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13+ Language, gore and sexual material.

  • Xephora Winters (D1F)
  • Xypher Silk (D1M)
  • Sofona Swift (D2F)
  • Uranium Pixel (D2M)
  • Niea Flesh (D3F)
  • Xinatos Glaive (D3M)
  • Phinaura Xella (D4F)
  • Yuki Gore (D4M)
  • Zlomorda Crow (D5F)
  • Havox Quick (D5M)
  • Aphrodite Viper (D6F)
  • Duanex Zelda (D6M)
  • Enfaria Hack (D7F)
  • Genoxite Venom (D7M)
  • Sakura Slash (D8F)
  • Kykling Avicus (D8M)
  • Pixie Black (D9)
  • Shuya Akita (D9)
  • Wisteria Decay (D10)
  • Kaius Strafe (D10)
  • Diacore Bane (D11)
  • Liftie Ex (D11)
  • Alystra Warfare (D12)
  • Tethius Carnage (D12)

The Idea

Hey, me here. So for these last games, I'm going to make the tributes, and you guys pick the one you want! I need these games to be perfect, and perfect tributes will help with that. Please just type the name of the tribbie you want, and I'll jot it down on here. Some info on the tributes will be provided below. Thanks!


District 1, Xephora Winters (16 years old) and Xypher Silk (18 years old). HybridShadow and Kaegan-is-a-tribute.

These two tributes are sinister, vindictive, and bloodthirsty. Xephora is feared at school, and she's fucking brutal. She's skilled with all weapons, but executes and never misses a target when equipped with a crossbow or normal bow. Can rack up swift kills when wielding knives and hatchets, she's a good runner and well, she's psycho (which is always a bonus)! Xypher on the other hand, is very friendly at school, and he's pretty intelligent. But when he's in that arena, gory, painful death will dawn, and by his blades. He's wicked with a sword, and any throwable weapon. 

District 2, Sofona Swift (17 years old) and Uranium Pixel (16 years old). RainAndFire and 57vallievue57.

Sofona, well, you could say she's a whore. She sleeps around with anyone she can get her paws on, and she'll bang anyone for cash. Other than her trampy antics, she's been training for the games since the age of 8. Excels with a sword and dagger, and can give the audience a good show. Uranium is a player, and like Sofona, fucks anyone who comes in his path. He's very strong, and will let his victims suffer in the arena. He's also promising with all weapons, but the bow is not in his favor.

District 3, Niea Flesh (14 years old) and Xinatos Glaive (17 years old). HawkWD and Beetee19.

This duo from District 3 make a great team. The two tributes are neighbors, and are both in great shape for the games. Niea is a rebellious, argumentative girl who stands up for what's right. She's been training for the games every chance she has gotten, and is confident she can win the games. Xinatos is hellbent on protecting Niea in the arena, and is a charming, kind young man. They both are good with knives and bows, and as a team, they can get out of the arena alive. Together.

District 4, Phinaura Xella (17 years old) and Yuki Gore (18 years old). xXMidget In A BikiniXx and YoungGuy5.

No one's more destructive and rude as these two. When their names were reaped, no one bothered volunteering, as everyone wanted to watch these monsters carve up in the arena, cause havoc, and slaughter painfully. Phinaura 'Aura', is the biggest bitch you'll ever meet. She misleads, cheats, and betrays her way to victory. Being known for her sadistic ways of thinking and disgusting ways of ending one's life, the citizens of District 4 are excited to see her in the arena. Yuki is even worse. He's literally insane, and will take his time when killing. He's superb with tridents, and any club-like weapon. 

Okay can't be fucked writing the rest, the other bitches are irrelevant. Kay let's start these!


The arena's nothing special. A lot of black, jagged rocks and unspreading fire. A large jet black sea, grey palm trees, and a humungous jungle.. except it's black. Dead, rotting plants and flowers. Black birds. Black animals. Black.

Death Chart

24. Genoxite Venom: head impaled with hatchet and arrow to the throat by Duanex Zelda.

23. Havox Quick: pounded with a hatchet by Phinaura Xella.

22. Wisteria Decay: knife to the stomach by Pixie Black.

21. Aphrodite Viper: scythe to the back by Enfaria Hack.

Bloodbath Enfaria Hack (D7), Cornucopia: The rising of my plate dawns. After those days bathing in luxury... hard training... ambrosial meals... It comes to this. In the next few days.. weeks maybe, we'll all be deceased. All apart from one. One will come out victorious. And that one will be me, Enfaria Hack.

The cornucopia this year is pure metal. Patches of motionless fire pepper the outskirts of the cornucopia, twirling vines hang from the spike of the metallic dome, and glimmering blades sit and drape. 

Checking out the piked, wicked weaponry, I plan to dash for a jet black katana. That weapon has my name on it for sure, haha. Fantasizing about the gore soon to come, I take a breath in and feast my eyes on that grimy little twat from District 4. Can't wait to kill her!

As I continue to study the weaklings around me, I let out a somewhat calculating snigger, and begin to caress my hair with ignornance. Some stare at me with disgust, and a few shiver, ridden with fear. That training score I got will surely give those careers a run for their spotlight. I'm the new threat, and as my mentor says;

Do or die.

Uranium Pixel (D2), Cornucopia: 

The gong booms throughout the dark arena, and the rush takes place. A handful of tributes dart for the glistening loot, and some retreat, fleeing to the gloomy jungle surrounding us.

I make a direct route for the glittering spear I had been persuaded by from the beginning, and manage to capture the slender weapon with ease. Now, time to slaughter. 

Sighting a hotheaded brawl at the mouth of the cornucopia, I decide to charge in, prepared to butcher not one, but both of the weaklings. Upon further inspection, I discover the two tributes are Genoxite Venom and Duanex Zelda. That Duanex kid turned down our request to the career pack, and I'll make him pay for that!

But before I rip his guts out, I'm impaled with an axe blade and pinned to the ground. 

Duanex Zelda (D6), Cornucopia:

Genoxite's machete-wielding skills are no match for my hatchet hurling ability, and I quickly prove that with a swift swipe to his temple. The gash of the puckered blade was not enough to end his life unfortunately, and he slits open my abdomen. 

"You'll pay for that.." I whisper, left hand clutching a blood red bow. Once capturing it's sheathe of lethal arrows, I slither one of the deadly bolts into the bow and watch his throat burst, scarlet liquid hosing out like water from a tap.

After eliminating him I dash for a backpack, collect a carton of water and sprint away, barely evading Zlomorda Crow's spinning tomahawk. I'm relieved I just survived the bloodbath.

Zlomorda Crow (D5), Cornucopia: 

Burying the sturdy axe into the boy's back, I smash him to the ground, blood sprinkling the rocks.

Snickering, I dig my nails into his neck and jerk his head back. Ready to finish the job with a machete, I'm rudely interrupted. That mental tart from 2 boxes me to the side, allowing the boy to slither away. "Ew, get off me mutt!" I squeal, slicing a neat line into her face. More blood.

Grunting with fury, she cuffs me in the abdomen then takes a swing with her scythe. As I dodge the curved blade, I manage to stab the girl in the hip, making her shriek and fall. Bringing my hand to my face, I dust the blood off my face then hurdle my way out of the cornucopia. 

Havox Quick (D5), Cornucopia:

Spears fly, swords swing, arrows dart. It's a slaughter party in this arena. Snatching a deadly sword, I whisk towards the carnage, ready to have some fun. 

I spot an oblivious Phinaura, trotting through the bloodshed, also craving a fight. As she sets her eyes on me, an ear-to-ear grin appears on her face. "This will be fun," I snicker under my breath, then bolt her.

Taking the first hack, I manage to minorly cut her stomach, but her reflexes are swift. "Don't even try, little boy," she murmurs. "You're going down."

Now.. the next thing that happens is horrifying. I am literally slammed into the side of the cornucopia, and lose count of how many times I've been pounded with her hatchet. Guts and blood spill out and splatter her. Whilst pummeling me, she manages to keep a smile on her face. Cracking the axe blade on my bone, she realizes her job is done here, and struts away. I slip into darkness.

Wisteria Decay (D10), Cornucopia:

Rushing the cornucopia was the worst decision of my life. I can't handle gore, oh and.. I'm so gonna die. And knowing the tributes, it'll be a slow, painful death. Ambling through the black scenery, I recieve an arrow in my tailbone. Wailing with agony, I fall backwards and see a dark figure.

I'm soothed when I discover the figure is Pixie. "Pixie!" I try to squeal with happiness, but this terrible groan gets out instead. "Haha, hey Wisteria," she says somewhat brutally, and yanks the arrow out of my back with force, causing me to moan and flail.

What the hell is going on? She's acting different all of a sudden. "You're just gonna leave me here?" I manage to get out, a pool of blood forming beneath me. "Good point.." she says, smirking. "Why should I drag you through this arena waiting for you to die from blood loss?" "I have a first aid kit in my backpack.. you can save me Pixie.." "Bitch, you're dead weight anyway. You really think you're gonna get out here alive?"

Her words hit me like a knife to the gut.

Then suddenly.. there is a knife in my gut.

"Ho- how could y-you.."

Alystra Warfare (D12), Cornucopia:

Witnessing the tragic death of Havox, I bite my lip and clutch a glittery sword. Oh well, you win some you lose some. As Phinaura lunges for a shimmering harpoon, I decide to take my strike.

Dashing towards her, she becomes aware of the incoming tribute and whizzes around, equipped with the weapon she's best with. Well, now I'm screwed. Backing away cautiously, I'm hoping for a chance to escape her torture.

"So, Annabelle, Ally, whatever your name is, we meet here," she hisses, "the girl who got that high training score.. You beat all the boys. I'm impressed."

Oh, right. That training score. A bit of skill mixed with luck got me an 11.

"Can't say I'm not impressed with yours either. Though it's such a shame you only received a 10, your precious little District wouldn't be too satisfied."

"Haha, I'd like to see the whole lot of your piss pour natives try beating that. Would be hilarious!" she clamors. Now she's crossed the line. "You went a little too far there honey." I purr, letting the sword fly from my grasp.


The blade goes slitting through her face, allowing hot blood to seep through the perfect slice across her beauty. Now unarmed with a weapon, I slam my nails into her eyes before fleeing the scene. That should keep her anemic for a couple days.

Xinatos Glaive (D3), Jungle:

She said she could do it. Not wanting both of us to die during the bloodbath, Niea and I agreed that one of us should seize loot from the cornucopia whilst the other lays low. As she's fitter than I am, she was willing to play the part.

I'm worried. This year the tributes are brutal, ruthless and maleficent. Suddenly I'm hearing the tempo of a brisk sprint, and jump behind a sturdy tree. It's more than likely her, but still, there's twenty-two others out there.

Expecting her to dart by, I instead find the boy from 12 sprinting for all his life, blood splattered on his uniform. He carries a blood covered axe. Slowly lagging behind is the perpetrator, Aphrodite from 6. 

Her movements are jagged.. abnormal. There's no way she's in shape for a duel right now. Suddenly, she's slammed into the side of my tree and clipped in the neck. Niea appears, her hands laced around the girl's throat. "Niea!"

"Xin!" She squawks, letting the girl drop to the hard surface. "P-p-plea-please.." Aphrodite croaks, clutching a heart shaped amulet in her hand. I know there's absolutely nothing we can do to save the girl, but I sure as hell won't let Niea finish her off.

"Come on.. let's go. She'll die eventually." I say, and we sprint away, deeper into the black jungle.

Aphrodite Viper (D6), Jungle:

Wow, idiots. They fell for my moans of pain and misery. I wish those twits some serious luck during these games.

Thankfully they did fall for it though, because if not, I'd be deceased. Now it's time to get moving. Ascending from the rugged jungle flooring, I grip onto a branch for support. But things don't run smoothly. The branch snaps.

Not only has this alerted incoming tributes, but it's also caused me to skid through thorns and jagged rocks. This day's just getting better and better! Arising once more, I'm greeted with rustling and some thundering footwork. Weak, tired and vulnerable, I know that it's best to hide, and quick.

Sheltering myself under some mossy foliage, I watch as Yuki and Xephora race after the boy from 9. He's just a little kid.. unarmed.. nothing that will benefit them once killing him. It's truly disgusting how they find joy in slaughtering children. "Run, you scant!" Xephora clamors, boiling with bloodlust. "Don't worry. He'll die off. It's unquestionable," Yuki purrs, then suddenly, he's chuckling, and rolling his eyes.

"Oh, and.."

"I see you over there in those bushes, my precious little princess."


Xephora Winters (D1), Cornucopia:

"AHHHHHH!" The girl hollers, bolting towards me with a lethal backsword. Bitch, no.

Deflecting the swing, I manage to knock her off balance with a chunky battle-axe. Face to the dirt, I clamp onto her cranium and smother her face deeper in. 

"Eat the dirt, invalid." I spit, smirking as I continue to scrub the dirt with her face. "Not so pretty now!" "Finish her off," Yuki hisses, impatient. "Come on, let's have a little fun Yuki! Look at the state of her!" 

Without warning, I'm witnessing a jet black scythe whirl past me and into the girl's back. A cannon roars. Enfaria emerges from the trees, looking calculating as always. Fuck, if looks could kill.. 

Then all hell breaks loose.

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