing on her feet, Naomi clocks Ren in the throat with a rock-hard fist. Ren staggers backwards, giving Naomi enough time to yank the shimmering, onyx black pickaxe out of the concrete.

A small portion of blood oozes from Ren's mouth, but he doesn't give up yet. He shoves the knife towards Naomi's chest, and she quickly avoids the blade by wheeling around.

"How pathetic!" Naomi shoots out, swiping the pickaxe in Ren's direction. The arched blade hooks Ren's hip, raking in greatly.

Naomi twirls the blade around at a snail's pace, then skillfully heaves it in a disc rotation, ripping open Ren's waist. 

Blood sprinkles the surface and he topples over backwards, a revolting crumple is heard as he smashes into the rock-solid strip beneath him, a red vapour firing from the crevice in his body.

Naomi rips the pickaxe from his flesh then salvages his day pack and knife before leaving with a grin.


Naomi runs towards a farm coop nearby and finds Niho Yamakoshi's dead body bathing in a puddle of blood. Naomi laughs as she kicks away his body, then hears rustling in a bush nearby. 

She whips around, her pickaxe elevated in her clasp.

"Who's there?!" She screeches, sprinting towards the bushes. The rustling grows louder, and now Naomi is chassing after the figure.

The figure is Katsuko Abiko, one of Naomi's deadly companions. Naomi's anger ripples as she chases after Katsuko, her black locks flailing behind her.

Katsuko twirls around, allowing Naomi to see the deadly weapon. Katsuko raises the Colt Python .357 Magnum Revolver, the pitch black colt aimed at Naomi's torso.

"I see you've already started killing." Katsuko chortles. Naomi notices the thin gash in Katsuko's leg, then begins to stall her.

"Well, Ren tried to kill me," Naomi lies. "Anyways, what's with the cut?" Naomi tilts her head towards Katsuko's blood drenched sock. 

"Oh, well you've got to do what you've got to do. Oh, and that came from Yoshika's reaping hook, that girl puts up one hell of a fight." Katsuko spits, then lowers her gun.

"She's already killed, that hook was literally soaking with blood. She came up behind me and slashed at my leg. When I turned around, she was already sprinting away, man, that girl is fast. I shot at her twice, but I don't know if she's dead or not." Katsuko finishes.

Naomi's surprised. The nicest girl in the class had already killed, and was attemping to kill another? You really can't trust anyone. 

Naomi and Katsuko effortlessly started bonding the minute they met, they became friends in an instant. Katsuko was the first to start in their class to start hanging out with Naomi, and she accepts Naomi for who she is deep down inside.

Naomi has a horrifying backstory, she's only shared it with Katsuko. They're such great friends, but the question is, how quickly will it take for Naomi to stab Katsuko in the back?

"Well, Naomi. I would kill you if you were someone else, but you're a true friend to me, even if you are going to kill me the minute you have a gun. I know the real you, Nao-" Katsuko doesn't finish.

Naomi throws her pickaxe at Katsuko with one hand, and Katsuko stares at the spiralling axe in shock. 

Katsuko quickly dodges the pickaxe by diving to her side. The pickaxe embeds itself into the lime leaves below Katsuko.

Her hulking black tresses thrash along behind her as she whirls to her feet, then takes off, away from the devious Naomi.

Naomi hisses as she watches Katsuko disappear out of view, then wrenches the pickaxe out of the ground.


Tsubaki Yamamoto, the fastest girl in the whole school apart from Yoshika, plops down near a rock, watching the waves crash against more rocks up ahead.

She ran immediately towards the lighthouse, but she's currently taking a break, she can already see the tall structure, minutes away.

She decides to check through her items, and see which weapon she would find in the pack.

Tsubaki wasn't extremely disappointed, but her weapon wasn't a gun. 

It was a samurai sword, bejeweled with a golden flame. Tsubaki lifted the sword, and it glistened in the moonlight.

The time must have been at least 2:00AM, but Tsubaki didn't know for sure as she didn't have a watch.

Then a she heard a click behind her.

She rised to her feet, then whirled around, her sword thrusted through thin air. 

"Woah, woah, woah. Not so fast, girl." The voice belonged to Askuno Nayahara, who was clutching a Mamba Pistol, a deadly weapon, well, definitely deadlier than Tsubaki's sword.

"Oh, Askuno. I-I'm so sorry for your loss." Tsubaki said with a calm tone. Askuno looked down, took a deep breath, then lifted her head.

"Get a grip. I'm not here to take pathetic shit from people. I'm here to win." Askuno spits, her beige mini skirt whirlpooling around in the wind.

Tsubaki stood up, her silken, platinum blonde hair rattling in the strong wind, then glared at Askuno.

"You're here to win? What for? To come home to your dead mother and father sprawled out in pools of blood?" Tsubaki slyly says, grinning, obviously trying to intimidate Askuno.

"Take that back." Askuno says.

"Make me. I double fucking dare you." Tsubaki couldn't believe the words coming from her mouth, but it seemed to be enough to make Askuno cry.

"They were all I had. How dare you talk about them in such graphic ways. How dare you, you fucking scum!" Askuno roared through waterfalls of tears, then fires at Tsubaki.

Tsubaki swiftly lunges to her left, evading the bullet. She grips her sword tight, then swings it at Askuno,.

Askuno fires another bullet, and it rips through Tsubaki's shoulder blade as fast as lightning. Tsubaki stumbles backwards, then throws herself onto Askuno.

Tsubaki wraps her legs and arms around Askuno's torso, knocking her to the ground. The pistol skids across the exposed rocks further ahead, and both girls rise.

They both look to eachother, then they race for the gun. Unfortunately, Askuno is also insanely athletic, and she's literally on Tsubaki's tail.

Tsubaki looks upwards and screams. Askuno hasn't noticed what Tsubaki's seen yet, but doesn't give a fuck anyway.

Tsubaki whips around and sprints away from the tidal wave, and watches over her shoulder as Askuno picks up the gun, her face beaming with the triumph of victory.

But her victory soon plummets as the tidal wave crashes over her, and Tsubaki sighs, realizing she's pretty much killed this girl.

But then, a bullet makes a tunnel through the large, rolling wave, and hits Tsubaki in the hip. Tsubaki stumbles, then looks backwards again.

Askuno is drenched, and her once beautiful, luscious wavy hair now hangs like a horses mane. 

A sly grin is dusted across her face, and she raises her gun once more.

Tsubaki falls to the ground, her hands ribboned around the samurai sword, and three bullets fly over her.

Tsubaki rolls away from the next two bullets, and she sprints away as quickly as she can, disappearing deeper into the beach.


Riku Watanbe is searching for his boyfriend, Taro Tokaji. Riku witnessed the fight between Askuno Nayahara and Tsubaki Yamamoto, which was only about fifteen minutes ago.

Riku has also seen Aimi Katumi, who was crying in a bush in the woods, Tokie Kojika, who was limping into the clinic, a swarthy gun in her clasp, and definitely cocked.

Riku also saw Naomi Akane, her fingers braided around a dusky pickaxe, both coiled blades sopped with blood. 

He shivered at the thought. Naomi Akane, although she was a sadistic strumpet, Riku never thought she would actually kill. The worst thing was, when he saw Naomi, she was smiling.

Aghast, Riku palpitated as he gripped his abridged hand axe. He had hoped for a gun of some sort, but in some situations, horned weapons can be better than guns.

Before Riku saw Naomi, he saw the three corpses of Emi Kobayashi, Niho Yamakoshi, and Ren Higashi. Each of them were eliminated with barbed weapons.

The only time he heard gunfire is when he was spying on the brawl between Tsubaki and Askuno, but Askuno didn't manage to kill Tsubaki. But Tsubaki is majorly wounded now.

Riku hears swishing in the bushes nearby, and he cautiously turns around.

A figure emerges from the whorled bushes, a Smith and Wesson 686 in the figure's paws.

Kato Nakamura grins as he cocks his gun. Behind Kato, Miu Kazumi stands, a jet black combat knife poised, but a frown on her face

"K-kato. Why don't we let Riku j-join us?" Miu whispers to Kato, although Riku can hear it without a problem.

"Come on, we're here to win, aren't we?" Kato grunts as beads of sweat slither down his temples. Miu sighs. "I'm so sorry Riku." Miu almost cries.

Riku bluntly stares into thin air, then churlishly smiles, as if he's just been told a joke. He then laughs. 

"We're here to win? You do realize that only one of you can win, if you even make it that far." He hisses, then swings his axe down.

Kato screeches, then collapses. Dahlia colored blood splurs from his blunt wrist, then realizes his right hand is now a meter away from his body.

Riku grabs the gun from Kato's chiseled off hand floating in a puddle of blood, then points the Smith and Wesson at Kato and Miu.

"Come on, we're here to win, aren't we?" Riku snickers as he fires two bullets.


Mami Miu clasps her scarlet glaive with both hands, she's been hiding in a cabinet in the medical clinic ever since the Program began. She knows that someone else is in here with her, but hasn't opened the cabinet yet. Mami is prepared to slaughter anyone who opens the cabinet.

She's dug a hole through the cabinet so she can see who's here, and it's revealed to be Tokie Kojika, one of the girls that didn't get on well with Mami. Yes, Tokie is friends with Naomi Akane.

Mami probably would have killed Tokie by now, but Tokie is armed with a Flintlock Pistol, and it's loaded to the maximum. Tokie has blood gushing down her white socks, obviously from a stab wound, but Mami has no idea who delivered the wound.

"I know you're in there." Tokie laughs, sitting back in a chair with her feet on a table. Mami's heart almost stops. 

Mami swings open the cabinet doors and throws the glaive at Tokie. Tokie jumps from her chair and grappled the knife out of thin air. Mami rolls towards the door, only to have the glaive thrown into her elbow.

Mami falls backwards, and Tokie walks over to Mami's sprawled figure.

Tokie clutches her left hand over the hammer of the flintlock, and pulls the trigger with the index finger of her right hand.

Blood splatters upwards, then Tokie fires four more times before lowering the gun. Mami's face is mutilated, riddled with bullets. Blood makes a ringlet around each buried bullet, then sprinkles the remains of her face.

Tokie kicks her body outside then slams the door shut, her flintlock tucked into the pocket of her school blazer. 


Keiko Okabe is sitting gracefully on a bench just outside one of the residential area houses. It's getting quite dark, and she knows she should get moving now. 

Earlier on, she witnessed Naomi battling with Tokie, and Naomi managed to embed her pickaxe in Tokie's leg before Tokie staggered away quickly. She also saw Ren Higashi's body in halves.

Keiko would never die like that. She made a promise to herself. She would never. Infact, she would keep fighting until the very end. 

She wasn't very popular back in school, and none of her friends were in her classroom. They were friends from outside of school, so she had no problem killing.

As if on cue, she heard something behind her. It was unfamiliar, the sound. Then she realized. It was the tempo of a twig snapping.

She rose, her jet black kama sealed in her grasp. 

"Go away, Kai." She spits, staring down Kai Yamazaki, a cunning pervert who's staring at Keiko's legs as she glares at him in disgust.

Simply, Kai grins. "Hm. I don't think so. Wow, I must say, I admire those legs of yours." He says, slyly grinning as his eyes open wide.

"You're gross!" She shouts, then ambles away from him. She hears the click of the gun. She whips around and almost loses grip of her kama.

The gun is aimed at her.

"You're mine now, darling. That stupid blade of yours is no match against my gun." Keiko stares at him, repugnance about to explode.

"Now. Where to start. Those legs, they're delicious. Let me get a taste." He says, taking the kama out of Keiko's clutch.

"Back off!" Keiko growls, stepping back, only to be grabbed by her neck. "Shut the hell up, bitch. Once I'm done with you you're dead." He says, almost grinning.

Keiko screams. Louder than ever. Kai puts his gun to her neck, and she instantly stops. "Sit down on that bench." 

Keiko follows suit, tears streaming down her cheeks. Kai licks his lips, then bends down. He begins to rub her legs, his gun still cocked in his left hand. Then as he gently reclines his tongue between her thighs, he's knocked in the head.

Keiko holds her metal drink bottle, shaded with a small splatter of Kai's blood.

She dives for her kama, then grapples it. "You're gross. I'll kill you." She spits.

As Kai pulls his trigger, a small, purple oval with a sharpened led pops out, hitting the floor just below him. Keiko bursts out laughing.

"Nice gun. Dart gun." She then runs for him, smashing her sickle down on him. Kai moves out of it's path with a swift sidestep, then he picks up the dart, skimming it across Keiko's neck.

A scarlight cut appears on Keiko's throat, but it barely needs a plaster. She swings her kama again. 

This time, Keiko's lucky. Striking Kai in his waist, she rips the sickle like object out of Kai's lower hip. 

Kai pounces on Keiko, shoving the dart into her side. Keiko stumbles, then this time, with all of her might, launches the kama.

Point blanc. The kama now sticks out of Kai's crotch, and he falls to his knees, his legs bathing in red liquid. "Haha." Keiko laughs, then rips out the kama.

She digs it back into his crotch, then rips it out againt, only to plant it into his crotch once more. She picks up a tempo with the swinging of her kama, in, out, in, out. 

With each plunge, Kai chirps, pain settling in as chunks of blood dipped meat emerge from his crotch. He then slumps forward, his face bathing in the remains of his-

"Dick." Keiko spits.


Naomi Akane sighs, wiping the blood off of her pickaxe once more. She needed to kill more students, and quickly. She only had three days.

She was attacked by Tokie Kojika, and Naomi luckily evaded all of the bullets fired at her. She managed to wound Tokie's tan legs.

Naomi was now spying on Yoka Mayumi, Yoki Yatsuma, Megurine Luka and Misaki Moe. Naomi didn't just go around killing her fellow students without hesitation, she needed to earn their trust before killing them off.

"Meg-ur-urine." Naomi shivered as she crawled out of the bushes. Megurine screeched and aimed her gun at Naomi.

"What do you want?!" Megurine shrieked, her revolver aimed at Naomi. Naomi began to cry and she collapsed. "I'm so scared!" She almost screamed, then latched onto Megurine's legs.

Misaki and Yoka ran over to Megurine, whilst Yoki sat up against one of the many houses in the residential area.

"Naomi..." Misaki whispered, then pointed to Naomi's uniform. She was drenched in blood. Shit! Naomi roared through the niches in her mind. 

"Why are you covered in blood!" Yoka growled, her blue hand axe unloaded and ready to strike. Naomi only sniggered.

"Because I killed. Some people aren't gonna play this game, but I am. You guys want to survive don't you? You all can't win, you rodents."

She then stood up and plunged her salvaged knife taken from Ren through Misaki's shoulder, and Misaki yelped, losing grasp of her gun.

Naomi sprinted for the pistol and coined to her feet. Her gun was cocked and aimed at Megurine, who quivered as she also lost grip of her gun.

Naomi could only chuckle. "Stupid girl. Gonna pick that up?" She roared. As Megurine lowers to pick up her gun, her head is blasted off with four bullets to the neck. Megurine screams before her neck recieves the second bullet, then her head rolls off her body.

Naomi turns and shoots Misaki Moe through the stomach. Misaki's stomach unsews, and her body arches forward as she screams like a banshee. Naomi pummels her with hailing bullets, and Misaki slumps to the ground.

Yoka drops the hand axe as Naomi moves on to her. Yoka waits for the bullets to hit her, but they never do. Instead they hit someone else. And they don't hit Yoki.

Yoka opens her eyes and screams. Teppei appears out of nowhere and takes the lethal bullet to his abdomen. 

Yoka kneels down and clamps her hand over Teppei's stomach. "Why?!" She screams, tears peppering the mysterious mashed potato like substance on Teppei's stomach.

"I-I've always loved y-you, Yoka." Teppei says, then falls back. Never to return to life. Yoka looks up, grabs her axe, and charges at Naomi while screaming.

Naomi grins and shoots her multiple times through the chest, carpeting the other corpses with a red syrup. Smiling, Naomi lowers her gun and turns to Yoki.

Naomi pulls the trigger multiple times, and a plethora of golden missile punch Yoki in several different body parts, and she falls to her side, her tongue draping out of her mouth.

"Five in one bonus." Naomi says quietly, then begins salvaging their supplies.