Male: Jebus

Female: Anna

Male: John

Female: Summer

Male: Beetee

Female: Jackie

Male: Vinny

Female: Katy

Male: Callam

Female: Kaitlyn

Male: Ian

Female: Emily

Male: Zack

Female: Annie

Male: Paul

Female: Candy

Male: Tim

Female: Lily

Female: Leslie

Male: Wesley

Female: Dani

Round One

Okay, before announcing the chracter you must create, there's a few rules I need to share with you. Firstly, you only have one chance, and you can't make another one if you have already submitted. Secondly, you have 24 hours to complete your lunaii and have it sent in. Thirdly, don't judge other peoples lunaiis, no one can have theirs perfect. And lastly, please don't copy other people. Be original and just try your hardest, okay, now I shall reveal the character you must make for Round One!

Round One: The high and mighty, caustic and harsh, pastel maned lass from District 1, Cashmere!

  • Kaitlyn's Cashmere
  • Summer's Cashmere
  • Emily's Cashmere
  • Katy's Cashmere
  • Vinny's Cashmere
  • Zack's Cashmere
  • Callam's Cashmere
  • Avatar~!.png Lily's Cashmere
  • Paul's Cashmere
  • Beetee's Cashmere
  • Anna's Cashmere
  • Tim's Cashmere
  • Wesley's Cashmere
  • Dani's Cashmere
  • Jebus's Cashmere
  • Leslie's Cashmere
  • Jackie's Cashmere
  • Annie's Cashmere


Contest closed! Unfortunately, John, Ian, and Candy did not submit their lunaiis in time, meaning that these three will be up for elimination. Okay, so anyway. The results. I've been looking through these lunaiis about three times to choose a winner, and with I have decided that Beetee has won round one. I loved how he kept his lunaii simple, yet elegant. Great work Beetee! And if there were 2nd and 3rd places, they would go to Wesley and Annie.

Up for elimination:



Candy: 10 votes (Eliminated)

Round Two

For this round you must create Lyme, the District 2 victor who was killed in battle. Just create her as you imagined her, there's no wrong or right's in this round,

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