Hi! Okay, so as most of you know, I'm obsessed with District 1. And so therefore, I would like to create a games where every tribute is from District 1! This is going to be very fun, and I hope you enjoy these games! Feel free to join!


District 1





Appearance (I'll make lunaiis):






Reaped or Volunteered:

Token (optional):


  • Bliss Diamond (D1)
  • Cream Donahew (D1)
  • Kourtney Rodriguez (D1)
  • Nicholas Chung (D1)
  • Fauna Wood (D1)
  • Ireland Smith (D1)
  • Apocoli Storm (D1)
  • Eric Spakes (D1)
  • Ruby Apolist (D1)
  • Emerald Yacht (D1)
  • Teal Ombre (D1)
  • Pietor Deeria (D1)
  • Lona Shields (D1)
  • Canopy Starsos (D1)
  • Diamond Celestia (D1)
  • Edric Almas (D1)
  • Inertia Vertigo (D1)
  • Brazen Fieldwise (D1)
  • Trinity Star (D1)
  • Rikki Loree (D1)
  • Penelope Underwood (D1)
  • Leroy Brown (D1)
  • Ari Priya (D1)
  • Ryker Cobalt (D1)
District Male Female User
1 Cream Donahew Bliss Diamond TheMysteriousGeek
1 Nicholas Chung Kourtney Rodriguez TotalDramaRox97
1 Ireland Smith Fauna Wood Hammers
1 Eric Spakes Apocoli Storm 66mc
1 Emerald Yacht Ruby Apolist Ntomahawks
1 Pietor Deeria Teal Ombre Wesolini
1 Canopy Starsos Lona Shields TDR97/Annamisasa
1 Edric Almas Diamond Celestia ViniciusDeAssis1999
1 Brazen Fieldwise Inertia Vertigo Smurfmaster
1 Rikki Loree Trinity Star YoungGuy5
1 Leroy Brown Penelope Underwood Beetee19
1 Ryker Cobalt Ari Priya Theman77


These are some characters that will soon appear in the story.

  • President Blunt
  • Stiletto Blunt
  • Curse
  • Phobia
  • Swanlike
  • Cologne
  • Idol
  • Globe
  • Virus
  • Liquid
  • Tune
  • Bambi
  • Velvet
  • Marion
  • Poison
  • Velocity


President Blunt (C)

Stiletto Blunt (D2)


Curse (C) (Head-Gamemaker)

Phobia (C)

Marion (C)

Globe (C)


Swanlike (D1)

Cologne (D1)

Poison (D1)


Idol (C)

Liquid (C)


Virus (D3)

Velocity (D3)

Bambi (D2)

Tune (D2)


Velvet (C)


Penelope Underwood

My eyes cyclonicly fly open due to the shattering thud in the distance. I catapult my glossy pink bed spread over my shoulder and saunter towards my bedroom window. Great, it's raining cats and dogs out there. Today, is a very special day.

The reaping day, but yesterday it was announced that twenty-four tributes from District 1 would be reaped. I am absolutely jovial! "Mom, I'm going to Trinity's house!" I clamor as I throw on a glazing red dress. "Okay, are you volunteering?" Of course I'm volunteering, you brainless sprouse, I think to myself.

"Yes." I snap up a black shimmering raincoat and hug my little brothers before charging outside of the door. I soon arrive at Trinity's house, and her mother greets me with one of those corny grins of hers. "Is Trinity here or not?" I rudely spit out. "She's in her room, you little brat!"

I jostle her to my side and flounce down the hallway. Jolting open her door, I enviously lock my eyes on her. This stupid bitch is wearing the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. "Why are you wearing that? I'm supposed to look better than you." I recite with an incense snarl at the end of my voice. "You know, Penelope, I'm allowed to look good too. Not just you." She roars as she hurls on a purple raincoat. "Are you volunteering?" I query, enraged. "Yes." "Well good luck when I hack your doltish head off!"

I throw my hand to my side and send all of her stupid antiques glissading across the ground. Her jaw drops.

Kourtney Rodriguez

Okay, not a big fan of the reaping day. I live MILES away from the square, and I have to WALK because my stupid little sister had her stupid little concert with her stupid little friends. Man, I hate Khloe. Arriving at the reaping, our escort, Kenna Cristill, has given a speech about how she's honoured to be District 1's escort, and wishes us the best of luck. Let's get this show on the road. She propels into action, then digs her hand inside the glimmering crystal bowl.

"Adelaide Glow," she audibly howls into the microphone. A handful of the girls have volunteered, and now a stampede of vicious females sprint towards the stage. But frolicing along behind the massacre of girls, Bliss Diamond makes her way to the stage, glistening and gorgeous. "My name is Bliss Diamond!" She hollers with delight. Oh please, give it up. "Let's move on!" Kenna demands. "Calopy P-" another desperate girl literally climbs up on the stage, and rips the microphone out of Kenna's grip. "Penelope Underwood, District 1's next victor." "Great, okay, moving on now," Kenna reminds us. After a few more girls named Fauna Wood, Trinity Star, Lona Shields, Diamond Celestia, Inertia Vertigo, Apocoli Storm, Teal Ombre and Ari Priya have volunteered, no more girls bothered to volunteer. "Ruby Apolist!" Screams Kenna. A beautiful young girl with gorgeous eyes makes her way up on stage, leaving only one more spot for the females.

"Kourtney Rodriguez!" Well, today isn't my day. I stride through the puddles of rainwater and take the stage. Well, one thing's for sure. I will die.

Ireland Smith

I sprint as fast as I can towards the square, and by the time I get my finger pricked, I'm drenched with water. I walk towards the boys side, and I'm just in time for our escort to bury her hand in the crystal bowl containing the names of the males in our district.

"Oscar St-" "I VOLUNTEER!" Shouts fill the square, and one lucky boy drags himself onto the stage. Ryker Cobalt. I know this guy, he's kinda messed up. Kenna soon shovels out the volunteers, leaving three more spots left for the boys side. "Emerald Yacht!" A tan boy with golden blonde hair scales the slippery staircase, and stands by the nine other boys. "Canopy Starsos!" Canopy, a boy in my maths class, eagerly mounts the steps, he's a force to be reckoned with, I know that much.

"Ireland Smith!" Kenna shouts. I fly up the staircase and shake hands with everyone, which isn't easy. I'm tangled in the middle of this. Everyone here thinks it's great that District 1 gets a chance to play these games, but really they haven't looked closely at what the Capitol is doing. I have to kill people I know. We, the tributes, must kill our friends, just to earn a crown on our heads. It's sick.

Cream Donahew

Kenna ushers us towards the train, then quickly slides open the door. One thought comes to my mind as I peer into the dazzling room. Oh my god.

"Wow," Apocoli says as she rushes over to a bejeweled table. Stockpiles of food and drinks are scattered all over the tables, and only Lona and Leroy are eating. I bolt toward my dorm, and see that I'm rooming with Bliss Diamond, who beautifuly perches on the edge of her bed. "Hi," I start. She looks up.

"What do you want, Cream?" "Nothing?" She sighs, anger boils inside of me. "Bliss, why are you always ignoring me? I've been nice to you my whole life, and you just treat me like a piece of-" "Cream, shut up! We're not going out anymore! You're wanting what you can't have, give it up. Please." With that, she whips her large curls over her shoulder, and oozes her feet through the opening of our door. I follow after her and hear many gasps from the other dorms.

Tributes come rushing out, and Kenna has a frown on her face.

"What's wrong?" I ask, curiously. "They're adding a twist.." She replies.

My jaw drops.

The other tributes and I crowd around the television.

The Twist

The tributes all converge around the television, eager to know the new twist being added. But also very nervous at the same time. Could the twist mean slower, more excruciating deaths? Or could it mean something else?

"Attention, tributes!" President Blunt's snake-like appearance is within the view of the tributes, as they nervously scope their eyes on the illuminating television.

"So, as you've been warned, we are adding an interesting twist to these games," he hisses sadisticly, causing the tributes to rattle and shiver. 

"Okay, the first twist! There will be no bloodbath in these games, and tributes will be dropped off in random spaces in the arena!" The tributes donate glances to eachother. The twists?

"But the arena will be, very special this year..." he whispers rapaciously.

"The arena will be the Capitol itself!" Screeches President Blunt.

"Next twist," he carries on perniciously.

"The tributes will be put into groups based on their training scores, and once twelve tributes remain, the tributes will be brought to their new arena, and well, I hope you get a wonderful surprise when you see what's waiting for you there! Good bye tributes, and Happy Hunger Games!"

Training Scores

Male Score Female Score
Cream Donahew 12 Bliss Diamond 12
Nicholas Chung 12 Kourtney Rodriguez 12
Ireland Smith 11 Fauna Wood 9
Eric Spakes 10 Apocoli Storm 11
Emerald Yacht 9 Ruby Apolist 9
Pietor Deeria 10 Teal Ombre 11
Canopy Starsos 12 Lona Shields 11
Edric Almas 9 Diamond Celestia 12
Brazen Fieldwise 9 Inertia Vertigo 9
Rikki Loree 10 Trinity Star 10
Leroy Brown 11 Penelope Underwood 10
Ryker Cobalt 11 Ari Priya 10



Cream Donahew (D1)

Bliss Diamond (D1)

Nicholas Chung (D1)

Kourtney Rodriguez (D1)

Canopy Starsos (D1)

Diamond Celestia (D1)


Ireland Smith (D1)

Teal Ombre (D1)

Leroy Brown (D1)

Apocoli Storm (D1)

Ryker Cobalt (D1)

Lona Shields (D1)


Penelope Underwood (D1)

Eric Spakes (D1)

Trinity Star (D1)

Pietor Deeria (D1)

Ari Priya (D1)

Rikki Loree (D1)


Ruby Apolist (D1)

Emerald Yacht (D1)

Inertia Vertigo (D1)

Edric Almas (D1)

Brazen Fieldwise (D1)

Fauna Wood (D1)

Death Chart

24. Inertia Vertigo: Axe in the chest by Lona Shields

23. Fauna Wood: Decapitated by Apocoli Storm

22. Leroy Brown: Hatchet in the neck by Cream Donahew

21. Ireland Smith: Knife in the temple by Nicholas Chung

20. Canopy Starsos: Arrow in the throat by Penelope Underwood

19. Ari Priya : Knife in the chest by Bliss Diamond

18. Teal Ombre: Back sliced open by Ruby Apolist

17. Kourtney Rodriguez: Bullet in the neck by Bambi

16. Nicholas Chung: Throat slit by Tune

15. Brazen Fieldwise: Bullet to the chest by Peacekeeper

14. Edric Almas: Knife through the neck by Lona Shields

13. Ryker Cobalt: Knife through the chest by Emerald Yacht

12. Emerald Yacht: Knife through the head by Ryker Cobalt

11. Trinity Star: Spear through the throat by Cream Donahew

10. Ruby Apolist: Torso split open with Bliss Diamond's trident

9. Rikki Loree: Axe embedded in face by Bliss Diamond

8. Bliss Diamond: Shot repeatedly by Cream Donahew

The Games 

Part One: The Arrival


The tributes have now been elevated into the arena, all at least 50 yards away from eachother. The tributes will have to scout out their team members, then scavenge the scene to find any weapons or supplies. The tributes are timorously waiting for the gong to sound, a gong that will set them free from their metal discs, but it will launch them into the fray. After sixty seconds have past, the tributes rattle into focus as the gong throttles the tributes' eardrums. Kourtney is ferociously cantering through the crowds of grotesque dressed citizens, eagerly trying to find members of her team. After two minutes of non-stop shooting through the streets, she shatters into Nicholas, who is also solicitously scavenging the expanse the tributes are locked in. Diamond has sighted a barrier with legion amounts of supplies, and grapples a kit of knives, a hammer, and a bright lime backpack that glimmers in the sun before abandoning the obstruction. Bliss and Cream have also detected eachother, and are reaching eachother briskly. Canopy, Nicholas, Kourtney and Diamond have now striked Bliss and Cream, now becoming the only team who have successfully snatched each member.

Apocoli and Lona have breezed in on eachother, and are now amassing supplies from the stockpile that Diamond had visited earlier. Apocoli has elusively ensnared a coruscating sword from a pitch black box, and Lona has swiped three glistening, noxious axes from the colossal stockpile. The girls are now abandoning the landscape, when Fauna and Inertia come barrelling towards them. Out of panic, Lona has tossed an axe in Inertia's chest, and not even a second later, Apocoli has slinged her sword at Fauna. Inertia's blanched, crimson corpse now reclines on the glossy, marble surface, and Fauna's head lies two yards away from her own carcass. Apocoli sharply wheezes, repugnance washes through her as she glares at the mess she's made. "Come on, Apocoli! We need to find our team mates!" Bellows Lona, with an uncertain scowl on her face. The team have now united, and are making their way to the stockpile.

Now, all of the teams have been merged, and every single team are skying in on the stockpile. Cream and Nicholas advance on Leroy and Ireland, and Cream hurls his hatchet in Leroy's path. Leroy's rosy, syrupy blood sprinkles Cream's face, then Leroy collapses to the ground, hatchet in neck. Nicholas then knees Ireland in his stomach, and finishes him off by lodging a knife in his temple with satisfaction. Penelope plunges for a bow & arrow, and as she swings to her feet, the tip of her arrow has disappeared in Canopy's throat. Canopy sinks to his knees, then lets a tear cascade from his eye before his heart pumps it's final beat. Bliss dives into a cartwheel, evading a shimmering axe catapulted by Ari, then yanks a knife from her vest. Bliss rings in on Ari, then clatters her to the ground with a malicious push of her knife, pounces on Ari, then bulldozes the knife in her chest, raking it around like a hairbrush.

The teams have scattered like children playing a game of hide and seek, and are now bolting through the large groups of ghastly dressed citizens. The 12 team have set up camp by the golden, glimmering bank, and have come up a plan to burglarize it at midnight, allowing them to pay for cuisine and refreshments. Bliss is slowly falling for Cream, and so is Diamond. Soon, the tension will rise for this team, and all hell with break loose. In a matter of time, this team will have ruptured. Bring on the drama for this team.

The 11 team have been strolling through the Capitol streets, and have inaugurated their camp in a caliginous, repulsive shed. The team have lost two of their strongest fighters, and they're now two players short, giving them a huge disadvantage. Lona and Apocoli have jumbled together, a piercing frosty wind has struck their shed, sending the two shivering with the arctic breeze that has percussed them. Ryker and Teal are browsing the metallic cottage, and have found some ammuniton used for slicing and dicing that could come in handy at some point. 

The 10 team have established camp inside the 78th floor of a lustering, alpine-like skyscraper. Penelope has a plan to take down her team and then run off into the routes of the Capitol, then dominate the games herself. Eric and Pietor are also thinking the same thing, where as Trinity and Rikki couldn't care less. This team will be very on to it during these games, and expect a dramatization heading towards these prime antagonists.


"I love you, Ruby..." Emerald claims, out of the blue. His golden hair shimmers in the beautiful pink, rosy sky. His dazzling ocean blue eyes buckle my attention, and I quickly plant a smile on my face.

"Emerald, I love you too." I respond, causing his cheeks to bloom into a glowing, cherry red. He takes my hand, then leans in for a kiss. Our lips meet, for the very first time. Emerald pulls away, then quickly says, "I'll go grab some apples from that park across the street. I'll be back in a minute." He plummets his knife deep into his pocket, then rushes across the concrete path.

My stomach stars aching, and my temples begin to throb. What if someone comes out of nowhere and kills him? I can't let that happen. Not at all. Oh, who am I kidding? It's not like someone is going to dart out of the trees and stab him in the neck. Or could that happen? Of course not. 

I gaze as he wanders across the busy road, then joyfully watch as he carefully plucks apples from the trees, throwing them into his midnight blue backpack. Then, I spot something I don't want to see. A pair of eyes are locked on him, from inside the playground tunnel. What if it's another tribute? I'm probably overreacting, and it's most likely just a kid.

Or is it?

That's when the figure lunges herself out of the tunnel and quickly vaults herself on top of Emerald. I'm running now, faster than I've ever ran before, and ready my 10 inch long knives, one in each hand. Teal Ombre, from the 11 team, is the abled dignitary that now rides on Emerald's shoulders, with flaring honey curls, and eyes bright as the sunshine. I quickly clink my knives on her shoulder blades and rapidly drive them downwards, peeling a layer of skin off of her back. 

I chuck her limp, exuviated body over my shoulders and kneel down besides Emerald. He has three huge wounds, all near his chest. "S-she stabbed me, w-with her j-javelin," he says, pointing towards an acuminous javelin, saturated with Emerald's blushed, pulpy blood. 

"You're going to be okay, Emerald. Brazen grabbed a first-aid kid at the stockpile, he'll be here any second with Edric." Brazen and Edric arrive, shocked and scared, and Brazen has brought the red tool box that could save Emerald's life, when a sickening thought comes to my head, then fires out of my mouth with such ahorrence, it's barely audible.

"W-where did she come from!? Her team must be close by, and they're probably on their way now, ready to kill us!" I take a look around, then spot a dusty shack, deeply hidden in the bushes forty yards to my right. 

"Come on lets get moving!" Edric shouts as Brazen quickly bandages up Emerald, then in a minute or two, we head off, aiming for the Capitol streets.

After twenty minutes of walking through the streets of the Capitol, we quickly find a stone building and race in through the velvet red door. Brazen chucks Emerald on a lime green couch, and drizzles a light crimson liquid down his throat. Medicine.

I switch on the television and the news headline is "YOUNG GIRL MURDERED AT ONYXSTONE PARK". Great. So now I know that for sure, she's dead, and she won't be returning to come and butcher me with her javelins. I cast a quick look over my shoulder, and glance into Emerald's eyes.

Tears are filling them, and I can't help but let a tear of my own rain from my pupil. "I almost lost you, Emerald. Please, don't leave me again!" I cry, traipsing towards his pale body. 

"At least you got her before she stabbed me in the heart," he says, hacking up small ponds of blood. He's been doing it for a while now, and I'm even used to the repulsive red fluid.

"I would kiss you right now, Ruby. But obviously, I can't." He says with a chuckle, then pierces his eyes into mine.

"I love you, Ruby. And I'm not leaving you again."


I've noticed a few changes in these games, for example: When a tribute is killed, instead of your average cannon blast, the new death trigger is a blaring chime that sounds quite similar to a gong being belted with impact. Also, when a corpse of a tribute needs to be fetched, a Capitol helicopter drops down an automatic harness, then quickly clambers the carcass up into the helicopter.

I must be the only tribute in my team who has an IQ above 20, the others just think everything I've stated is a coincidence. Seriously? A bell has just bonged a few minutes ago, and the helicopter arrived at a park a few hundred yards to my west. How can that be a coincidence?

Anyway, our team have planted a plan to break into the bank, steal some cash, then run before things get messy. I seriously don't know which one of these boneheads came up with the plan, but there is no way we can get away with stealing all that money. The cops will be on to us in seconds.

The bad thing about these games is that no one in the Capitol know we're here, they think the games have been postponed until the Gamemakers finish our marvelous arena with extremely homicidal human butcheries. Now that I'm in the games, I'm not so sure I should have volunteered.

"Hey, Bliss! How did you score your 12 in private training?" Diamond asks as she cuddles with Cream. Ugh, I'm not sure if Cream is doing this to make me jealous, but it isn't working.

"Well, at first I was just throwing knives and chopping off dummies heads, then as I was about to chuck a knife, I threw myself into a backflip, and let the knife fly from my grip. Mid-air." I arrogantly announce.

"It lodged itself straight into the bullseye, pretty cool huh? What did you do?" 

"Well, first I grabbed two butterfly swords, then I gathered six dummies into a bundle. After that, I climbed the tallest tree then jumped down, still equipped with the lethal tools, my swords sliced the dummies heads off at once, then for the rest of the training session I showed off my archery skills." Diamond quickly blows from her gob, a hint of cockiness tied to the end. Cream snickers, then glances at me, with a crumb of sorrow in his eyes. I don't care if you wanna stick your tongue down this chicks throat, anyway. Go for it you stubborn bastard.

"Hm. Okay, we should probably get going now. The bank will close soon." I verbalize with discontent. "Yeah, okay, here's the plan. Bliss, Kourtney, you hold the receptionists down, Cream checked earlier, there's only two of them. Nicholas, Cream you grab the money, and I'll hold the customers hostage. Sounds good?" Diamond divulges.

"Wow. That's not a bad idea." Kourtney admits. I whip my head around and peer into her eyes. "Wow, Kourtney, that's the first thing you've said in these games." I say, very surprised. "Okay, let's go!" Diamond cheers.

On our way to the bank, I spot a large window above me. "Hey, Nicholas, give me a boost up, I'll see what's going on in the bank." I say, and he orders me to jump on his shoulders. I glare into the window, and scan the room. Two female employees are working at a colossal marble bench, and about 8 customers. I hop down from Nicholas's shoulders and tell my team what I've seen. "Great, this will be easier than I thought it would be." Diamond audibly whispers.

We're at the doors now, and we're about to break through them in a minute. "Will this work?" Kourtney questions. "The cops have cars, we have our feet. And believe me, I don't think anyone else here has an engine on them, do they?" Finally. Someone with a bit of logic. I quickly nod my head. "Just trust me, Kourtney." Diamond bellows, then after a minute, throws open the doors.

Already, someone is charging towards me, very alarmed. I quickly draw a knife and hurl it in his direction, planting it in his leg, causing him to topple towards the ground. I lumber past him and sprightly grab Kourtney's left arm, yanking her towards the reception desk.

The two women at the desk shelter themselves with stupid things. For example, the brunette woman on the left shields herself with a golden vase, and it takes less than a few seconds for Kourtney to wrench it from the womans grasp and smash it over her head, causing the frightened woman to slope into unconsciousness.

I tackle the other woman, who looks much older, wearing a purple wig studded with golden butterfly clips and ghostly white eyes. She knees me in my jaw and rolls to her feet, then furnishes herself with a bright, bulky lamp. I gasp with bewilderment as she sways the lamp down on me, crumpling my sculp into a pool of my own plasma shaded blood.

She then gains a rhythm, sprouting a dent into my head, then lifting the lamp up, only to crush my head again. "Kourtney! Help!" I scream as the blood showers from my sculp, then floods my eyes with the damp, gluey fluid. The woman hysterically chuckles as she stares at the cork of the lamp, now soaked with my metallic, veined blood.

Kourtney then comes to my rescue, by shattering the vase over the woman's head. Kourtney kneels down besides me and wipes the blood out of my eyes with the sleeve of her jacket, then nimbly stitches up the cubicle crevices in my head. "Kourtney, you're my hero." I say to her, gaping into her cherry red shadowed eyes. "I'll always be here for you, Bliss. Now come on, lets get going. I'll help Nicholas and Cream get the money, you go help Diamond holding the customers hostage." She suggests.

I rush over to Diamond and her jaw drops as she locates the cracks in my head. "Oh my god! What happened to you!" She screams with fear. "One of the women at the desk plumbed me with a lamp. Kourtney stitched me up in a few minutes with the first-aid kit we got, so I'll be okay." I answer. One of the hostages gets up and makes a run for it, and Diamond squares him in the leg with her spear, leaving a bright red line across his right carb. 

"No one's leaving until I get some cash. Everyone hand me your phones, unless you want to get slaughtered with a spear." Diamond shouts as she dumps the injured man on the ground. Everyone quickly hands her their phones, then she grins with satisfaction. Diamond stoops to her knees and digs through her backpack, then removes two bundles of rope, and a roll of duct tape. 

Diamond hands me the duct tape and after she finishes tying up every individual person, I slide the duct tape across their mouth. After five minutes, everyone is rolling around, now and then mumbling some giberish. "You! Shut up!" Diamond screeches as she whips a young woman on the back with the spear. Wow, Diamond can be so vicious. "We got the money!" Nicholas cheers as he darts out of a silver room.

"Yay! Now lets go, we don't want the cops getting us, do we?" Diamond says. Kourtney hands me a bag of money, then passes one over to Diamond.

"Where do you think you're going?" A high-pitched voice hisses from behind us. I twirl around, and to my horror, a bleached blonde haired girl no older than ten is aiming a machine gun at me, a haunting beam feathered upon her face. She perches on the receptionist bench, then behind her, another girl appears, she looks very similar to the girl who's armed, but looks a little bit younger.

"I'm Bambi," starts the equipped girl, "and this is my little sister, Tune." Tune giggles. "And we know why you're here." She hums. "You're here, because you are competing in the games, am I right?" She buzzes with savageness. "Yes, we are, how do you know?" Kourtney starts, and I notice a pistol guarded in her pocket, and her hand is locked on it.

Bambi donates a sinister glance to Tune, then starts. "You'll find out soon, my friend, oh, and I know that there's a gun in your pocket." She says. Kourtney draws out her gun with force, and pulls the trigger. 

Bambi opens her gob, snaps her teeth in between the bullet, then spits it out. "Hit me with your best shot, Kourtney." Bambi snickers, rips the gun out of Tune's grip, then shoots Kourtney in the neck.

"We don't really want to hurt you, we want to help you. We know a way out of here." Announces Bambi, blowing away the flare of smoke that has sprung from her gun. Tune nods with agreement, and I quickly glance at Kourtney's dead body, an opening in her neck forms, and the blood slowly seeps from the chasm near her throat.

"How can we trust you? Who says we won't end up like that!" Diamond screeches as she points to Kourtney's limp, pale corpse. "Well, if you don't trust us, then good luck escaping here alive." Bambi responds, with an intimidating rumble. 

"Let's just trust them," Cream starts. "We could easily kill them. If they don't have guns." "You sure about that? Tune! Show 'em!" Bambi screams. Tune bolts into action quickly, and charges Nicholas.

Diamond thows herself into Nicholas' path, only to be calcitrated to the ground with Tune's small, but yet strong foot. Tune slides under Nicholas' legs, then as she rises from behind, she unlocks his throat, revealing a red smile, blood gushing from the crescent in his neck. This young girl that looks so innocent, has slit Nicholas' throat.

"You better trust us now." Bambi snipes.

Part Two: The Redemption


My body fades into a flimsy, jaded figure, and I slowly moan as I rest my head on the sturdy floor, desperately trying to slide into a deep sleep, where all my problems won't exsist. These games have been quite boring so far, and we've already lost a team member in the stockpile battle.

"Where the hell is Teal?" I stoutly grunt, jerking my head towards Apocoli. 

"She's probably dead. If she was still alive she'd be back by now, and the bell rung not long ago, so the odds of her being dead are real high, Ryker." She says.

"Whatever. You and Lona stay guard, I'm going to sleep." I moan with anger, and soon drift into a temporary sleep.

. . .

I jolt awake, and the sight of a girl with black coruscating curls perching on top of me widens my eyes with a hint of fear.

"Stay down!" She hisses, and infuses an acuminous knife through my arm, sending logs of blood to splash the surface. In the corner of my eye, another girl with jet black hair pins Lona against the wall and scores a sharpened pipe down Lona's arm.

"Who the hell are you!" I screech. The girl ignores my question and keeps clipping and notching away at my arm. The pain scorches me with acrimony, and I formulate enough vexation to send her flying from my body.

I lunge for one of Lona's axes, and clasp it free from it's reef. I dive to the ground as fast as a bullet, and roll towards the sable, obsidan spiraled haired girl, now disarmed and trembling. 

I bring the axe down on her, and to my surprise, the axe is revolved from my clutch, and buries itself into the metal blockade of the shed. I whip around, and focus on the girl infront of me. The one that cut Lona, now equipped with the horned pipe, is the convict who conked away my axe with her jagged weapon.

"If you kill Velocity I'll kill you!" She howls before hammering the pipe over my head, knocking me unconscious. And before I am swiped away by the inky clouds that fade my vision, I think what kind of name is Velocity?

. . .

My new habitat is revealed to be the very top of a plated, flickering skyscraper. The gash would best be described as an ablazed throb twinkling with the own trickle of my blood, and the pain is excruciating. I sit up, and I don't think the two girls with black hair have noticed me. Yet. 

An anchored helicopter with spinning talons at the peek fully grasp my attention, and Velocity finishes dragging a slashed Apocoli through the barrier on the side.

"Virus! Get the boy and lets get them out of here!" Velocity growls as she caresses the blood off of her hands. So their names are Virus and Velocity, and they're here to salvage tributes from the arena, and gurantee we live.

Virus rapidly unties me, then drags me onboard. I'm thrown into the back of the helicopter where I'm accompanied with Lona and Apocoli, and then we take off. 

Apocoli's eyes widen, and a tear sprouts from her eye. "Don't cry! We're getting saved!" I whisper in her air. She sighs with relief.

After six hours of flying, Virus comes and retrieves us, and as we step off the helicopter, I can already tell that we have landed in District 3. "Hey, aren't you two victors?" Lona asks Virus and Velocity. "Yes, we are. And we're here to save the tributes from the arena." Virus escorts us into her home in victors village, and tells us to stay here and that she'll be back with more tributes.

The houses here are very prevailing, and the furniture must have cost an ocean of money. Lona and Apocoli gently roost on the lavender scented couches powdered with golden mosquito aces, then start plucking grapes from the cherry blossom bowl peppered with ebony shadowed trinkets. I reach for the bowl, then blandly lasso one with my fingers. I pop the purple sphere in my mouth and let the pleasent flavours erupt.

Unexpectedly, the doors sail open with a rocklike impact and Apocoli already has one of her many argent axes embellishing in her grip incase of an attack, which could occur any second.

Two young gurls with platinum blonde manes burst through the doors, and the 12 team awkwardly trundle along behind them. "What are you doing here?" Apocoli sibilances with maliciousness, clamping the axe in direction of them with both of her sturdy hands. "These kids threatened to kill us one minute, next minute they're helping us escape the arena." Diamond says with a flaky tone with beads of salty water falling from her eyes.

"They killed Kourtney and Nicholas!" Bliss shouts, bawling with disbelief. "Kourtney saved my life, then these stupid moppets killed her!" She screams, whimpering.

The older of the two flaxen haired girls sock Bliss in the stomach with a powerful fist, and I can almost hear Bliss's stomach wrenching and whirling with scorching pain.

"You all stay here. Me and Tune will get the 9 team while Virus and Velocity get the 10 team. Tune, go get the helicopter started." The older girl with a bristled bun in her hair says. Tune chortles with excitement, then sprints through the door.

"If anyone makes a run for it, your all dead." She finishes, then storms off, slamming the doors shut behind her. "They know how to fly a helicopter?" I ask Diamond who's wrapped in Cream's arms. "Yeah. Those girls can't be that sadistic. They're just puppets of the Capitol. It makes me sick." She growls.

"Who are Virus and Velocity?" She asks. "They're also trying to get us out of here. I have no idea why, and how this all happened. But they obviously care about us. And if those girls want to save us, they wouldn't be from the Capitol."

"Yeah. I guess so." She says. "Here, have a grape." I say, holding out a grape.


"Eric! Help!" Is the caustic screech that convulses me from my sleep, and the eyeshot of my allies being hacked away at causes me to clutter to my feet. Two young women, onyx blazing hair are the backbiters carving through my allies, their hair cleary tells me that they are from District 3.

I make a beeline towards the one with two shimmering black braids, and the rest of her dusky, silky, sheer hair hangs behind them. I plunge my knife through her calf, and as she whirls around to face the wrath of my knife, she clobbers me in the temple with her tapered pipe.

Stumbling backwards, I notice the other girl with sable glossy swirls removing a metallic liquid from inside Trinity's right arm. Then my focus returns to the woman who socked me in my head. She quickly lunges forward and buries her pipe through my arm.

The slash in my arm is sizzling with sweltering pain, and the woman then removes her pipe from my arm. The tip of her pipe is a flaming, element like red. "I have to burn your tracker." Says the woman infront of me, bucking the pipe through my arm again. This time as she unclips the pipe from my wound, the silver fluid runs down the end of the pipe.

"Is that everyone, Velocity?" Asks the woman, streaming the liquid into an unripe shaded flask. Velocity nods her head, then drags Trinity into an elevator. The woman infront of me smacks me over the head with the pipe once more, and I tumble into an inklike billow named unconsciousness.

. . .

I rouse awake, settled against the sleety wall of the helicopter, and hear a few grunts that soon turn into screams. "Get back here!" Screams a voice, which I recognize as one of the women of District 3. "She got away, Virus!" Shrieks with indignation.

Virus pops her head out from behind the corner of the cockpit, then lets us know that Penelope has escaped, and that she's on heading for President Blunt's mansion, to do god knows what. I'm taken aback by what Penelope has acomplished, this could easily get herself slaughtered with the snap of Blunt's fingers.

Velocity rushes towards me, carrying a bundle of rope, then swathes it around me like I'm a rag doll. Two blonde girls creep into the room, then toss members of the 9 team at us one by one. "We'll go get Penelope, see you in District 3!" Says the one with a bleached prickly bun.

Soon, we arrive in District 3, and Virus shoves us into her home, where everyone is here. All apart from Penelope. 

Diamond is weeping hysterically, and Cream caresses her in his arms. Bliss rocks back and forth under an embroidered table bejeweled with apricot shadowed dragonfly baubles, and the 11 team remain seated on the sleek, satiny couches plated with pure golden mosquito gizmos.

"Where's Penelope?" Lona requests, shivering with concernment. "She's gone. Escaped. She wants to kill Blunt, and she's on her way there now. To his mansion." I answer.

"Who knows what he'll do to her. At least he doesn't know she's coming, Virus and Velocity shut down all of the cameras somehow." I carry on.

"Ugh, Penelope can be so stupid sometimes. This one time, she-" Lona begins, but never finishes, because peacekeepers have bursted through the doors.

Apocoli is the first to conduct herself, throwing an axe before a bullet can reach her. I can hear the stomach-turning thud of the axe hammering itself deep into humans flesh, and then that's when I run, for my life. I dart down the hall, then invade myself through the glossy bathroom, shattering the door shut behind me, then locking it with force.

I hear the screams, mostly female, then after ten, abdominable minutes, I hear the screams, the splattering of blood, the sound of cascading insides reaching the floor, then, they stop. I step out of the bathroom.

As soon as I shuffle my feet into the living room, I let the chunky, green liquid avalanche from my mouth. The sight, it literally made me vomit. The once majestic, loustrous couch is now drenched in blood, literally drenched. Bodies now lay in pools of crimson syrup, also known as the word I have now become to digust: blood. 

Moans and groans escape mouths frequently, and the repugnant drips of blood flood me with anger. "Eric..." A voice escapes from behind me, and I twirl around in shock.

"Edric!" I rush towards a dying Edric, as he clasps the bullet holes plastered upon his body. "Edric... who's dead?" I ask him, scanning the room, because the only corpses I see are unrecognizable, meaning they are peacekeepers. "Only Br-bra-zen, he-h-he got a b-bu-bullet t-to th-the ch-chest."

Brazen Fieldwise is dead, and Edric might be soon if I don't nurse him back to health, I sprint towards the bathroom, then grasp for a first-aid kit, then rush back to Edric.

"Let's get to work!"


With a blissful sway of the motorbike I have stolen, I pull up at President Blunt's mansion. The glimmering structure almost blinds me as I make a beeline towards the heavy oaken doors that tower over me. Hoping that the doors will be unlocked, I quickly jerk the door handle towards me. Bullseye.

I stroll into the classy mansion, and know I need to act quick. I sling my backpack infront of me, browsing the weapons I have, choosing which bladed tool will take his life. A jet black axe catches my attention, it shimmers gracefully as I scale it infront of me, knowing that this weapon will lodged in his head in no time soon.

A large, timber clock on the wall tells me that the time is 1:07AM, meaning that he should be dead at 2:00AM. This mission will be so easy, all I need to do is scavenge this mansion, find his office, then take care of him from there. Easy as pie. Now, where to begin looking?

I creep through the gloomy mansion, wondering if large mutts will lunge out of nowhere and claw me with their sharp talons, or mutilate me with their fangs sharper than swords. Lots of other malicious thoughts bubble around inside of me, when I see a large room, ebony doors sealing the hidden dungeon.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? I know I need to be very quiet, so instead of crawling towards the chamber, I lie on my stomach and slither towards the doors like a snake marking it's prey. As quietly as possible, I thrust through the air, springing to my feet, then I open the doors.

The room is pitch black. Black walls. Black floor. Black ceiling. Everything, a shadowed, bleak room. I a cautious step into the room, seeing if anything is here, but deeper into the room, then, the doors slam behind me, and I let out a scream. I knew that Blunt would know I'm here, he's got this place powdered with cameras.

"Hello, albino." A snickering, vicious snarl comes from behind me, and I quickly swallow down the bump in my throat before whirling around to face my worst enemy. But to my surprise, this person is definitely not who I was expecting. A girl with a colossal, red mane stands infront of me, wielding a pitch black sword, black, the color of this room.

"I hear you want to kill my uncle, huh? Well that's too bad. I'm Stiletto Blunt, it's nice to meet you, but it's going to be even nicer when I slit your bloody throat!" She screeches, then calms down a little. "My uncle has organised a mission for you, if you can kill me, then you can kill him, understand, my pretty?" She almost purrs, like her uncle usually does.

"I accept this challenge, I know that I can kill you anyways, redhead." I growl at her, tossing my cascading twirls over my shoulder. I can win. I can take her down. I can kill Blunt. This girl might have a sword, but I have an axe.

"Hm. Okay, bring it on! Let's get this party started!" She howls, with intimidation whirlpooling from her lips.

. . .

Wasting no time, I get sraight into the battle. I swing my axe at Stiletto's head, and she quickly dodges the tempo. She lunges towards me, then slits open my leg. My world spins around me as I clasp the seeping breach in my leg, but I quickly pull myself back together. I grab my axe, then charge.

I cleft open her left arm with a deadly stir of my axe, sending her lumbering backwards. She takes her chances, then throws one of her two swords in my direction. The ten inch long blade abrades across my forehead, and I yelp in pain as the blood seeps into my eye sockets. She runs towards me, then stabs me in my other leg, sending more concaving blood to leak from my body.

Again, I swing my axe at Stiletto, and she blissfully dodges it. Grunting with anger, I tug her by the hair, jerking her towards me. "Die bitch!" I scream, then trickle my axe down on her. She rolls out of the axe's path, burying my axe into the floor beneath me. I know I shouldn't waste time to get it out, so I need disarm her somehow, giving me some time to retrieve it.

She comes barrelling towards me, and as soon as she raises her sword for impact, I sock her in the neck. This seems to cripple her for the moment, so I quickly knock her to the ground. For good measure, I stomp on her throat, weakening her. She reaches for her sword, but I quickly grasp for it, then throw it over my shoulder.

I run towards my axe, then with all my might, all my strength, all my everything, pull it out of the ground. I'm literally thrown backwards, and the axe has skidded across the floor. I sprint towards it, then pluck it from the ground gently. Smiling as I turn around, I spot that Stiletto has abandoned the scene. Where the heck is she?

I stroll though the room, confused yet not surprised. She surely knows an escape from this room, or is she still here? I turn around, expecting her devious face, but nothing comes into my vision. My eyes widen. This isn't good. Not at all. Then out of nowhere, a snicker from up above. I look up, only to see her shatter into me. That bitch was on top of the chandelier! I'm eager to ask her how she got up there, but at the moment, she's trying to throttle me to death.

I swing my axe upwards, and see the blood fly over me, and splatter the floor. Her body slides off of my back, and I look in digust as I rip the axe out of her torso. These games have turned me into a monster, the opposite of what I want to be. But if I want to win these games, then I'll have to be me. A monster.

Part Three: The Deception


Bliss, Diamond, Cream, Apocoli, Lona and Ryker had formed a secret alliance against the others, together, they were the biggest threats. Bliss took Lona and Apocoli into a room nearby, then began to talk to them. "I say we get rid of those love birds, they're going to drag us down further into the games." Bliss began, horrified with the words cascading from her delicate lips.

"How?" Lona snarled with a scowl, "everyone else is out there, I say we kill Edric, he's about to die anyway." She finishes. "Okay, we'll kill him. Lona, you kill Edric and Eric, Apocoli, you hold down Cream while I kill him, then, we'll dispose that other piece of deadweight together." Bliss hisses, then rushes outside of the room.

Lona strolls past Diamond and Cream, who are sitting on the couch in eachothers arms, the last time Lona would see them. Lona knelt down besides a dying Edric, Eric was trying desperately to keep his heart pumping. "How's he doing?" Lona asks Eric. "He's getting better, all he needs is a bit o-" Eric's eyes widened. Lona ripped the knife out of Edric's neck, and then quickly stabbed Eric in his stomach. She dragged the corpse and the dying boy into the closet they were in before, checking frequently to see if anyone was watching her do so. 

Soon, Diamond was thrown off the couch, and scrambled to her feet. Apocoli stood over her, then descented a knife down on her hand, pinning her to the ground. "Diamond!" Cream screamed, lunging towards her, Bliss ran out of nowhere, and pounced on his shoulders, twirling around her knife.

"You're nothing but dead to me. I still loved you, then that mutt came into your view. Haha, want to blow her one last kiss?" She purred, holding the argent knife to his neck. Cream mouthed the words I'm sorry to Diamond, then pulled out his hatchet. Bliss was struggling to bury her knife into Cream's flesh, and soon, the fell off of his shoulders. Bliss clutched her ribs, then sprung to her feet.

Bliss sprinted towards Cream, then slashed towards his throat. With stealth, Cream dodged the blow, then pinned Bliss against the wall. "How could you betray me?" He asked Bliss, then stabbed her in the head. Cream, thinking the blonde girl was dead, spun around on his heels. As he walked towards Apocoli, a blade was driven down his back. Bliss stood behind him, smiling with arrogance. "It didn't cut too deep," she said, wielding the knife now drenched with the fluid of Cream's scarlet syrup. "Hm. Emerald, come here." Bliss called, Emerald walked over to her. "Kill Ryker." She ordered, and Emerald's face flushed with crimson. "Kill him, now!" Bliss screamed, and Emerald pulled out his knife. He ran towards Ryker, then plunged the blade into his chest. Ryker, not aware of this turn of events, removed the knife from his chest, then stabbed Emerald in the head before going down. "I knew that would happen," Bliss laughed, watching Emerald die. "No!" Ruby shouted, running for Emerald, but he was gone, and that's when things went absolutely insane.

Ruby launched herself at Bliss, then swung her katana at her stomach. Bliss stumbled backwards, then ran a much more desirable weapon, a trident. She caught clasp of the trident, and as this was happening, a sponsor landed by Apocoli. She ran for it, then inside was a bow and a sheath of arrows. Cream had also recieved a sponsor gift, inside was a spear, which he threw across the room. The spear made impact with Trinity's throat, and the blonde bandit went down. 

Ruby and Bliss were still an eruption of blades, and one lucky hit of one's blade would send the other girl down. Soon, the blades split open her torso. Ruby stood over Bliss's body, but it wasn't Bliss who died. Bliss had rolled to the ground and ripped open Ruby's torso by raising her trident. "At least I'll be with Emerald.." Ruby announced before the arteries rolled from the chamber in her chest. 


"We're done..." Rikki says, standing over Trinity's corpse. "I loved this girl. Now look. She's dead, at my feet. She needed me. She needed all of us. We all could have lived!" He's screaming now. He turns to Bliss. "You ruined everything. You just had to betray us! You couldn't stand Cream and Diamond's relationship, you just had to kill them. You're so fucking full of yourself! We could have survived! But no, now you won't stop until the rest of us are dead at your feet. Get a fucking grip. You insane little bitch. I'll kill you!" He shouts, rushing towards Bliss.

Bliss laughs, then grabs an axe, drenched in blood. "Trinity was killed by Cream, but whatever, I was planning to kill her anyway. Infact, I was going to kill ALL of you!" She laughs. "Oh well, I'll be the one who recieves the crown. You will also all go home though, don't worry. The only loophole is that you'll all be in body bags. Have fun in your coffins! I'm going to win! You will all die! Die at my feet! DIE!" She sniggers, charging forward, bloodlust levitating.

Rikki realizes it's no use. His dull knife up against Bliss' acuminous axe, what are the odds of him winning this battle? Pretty low. He raises his knife, and drops it. Bliss stops as she sprints towards him, then grins sadistically. "You knew you couldn't win, didn't you?" Bliss asks, although she expects the question to be rheotorical. "Bliss, even if you do win, you'll always be a loser. There's no way anyone will ever call you a 'winner'. Keep that in mind, Bliss. It was nice knowing you." He says, stepping forwards. Bliss shrugs, then swings the axe.

The axe clips Rikki in his face, digging deep in between his eyes, crumpling his nose in. A torrent of scarlet blood spurts from the crimson streak running down his face. Bliss promptly rips the axe out of his face, then as she turns around, laughs with a sadistic smirk. "Who's next?" She asks, running towards them.


Then suddenly, Bliss is blown backwards, a plethora of small, golden missiles bullying her as blood comes hosing out with each popped bullet. "No!" She screams as she drops her axe, then collapses. But no, she won't die like this, she's going down with a fight. Bliss weakly grabs her axe and lumbers towards the gunman, only to be pummeled and battered a river of bullets. Her stomach looks like a broken pot brimming with raw meat. Blood oozes out of her stomach and chest, and almost abnormally, she's still walking towards the person carrying the gun.

When she looks up, she sees Cream Donahew holding the gun, and she grins with a hint of satisfaction, the other percentage of the smile being pure evil. "Hehe." She guffaws, then the bullets rain down on her. Her face becomes riddled with circular slits, each gaping hole squirting out blood. She then finally topples over, and Cream can almost hear the cannon that has never fired in the first place.

Cream had stolen the gun from the well known peacekeeper, Swanlike Obsidian, who was now lying dead in a loch of blood by the front door. Cream's gun was now aimed at Apocoli. Her eyes widened. "You tried killing us too. You're playing the game. We can all win, y'know." Cream spits, staring Apocoli up and down. "N-no! I've only killed Fauna, and well, that was before all this occurred. Bliss seduced us into killing! I haven't killed anyone besides Fauna! Lona killed Edric! And she's got Eric injured in the closet!" Apocoli screams. The gun is now pointed towards Lona.

Lona opens the closet and Eric comes rolling out, one hand clutching his wounded stomach, one graspiing a jet black broadsword. "Sorry." Lona spits at Eric, but he charges anyway. "Stop it!" Apocoli screams. Everyone turns to her. "We can't kill any more people, half of us are injured, do we want to get out of her alive or not?! Everyone just shut up and wait for Penelope to be rescued, unless she's already dead!" Apocoli screams.

Then suddenly the door creaks open. Cream aims his gun at the door, but it's too late.

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