Hey guys. Recently, I've came up with an outstanding idea for a games on the RP wiki, but I want to move it to this wiki as it will be recognised by more people. Please, feel free to submit tributes. I will be selecting tributes from all over the wiki to participate in these games, so it's sort of like a selection games, with a small twist.

I will be using a few of my tributes as well, and will make some up on the spot. There can be from two to sixteen tributes per District, but please, make your tribute interesting, and also, their names have to be up to my standard, as I won't accept dull names such as Mary and John. There will be many tributes, and these games will be quite long. Expect frequent updates. 


  • Rodolphus Spore (District 1)
  • Nymphadora Spike (District 1)
  • Maximus Jacknife (District 1)
  • Kyoka Nabiko (District 1)
  • Spike Owens (District 5)
  • Twinkle Night (District 5)
  • Bolt Storm (District 3)
  • Giselle Sunburst (District 7)

District 0



District 1

M: Rodolphus Spore

F: Nymphadora Spike

M: Maximus Jacknife

F: Kyoka Nabiko

District 2



District 3

M: Bolt Storm


District 4



District 5

M: Spike Owens

F: Twinkle Night

District 6



District 7


F: Giselle Sunburst

District 8



District 9



District 10



District 11



District 12



District 13






Kidnapped Tributes



Kidnapped Victors:




All of TMG's tributes will be competing in a games whilst these have their reapings^.

Will continue slideshow later.

  • Cream Donahew (D1)
  • Nathan Powers (D1)
  • Issa Jackson (D1)
  • Bliss Diamond (D1)
  • Sparkle Green (D1)
  • Naarah Tompkins (D1)
  • Mason Brown (D2)
  • Oscar Du Winter (D2)
  • Ebrulf Brown (D2)
  • Alice Brown (D2)
  • Ursula Shrapnel (D2)
  • Zakia West (D2)
  • Digit Starr (D3)
  • Peter Mage (D3)
  • Jack DeSonne (D3)
  • Lucky Dawn (D3)
  • Belle Taylor (D3)
  • Lilli Wong (D3)
  • Edward Teach (D4)
  • Jackson Ocean (D4)
  • Rebel Peacock (D4)
  • Sky Cloud (D4)
  • Iris Miracle (D4)
  • Xanthe White (D4)
  • Bob Nixon (D5)
  • Alex Blue (D5)
  • Ash Green (D5)
  • Jeni Frost (D5)
  • Torrent Wave (D5)
  • Drew Summertime (D5)
  • Simon Nickel (D6)
  • Kurow Breeze (D6)
  • William Jamesone (D6)
  • Ebony Black (D6)
  • Kagu Spring (D6)
  • Ivy Greenwood (D6)
  • Rowan Winter (D7)
  • Yabbah Dabbah Do (D7)
  • Felix Fairchild (D7)
  • Tree Summer (D7)
  • Zoe Harrison (D7)
  • Danicia Hawthorne (D7)
  • Sadie Harrison (D7)
  • Nylon Denim (D8)
  • Xavier Thread (D8)
  • William Oscar Davidson (D8)
  • Silk Denim (D8)
  • Georgina Greenwood (D8)
  • Mystique Cirque (D8)
  • Elder Thorne (D9)
  • Fredrick Thorton (D9)
  • Willow Thorne (D9)
  • Quiosha Queen (D9)
  • Satan Lockwood (D10)
  • Vulcan Olympus (D10)
  • Abigail Springs (D10)
  • Venus Olympus (D10)
  • Robin Miller (D11)
  • Luke Heart (D11)
  • Jay Sparrow (D11)
  • Claire Heart (D11)
  • Hawthorne Addams (D12)
  • Birch Saunders (D12)
  • Ashley Rose Saunders (D12)
  • Beauty Swann (D12)
  • Thomas Adamson (D13)
  • Victor Addams (D13)
  • Elizabeth Coin (D13)
  • Nike Small (D13)
  • Cinna Autumn (C)
  • Adam Snow (C)
  • Summer Autumn (C)
  • Alice Snow (C)
  1. Cream Donahew
  2. Nathan Powers
  3. Issa Jackson
  4. Tom Ripley
  5. Bliss Diamond
  6. Sparkle Green
  7. Naarah Tompkins
  8. Mason Brown
  9. Oscar Du Winter
  10. Ebrulf Brown
  11. Alexander Brown
  12. Alice Brown
  13. Ursula Shrapnel
  14. Zakia West
  15. Digit Starr
  16. Peter Mage
  17. Jack DeSonne
  18. Ben Summers
  19. Lucky Dawn
  20. Lilli Wong
  21. Edward Teach
  22. Jackson Ocean
  23. Rebel Peacock
  24. Sky Cloud
  25. Iris Miracle
  26. Xanthe White
  27. Ariel Seashore
  28. Bob Nixon
  29. Alex Blue
  30. Ash Green
  31. Jeni Frost
  32. Torrent Wave
  33. Drew Summertime
  34. Simon Nickel
  35. Kurow Breeze
  36. William Jameson
  37. Ebony Black
  38. Kagu Spring
  39. Ivy Greenwood
  40. Rowan Winter
  41. Yabbah Dabbah Do
  42. Felix Fairchild
  43. Alex Xander
  44. Tree Summer
  45. Zoe Harrison
  46. Danica Hawthorne
  47. Sadie Harrison
  48. Nylon Denim
  49. Xavier Thread
  50. William Oscar Davidson
  51. Tomas Rudolph Barrymore
  52. Silk Denim
  53. Georgina Greenwood
  54. Mystique Cirque
  55. Rebecca Ashcroft
  56. Elder Thorne
  57. Fredrick Thorton
  58. Ivan Airy
  59. Willow Thorne
  60. Quiosha Queen
  61. Sveta Aaron
  62. Satan Lockwood
  63. Vulcan Olympus
  64. Xander Green
  65. Dragon Lockwood
  66. Abigail Springs
  67. Venus Olympus
  68. Elizabeth Scarlet
  69. Robin Miller
  70. Luke Heart
  71. Patrick Donaldson
  72. Benjamin Jackson
  73. Jay Sparrow
  74. Claire Heart
  75. Sasha Tompkins
  76. Hawthorne Addams
  77. Birch Saunders
  78. Jake Woodwood
  79. Ashley Rose Saunders
  80. Beauty Swann
  81. Holly Edwardson
  82. Soldier Thomas Adamson
  83. Soldier Victor Addams
  84. Alexander Du Winter
  85. Soldier Elizabeth Coin
  86. Soldier Nike Small
  87. Sadie Williamson
  88. Cinna Autumn
  89. Adam Snow
  90. Edward Woodwood
  91. Summer Autumn
  92. Alice Snow
  93. Lucinda "Lucy" Sky-Diamonds
  94. Herring Peacock
  95. Cod Peacock 
  96. Lilli Adamson
  97. Tyler Adamson
  98. Najma Brown
  99. Jadon Brown
  100. Saturn Chrome
  101. Jupiter Chrome
  102. Neptune Miles Power
  103. Mercury Pluto Power
  104. Venus Chrome
  105. Eris Chrome
  106. Pheobe Smith
  107. Sadie Green
  108. Thomas Patrick Davidson
  109. Davina White
  110. David White
  111. Eternity Donahew-Celestia
  112. Spark Volts
  113. Ash Brooke
  114. Abyss Jet Onyx
  115. Anthasios Vito
  116. Albus Riddle
  117. Sirius Snape
  118. Draco Potter
  119. Lucinda Lucifer
  120. Azriel Dart
  121. Raven "Howl" Wolf
  122. Hermione Brown

Death Chart

122nd: Jackson Ocean: Throat slashed with sword by Alice Brown

121st: Danica Hawthorne: Strangled to death by Hawthorne Addams

120th: Tom Ripley: Knife through the eye by Beauty Swann

119th: Elizabeth Scarlet: Sword through heart by Thomas Adamson

118th: Quiosha Queen: Axe through neck by Victor Addams

117th: Alex Xander: Gutted by Bliss Diamond

116th: William Oscar Davidson: Spear through chest by Mason Brown

115th: Sadie Williamson: Arrow through stomach by Cream Donahew

114th: Patrick Donaldson: Torso sliced open by Satan Lockwood

113th: Rebecca Ashcroft: Decapitated by Satan Lockwood

112th: Bliss Diamond: Knife through head by Lucinda Lucifer

111th: Rowan Winter: Hook through the throat by Edward Teach

110th: Fredrick Thorton: Sword through lungs by Mason Brown

109th: Simon Nickel: Sword through temple by Issa Jackson

108th: Sveta Aaron: Sickle through head by Naarah Tompkins

107th: Sasha Tompkins: Dagger through head by Ebrulf Brown

106th: Tomas Rudolph Barrymore: Neck snapped by Nathan Powers

105th: Peter Mage: Throat slashed with scythe by Ebony Black

104th: Jack DeSonne: Head split open with an axe by Satan Lockwood

103rd: Azriel Dart: Pushed off a cliff by Bob Nixon; skull cracked open

102nd: Torrent Wave: Shot multiple times with bullets by Bob Nixon

101st: Sparkle Green: Stabbed multiple times by Zakia West

100th: Pheobe Smith: Arrow through skull by Luke Heart

99th: Najma Brown: Crushed by boulder by Gamemaker Trap

98th: Adam Snow: Arrow to the back of the head by Xavier Thread

97th: Felix Fairchild: Kama through back by Satan Lockwood

96th: Dragon Lockwood: Knife through forehead by Mystique Cirque

95th: Eris Chrome: Shot with bullets multiple times by Ebony Black

94th: Venus Chrome: Shot with bullets multiple times by Ebony Black

93rd: Saturn Chrome: Throat slashed with axe by Ebony Black

92nd: Jupiter Chrome: Dagger to the heart; Suicide

91st: Satan Lockwood: Axe to the chest by Ebony Black

90th: Eternity Donahew-Celestia: Heart ripped out by a black flamingo muttation

89th: Ebony Black: Multiple bullets to the chest and back by Satan Lockwood; dies from injuries

88th: Alice Brown: Knife thrown into the chest by Alexander Du Winter

87th: Alexander Du Winter: Sword shoved through skull by Mason Brown

86th: Zoe Harrison: Sword through the throat by Cream Donahew

85th: Iris Miracle: Throat slashed with bread knife by Lucinda Lucifer

84th: Oscar Du Winter: Neck shot with arrow by Lucinda Lucifer

83rd: Mason Brown: Torso ripped open by a black flamingo muttation

82nd: Alexander Brown: Hatchet hurled into the stomach by Lucinda Lucifer

81st: Sadie Green: Knife thrown into neck by Cream Donahew

80th: Georgina Greenwood: Temple slashed with bread knife by Lucinda Lucifer

79th: Summer Autumn: Neck snapped by blue gorilla muttations

78th: Cinna Autumn: Stomped on to death by blue gorilla muttations

77th: Ursula Shrapnel: Throat slit with bread knife by Lucinda Lucifer

76th: Hermione Brown: Head crumpled with mace by Cream Donahew

75th: Davina White: Mace thrown into the throat by Cream Donahew

74th: David White: Carving knife thrown into hearrt by Cream Donahew

73rd: Thomas Patrick Davidson: Stabbed in the abdomen with a trident by Sky Cloud

72nd: Jake Woodwood: Longsword thrown into the abdomen by Issa Jackson

71st: Soldier Nike Small: Injured by Quiosha Queen, finished off by Elizabeth Coin 

70th: Xavier Thread: Stabbed in the mouth by Fredrick Thorton

69th: Abigail Springs: Stabbed in the throat (accidentally) by Kagu Spring

68th: Ivan Airy: Stabbed in the stomach by Kagu Spring

67th: Willow Thorne: Sword thrown into waist (accidentally) by Kagu Spring

66th: Kagu Spring: Back slashed open with a knife by Beauty Swann

65th: Xander Green: Stabbed in the heart with a knife by Zakia West

64th: William Jameson: Throat slashed open with a sickle by Naarah Tompkins

63rd: Xanthe White: Face nicked open with a scythe by Nathan Powers

62nd: Nathan Powers: Throat teared open with a harpoon by Rebel Peacock

61st: Ivy Greenwood: Back cleaved open by Cream Donahew

60th: Naarah Tompkins: Sickle to the heart; Suicide

59th: Lilli Wong: Skull split open with a hand axe by Lucky Dawn

58th: Draco Potter: Throat slashed with a hand axe by Lucky Dawn

57th: Drew Summertime: Stabbed in the back with a sword by Alex Blue

56th: Alex Blue: Hatchet dug into jaw by Ash Green

​The Arena

The arena is a dark, gloomy forest with a turquoise sky and the only shimmer is the shimmer of blades.

To the west, there's a dark beach with a black sea spilling over the grey sand. The beach is peppered with hulking black rocks.

To the east, there's a graveyard, yes, a graveyard. There's a jet black chapel there too.

To the south and the north, it's basically just forest.

And in the middle, there's a large black mansion, where the supplies and weapons will be located.

Arena Wear

Jet black body suits and cloaks to match.



Jeni Frost, D5, Hovercraft:

So it begins. The day where we will kill eachother. I'm currently sitting beside Kagu Spring, the girl from 6 who I can trust with my life.

Together, we will fight through the games and hopefully, one of us will come out victorious.

Suddenly, glittering tears begin to gush from Kagu's glazed eyes, and I quickly ribbon my arms around her and pull her close.

"Don't cry. We'll get through this, together." I quietly hoot into her ear. Slowly, she begins to calm down and the tears are less frequent.

"A-after the bloodbath, meet me 60 steps to the west. I'll be waiting there for you." She says quietly.

"I'll be there." I say with a grin.

Jackson Ocean, D4, Metal Plate:

It's time. Time to show these weaklings the real threat.

As I rise into the arena, I'm taken aback. There's about thirty of us in this gloomy, dark mansion. Some of the other tributes must start upstairs and down the halls. Possibly outside.

The glimmer catches my attention. The argent, curved sword, laid out across an elongated, jet black table. With that weapon, I'll be the biggest threat in the arena. I'm outstanding with curved swords.

I scan the room, in hopes of finding any careers I can ally with. Instead, I find the shivering Alice Brown. Poor girl, she's not even here with her brother. Wait. What? It's hilarious she's on her own!

Then all of a sudden, the gong rings out.

I'm already bolting for the sword, the instrument I will use to rule the arena and dominate the games. As I grasp for the sword, I slowly stop.

All of my hope plummets as I watch five bony fingers taking hold of the plated sword.

And I look up, only in time to see Alice Brown jam the sword through my throat without a moment's hesitation.

Naarah Tompkins, D1, Mansion:

Thank god. Thank god that when I rose into the arena, I turned out to be the only one on the balcony. So as soon as the gong rings, I quickly grapple the weapon closest to me, a sickle, and look over the balcony's ledge.

Some tributes are running away from the mansion, some are eagerly sprinting towards it. Well, I guess I should find an ally.

As I sprint down stairs, I spot Issa Jackson, wielding a sword near the entrance of the mansion. "Issa!" I call out, sprinting towards him.

"Naarah!" He calls, then tosses me a backpack. Almost instantly, I grab the backpack and we take off out of the doors.

At the door, we come face to face with Bliss Diamond, who Issa accidently knocks over. Her ochre locks flail behind her as she hits the floor with a grunt.

"Don't have respect for women?" Bliss spits, then I see the shimmer. But it's too late.

Bliss' knife is planted into Issa's shoulder, and she runs past us, chuckling.

"Issa," I tremble, pulling him into my arms. "Come on, let's get out of here!" I screech as we wait outside for the careers.

Hawthorne Addams, D12, Mansion:

This is just great. Danica, one of the girls from 7, is sprinting towards me, a small jack knife in her hand. And here I am, unarmed, scanning the area for any blades in reach.

Then suddenly, the glistening spheres twinkle in the corner of my eye. I rush for them quickly then take hold of the chain holding the two hulking, globes together. I capture the meteor hammer.

Realizing her small knife is no match against my large meteor hammer, Danica throws her knife, drunk from shock.

I evade the blade with ease then lace the chain around her neck. I put my foot on her back and begin tugging. 

After two minutes of endlessly throttling her with a chain, I let her swollen, crackled body fall to the ground. She's now black, darker than the room, and her eyes are wide.

I've killed someone. Not that I have a problem with killing, but I've just killed a girl younger than me. I guess I'm going to have to get comfortable with it. But killing young girls? That's going to be a mission.

Beauty Swann, D12, Mansion:

As I quickly grab a jagged knife from the cornucopia, I'm overthrown backwards, ready to face my worst nightmare.

Tom Ripley from District 1 stares into my eyes with bloodlust, and I make out the gleaming dagger in his right hand.

Thrashing about, I manage to roll back to my feet and with a rock hard swing of my right foot, I kick him where it hurts.

He staggers forward, clutching his crotch in pain as rapid, wheezy breaths escape his lungs. But in an instant, he recovers then slashes a me.

I stumble backwards, then ready my jagged knife. I don't want to kill, but I will, knowing that it will bring me survival. 

Without thinking twice, I plunge my knife into his left eye, then rip the horned blade out with a hint of satisfaction.

The knife is drenched with an egg-white sap, streaks of blood streaming down the noxious knife.

He falls forward in a small puddle of blood, and I quickly dash away, grabbing a backpack on my way out.

Soldier Thomas Adamson, D13, Forest:

I rush through the forest, a jet black sword in my hand, almost blending in with the ebony sky illuminating the gloomy forest.

I've been extremely lucky so far, that's for sure. When we rose into the arena, I was already in between Soldier Victor Addams and Soldier Elizabeth Coin, and together, the three of us also stumbled into Soldier Nike Small. 

So here we all are, equipped with weapons and running through the arena, ready to save as many tributes as we can and escape the arena.

Two girls, Elizabeth Scarlet of District 10 and Quiosha Queen of District 9 run into us, and they back away, their knives poised.

"Wanna join us?" Nike asks them. 

Quiosha turns to her ally, then once turning back, stabs Nike in her side. Nike staggers backwards, and Elizabeth Coin quickly catches her.

Elizabeth and Quiosha sprint forward, their blades ready to take action.

Victor and Quiosha begin dueling, and Elizabeth steers her knife in my direction while I'm captured off guard.

Almost immediately, I raise my sword and stab her in her heart, and she falls to the ground, blood seeping from the crevice in her chest.

I turn to Victor, who's promptly ripping his axe out of Quiosha's neck.

Bliss Diamond, D1, Mansion:

My knife rips open the kid's stomach, letting his guts to spill out across the floor.

I've paid no attention to who I've just killed, if I did that each time I kill, I'd lose track.

I watch as Mason Brown uproots his spear from William Oscar Davidson's chest. The careers are gonna dominate this year!

Darting through the room, I watch as an arrow rips through Sadie Williamson's stomach, sending her soaring across the room.

And as I grasp for a set of throwing knives, I watch in disgust as Satan Lockwood drives a sword through Patrick Donaldson's waist, then with one swift slice, rips open his torso.

Patrick's body falls to the floor, then Satan creeps up behind Rebecca Ashcroft and decapitates her with a fluid swing.

My fingers tighten around the kit of knives, but that's when I realize so have another's fingers.

I gaze upwards, only in time to stare as Lucinda Lucifer plucks one of the knives from it's case and plunges it in between my eyes.

Rowan Winter, D7, Mansion:

Weaklings. They run around in this mansion, screeching, shrieking, knowing that they're penned in, cornered by threats. 

Threats. Yes, I'm a threat to these weaklings, and I'm glad to take up that role. As a threat. Tree Summer is dying to kill me, and I saw her earlier on trying hard to evade blades, an axe in her hand, and a mask suggesting 'Rowan Winter will die at my hands'.

But she's left now, decided she's kill me later on and ran for the forest. I saw her grabbing a sword before she left.

I grab my own spear from a rack and twist around, contorting my lips into a sinister's grin.

I see him. Edward Teach of District 4. The guy who thinks he's some sort of pirate. It's funny, really, because his ship's about to sink.

Charging forward, I thrust my spear in route of his torso, but he suddenly realizes, then steps out of the spear's path. 

He thrusts his weapon, a captain's hook, towards me, which is secured around his left hand. Are you kidding me?

"Shiver me timbers!" He growls. I dodge the punch of his weapon and roll to the ground and come back up again by executing a barrel roll.

And then the stinging pain hits. The hands of death digging into my neck as the hook makes it's way into my throat, whisking around and burrowing upwards.

I fall back as he removes his hook from my throat, and I only watch as he laughs before death makes it's departure.

Xanthe White, D4, Mansion:

I need to find Rebel Peacock, the boy who I'm in love with, and if I can't find him, I'll have to ally with those horrible careers.

My hope rises as I find him, wielding a trident and holding a backpack. "Rebel!" I shout as I come staggering towards him, courtesy of Lucky Dawn's hurled hatchet in my leg.

"Xanthe!" He whispers as he turns around. We meet, and I see that he's allied with Ariel Seashore. I wish we could have allied with Iris Miracle and Sky Cloud, but they've joined the careers.

"Oh no!" He says, pointing to the hatchet lodged into my leg. He bends down to rip it out, but I stop him. "I'll lose more blood if you pull it out, don't worry, it doesn't hurt anymore." I declare.

He nods, then grabs me by my hand as we make our way out.

Mason Brown, D2, Mansion:

Currently, I'm swordfighting with Fredrick Thorton, and he's gaining the upperhand. No. I won't let him win this battle.

So as he raises his sword, that's when I strike. I wedge my sword into his lungs, and he falls to the ground. 

"Nice work." A calculating, high voice comes from behind me. I already know who the voice belongs to as I whirl around.

Alice Brown, my sister, stares at me, a bloodstained sword in her hand and only chuckles. "Come on, the rest of the careers are over there!" She shrieks with excitement as she grabs my hand and drags me towards the rest of the team.

We rush outside and face our deadly companions.

The classic careers consist of Cream Donahew, Nathan Powers, Issa Jackson, Sparkle Green, Naarah Tompkins, Ebrulf Brown, Alexander Brown, Oscar Du Winter, Ursula Shrapnel, Zakia West, Iris Miracle, Sky Cloud and Alice and I.

Unfortunately, we lost our fellow team members Bliss Diamond, Tom Ripley and Jackson Ocean.

So here we are, waiting outside for tributes to leave the mansion so we can easily slay them.

As if on cue, Tomas Rudolph Barrymore, Simon Nickel, Sveta Aaron and Sasha Tompkins come running at us, their blades ready to hack through the flesh of careers.

Alice and I lay back and watch as the four of them attack the careers.

Simon Nickel and Issa Jackson are captured in a deadly tango of twinkling swords, and it's not a surprise as Issa plunges his sword into Simon's temple.

Sveta Aaron is swinging her deadly spear rapidly at Naarah, but it's not long before Naarah buries her sickle into Sveta's brain. Naarah rips the banana shaped blade out of Sveta's head, grinning as blood drips from the steel spiral.

Sasha Tompkins throws her dagger at Ebrulf Brown, and he swiftly dodges the blade. Sasha, now giving up, spins on her heels, but falls as Ebrulf returns the dagger, throwing it into her head.

And to end the small battle, Tomas Rudolph Barrymore recieves two brawn hands around his neck, snapping it with a sickening crack.

Nathan Powers smirks as he throws Tomas' body to the floor, and now we begin waiting for more prey.

Lilli Wong, D3, Graveyard:

Luckily, Digit let me into his alliance consisting of Belle Taylor, Peter Mage, Jack DeSonne, and Lucky Dawn.

I know this alliance can only be temporary for me, as I want to win the games, and by accomplishing that, I'll either have to kill everyone from my District, abandon them, or wait for them to be killed.

I have no problem killing them, but I'd be hated for the rest of my life back in District 3, that's for sure. And I'd be haunted everyday.

So I'm going to abandon them, tomorrow, yes, tomorrow. But maybe I won't have to abandon them.

Because Ebony Black, Satan Lockwood, Dragon Lockwood, and Mystique Cirque have just walked into our camp.

Dragon Lockwood, D10, Graveyard:

As Lilli Wong realizes we've walked into their camp, she immediately sprints away without a gasp.

Her other team members haven't realized yet, and we want to keep it that way.

Mystique and I are quite scared, we don't want to kill, unlike Ebony and Satan, who have no problem in killing.

Ebony charges towards them, a small scythe in hand, and Satan follows behind her, clasping a jet black war axe.

Lucky and Belle both scream in unison as they see Ebony and Satan, and they sprint off into the distance, leaving their supplies behind.

Ebony swings her scythe in direction of Peter Mage, and Peter quickly dodges the blow as he grasps for his cleaver.

Violently slashing at Peter, Ebony sees the glimmer of the large, thick cleaver. But she doesn't stop hacking away at Peter, and soon, she manages to slice his throat open.

Satan digs his obsidian axe into Jack's head, and pulls it out without care. Digit, the only remaining male from three, grabs his machete and takes off, in the same route Lilli had headed.

Azriel Dart, D13, Cliffs:

I escaped the bloodbath with a brutal slice across my neck. Fortunately, it didn't cut too deep, and the stinging from the wound has gone away now.

Once I grabbed a lasso and a backpack, I ran here, thinking many people would just settle for the forest. The careers asked me to join them, and I turned down their invitation and ran off, and I only just escaped the slash of Sparkle's katana.

And now I'm sitting here, staring down at the obsidian waves crashing against the ebony rocks. 

Then I hear the cracking. The cracking of my back caving in, crushing my against my lungs. Wheezy, measureable breaths escape my mouth, and I cast a glimpse over my shoulder.

Bob Nixon, the dangerous boy from District 5, crumples his foot into my back once more, and I see Torrent Wave behind him, smiling as her pigtails sway in the wind.

Then suddenly, I'm soaring downwards. I'm falling! That bastard kicked me off the cliff!

I try to grab for a protruding rock, but as soon as my fingers brush against the rock, the rock slips out of place and comes tumbling down with me.

Then, cracking again. The cracking of my own skull as it smashes against a boulder.

Bob Nixon, D5, Cliffs:

I watch as her head slams against the large, black boulder, sprinkling the boulder with a lust red and a grotesque topping of crimson goo.

Torrent sighs as she stares down at the corpse, then turns back to me. 

"How can you just kill like that? It would have been less pain if you stabbed her in the back." She spits, trudging past me to grab her blowgun.

"Come on, we need to find more tributes," She says "and we need to find Alex Blue." 

"Why him?" I ask. "Well, there's something you don't know about me, Bob." She chirps with a grin. "And what's that?" I ask again.

"Me and him kill people. We trick people into coming to us, then kill them then loot them. Pretty cool, eh?" She says.

"You said to me 'how can you kill like that?', and now you reveal to me that you're a psycho killer yourself?" I question with shock.

"Well, I don't really like killing, but this is different. I used to kill for money and the things they have, but now I'm gonna kill for survival, and make it fast and not as painful." She says.

"Well...okay?" I say as we hike the cliffs higher to get a good lookout of the tributes.

Jeni Frost, D5, Beach:

I'm waiting for Kagu, who said she'd be here, sixty steps to the west. I'm fully exposed, so she better get here quick.

I look up at the cliffs and see two figures. One is that Torrent girl from my District, she's slightly ruthlesss and I don't fully trust her. And the other one, I can't quite make out.

Then I realize it's the boy I love. Bob Nixon. 

"Bob!" I call, and the cry echoes throughout the beach. I run for the cliff, and I can see that he's finally heard me after several roars.

"Jeni!" He calls out, and begins racing down the cliff. After ten minutes, we finally reach eachother, when a dart comes flying at me.

Bob pushes me to the ground and the dart goes bolting over me. Looking to see the perpetrator, I find Torrent Wave, loading another dart.

Suddenly, Bob's hands turn into guns and a hail of bullets find Torrent before she can even load the next dart.

Bob lowers his smoking guns, and he turns to me. "You didn't know?" He asks, smirking.

Zakia West, D2, Forest:

Mason Brown and Cream Donahew are fighting over who should be the career leader. Honestly, I don't even want to be here, Sparkle Green held a katana to my neck, saying she wouldn't hesitate.

Now, we're having a vote for who should be the leader. Is this some kind of joke? They're acting like children. If it was my choice, I'd choose that Alice girl for the leader, she's probably the smartest here.

"Put your hand up if you vote for Cream." Issa says, and one half of the team put their hand up. "And now, put your hand up if you think Mason should lead the team." The other half goes up.

"Zakia," Issa says, "you didn't put your hand up for either of them." Everyone's heads turn to me, and I shrug. "I just think it's childish. I mean, we're all threats, aren't we? We don't need a leader, it doesn't make much of a difference, does it?" I hoot. A few nod in approval, some scowl and shake their heads.

"I'm with Zakia." Says Naarah, and Sparkle stares at her in disgust. "Oh shut up Naarah! You know better! She's just some redhead from District 2, she knows nothing!" Sparkle argues with her high-pitched tone.

I rise to my feet, and stare her down in disgust. "Some redhead from 2? Oh really? You think just because I'm from 2 I'm weaker than you? We train in weaponry everyday in 2, what do you do in 1? Make couches and chairs for the Capitol? Oh, District 1 is way better than us." I spit.

"Well, I'd like to see you beat me." She says, standing up, unsheathing her katana from it's jet black canvas. "You'd only be seeing a blade through your head." I chirp with arrogance, pushing her.

"Let's just see who's best!" She screeches. "May the best fighter win. Get ready, be prepared to have your guts ripped out!" She screams, laughing with a smirk smeared across her angelic face.

"Bring it!" I roar, dashing for my weapon, a jet black broadsword. Once capturing hold of the slender, elongated blade, I twirl around and see that everyone's gathered in a circle. "


The two girls circled, staring eachother down.

"You're going down, 2!" Sparkle Green shouted, upswinging towards her opponent. Zakia West groaned in disgust as she evaded a deadly sail of Sparkle's katana. Sparkle spat at Zakia, and Zakia managed to dodge that too.

Sparkle sprung at Zakia, and Zakia lowered, avoiding the jostle of Sparkle's blade. Zakia rose, then leapt at Sparkle. She swiped a deadly slice at Sparkle, who swiftyly sidestepped, whirling about as her argent blade glimmered in the dusky beam of light.

Zakia scowled as she plunged for Sparkle's chest, and Sparkle gasped as small passage opened at her shoulder. "You wounded me! I'll kill you, bitch!" Sparkle screamed as she hopped forward.

She bulldozed her sword in direction of Zakia's chest. Zakia reeled away from the thrusted blade, then somersaulted towards Sparkle. The other careers ogled as Zakia spun through the air.

Zakia landed on her feet and slit Sparkle's kneecap open. A scarlet liquid ran down Sparkle's jumpsuit, and she staggered backwards in agony.

Sparkle, infuriated, took another swing at Zakia, and this time, she was victorious. The peak of her katana boosted at Zakia's hip, unsewing it with a brutal cadence.

Zakia remained calm, knowing she wouldn't let this excuse of a career win this battle. She popped her broadsword at Sparkle, then realized Sparkle was no longer in her eyesight. 

Then the pain dug into the back of her shoulder. The arctic blade of a katana was now pinching at her shoulder, and she spiraled around to face her worst enemy.

Sparkle uprooted the blade from Zakia's shoulder then swung at Zakia with a lethal waltz. Her katana was now aimed at Zakia's chest. No. She won't win! Zakia roared in her mind, then blocked the thrust of Sparkle's katana by escalating her sword. The katana only pierced the broadsword, and Sparkle growled.

The two girls wavered as their blades unconnected, and Zakia took a swing of victory as she caught Sparkle off guard.

Sparkle leaned forward, tilting deeper into the blade which was now planted in her stomach. Hooked, Sparkle looked up and grimaced before hitting the floor with a deadly disco.

Zakia weeded the blade out of her opponent and beamed triumphantly. She almost fell to the ground, but Naarah helped her up and congratulated her. "Come on, let's fix those wounds." Naarah said.

Nathan Powers, D1, Forest:

Sparkle's...dead.  I caught her eyes locking on me as she toppled over, the sword in her stomach. She mouthed the word 'sorry'. She was sorry she didn't win. And she was sorry that she never got to let me know how much she really loved me. I always knew she did...and I loved her too.

It's all because of this villain, Zakia West. Yes. This horrible is the reason why Sparkle's dead. Zakia...killed Sparkle. A broadsword to her stomach, and half a dozen bled-out wounds.

So tonight, Zakia will pay for that. She'll be the next to come face to face with death, I'll make sure of it. I look over to Zakia, who's being cradled and nursed by Naarah and Oscar. Pfft. A real career could handle those wounds.

"Nathan, can you come hold this down?" Naarah asks as she tiwrls her hand with a beckoning gesture. In disgust, I walk over to Naarah then stare down at Zakia. 

"Hey, Zakia. You know what? The girl you killed, she was the love of my life. She loved me too. You killed her...physically murdered the love of my life. How does that feel?" I roar.

"She was one pathetic excuse of a career, Nathan. Go have a cry about it. Cry your little heart out. This is The Hunger Games. People die. Don't you remember snapping Tomas Barrymore's neck?" Zakia spits.

Yes. I do remember killing him. At the time, I felt great. It was thrilling. But now, I look down on my actions. He could have had a family. A little sister rooting for him. And now, he's dead. Because of me.

"And I won't kill again. And that will start right after I kill you!" I screech, then leap towards her. Naarah blocks my attack by shielding Zakia, then she hacks at me with her sickle.

"Move it or lose it, Nathan." Naarah hoots with arrogance, then after a short chuckle, I move to round her. But no, she won't let me. I feel as her foot pounds against my chest, and I'm flying backwards.

And now I'm on the ground, and she's on top of me, her blood drenched sickle held at my throat as I hold back my head. "You can either leave now, or I can kill you." "Fine, I'll leave!" I roar. Finally, I rise, then run off.

Ashley Rose Saunders, D12, Beach:

Birch and I have allied with Jay Sparrow, Robin Miller, Luke Heart and Claire Heart, all from District 11. They're all very nice, and I share a special bond with each of them.

"Hey, Ash," Jay says, "how'd you find your brother?" Sitting up against a boulder, I tell her the story.

"Well, in the bloodbath, I tried really hard to find him. I started upstairs and almost ran into Naarah Tompkins. I probably would have fought her if I had a weapon, but she was holding a sickle and I didn't take my chances." I say clearly.

"I ran downstairs and saw everyone hacking away at eachother, so I grabbed a stun gun hanging from a curtain. I looked behind the curtain and gazed through the window. I saw Birch running away, and immediately ran out the door and chased after him." I take a breath.

"Then I lost him. After an hour or so of trying to find him, he just disappeared. And then someone tapped me on the shoulder while I was crying. I spun around and zapped the tribute with my stun gun when I realized it was Birch. I knocked him unconscious." I giggle.

"Then finally, he woke up and I cried because I thought I had killed him. So yeah, that's basically it. How did you find Robin, Luke and Claire?" 

"Well, so I-" "Die!" A tribute rushes into our camp and I scream, my jaw descending as my scream breaks through the supple air. 

Najma Brown and Pheobe Smith come sprinting towards us, and Luke jumps forward and shoots Pheobe through the skull with an arrow. She falls face forward into the grey sand, peppering the sand with an apple red liquid.

Before Najma can even hit Birch with her dagger, a boulder reels from the cliff above and lands on top of her, sprinkling us all with a fortune of blood.

Then out of nowhere, the cannons for today begin to go off. 24 cannons. Pretty pathetic considering the majority of them happened after the bloodbath, and the fact that there's still 98 tributes roaming the arena. I need to prepare for tomorrow, that's for sure.

Kurow Breeze, D6, Forest:

I'm so disappointed.

First of all, I managed to escape the bloodbath with a backpack. You must thinking, what's so bad about that? Well, everything is wrong with it.

When I unzipped the pack, I found a wooden mace. What the hell am I going to do with a wooden mace when someone's running at me with an elongated, steel axe.

Secondly, I'm wounded. Specifically, my ankle was hit with a knife, thrown by Lucinda Lucifer of District 5. She's a bit too ruthless for my liking. The blade dug in deep, and I have nothing to cover it up with.

Oh yeah, also, there was a dagger in my backpack. And guess what? The blade was missing. What generous gamemakers we have this year.

And thirdly, I'm about to die. I was foolishly running through the arena and got caught in a net someone must have set up. I would use my wings to fly away, but I'm veiled in.

Then a figure emerges from the darkness and finds me dangling like a cocoon from the green tree. Oh, lord, please don't let me die!

Ivy Greenwood, D6, Forest:

The boy's unable to move, courtesy of my net fastened around him. Upon further expection, he turns out to be the boy from my District, Kurow, the boy with wings.

"Hi." I say slowly and slyly. Normally, I'm not bloodthirsty, but if I want to tin these games, I'm going to have to kill, and I think this is the perfect oppurtunity. I'll get used to killing eventually.

"Please don't kill me! Please!" He pleads and tears run down his cheeks. His wings flutter rapidly, like a butterfly breaking from it's cocoon. Hey, not much of a difference is there?

"I don't think so. I'm giving the audience a show, so yeah, I will kill you. Sorry." I say sadistically. I need to earn sponsors. And this it the only way.

As I slash the rope holding the net together, I realize I slice just a bit too lower than I'm expecting. The net falls around him, giving him an exit route. 

Kurow's wings begin to quiver and ripple, and before I can slash at him with my knife, he's flying away faster than I expected. Damn you Kurow!

Vulcan Olympus, D10, Beach:

My dearly beloved aunt, Venus, and I have set up camp behind one of the many boulders here, at the gloomy beach.

Blood has been shed today, and lives have been lost. Some may not care, and some may laugh about that, but I surely won't. Because I have respect, and I'm sure others do too.

I got a knife from the bloodbath, and now we have three backpacks, one for my own, and Venus grabbed two and luckily found a sword in one of the packs.

We decide not to set up the tent we found on the way out, someone must have dropped it, as the tent would draw attention, and there's almost 100 tributes running around.

If it was any other games, we probably would set it up, but because of the fact that there's so many tributes, it would be foolish to set it up.

Venus is sharpening her sword on the boulder that veils our appearance to other tributes, and her long, coffee colored hair ruffles swiftly in the blundering currents of air.

"Venus," I ask, quivering. "Yeah Vulcan?" "Only one of us can win." I remind her. It's silent for a moment, apart from the brutal tempo of the gale force wind.

"Vulcan. Don't get ahead of yourself. I'll try protect for as long as I can, and I'm sure you'll do the same for me." She says, gazing into the sky.

"Venus, one more thing, I want you to know this. I'm sure you already know what I'm going to say, but I need to remind you, incase I die." I say, my feet brushing against the sand.

"I love you Venus, you're the best aunt anyone could have."

Alice Snow, Capitol, Forest:

Adam and I sprint through the forest at full speed, and before we know it, we've found a small, glistening blue stream running through a small canyon.

"Thank god!" I shout, then clamp my hand over my mouth. "Sorry." I whisper to Adam before dunking my head into the water.

I take long, large chugs of the beautiful, purified water. It tastes like the fresh water we have at home, in the Capitol. I miss the Capitol. I miss my friends. I miss my family. Why can't these games be over already?

I arch downwards and begin downing another plethora of the fresh, cold water. "Adam, do you have the empty water bottles?" I ask, and he reveals the four empty water bottles he found inside the mansion

Grabbing the water bottles,  I take my time and fill up each water bottle until the water comes leaking down the outside of the bottles. 

"Hey, I got an idea." I say, staring at a few flax bushes in the distance. "Adam, can you please grab me a few of those stalks of flax?" I ask, and he jogs over to uproot a dozen leaflets of flax.

Once returning, Adam hands me the hoard of flax petals, and I set them out from tallest to shortest, then I begin to weave baskets out of the flax.

After successfully weaving two baskets, I submerge them into the water, and pull them out, and they're now brimful with the crystalline water.

I put the water bottles into my pack and Adam carries one of the baskets while I carry the other. Then suddenly, he spills all the water and drops the basket.

"Adam!" I screech, then realize why he's dropped the basket.

It can only be because there's an arrow in the back of his head.

Xavier Thread, D8, Forest:

My arrow hits the boy in the back of the head, and he drops the basket of water he was holding and falls to the ground. 

The girl screams as she spins around and catches sight of me lowering my bow. "Hey." I shout, then furnish my bow with another arrow.

As I raise my bow, I find that the girl's gone. Huh? How on earth? Then I'm striked in the back of my head, an aching pain sending me crumpling to my knees.

She's knocked me in the back of the head with her backpack, which contained the four, fully loaded water bottles.

I can feel blood running down the back of my neck, and I crawl forward and grab the arrow which has slipped out of it's crevice in the bow.

Spinning around, I jab the arrow into her thigh and she pours the basket of water down on me, and now, I'm drenched and unable to move as stealthily.

She rips the arrow out of her leg and sprints away from me, then blowing her brother's corpse a kiss before disappearing into the shadows.

Ariel Seashore, D4, Beach:

The beach, it reminds us of home. Only this beach is extremely deadly, and the sand is splattered with blood. The hovercraft's picked up the corpses, finally, but I can still smell the vile stench of blood.

Xanthe, Rebel and I watch as the ebony waves crash against the rocks, rolling over and coating the sand with a damp substance.

"I miss home..." I murmur. Xanthe turns to me and wraps her arm around me. "Don't worry. We can escape." She assures me, then someone laughs. But it wasn't Rebel or Xanthe.

Twirling around with my trident in hand, I only see Edward Teach, wielding a blood drenched sickle like blade- a captain's hook. You have got to be kidding me.

"We can escape, my friends, with my pirate ship." He brags. "A pirate ship? Is this some kind of joke?" I shout. He quickly sighs then takes a step forward.

"You know how that day when Sky Cloud and I were reported missing?" He chirps. Slowly, I nod. "I kidnapped Sky. She was held captive on my ship and I only let her out on reaping days. So now, she joined the careers to kill me." He continues.

"I can probably make a ship out of these boulders. I'm just going to need a few pickaxes, rope, wood, a blanket, It won't be big, but it will be big enough to fit twenty people. We'll find sixteen other tributes we can trust and then escape." He scorns.

"Okay guys, don't judge me for this, but I'm with his plan. He's done it before." Xanthe declares. "No way!" I protest, but Rebel puts his hand over my mouth.

"I'm with him too." He yawps, then walks over to Edward. Obviously, I have no choice. I don't want to be alone.

"Fine. I'm with you guys." I holler.

Felix Fairchild, D7, Graveyard:

I am extremely creeped out right now.

I'm here alone, I tried calling out for Tree Summer who walked by, but she didn't hear me as my catcalls were barely audible.

And well, an alliance of Ebony Black, Mystique Cirque, Dragon Lockwood and Satan Lockwood are coming towards me, and I have no choice but to hide behind one of the graves.

Now I know I've been seen, because one of the brothers from 10 begins to shout. "Hey! You can run but you can't hide!" Then I hear the rhythm of sprinting. 

He's coming towards me. And as I peek, I see that it's Satan, and he's cradling a kama, a japanese weapon. 

Rising, I turn on my heels and dart for the forest. As I'm about to make it to the forest, I hear the whistle of the blade.

Oh god. Oh no. Don't let me die.

But it's too late, because the arched blade sinks into my back, wedging my tailbone into two. Blood floods out of the wound and fall backwards, never to see life again.

Mystique Cirque, D8, Graveyard:

The cannon trumpets through the arena, and I stare in disgust as Satan removes the kama from the boy's head with a blissful grin.

"I can't take it anymore." I spit, storming off, then suddenly, there's a blade at my throat. "Where do you think you're going, circus freak?" Ebony purrs, ready to dig her scythe into my neck.

"No where." I lie, then take a step backwards. 

"Good. That's what I wanna hear," she hisses, "anyways, should we spend the night killing people, Satan?" She asks, and I moderately grasp for the black knife in my belt.

"Not sure. We should get some rest though. Well, I should." Satan guffaws as I seal my fingers around the handle of the jet black knife.

"I need some rest too, Satan. Anyway I'm tired of wat-" Dragon begins, but he never finishes. 

TUNK! The sound purrs as I sprint past Ebony. I cast a quick look over my shoulder and see the knife rammed into Dragon's forehead.

I'm already in the forest, sprinting like never before.

Satan Lockwood, D10, Graveyard:

Mystique Cirque will pay. She will die at my hands. She will be tortured to death.

As Dragon sinks to his knees and the cannon roars, I realize how much I loved him. My brother. Dragon Lockwood. Status: deceased.

And it's partly my fault, for letting that stupid freak into our alliance, I knew this would happen. But I couldn't react.

I turn to Ebony and scowl. "I have no use for you anymore." I scoff, and unload my axe from my belt. I dig it into her stomach and oddly, she remains balanced and stumbles away.

Whatever. She won't last much longer. I sit down, and stare into the dark sky. It's almost darker than me. Not that I have a problem with the fact I'm slightly mental, insanity is what makes me who I am.

Instead of spending the night killing, I will spend the night conniving Mystique's torture. If the audience wants some action, then action they will get.

Ebony Black, D6, Forest:

I managed to stumble into the forest, and I know I only have a valuable amount of time left. So I'm going to spend it by sleeping.

I dream of my brother, the day he was kidnapped by the Capitol. Me and my friend travelled by foot to the Capitol to rescue him.

When we reached the President's mansion, he told me that in order to earn my brother back, I would have to assassinate citizens of Panem for him.

Killing, I didn't care for, I would have done whatever it took to earn my brother back. Killing, I didn't enjoy it either, but it grew on me and became natural.

I've assassinated over 100 people, and I've killed 1 person in these games, which is pathetic for a skilled fighter like myself. But I don't care.

My eyes widen. There's still something I don't get. After murdering so many people by the Capitol's order, I still never got to see my brother's face again.

They tricked me. I got caught up in killing and forgot about my brother. I forgot the whole reason why I was killing. And now, I'll never see him again.

Hopefully, he can't see me dying right now. He's probably being killed right now since they have no use for him anymore.

No. I won't sleep. I won't wait to die out. I'll fix my wound. I'll fight. I'll escape the arena and find my brother. Yes. I will be victorious. Then the next I kill will be President Snow.



Total: 27.

Jackson Ocean 

Danica Hawthorne 

Tom Ripley

Elizabeth Scarlet

Quiosha Queen

Alex Xander

William Oscar Davidson

Sadie Williamson

Patrick Donaldson

Rebecca Ashcroft

Bliss Diamond

Rowan Winter

Fredrick Thorton

Simon Nickel

Sveta Aaron

Sasha Tompkins

Tomas Rudolph Barrymore

Peter Mage

Jack DeSonne

Azriel Dart 

Torrent Wave

Sparkle Green 

Pheobe Smith 

Najma Brown 

Adam Snow

Felix Fairchild

Dragon Lockwood



Lilli Adamson, D2, Forest:

Tyler Adamson, Saturn Chrome, Venus Chrome, Eris Chrome and Jupiter Chrome stumble past Ebony Black, and she's begging for help.

"Should we help her?" Eris asks, trekking past me and gripping the handle of the axe that's dug inside Ebony. "We can't just let her die!"

"Who did this to you?" Venus asks Ebony, kneeling down on the other side of her. "Satan Lockwood," she manages to get out before gasping. "Please! Help me!" She pleads.

"Fine." Jupiter hisses, then takes out a sewing kit. "Eris, take that axe out of her stomach. Ebony's lucky it didn't get in far enough."

Ebony's scream rings out across the forest as Eris weeds the axe from her stomach. She jams her hand over her mouth then giggles.


After ten minutes of sewing up her wound, there's barely a scratch left. "Nice work, Jupiter. I never knew you could sew." I say. "I can't." She sniggers.

Then suddenly, Eris begins to scream as her back is fired with an overflow of bullets, blasting her chest open, showering us with a plethora of arteries and blood.

Eris then remains balanced, until the gun pops once more and the bullet rips through her skull. She staggers forward, then slumps to the ground.

I grasp for my gun which was in my belt a minute ago, and now it's not here. "Venus! Do you have my gun!" But before she can answer, a river of bullets blow open her throat.

Tyler Adamson, D2, Forest:

Grabbing for my gun, I realize it's not there.

Yesterday, Lilli and I found a pistol and a revolver inside the mansion, and now they've both been taken, but by what? 

I look up, and only stare in shock. Ebony Black lowering the smoking revolver, grinning as she cocks her gun once more.

Thinking she's going to aim for me, I close my eyes, then hear the rapid gunfire. But when I open my eyes, Jupiter decides to pull out a handgun none of us knew about and fire at Ebony.

Ebony, being as skilled as she is, evades the raining bullets and grabs Saturn Chrome to shield her from the bullets. Jupiter suddenly stops firing, realizing it could kill Saturn.

But she doesn't have to worry about that anymore, because Ebony has just slashed Saturn's throat with the jet black axe used to almost kill her.

Three cannons ring out and Ebony disappears into the trees before Jupiter can fire the next bullet. "No!" Jupiter screeches, rushing towards the three corpses.

"They're gone! They're gone!" She shrieks, then takes out a dagger. "Lilli, Tyler, good luck. I'm rooting for you." She suddenly cries, then plunges the dagger into her chest.

"Jupiter!" I scream, but it's too late. She falls forward on top of Saturn's corpse, then her cannon blares throughout the arena.

Ebony Black, D6, Forest:

Four cannons ring, courtesy of me.

Most likely, that other girl, Jupiter, must have killed herself after losing her sisters and brother. Oh well, this game's a race, and I'm ready to cross the finish line.

So now, I'm equipped with two guns, the biggest threat in the arena. Hopefully. I had to take Tyler and Lilli's guns without them noticing, that was tough.

Suddenly, I stumble into someone, and I shoot the tribute multiple times while screaming my lungs out. I lower the revolver, then see I've only shot a deer, which was galloping through the forest gracefully.

"Oh. Sorry." I laugh, then grab it by it's ears. Lugging the deer towards a tree, I pull out some rope and hang it from the tree. I need to practice my axe throwing incase I lose my guns later on, or run out of bullets.

Quickly, I catch clasp of the pitch black, double bladed axe and raise it. I then launch the axe with all of my might, and watch in silence.

The axe coins through the air, spinning briskly, then it hits the deer dead on in the chest. Blood sprinkles the rustling leaves below, and I run to retrieve the axe. 

As I bend over to pick up the axe, my back is blow from the front of my body and I'm flung backwards. But I keep my balance, and I spin halfway and raise my axe.

Burning, stinging pain rips through my stomach, and I fall backwards. 

I won't die like this. I won't let it happen. This person is going down. Come on, Ebony. Pull yourself together. And with those final thoughts, I throw my axe into my opponent's chest.

Two cannons ring. But I'm still alive. I'm still alive. That's all that matters. I see that the person I have killed is Satan Lockwood. Haha. So he came for me.

Who was the other cannon for? Do the gamemakers think I'm dead? Or did another person die? I'll never know, because the cannon for me finally arrives.


Cream Donahew, D1, Beach:

The careers and I witnessed the gruesome death of Eternity, having her lungs and chest nicked open and disected by a black flamingo muttation.

So once witnessing that, we ran here to the beach, and we've found Alexander Du Winter of District 13, and he's with a large alliance.

Spying on them, we manage to make out who the others are. Jake Woodwood of District 12, David White and Davina White of District 2, Hermione Brown of District 1, Zoe Harrison of District 7, Holly Edwardson of District 12, Thomas Patrick Davidson of District 5, and Benjamin Jackson of District 11.

I take out my twin swords, and Issa Jackson takes out his dagger. Oscar and Iris are going to shoot people with their bow and arrows, and the others are either going to join the battle or watch.

Issa and I charge for them, and Alexander is already running towards us, thinking he can take us on. He throws a dagger, and we laugh as it soars past. But then someone grunts behind us.

The knife rips through Alice Brown's chest, and she falls into her brother's arms. "Alice! No!" He screams, tears streaming down his face.

Alexander of course feels guilty, but he readies another dagger and thrusts it forward. Mason lays his sister down in the sand and sprints for Alexander.

Mason shoves his sword through Alexander's forehead, and the ten inch blade sinks through his skull and makes it's appearance out of the back of his head.

Mason keeps pushing, and now the handle is now coming out of the back of Alexander's head. His cannon fires. Mason then runs away from us, leaving all of his supplies and weapons behind.

Zoe Harrison, D7, Beach:

Time to use my hypnotic skills to trick the careers, then I can kill them. But before I can even begin, the silk touch of a blade pushes againstmy throat.

My jaw drops, and the last image I see before dying is Cream Donahew's grin as his sword drives through the back of my throat.

Oscar Du Winter, D2, Cliffs:

Iris and I lie down in the tall stalks of grass, aiming our bow and arrows at the weaklings below us. Then suddenly, Iris screams.

She's pulled backwards, and Lucinda Lucifer takes a bread knife out of her belt and slashes at Iris' chest. Iris drops her bow and takes out a hatchet.

Lucinda stabs Iris in the side, and Iris stumbles. Iris swings her hatchet at Lucinda's head, but Lucinda ducks and plunges her knife into Iris' leg, then rises again.

Iris then recieves a lethal slice across her throat, and she's kicked off of the cliff by Lucinda. Iris' cannon fires before she hits the boulder below.

Lucinda suddenly grabs Iris' bow and arrow then aims at me. No! I'm perfect! I can't die! But the only thing I recieve is the the stinging pain of death as the arrow pivots through my neck.

Lucinda Lucifer, D5, Cliff Lookout Area:

After briskly kicking Oscar's body off of the cliff, I rush towards the end of the cliff and look down. The Careers and the other alliance are staring at me, hell-bent on killing me.

Cream Donahew, Alexander Brown and Ursula Shrapnel begin sprinting towards the cliffs, ready to scale and execute me. 

"She was the one who killed Bliss! Kill her!" Cream Donahew bellows as he makes his way towards the bottom of the cliffs, Ursula and Alexander jogging at appropriate pace behind him. "Kill her!"

Well, I need to get prepared. After salvaging the girl and boy's backpacks, I find myself equipped with a hatchet the girl from 4 dropped before falling off of the cliff, a sword, two bows and sheathes of arrows, a bag of pears and apples, a basket of cooked meat, socks, and finally, armor.

I strap the chest plate on and secure the leg pads, and I'm about to put on steel headgear when a hammer is thrown into my leg, but I don't feel a thing, then I quickly strap on my arm pads and put on my helmet.

"Armor!" Ursula screams and aims her next hammer at my neck, and I dodge the deadly throw. Since when did I become so lethal? A threat. Well, probably after killing the Bliss Diamond, who was probably the strongest female career. Since when did I begin killing?

I remember it vividly, I needed the knives Bliss was grasping for, and before she could grab them I took one of the knives and put it through her head then headed here, to the cliffs. I witnessed the deaths of Azriel Dart and Torrent Wave, and many more who died on the beach.

Cream Donahew releases a knife from his petite but sturdy fingers, and I'm clipped in my side. I barely feel a thing with this chest plate though. 

"Aim for her neck!" Alexander screeches, then unsheathes a machete, but before he can begin manipulating the precious, glittering blade, I throw the hatchet in my left hand into his stomach, poaching out his guts.

A cannon fires. Ursula screams and bowls me over, knocking my secured helmet to my left. I watch as it rolls off of the cliff, and I'm extremely pissed right now.

I stab Ursula twice in the shoulder with my original weapon, a bread knife, then drag the blade down, splitting open her collar bone. 

She squeals and rolls off of me, and as I rise, she begins pummeling me with her hammer and I suddenly remember she's a kleptomaniac. Hm, well she won't be taking my life, not today. 

Twisting around, I take the hammer from her hands and bash in the head, knocking her into a temporary slumber. Cream Donahew stares daggers into my eyes, and I raise the hammer, and fling it towards him with an almighty swing.

He dodges the hammer with ease, then suddenly, three figures dart out of the bushes nearby, ready to slaughter both of us. Drew Summertime, Sadie Harrison and Georgina Greenwood charge, althouh Georgina doesn't seem to know where she's heading. I think she'd blind.

Cream sniggers, then throws another knife, hitting Sadie's neck with a sickly smack. Georgina bumps into me, and she begins stabbing my chest, which is veiled with the protection of my armor. Knowing she wants to kill me, I hit her in the temple with my bread knife, ending her life.

Drew Summertime raises her axe, and instead of dueling, the throws it into Cream Donahew's chest and sprints away. A cannon fills the air. I sigh with relief, and then I gasp, realizing the cannon is not his.

I whirl around and see Cream taking off his cloak, revealing a nice set of armor. Ugh! So this makes two of us. He throws a knife at a fleeing Drew, but she manages to hit it away with a curved blade of some sort.

Pulling out an arrow, I funish my bow with the silver bolt and repeatedly shoot Cream in the chest until he stumbles off of the cliff, and a cannon sounds.

Looking down, I see that he's still alive. Oh my god is he invincible?! For heaven's sake! He's landed on top of Iris Miracle's corpse, blocking his depart to the boulder below her. But he's now covered in the blood from the force.

I find that Ursula is waking up, and she quickly sees me and begins weeping, although they sound more like croaks as she's mute and is unable to speak. I sigh as she tries to crawl away, then saunter towards her and slit her throat with my bread knife.

Oh lord, what have I become?

Digit Starr, D3, Graveyard Chapel:

Lilli, Lucky and I decided to come back here, to the graveyard, and yesterday we found this little chapel in the center of the graveyard, a bit exposed, but we'll be okay, we're armed.

Yesterday, we lost Peter and Ben in battle, and Lilli and Lucky were turned on by Belle, who couldn't take the pressure and tried hard to murder them. Lucky now has a nasty slice across her hip, and Lilly has many cuts on her arms.

Lucky, I don't trust her completely, I feel like she's neglected me and is just using me to win. Which is probably true, Lucky always stares through me when we're talking.

But Lilli on the other hand, now she's someone I can trust. She's been loyal this whole time, even with everything going on, and she still remains calm and she's such a lovely girl.

Today, Lilli and I ran to the forest to collect some of the gear we left behind in our little camp, and saw as Summer Autumn and Cinna Autumn were beaten to death by gorilla mutts, which only happened minutes ago.

Tributes are dropping like flies in the arena, many cannons went off today, and there's still more to come. Currently, Lucky is sharpening a katana on some marble object, Lilli is removing knots from her hair with a carving knife, and I'm cleaning my glasses with a sock I found in my backpack.

Pretty eventful, huh?

Holly Edwardson, D12, Beach Boulders:

All hell breaks loose as the careers charge towards our alliance.

Zakia West and Naarah Tompkins take out swords, but instead of battling our alliance, the two girls run past us and head towards the forest, then they finally disappear into the black towering trees.

Issa Jackson snarls as he watches the two of them disappearing into the forest, then turns to Hermione Brown with disgust. The two of them embrace, swinging their blades at one another.

Sky Cloud of District 4 begins to duel with Thomas Patrick Davidson, and they're captured in a fight between a boy with a dagger and a girl with a trident. The two of them swing their blades, and my attention shifts to something horrific.

Cream Donahew emerges from the boulders, blood drenches and clasping a jet black mace with two hands. He looks up and grins.

Issa holds Hermione down on the grown and turns to Cream. "Cream?" Issa asks, and Cream only smirks. "A-are you okay, Cr-ream?" Issa shivers as Cream approaches.

"Move!" Cream rings out, screaming like a banshee. Issa instantly rolls off of Hermione's body, and Cream giggles as he bashes the mace into Hermione's skull.

A cannon rings, and he turns to Davina White, smirking. Davina furnishes herself with a throwing knife, but before she can launch the blade, the mace goes soaring towards her.

Her mouth opens, as if to scream, but the mace strikes her throat and she topples over, blood seeping out of the chasm in her throat.

David screeches, rushing to his dead sister, and stares at Cream in repugnance. Cream only smiles, and he removes a carving knife from his belt.

Cream throws the knife, and it twirls through the air before ripping through David's heart. Two cannons blare, and I see that Sky Cloud has stabbed Thomas in the abdomen with her trident.

Sky Cloud, Issa Jackson and Cream Donahew turn and sprint away, and Issa throws a longsword behind his shoulder, allowing it to skewer Jake Woodwood's stomach.

Benjamin and I stare at the corpses around up, our mouths hanging like hooks.

Edward Teach, D4, Pirate Ship Construction:

We're doing great!

Xanthe and Ariel managed to find some wooden planks in a small lighthouse nearby, and I've been customizing a homemade flag for our ship.

It will be smaller than regular ships, but it will be able to fit at least ten more tributes, not including us. Xanthe and Ariel are crafting our wooden ship into a banana-like shape, and Rebel is hammering down nails which we found in Ariel's bavckpack.

Rebel hammers down the last nail, and wipes away the sweat on his forehead. He puts the hammer aside. Ariel finishes crafting the ship with a pickaxe, and the two come and join me while I make a flag.

"Don't you think we're wasting time?" Ariel snaps. "We kinda need a plan." "Don't worry, we have plenty of time for that, Ariel." I say as I add the finishing touches to the flag.

Jumping into the boat, I lumber towards the sail and hang the large banner from the stalk of wood. The banner displays a skull and crossbones, and in inky handwriting it says A.S, E.T, R.P, & X.W', stating our initials.

Then out of nowhere, two friendly looking girls emerge from the boulders and approach our ship. "Weapons ready!" Ariel shouts and grabs a harpoon. "Just incase they aren't so nice."

Tree Summer, D7, Pirate Ship Construction:

Ivy Greenwood and I run towards the four tributes, who are guarding a pirate ship. Wait, say what? A pirate ship! You have got to be kidding me.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" Ivy says as she removes a knife from her belt, which must be at least fifteen inches long. She grasps the leather handle and raises it so the four of them can see.

"We're going to escape!" A boy with an eyepatch shouts. Ivy giggles. "How?" "Well," Edwards begins, "we're going to gather as many tributes as we can, and with the strength of all of our weapons, we'll take down the forcefield and escape by ship!" He bellows.

I turn to Ivy and shrug. "It's not a bad idea." I declare. "Are you out of your mind, Tree? The Gamemakers will kill you all!" She shouts.

"Come on, Ivy. We should give it a shot. Both of us will end up dying if we keep playing on like this, maybe this plan will work. You never know. And we both want to live, right?" 

She sighs, then turns to the four tributes. "We'll join, but we decide who's coming with us, got that clear?!" She hisses, and I can't believe how rebellious she is.

Edward nods, but the other three protest. "No!" A girl with blonde hair, Xanthe, I think, protests. "We all have a say in who we want to take!" "I agree with Xanthe." A muscular, good looking boy with bronze skin says.

"Fine!" Ivy shouts. "We'll join." And suddenly, the other girl with blonde hair speaks up. I think her name is Ariel. Oh come on District 4, Ariel? Seriously? Then again, my name is Tree.

"I'm keeping an eye on you girls. If you decide to turn against us, I'll be the first to slit your throat." She spits, twirling a flickering harpoon in her hand.

Nylon Denim, D8, Waterfall Ring:

Yesterday, I ran inside this cave and found a halo of fresh water, then realized I was surrounded by waterfalls! But unfortunately, Silk isn't here with me.

Also, I grabbed a really bad backpack when fighting outside the mansion. It contains toilet paper, fleecy slippers, a  pair of sunglasses, a small box of gunpowder, and a hatchet, which is now broken.

I tried cutting down some wood for a fire, but as soon as the blade of my hatchet hit the wood, the blade detatched from the handle and I had to duck to block it.

My weapon now? Gun powder. I managed to find a black rock, and when I discovered what it was, I grew extremely jovial. It was flint.

If I can find a large group of people (not including my sister), I throw the gunpowder at their group then throw the flint to the surface below them. The sparks from the flint will soar into the gunpowder, and they'll all be blown to bits.

I slip the fuzzy slippers onto my hands and cuddle up against the back of the cave wall, waiting for threats to arrive. I might also die in the process with my gunpowder antics, but it'll give the audience some sympathy for my sister, won't it?

Soldier Elizabeth Coin, D13, Forest:

Victor and Thomas have been carrying a wounded Nike around for a day straight, and we've managed to find a small tunnel concealed by trees.

Nike is wounded pretty badly, and we haven't had the right gear to nurse her back to health. We've padded down her cut with a wad of moss, but it doesn't make much of a difference.

Thomas ambles towards me, then takes hold of my hand. "Elizabeth..." He murmurs. "Nike's not going to last the day, she'll only live if we can give her proper treatment." 

Simply, I nod, then whirl around him to face a dying Nike. She's groaning in pain. "Help..." She croaks in pain. I turn to Victor.

"Can't you see she's in so much pain?" I shout. I walk towards Nike and caress her as she slowly fades away. "End t-the pa-pain Elizabeth." She mumbles, and I hug her before taking out a knife.

"I'll see you in heaven, Nike." I whisper, then plunge the knife into her chest. Tears begin to run down my cheeks, and I burst my lungs out screeching.

I twirl on my heels and sprint into the forest, not bothering to take any supplies with me. Then suddenly, I bang into someone, and I hear the cannon for Nike blast.

"Who are you?!" I scream, watching as their silhouette approaches me behind a veil of fog. The black figure emerges from the grey mist, and grins.

"Thomas! Help!" I scream, and I can hear people running behind me. Victor and Thomas, of course. But the figure takes me by my neck and hits me in the side of my head with a plank of wood.

Fredrick Thorton, D9, Blossom Field:

Yesterday, I found this pristine blossom field.

I'm the only one here, but I'm sure someone else will find it sooner or later, I've been here for a day though, and no one's approached yet, but I can sense someone's near.

The temperature's dropped insanely in the arena, and I'm sitting her shivering, holding my war axe at my chest, ready for battle that is soon to come.

It's very foggy, and I can barely see anything. I hug my knees and wait for darkness arrive, and then from that point I'll hunt, and take down any sleeping tributes.

I take out my water bottle and break the seal off, and only take two sips before securing the lid and stashing it back into my rucksack.

I lean against the cherry blossom tree and my eyes widen as I spot something in the distance. An ink shaded figure, carrying another tribute over their shoulder, approaching me!

Putting aside my war axe, I remove a wicked looking knife from my belt and slowly stand to my feet. The figure drops the unconscious tribute and steps out of the fog, sporting an insane smile.

The figure dashes for me and I screech. I step out of the tribute's path and he knocks inton the cherry blossom tree. I pounce on his shoulders and ride him like a bull.

He tries prying my arms loose, which are wrapped around his throat, but he's unsuccessful. He then takes out a sickle, but before he can put it to work, I stab him in the mouth and watch as the blood comes gushing down his chin and dripping onto the blossoms.

Hearing the cannon, I run and wake up the unconscious tribute and smile. She smiles back, and looks over to see the dead body of Xavier Thread lying behind me. I help her up and I suddenly have a new name for these games.

Bloodstained Blossoms. 

Abigail Springs, D10, Fairy Grotto:

Willow Thorne, Ivan Airy, Elder Thorne, Kagu Spring and I found this grotto yesterday, majestic fairies floating around blissfully. And oddly, it's been great!

We've been capturing fairies with a net Kagu got at the mansion, and we've been having such a fun time! Kagu and I have become so close, but she still feels bad for ditching Jeni.

Willow and Elder have been very scared, and we've been trying our best to keep them safe. I can't imagine it. Being in the games with your siblings. It's horrible.

"Okay everyone, it's almost 6:00 p.m, we need a plan for tomorrow." Says Ivan, basically our team leader. 

Kagu, sharpening her knife on the grotto wall, suddenly begins speaking. "Well, I reckon we should go to the mansion. When I went there yesterday to grab the remaining supplies, there was only one person there."

"Who was it? They could be a threat." I announce. "I'm not sure. It was either Beauty from 12, or Lucinda from the Capitol. And plus, they might have already left."

"Beauty killed Tom, that boy from 1. A knife through the eye." Elder says, sitting down in the corner of the cave.

"If we do encounter her, we don't need to worry, do we? I mean, five against one, I think the odds will be in our favor. And also, she's a girl, so who cares?" Ivan says.

"I beg your parton? Girls can kill." Kagu almost shouts. "Haha. I'd like to see them try." Ivan guffaws, staring intensely into Kagu's eyes.

Then slowly, Kagu bends down and wrenches a sword from her satchel. "Kagu, w-what are you doing?" I ask.

"I'm gonna show this sucker that girls can fight too." She says, a vindictive glare cutting through a nervous Ivan as he removes a knife from his backpack.

Elder Thorne, D9, Fairy Grotto:

"No! Kagu!" Abigail shouts, running for an infuriated Kagu. 

"Ivan! Admit that girls can kill! Beauty killed!" Abigail shouts as she shields Kagu from running forward and skewering Ivan with her sword.

"Beauty killed, you know how? Luck. Pure luck. I bet all of the girls who have killed have been careers only." Ivan speaks, grinning.

"Well guess what?! I'm going to kill you!" Kagu barks, sprinting for Ivan. Abigail cries and runs after Kagu, knowing if she kills Ivan it will tear down this alliance.

Kagu raises her sword above a confident Ivan, and brings down the blade. Abigail's body ramps to the ground, a sword stuck in her throat.

The cannon rings and Kagu stares in horror as she looks down at Abigail, who tried protecting Ivan from Kagu's sword.

"A-Abby..." Kagu trembles.

Ivan laughs. Oh no. Kagu looks up and removes the sword from Abigail's neck, and it's now pointed at Ivan. "Ha. I guess girls can kill. Oh wait. That didn't count." He purrs.

Kagu digs the sword through his stomach, giving Ivan the worst pain imaginable. She digs the sword in further until the tip of the blade is protruding out of his back.

Another cannon fires, and Kagu turns to Willow and I. "I-I have to go. And I'm so sorry, but I need to win." Kagu says with tears running down her cheeks, then throws the sword into Willow before turning away, grabbing her satchel and sprinting out of the grotto.

Willow squeals, staring at the sword stuck in her waist, and almost immediately, I rip it out slowly and caress her. 

The sword dug in deep. Really deep. For the neck few minutes, I stroke her until her cannon fires. I don't hate Kagu, not at all, but if I do encounter her, I'm going to kill her.

Kagu Spring, D6, Mansion:

No! I've killed Willow! Great, I've killed three people now, and two weren't meant to die. I can't believe it. How can I live with myself now?

Pearls of tears roll down my cheeks, and after ten minutes of sprinting through the forest, I find myself heading for the mansion's entrance.

I should have never tried killing Ivan. He just ticked me off. I should have never unsheathed my sword. Should have never tried killing him. Shouldn't have killed him. And I should have listened to Abby.

But now, she's dead. And so is Ivan. And Willow. I consider turning back and finding Elder, but what's the point? He'll kill me without hesitation. 

Studiously jogging along the marble strip, I grab a large, chunky knife from my pocket and sprint into the mansion, ready to take down anyone standing in my way.

The mansion's huge. There's two staircases leading to an indoor balcony, and many rooms perfect for luxury slumber. Why didn't more people come here.

Then a twinkle in the corner of my eye grapples my attention. I turn to the glimmer and watch as a knife falls from the indoor balcony. 

I'm not here alone.

Beauty Swann, D12, Mansion:

No! No! I lose grip of my knife and clamp my hand over my mouth. Now what?! Then I remember, I have a weapon in my backpack, but it's risky from here up in the indoor balcony.

The girl, Kagu, looks up and I duck behind a small table. I crawl under the table, which is veiled by a table sheet. Good, maybe she won't see me if she comes up here.

I grapple my rucksack and rummage through the supplies. I take hold of the jet black slingshot and ram in a beefy, peaked rock. I crawl out from under the table and stand.

Taking aim, I sling back the leash and watch as the rock goes rocketing into the girl's head. She collapses, but not dead. Bolting down the staircase, I reach the core of the marble stairs and inspect the girl.

She moans, then begins crawling for the knife she lost hold of. I run for her needle-like knife, barbed in fashion, then salvage it from the floor. 

I whip around and point it at the weak girl, who's clutching her blood covered hair with one hand and dragging herself along with the other. She screeches and falls. I hear her husky cries, pleading for mercy. A pool of tears streams across the surface and she looks up, her eyes gleaming with clemency.

Helping her up with my hand, I hold her in my arms and caress her slowly. "It's okay. Don't worry." I say as I raise the knife behind her. 

"Thank you so much, Beauty. I knew you w-" she never finishes her sentence. I plant the blade into her back and she croaks, a rainfall of blood leaking down her chin.

Thrusting the blade in further, I slash open her whole back and her body rolls to the floor. I'm here to win. Not to make friends.

Issa Jackson, D1, Pirate Ship Construction:

"It's Edward. He's mine." Sky hisses, taking out her trident. 

She absolutely despises Edward, and I would too if he held me hostage in his ship back in District 4. Sky twirls the trident in her hand, and Cream steps infront of her.

"Maybe I want another kill." He says, pushing her backwards. "No! He's mine!" Sky almost shouts, shoving her elbow into Cream's face. 

"Sky, we're losing epicly. The careers have been wiped out. Nathan's left us. Naarah and Zakia are nowhere to be seen. And now I'm stuck here with you weaklings." He spits, removing a sword from his belt.

"Weaklings? We are not!" I protest, pushing past Sky and coming face to face with my worst enemy, Cream Donahew. He begins snickering. "Oh really?"

Then all of a sudden, Ariel Seashore bursts from behind a boulder and throws a knife into Cream Donahew's head. "Down with the careers!" She screams.

Zakia West, D2, Forest:

"No!" Naarah screams as Xander Green finishes tying her to a tree. I will be next. William Jameson takes a sip of water then turns to me and grins.

They thought it would be funny to knock Naarah and I unconscious and drag us away into the forest. And now what are they going to do? Torture us? I don't think they're deadly, infact, both of them were quite nice during training.

Xander ties the rope around the tree and secures it. So great. Now I'm fastened to a tree and there's nowhere to escape. Great. Just great.

William rummages around in his backpack and takes out a whip. "You wouldn't dare." Naarah whispers as she slowly reaches for the sickle in her back pocket. Sneaky girl.

"Yeah, I would. Careers are horrible. So you two deserve punishing." He purrs into her ear, then grasps a wicked looking war axe with his free hand.

He slowly jams the axe into Naarah's arm, then rips it open with a perfect slice. Naarah screams, and I watch the blood spurt from the gaping hole in her forearm.

Then all of a sudden, she grabs her sickle and with one mighty thrust, slashes the rope. The two of us fall to the ground, rolling to our feet almost instantly.

Reaching for a glittering, thick knife, I grab hold of the blade and spin towards Xander Green. Before I can stab him immediately, he gives me a slice across my neck and I pounce to my right, evading the next slash.

Naarah and William engage in duel, and each of them are recieving a wound by the second. I thrust the knife into Xander's heart and a cannon rings out.

"Come on Naarah, we need to get moving!" She looks over to me for no longer than a second before evading another blow and grabbing William by his shirt.

Naarah manages to bury the sickle into his neck before clawing his throat open. The second cannon roars.

"Let's go!"

Ariel Seashore, D4, Pirate Ship Construction:

Cream Donahew rips the knife out of his head, and I see that it's barely dug in. Damnit! I shouldn't have thrown with my left hand!

Cream slashes at me with his sword and I reflexively dodge the blow, throwing myself into a tremendous barrel roll. I land in a crouching position, then pull out another knife.

Rebel and Ivy arrive, Tree, Xanthe and Edward following behind them. I roll towards Cream Donahew and slit his leg, causing him to stumble straight into Issa Jackson.

Issa topples over and stares at me, his eyes pearled with mercy. I don't think so. I raise my knife, but something, no, someone, crushes into me and knocks me to the ground.

Naarah Tompkins, now on top of me, holds a sickle to my throat, threatning to dig it in with that merciless grin of hers. She was never like this! She was the only career I could trust! Now she's going to slit my throat open with a sickle! A sickle!

Trying to unlock myself from her ribboned, sturdy arms, I bury my knife into her shoulder and she yelps, revolving from my reclined body and clutching her left collar bone.

Springing to my feet, I throw my knife into Issa's side and he staggers into an arriving Zakia West, who pushes him to the ground as an axe thrown by Tree Summer flies over him.

Twirling around, I head for our ship. I won't let them damage our ship!

Cream Donahew, D1, Pirate Ship Construction:

Naarah and Zakia arrive just in time, both of them riddled with stab wounds. What happened to them? I push away Edward Teach, and he moonwalks into an infuriated Sky Cloud.

Briskly running to Zakia, I grab her by her arm and take her behind a boulder. "What happened?" I ask, eager to know why she's covered in blood like I am.

"William Jameson and Xander Green kidnapped us while we were fighting the other alliance. We were tied up to a tree in the forest. We escaped, okay?" She yells and runs back to the action.

I arrive just in time to watch Nathan Powers tackle Xanthe White to the ground, smirking as if he's won the lottery. He digs his scythe into Xanthe's chin. Where did he come from? Maybe he was stalking us the whole time.

"No!" Rebel shouts as he runs towards Nathan at full velocity. But it's too late for him. Nathan shreds open Xanthe's face and the cannon confirms she's a goner.

Laughing out loud, I clutch my stomach from the pain of laughing so hard and watch as Rebel's expression turns hateful, undaunted and cold.

"You killed her!" He screams his lungs out as he sprints towards Nathan. Rebel digs his jet black harpoon into Nathan's neck and tears his throat in half.

Another cannon rings, and I take my chance on attacking as everyone stands in shock as Rebel cries over Xanthe's corpse.

Jumping to the other alliance, I drive my sword through Ivy Greenwood's tailbone and cleave open her back as Tree Summer screams. Ivy, tears running down her cheeks, lands on her knees and falls face forward. "W-win for me Tr-tree." She weeps before her cannon blares.

I revolve on my heels and take off, headed for anywhere but here.

Naarah Tompkins, D1, Pirate Ship Construction:

Seeing Rebel crying over his love who's now dead, it's made me realize something very important. I've realized that I, Naarah Tompkins, have taken lives without hesitation.

It started with Sveta Aaron. She was an innocent girl, just trying to escape the bloodbath, and I didn't even care after splitting open her skull with a sickle. And I think I even laughed after doing so.

Then with William. I didn't no what had gotten into him, why he became almost insane. But was it really necessary trimming open his neck while grinning, drunk with the adrenalin killing gave me.

Why? Why did I enjoy that? Then I tackled Ariel to the ground and held my sickle at her throat, threatning to dig the blade in deep. Why? Ariel was my friend. I trusted her and she trusted me.

Watching Rebel crying, and now Tree who's sprawled on top of Ivy's corpse bawling her eyes out, I've realized I've executed innocent humans. With mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins...

I've torn families apart in just two days. Sending them to their knees in ponds of their own tears. Allowing their little siblings to cry themselves to sleep and pushing them into depression.

Girls who won't sleep at night. Boys who won't sleep at night. Newborn babies wondering where their older siblings are, not knowing that they've been savagely murdered.

And I wanted to play this game? This horrible game where the only way to survive is by cutting people open and ruining people's lives.

No. I won't live like this. I won't play this game. I won't ruin lives anymore. The families of those I've killed are about to recieve a gift from me, a gift they will appreciate and will probably smile at the act every time it plays in their minds.

Holding the sickle to my heart, I dig the blade in and feel the cold embrace of death. "Here I come, heaven." I whisper before twirling to my death.


"Attention tributes!" Screeches Tamsin Templesmith, the new arena announcer. "We have reached 59 tributes, how amazing, half of the competitors wiped out in two days! Great job, guys!" She screeches with her arrogant, peacock like bellow. 

"But, we like some action. A lot of it. So here's the deal," she purrs, "All females, meet at the west of the arena, the edge of the arena. Males, meet at the east. DO NOT KILL EACHOTHER. If you lay a finger on anyone once reaching your destination, you will be blown to fragments. So from now, do not kill. At all."

Draco Potter, D3, Graveyard:

Slowly, more males are arriving at the graveyard, some relieved they won't be killed, some angry, knowing they can't kill when there's so many victims surrounding them. But no matter what, people will die.

Lucky Dawn and Lilli Wong run out of the graveyard chapel and head for the beach, and Lilli looks scared, whereas Lucky looks extremely ruthless, and she's grinning as she drags Lilli away, who wants to say goodbye to Digit.

Lilli all of a sudden smacks Lucky across the face, and Lucky clutches her cheek, her eyes gleaming with revenge. "You're going to pay for that, Lilli." Lucky says with a grin, then pulls out her hand axe.

"You can't kill me.." Lilli murmurs. "Screw what Tamsin said!" Lucky screams, then splits open Lilli's skull with one swing. Lilli's brains spill around across the tombstones and she falls to the ground. Digit comes barreling towards the scene croaking like a frog.

Streams of tears gush from his puckered eye sockets, and he falls to his knees. "They're gonna blow you up now." I say, stepping towards Lucky with my dagger at the ready.

"Oh really? They would have killed me by now." Lucky chirps, then hurls the hand axe in my direction. The axe rips through my throat like silk, and I fall to my knees and accept my fate.

Digit Starr, D3, Graveyard:

Lucky suddenly twirls towards me, clutching her left arm and shrieking. "My tracker's ticking! Save me Digit! Digit! Help! Help!" She weeps, screaming like a choking banshee.

In response, I grin. A sly, conniving grin. She suddenly stops shrieking, and stares me down, her eyes piercing mine like daggers, but I don't stop smirking. I can tell she's disgusted, and the dark scowl on her face confirms it.

Before she can even slaughter me with that cold, murderess glare, her body bursts open and I'm showered with blood and chunks of human meat. Then I realize. It's not Lucky's blood and guts.

Suddenly, I recieve a heavy blow to the head an electric current sailing through my body. My eyes roll to the back of my head and I vision turns jet black, as if I'm floating in a sea of ebony fog.


Ebony Black (D6), Manuka Black (D6) and President Snow:

Ebony's eyes widened, and she found herself strapped onto President Snow's cold, jet black desk.

The room was empty and dark. Suddenly, the door creaked open and two figures stepped into the black room, well, one was being dragged, a leather leash fastened around his neck.

"Manuka!" Ebony screeched, stunned by the sight of her brother. She tried boosting heavenward, but she was pinned down, unable to rise. She then saw the other figure.

It was the heartless monster who ruined her life. "You..." She began with a savage hiss, but she was lost for words. 

"Hello, Ebony. My dear Ebony." Chirped President Snow, lugging Manuka around like a dead dog. Manuka was motionless, and stared at Ebony with bloodshot eyes.

"Disentangle me." Ebony grunted, her eyes locked with demon infront of her. President Snow sighed, pulled out a pitch black whistle and pressed his lips to the mouthpiece and blew.

Three women with dark turquoise hair and ivy shaded skin barged through the doors, the troika each equipped with an electric, light blue sword twinkling with glitter-like sparks.

They were most likely avoxes, as each pair of lips were sewn together with their own skin which must have been peeled off. They approached the desk, and in unison, all sliced their swords downwards.

Ebony, once wrapped in six metal rings, was now released from the wrenching pain, and twirled to face Snow.

"I died. Now I'm here. How?" She asked not so politely, pulling back her black, stringy hair tied in a curly ponytail.

"Well, we have some very skilled doctors here in the Capitol. Oh, and you're here because the audience deserves a show. You recieved the most sponsors overall, and we have even lost viewers since you were killed by Satan Lockwood." Snow purred with satisfactory.

"Why's my brother here." Ebony snarled, staring at the boy who was so unstable he needed a leash. She was petrified at the sight of her brother, who used to be so adorable, caring and compassionate. Snow smirked.

"He's here, to give you something to fight for. His fate." 

"So... if I win, I won't have to assassinate ever again, and we'll both be safe, never to be bothered by you and the brainless residents of the Capitol?" 

"Yes. That is right." Snow chimed while nodding. "So, are you going to fight?" 

Ebony hesitated, then nodded. "Yes, -wait. No. I won't. Arm me with something now and I'll take down all your forces, then curtain the bloodshed with a final kill of victory, and you will be that final kill. You seriously think I'll go back into the arena where I'll be killed once more?" Ebony hissed, reaching for something in her cloak pocket.

"There's no way you can slay every last one of my forces. You will be dead within seconds, darling."

"I won't have to take them down, I can just do this, can't I?" She barked, taking a long dagger out of her cloak and digging it into President Snow's throat. The dagger was the first weapon she found on the first day of the games, and she was surprised it wasn't removed from her cloak when she was revived.

The liquid of life leaked from the hole in President Snow's throat, and fell to the ground, hitting his temple on the corner of the desk while doing so.

Ebony wheeled and threw the dagger. It went sailing across the room, and sliced open one of the avox's face. Ebony ran and collected the dagger, and slammed it into the skull of one of the other avoxes.

She flicked the dagger once more, and the blade disappeared into the remaining avox's forehead. "Manuka!" Ebony shrieked.

She ran to her brother, crying and wailing. "Manuka! Snap out of it!" She screamed, then Manuka's head slowly turned to her, eyes bulging.

"W-whis-whistle." He whispered so slowly and quietly, that Ebony barely heard it. But she knew what her brother was trying to translate. She crawled over to President Snow's sprawled body, wrenched the whistle from his left hand, then blew on it.

Manuka suddenly stood up, then grinned as he saw his older sister. "Ebony..." He murmured, and the siblings interlocked in a loving hug.


The Meeting of Death

Drew Summertime (D5), Ash Green (D5) and Ariel Seashore (D4)

Ariel, Ash and Drew all rose, each one swathed in gauze bed sheets. They were awakened by a familiar voice ringing out across their cell.

It was the slightly sadistic, annoying chirp of Tamsin Templesmith. "Hello, tributes. Yesterday night, you were each struck with telescopic stun batons and were dragged into a hovercraft. You were then brought here, to the Capitol, and well, today, we have something great planned..."

"Early this morning, President Snow was found dead in his own office, his throat had been skewered with a slender blade, and he had a dent on his left temple. Three of our hard working avoxes were also found dead, each one coated over with blood."

"You are all currently in jail cells. Three to a cell. One by one, a cell will be opened, and the tributes inside will be released into the streets of the Capitol, where they will be given a mission. Okay, so here's the mission."

"Ebony Black murdered President Snow. We have put a forcefield around the whole of the Capitol. Ebony and her younger brother, Manuka Black, are still roaming the streets. The first tribute to find and murder the siblings will be crowned victor. Of course, you can kill other tributes, by doing this it will increase your odds of finding them." 

"So, may the odds be ever in your favor!" Tamsin wrapped up with, then her voice faded. 

Ariel remembered Ebony. Long, curly black hair, ghostly white skin and dark, intimidating eyes. You couldn't miss her. 

Suddenly, Ariel, Drew and Ash's cell gates opened, and they were most likely the first to be released.

They were lead down a corridor by a squad of peacekeepers, and were each given their weapon of choice as they exited the building.

"Good luck." Ash told Drew, then pecked her on the cheek. "You too." She replied, then suddenly lurched forwards as an object protruded from her stomach.

Blood ran down her chin, then erupted from her lips like a waterfall, and her wavy blonde hair was now caked with a sickly shade of red. She finally fell to the ground, and Ash screeched.

Alex Blue appeared behind Drew, tearing a sword out of her back, grinning as he saw Ash's halo shaped mouth.

But his grinning was put to an end as the hatchet ripped through his jaw. Ash dug the hatchet in further, until Alex's chin split open like an overripe fruit. Ash ran off crying.

Mystique Cirque (D8)

Instead of asking for a destructive, powerful weapon, I ask for a grappling hook gun. The peacekeeper handing out weapons looks puzzled, but manages to scope out the weapon for me and I twirl around and head off.

I asked for the grappling hook gun because it will be easy to swing from building to building. I can just pull the trigger, and the grappling hook will fly and latch onto the building's edge, and I can just climb up the side of the building with ease. Simple.

Cream Donahew and Albus Riddle were the tributes in my cell, and I'm glad Cream has left the scene, he's a major threat, and probably the strongest left in the arena, apart from Ebony Black, of course.


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