Hey everyone, Bella here! Yes, I am obsessed with making games, aren't I? Well, I'm back with another games, although there will be a few twists as I'm writing a few at the moment. By twists, I mean I will be writing the pre-games. Boring. But, as I write up the reapings, chariots etc. I can hopefully get some of my other games quickly done and dusted. Well, here I go. Tribute requirements: name (must be up to my standards), age, gender, district, skills, personality, history (optional), strategy (optional), appearance, family, pets and friends (optional), token, and notes if needed. Please be creative and don't submit tributes I've had in my games before. Let the games begin!

District Boy Tribute Girl Tribute User
One Bone Shadows Flovia Slash Friend in real life/Jabberjay78
Two Alexander Sidorov Vanessa Jimenez TDR97
Three Digit Starr Lucky Dawn TheMysteriousGeek
Four Mantar Presuer Cerah Kraystead TDR97/Happy Meadows
Five Felix Shelsher Skye Silverguard Wesolini/Annamisasa
Six Rhys Stolt Ophelia Bourderax Happy Meadows/EHKnight
Seven Stone Wore Velma Ready Angry Birds12
Eight Cat Ifes Ephedra Jones SerpentKing999/The Girl With The Banjo
Nine Fernando Llan Mable Frost Rainbow Shifter/AB12
Ten Martelo Kanuro Celeste Ryder ViniciusDeAssis/Beetee19
Eleven October Fest Synthesia Volente Angry birds12/EHKnight
Twelve Kohl Cyphers Vixen Ice Jabberjay78

I will try update everyday, and these games will be written in 1st person. May the odds be ever in your favor! Also, if all spots are taken fast, I will add in District 13, and possibly Districts 0 and 14.

Underlined: Career tribute

Major Twist

These tributes have been forced into the games for commiting crimes, they will appear on the second day of the games. Instead of becoming an avox, a prostitute for the Capitol, or executed right on the spot, they have the chance to live. Requirements: Name, age, district, gender, personality, skills, crime they commited.

District Boy Tribute Girl Tribute Creator
One Canopy Starsos Chandelier Fronum TDR97
Two Razor Raptor Spirit Velocity SerpentKing999
Three Dustin Hopper Belle Taylor FrostSnake/TheMysteriousGeek
Four Earl Zoranovic Angelique Bluesong Beetee19/The Girl With The Banjo
Five Phobos Adams Vera Neuros Hybrid Shadow/66mc
Six Xavier Thread Cho Abiko TheMysteriousGeek/Tommyboy97
Seven Sylvester Velvet Demanir Crowney EHKnight/Happy Meadows
Eight Lynx Ifes Jade Ifes SerpentKing999
Nine Lucius Shadows Jene Krach EHKnight/HungryTeen
Ten Azrael Plasma Violetta Ferral Ninja~Toast/Mistymolla
Eleven Bulgur Durum Hera Min TDR97/Mopping
Twelve Birch Saunders Noiri Blanche TheMysteriousGeek/Wesolini

Note: I've jumbled around some of the tributes into random districts.

Underlined: Career tribute.

  • Bone Shadows (D1)
  • Flovia Slash (D1)
  • Alexander Sidorov (D2)
  • Vanessa Jimenez (D2)
  • Digit Starr (D3)
  • Lucky Dawn (D3)
  • Mantar Presuer (D4)
  • Cerah Kraystead (D4)
  • Ophelia Bourderax (D6)
  • Stone Wore (D7)
  • Velma Ready (D7)
  • Cat Ifes (D8)
  • Ephedra Jones (D8)
  • Mable Frost (D9)
  • Celeste Ryder (D10)
  • October Fest (D11)
  • Synthesia Velonte (D11)
  • Kohl Cyphers (D12)
  • Vixen Ice (D12)

  • Canopy Starsos (D1)
  • Chandelier Fronum (D1)
  • Razor Raptor (D2)
  • Spirit Velocity (D2)
  • Belle Taylor (D3)
  • Earl Zoranovic (D4)
  • Angelique Bluesong (D4)
  • Vera Neuros (D5)
  • Xavier Thread (D6)
  • Cho Abiko (D6)
  • Demanir Crowney (D7)
  • Lynx Ifes (D8)
  • Jade Ifes (D8)
  • Bulgur Durum (D11)
  • Birch Saunders (D12)

The Reapings:

Just to let you know, I'll only do reapings until all the tribute slots are filled, then I will stop and begin chariot rides, which won't be very long.

District 1, Flovia Slash:

My knife skids across the dummy's chest with a rapid tempo. The jagged blade fully sinks in and I grin with satisfaction.

The gymnasium is silent, the only rhythm is the noxious rake of my knives, making impact with the dummies around me. 

Ripping the knife out of the dummy, I stagger backwards and take a deep breath. The day I've been training for my whole life has arrived. The day I volunteer for the Hunger Games.

I ribbon my hands around a sword and charge towards the dummy once more. The ten inch, barbed blade digs through the dummy's face, and the visible part of the sword is the handle. 

Smirking with arrogance, I whip around and half-heartedy jog towards the changing rooms. I've came here prepared, my reaping dress and heels already stashed in my gym bag.

Unzipping my pack, I think about my life after the games. Oh, I better not get ahead of myself, I really am too confident.

As I grasp for my crimson dress, I instead find a bed sheet. Anger boils inside of me. My older brother replaced my dress with my bed spread. My heels are here, but I'll look like an idiot at the reaping wearing a tank top, blue shorts and heels.

I grapple the black heel and screech as I march out of the changing room. I send my individual stiletto shoe whizzing across the room, and I watch as the heel rips through the dummy's chest.

Grabbing my bag, I head for the square, ridiculously wearing a white singlet, cobalt blue shorts and white sports shoes.

Girls begin whispering about me as I rock up in the square, and I shut them all up with deadly glares. Some boys whistle, and I don't really mind. I love the attention.

A shiver rushes through my body as my ring finger is punctured with the blood taking gadget, and I head over to my two best friends, Flora and Hestia. 

Waiting unpatiently, a sigh of relief finally erupts as the escort purrs into the microphone. She's pretty old, and you can tell she's trying to cover up her furrowed face with a gallon of make-up. 

"Welcome, welcome! How about we skip straight to the annual reapings, shall we?" She chimes with a beam. Yeah, let's get the show swinging.

The woman skips towards the glass sphere containing the boy's names, and plucks out a slip of thin paper.

A boy named Bone Shadows is reaped, he looks like a wimp, but that's okay. I'll kill him off the second I'm in that arena.

"Florentina Sistine!" The escort calls out, and I boost my hand upwards. "I volunteer!" I scream with all of my might, and dart towards the stage.

Florentina, a beautiful girl in my class, steps infront of me. Her cascading, platinum blonde locks loosely suspend at her waist, and her supple, jade eyes stare into mine.

"The crown's mine, Flovia." She hisses.

I push past her, and I feel a sharp pain pivotting through my scalp. She's yanking my hair! I struggle to break free, but I manage to twirl around and punch her in the gut.

She falls to the ground with a grunt escaping her lips, and I slyly break into a grin. "Looks like the crown's mine now!" I hoot with satisfaction, strutting towards the stage.

"What's your name, my dear?" The escort asks as I stand next to Bone. "Flovia Slash, District 1's future victor!" I bellow into her argent microphone.

"Well, citizens of District 1, I give you Flovia Slash and Bone Shadows, our tributes who will be representing District 1 in the 34th annual Hunger Games!" She screeches.

Instead of shaking hands, I stare Bone up and down and saunter into the Justice Building without a care in the world.

District 2, Alexander Sidorov:

Great. The Reaping. Yeah, coming from District 2, I should be all happy about it, shouldn't I? Nope, not me. 

The Games? I couldn't care less about them. What's the fun in killing other children for fame and fortune? Um, I have some respect for myself, thank you very much.

Quickly getting out of bed, I heave on a green tank top and a pair of slender, obsidian jeans. I put on a pair black bean colored sneakers and head for the kitchen. 

Satisfied with a bowl of cereal, I chug down a mug of orange juice and stroll towards Juto, my cousin who's staying here for the week. "Are you volunteering?" I ask him. He shakes his head. "What about you?" "No." I bluntly reply and head off.

I sprint towards the square. I've arranged to meet with my friend, Rovil, just before the reaping began. 

Examining the square, I see him up ahead and make a beeline towards him. "Hey, Rov!" He spins around and grins. "I'm volunteering this year." He says cunningly. 

"Really? That's great! I wonder what the arena will be." I declare, watching as confident boys and girls stream into the square. "Hey, Alex, what is Vanessa's reaped?" Rovil says. "Someone's probably going to volunteer for her, she's going back to Mexico next week." I assure him.

Our escort, a man with watermelon streaked hair with dusky patches, a salmon blushed toga and a halo embroidered with golden leaves, shuffles onto the stage. 

"C'mon, let's get our fingers pricked." Rovil says and we both pivot towards the large, ivory desk.

After our blood's been taken, we walk towards the 16 year old wedge of the reaping, where we wait in silence, eager to get the show on the road.

Our escort skips the Dark Days video and walks straight over towards the globe containing the girls' names. His hand joggles through the whirlpool of pearly slips, and his hand escalates, an individual slip tucked in between his index and middle finger.

"Vanessa Jimenez!" 

Oh god. This isn't good at all. The girl I love has been reaped. But someone will probably volunteer, right? Silence is the only answer to my problem.

I watch as she hikes the steps, she's wearing a long, cascading floral dress, and she has a coral shaded flower tucked into her elongated, coffe colored luscious hair.

Now, I know what I must do, and it will probably end up with Rovil hating my guts, but Rovil won't be able to protect this girl as well as I can.

The boy's name is called, and Rovil and I both race for the stage. I knock Rovil to the ground by hammering my fists into his back. He falls to the arctic concrete and stares at me in disgust.

"I volunteer!" I yell as I mount the three steps, joining Vanessa at her side. She smiles at me lightly, but you can tell she's extremely scared.

"What's your name?" The escort asks as he pats me on the back. "Alexander Sidorov." I reply with confidence, then he orders us to shake hands. Our hands meet, but only for less than three seconds, then we're both escorted into the Justice Building.

District 3, Lucky Dawn:

Could this day get any worse? First of all, I wake up at 8:47 in the morning, and guess what? That's right. It's the reaping today, not that I really care about it or anything. As soon as I got out of bed, my foot caught my bed spread, then I fell to the ground - FACE FIRST. I went to grab my reaping outfit, a simple red dress, and when I open my closet, it's not there. And now I'm stuck with a black tank top and a carmine skirt. Okay, my parents should have just named me Unlucky Dawn. 

As I'm about to go down the stairs, I just notice the pebble underneath my foot, which is hovering in the air. But no, my life sucks, and it will always be that way. My foot glissades across the pebble, and the next thing I know, I'm trundling down the stairs, striking each wooden block with my head.

Revolving into the kitchen, I quickly brush off then head for the cabinet. Great. My greedy brothers have already chowed down the cereal. As I leave the house, I'm equipped with a burnt piece of toast and a glass of chocolate milk. Could this get even more worse? I surely hope not.

Yeah, so I'm late for the reapings, but then again, It's a relief I even made it to the square by feet, although the journey here wasn't fun. Brutally attacked by a neighborhood cat named Rubble, tripped over a bump in the sidewalk and ripped my skirt, and to top it off, I was hit in the head by a falling brick. Which by the way, I have no idea where that brick even came from.

As my finger's getting pricked, blood isn't coming out, so the woman tries again- THREE TIMES. On the third time, blood begins gushing out like a waterfall, peppering my outfit with a scarlet streak of warm blood. This day just gets better and better by the minute.

Making my way into the girl's half of the reaping, I'm just in time for that stupid video no one really cares about. Great, why am I here for the most boring part? I really just want this day to get over and done with. The escort, a woman in her thirties with an elephantine cyan wig, sickly carrot colored skin embroidered with onyx stones, and wearing a hulking, fuchsia rabbit costume, hops over to the girl bowl.

"Lucky Dawn!" She chimes. Well, this day can get worse. 

I strut down the slender, concrete strip, then take the stage without a flaw. The woman stares at me in disgust, then I award her with a nauseated glare. "What happened to you?" She asks as she takes a step away from me. "What happened to me? Take a look at yourself, you're wearing a rabbit outfit and you're carrying a baseball bat." She gazes down at her cherry colored baseball bat, then gasps.

"Respect, young lady!" She hisses, then skips towards the boy's bowl. "Digit Starr." Some kid with glasses anxiously ambles towards the stage, his eyes glazed with a coat of tears. "What a wimp." I hoot under my breath, although it's pretty much audible to the whole audience.

"Now, now, now. Shake hands you two!" The escort purrs. Digit boosts his hand towards mine, and I take a step back in disgust. "I don't think so." I chuckle as I take his glasses. Time to have a bit of fun. Digit thrashes around on stage, then knocks over the bowl containing girl's names in it. Glass shards zip across the stage, and a river of white slips cascade across the maroon surface.

The mayor lumbers over to me, yanks the glasses from my hands, then returns them to Digit. My mouth curls into a grin, then the next thing I know, I'm shoved inside the Justice Building.

District 4, Angelique Bluesong, Capitol's Dungeon:

This is just great. As punishment for commiting a crime, I'm forced to become a prostitute for the Capitol, but now, anything could happen, as peacekeepers have brought me here, to the Capitol.

Last week, I was kidnapped by the Capitol for trying to escape District 4, and I was thrown into this dungeon with a few other girls from District 4 who've commited crimes.

We're penned in, there's no way to get out, and we're guarded by a volley of peacekeepers. On the other side of this dungeon, there are boys who have commited a crime.

"Everyone, get up." A peacekeeper howls as he steps into the dungeon. The seven of us stand. "One of you will compete in this year's Hunger Games, along with twenty three others who have also commited a crime, so there will be a total of forty-eight tributes in the arena. Follow me."

We drop our jaws, shocked. Instead of being punished, we're going into an arena where we're going to get gutted? Yeah, I'd rather much be an avox or something.

We follow the peacekeeper cautiously, and soon we're in a gloomy chamber of the dungeon, and a slender, large table lies ahead.

"Take your seat." The peacekeeper tells us. On the left side of the table, there's seven seats, on the right, there's eight. We take our seats in the left side.

A group of boys are escorted into the chamber, and they take their seats opposite us. 

"Now, two of you, a male and female, will be reaped right now. The children who are not reaped will be executed right here." The peacekeeper says slyly with a grin.

Our heads whip towards him. Okay, suddenly I feel like I have a chance in this game. "Well, we shall start with girls shall we?" 

A petitie, plump man with glasses waddles towards us and places two golden bowls on the table. One bowl contains our names, and the other contains the boys' names.

The peacekeeper fishes out a slip of jet black paper, and begins to pronounce the child who will be competing in The Hunger Games.

"Angelique Bluesong." 

The girls around me begin screaming, and each and everyone of them makes a break for it. Barrelling towards the door, the rattling typewriter like rhythm fills the room.

Golden pellets skim across the room, hitting each of the girl's rapidly and repeatedly. Their bullet riddled bodies plummet with toxic tangos.

Blood coasts through the room, rosewood liquid coating the oaken floor. 

I turn to the peacekeeper, and he lowers his gun with a grin. "You're insane!" I blare. He ogles at me with disgust, staring me up and down.

"Now, for the boys..." He utters. "Earl Zoranovic." The boy, named Earl, curls his grimace into a diabolical beam.

Blood splatters across the table as the bullets are rocketed through the unfortunate boys' face's. Shrieking, I watch repulsion as the boys ahead of me fall headfirst in their own blood.

Earl stands, grinning, blood drenched.

District 8, Mystique Cirque, Ghost Perspective:

Everday, as I aimlessly waltz through the streets of District 8, I remember the day vividly. The day death paid a visit, never to return again, along with the essence of life.

The day as the thorned, glistening knife tenderly sailed through my temple, I remember the raw pain of the keyhole in my temple cracking open, letting the chestnut liquid gush. The rotten fragrance of blood.

Drunk, with the freedom of departure of life, death's ropes lassoed around me, lugging me into the chapel of stolen souls.

Bittersweet death. The stinging pain of death, yet it was a blissful sensation. Yes, death was bittersweet. Unpleasant, but delightful. Satisfying almost.

Today's the reaping, the day two children, natives of District 8, will be reaped. Pegged to play this horrifying game. I remember the day I was reaped, I was scared. But I knew I could win. I just played my cards wrong.

Maybe, just maybe, if I didn't kill that girl from 13, I'd still be here now. The moment I died, I finally under stood the saying. An eye for an eye. Those five words repeat over and over in my mind as I soar through District 8.

I watch the reaping from up on the stage, and as the girl, Ephedra Jones, takes the stage with her head held high, I can tell this girl is determined, just like I was.

Cat Ifes is then reaped for the boys. He's confused, frightened. But that's what's visible, his appearance. Laminated by sheets of confusion, deep down, I can tell he's going to give it his best shot. Do District 8 proud.

These tributes from eight are better than I expected, they're ready to fight for their life. They're going to do us District 8 natives proud.

Just like I tried.

District 12, Kohl Cyphers:

Today's the reaping day, the day where the Capitol will pluck two children from each District, haul them in into the custody of the Capitol, then throw them into an arena, we're they're forced to slay one another, until one remains. Sounds fun, right?

I had no problem with The Hunger Games, I'd just avoid it and hoped I didn't get reaped, but when my sister, Diamond, was reaped, that all changed. All of my disgust belongs to The Hunger Games, the President is the cause of hundreds of deaths, and there's more to come, many more.

This reaping, I've decided to go casual, I don't want to look like a fool wearing a tuxedo, a bowtie, leather shoes and have my hair slicked back. So I quickly throw on a blue and white striped sweater, a grey pair of sweatpants, white socks and extremely uncomfortable sneakers.

For breakfast, I rapidly scoff down two pieces of toast, then head out of the door.

Outside of the house, I take off my sneakers and walk towards the square in my white socks. Up ahead, I see Willow Woods, a girl at my school who is extremely identical to me. "Hey Willow!" I whistle, jogging towards her.

She whips around. "Oh, hey Kohl." I've never really known if she likes me or not, she's an enthusiastic girl, but whenever she's around me, I feel like she doesn't really care about me. "Hey, look who's coming." Willow declares bluntly.

I whirl around, and my jaw drops. Vixen Ice, the richest, most beautiful girl in District 12, is striding towards the square with her angelic smile. Wow, the things I would do to get to know her. Hoping she comes towards us, my hope plummets as she skims past us, her glistening, electric blue eyes fixed on the square twenty yards away.

"Willow, do you know Vixen?" I ask Willow, eager to know more about Vixen. "Yeah, she's been in my class for three years, she's nicer than you would expect." Willow recites. I really want to know Vixen, but I'll never have the guts to talk to her.

"Move it." A voice rings out behind us. Willow and I whirl to the source, Gemini Shadows, an extremely rude girl, who practices almost everyday for The Hunger Games.

"Get lost, Gemini." Willow hisses. "Haha, I don't think so." Gemini catcalls, lacing her hands around Willow's braid  then uprooting it. Willow shrieks, flailing around like a seesaw.

"Gemini, get off of her!" I howl, grabbing Gemini by her waist and heaving her away from Willow. "Just leave us alone."

Gemini smirks then runs past us, her route headed for the square. The reaping! I totally forgot! I grab Willow by her hand and dart for the square, we must be pretty late now, if we didn't stop for a chat we would have been there way earlier.

After getting my finger pricked, I run for the ocean of nervous boys, then quickly take my spot. Great, just in time for our escort, Dandle Darkdust, to announce the unfortunate children who will have to compete in this horrible game.

"Vixen Ice!" Dandle hollers. I'm expecting someone would volunteer for Vixen, but obviously not. Stunned silence leaks into the square. Vixen's going into the games.

Vixen never signed up for tesserae, her parents both run a business each, how can this be? One out of thousands. I'm shocked. Vixen frollics towards the stage, her appealing smile arched across her face. Wait, what? She's smiling? 

"Kohl Cyphers!" Dandle shouts, and I feel like my heart has literally just shattered. Great, I'm going into the games with the girl of my dreams, how wonderful. I quickly trudge towards the stage then hike the swarthy steps.

Vixen is still smiling, but now after seeing her smile up close, you can tell that it's forced. Well, this would be the perfect time to start plotting Vixen's death.

Arena Wear:

This year, the tributes will be wearing black body suits made out of lycra. The body suit laminates the entire body, except for the tributes' heads and hair. On the shoulder of the body suit, the tributes' District number will be visible in scarlet print.

The tributes will wear black, leather belts, slits in the belts so the tribute can carry their weapons in the slots. For their footwear, the tributes will be black sneakers.

So yeah, I thought this was creative enough. Hope ya like it!

Chariot Rides:

Tributes stare eachother up and down as they prepare for their chariot rides, this is the first glimpse they get of their opponents.

Flovia Slash ogles at Vixen Ice in disgust. Studying the girl prettier than her, Flovia scowls. How dare she! She's actually pretty? Well, it's a nice change from the ugly little runts from 12, Flovia thinks to herself.

"Hey, you. 12." Flovia snarls as she takes a step towards Vixen, who's eyes are fixed on her District partner. She snaps back into reality and twirls around.

"Um. Yeah?" Vixen says, her index finger flicking her palm. "You're a beautiful girl, you know that?" Flovia asks her as she glares at the girl infront of her.

"Thanks, I guess? You are too." Vixen chimes. sporting a beam. "Oh shut up. You half-witted weakling. There shouldn't be anyone here who's prettier than me, especially some impoverished rodent from District 12." Flovia hisses, wrenching Vixen by her shoulder.

"Watch your back, 12." Flovia roars, then turns her back to Vixen. "You're out to get me because I'm pretty? Oh, soothe why don't you. The minute I see you in the arena, I'll rip that valueless brain of yours out of your head with my bare hands," Vixen growls.

Flovia slowly turns around, the lunges at Vixen. Vixen sidesteps, only just, and evades the ferocious girl. Vixen grasps for a petite, inky pickaxe and once retrieving, points it at Flovia.

"Take one more step, and you'll be dead before the games even start!" Vixen screeches as a single tear rolls down her cheek.

"Aw, crying are we? You're worthless. Pathetic. I can't wait until the day everyone in your district dies from starvation!" Flovia sniggers, hopping up and down.

Gaping at the horrible girl infront of her, Vixen had the sudden urge to plunge the pickaxe in her hands through the skull of Flovia.

And with that said, Flovia walks off, clutching her stomach, pain from the hysteric laughter.

District 1: Luxury Items

Bone and Flovia roll out in their chariot, and the roars from the Capitol citizens rised. Flovia is strewn with a harvest of blanched diamonds, and on her head, she wears a snowy, chandelier headpiece.

All of a sudden, the diamond pinafore she wears begins to blast citron rays of light, and the crowd is dazzled. Blinded by the goldenrod light, the citizens slowly begins to turn back to Flovia. The uproars of the Capitol escalate.

Flovia has now transformed, a yellow jumpsuit embroidered with topaz masonry is now fastened around her, and her chandelier headpiece is flickering different colors each time. Mesmerized, the Capitol audience turn their attention to Bone.

Bone is wearing a chalky jumpsuit, spruced up with thousands of white, shimmering marbles. He's wearing a wreath of diamonds around his scalp, and is sporting a pair of diamond sandals.

He looks rather bored, bewildered almost. On the other hand, Flovia looks extremely enthusiastic, even after that episode with Vixen. The crowd is satisfied.

District 2: Masonry and Weaponry

After an impressive start to the night, the crowd is ready to see what District 2's stylist has cooked up for them this year.

Alexander and Vanessa are revolved down the slim, concrete strip, and the crowd roars with excitement as the two wield their shimmering weapons.

Vanessa is inspired by greek war goddesses, and she glistens as she waves to the crowd with her free hand. She has her hair slicked back in spirals, letting her elegant bone structure present itself. 

She wears a golden, greek chestplate, and underneath, a thin, white toga. Around her head, a golden halo flickers in the moonlight. Around her wrists, she has two, golden banglets and in her right hand, she thrusts a golden sword into the air.

Alexander is inspired by greek spartan soldiers. A golden, spartan helmet is secured around his pitch black bristles. He's also sporting a golden chestplate and white toga, and he wears golden kneepads.

In one hand, Alexander carefully holds a bronze sarissa, and in the other, he grips a leather shield coated with bronze. The two of them wear golden sandals.

The two of them look striking, side by side and smiling with enthusiasm. The audience hasn't been let down yet, and they hope it stays that way.

District 3: Electricity

Blaring, the audience perch on the edge of their seats, unpatiently waiting for the District 3 chariot to roll out onto the street.

The roars of the Capitol lift higher than before, their mouths curving into circles as their jaws rapidly drop in an unarranged fashion.

Digit and Lucky together look beautiful, although Lucky keeps her distance from Digit. They're both slanted backwards in leather seats, and their 'chariot' is a Capitol hovercraft!

Digit wears a nylon, jet black jumpsuit, and small, flexible televisions are carpeted across his suit. On the screens of the spongy black boxes, the televisions display a live scope of the hovercraft soaring down the concrete strip.

Lucky sports a dress studded with flickering led lights, blinding the audience with the bright, primrose colored light. Without warning, the dress Lucky wears explodes, and she now wears a porcelain dress with a built in clock, ticking away as the ebony arrows of the clock spin around.

The audience, stunned, scream at their top of their lungs as the hovercraft disappears into the darkness of the night.

District 4: Fishing

Mantar and Cerah are carrying glass fishing rods, inside the rods are streams of flowing water, small azure fishes swimming inside the rods.

Cerah's wearing an ocean blue garment, studded with golden seashells. Her hair is cascading blissfully, and wads of seaweed and starfishes are dusted over her brunette tresses.

Mantar wears a light blue toga, dotted with small, celeste pearls. He sports crystal clear sandals and wears a halo of seashells around his head.

The crowd are impressed, although their stylist could have dressed them better. Their chariot is a hulking, cyan seashell, and all of a sudden, the peak of the shell flips open and glistening water spills over the tributes.

They've complete transformed. They now represent fishes. Peppered with golden gills, they blow turquoise bubbles from their mouths and waddle around. Suddenly, two large hooks swing down, attatched to blue string, then clip Mantar and Cerah by their necks.

Mantar and Cerah are lifted upwards, representing fishes being caught. The crowd loves it!

District 5: Power

Felix and Skye roll out into the streets of the city circle, wearing black body suits studded with silver volts. The volts twinkle greatly in the cobalt blue light, and the two of them stand tall in their black chariot.

The audience doesn't mind the two's designs, and it's definitely the worst of the night. The audience won't be keeping an eye out for them during the games.

District 6: Transportation

Ophelia and Rhys are wearing rotor blades on their heads, which are spinning rapidly, catching the midnight's glimmer.

They wear silver bodysuits and are holding a petrol tank in each hand. The crowd isn't satisfied with this chariot at all, infact, it's probably the worst.

District 7: Lumber

The crowd blares with triumphant roars. Finally, they had another great chariot rolling into the streets as they victoriously catcalled.

Velma looks dazzling, a tight dress embroidered to the maximum with gleaming leaves. Each leaf is a different, vibrant color. They shiver gently in the tender breeze, blaring the city circle with the rustle of leaves.

Velma also wears a similar crown, barbed thorns protruding from the leaf braided crown. This look compliments Velma's ivy rinsed skin, making her almost irresistible.

Stone wears a vibrant tuxedo speckled with leaves similar to Velma's, although there aren't as many as Velma has. He also wears a crown, but this crown is larger than Velma's, and it's dappled with large thorns.

The audience is pleased.

District 8: Textiles

Ephedra and Cat look ridiculous in astronaut outfits made out of thousands of different fabrics. They have scissors in their hands, which they chuck into the crowd at the same time.

Half way throught he air, the scissors burst aflame and they revolve backwards in the air and land back into Ephedra's and Cat's grasps.

The flames burn the fabric of their astronaut suits, revealing burnt togas. The crowd is measurably impressed.

District 9: Grain

Fernando and Mable wear overalls studded with different types of grains, and clutch sickles in their hands. They look embarrassed as they are probably the worst of the night.

District 10: Livestock

Celeste and Martelo are wearing cow costumes. Sighs erupt from the crowd. Around the tributes' necks, they wear flaming cowbells, which rattle with the flare of light. 

Celeste looks almost insane, carrying a dead lamb in each hand, whipping them around as she smiles innocently.

District 11: Agriculture

Synthesia and October look beautiful, wearing wreaths made out of spirited flowers. They are then furnished with simple green togas and although this is simple, they look stunning. The crowd doesn't mind this chariot.

District 12: Coal Mining

Vixen and Kohl are carpeted with coal dust, other than that, they're stark naked. They carry pitch black pickaxes which are on fire, leaving trail of scarlet flames behind Vixen and Kohl as they roll through the thin streak. Kohl is shielding an embarrassed Vixen from the cameras.


Cat Ifes, D8, Gymnasium, Obstacle Course:

I'm prepared. Prepared to show the careers what I'm made of, show them that I'm no threat. Normally, today I would be at home watching television with my sister, Jade. But now, I'm stuck in the middle of this. This horrific mess. One of the careers, a girl with one arm, stares me up and down with hostility as she saunters past. I wonder how she's getting on, not having an arm and all. But I've seen her ace the obstacle course I'm about to master with ease. A woman with coffee colored eyes and hulking scarlet locks nods as I feast my eyes on her. Positioning my self, inhale, then exhale. Sprinting forward, I catapult myself into the structure ahead of me. The first barrier, the rock climbing wall. A wide, modern rock climbing wall studded with multicolored chunks to grapple onto. Briskly, I latch onto the first vibrant rock, then easily complete the scale. Thinking on my feet, I zip towards the next obstacle. A dummy comes pivoting towards me, a plastic sword in hand. Grasping, I take hold of a twinkling broadsword and shove it through the dummy's chest. Two more dummies come shooting towards me, and competently, I gut them both. After skimming through that division, I reach the next hurdle of the race, camouflage. Rapidly, I coat myself with a gallon of green paint, then pepper myself with leaves, twigs, grass and other organic materials. Diving into the forest sanctuary, I roll around in the lime leaves, concealing myself. The Gamemakers, high up in their podium, struggle to find me. After completing that section, I move onto the last section, dodging. Plastic arrows come soaring towards me as I stand tall on the charcoal floor of the training center. Swiftly sidestepping, I evade the raining arrows, one skewers me with the elastic tip, but only pierces my left hand, and I could easily stitch that up in the arena, coming from District 8. After completing the obstacle course, I'm scored eight out of ten. Pretty great considering three of the careers got seven out of ten. The boy from 7 and the girl from 1 are the only tributes who scored a 10. The girl from 12 and the boy from 2 scored 9's, and me and the boy from 12 are the only to score 8's. So all and all, my major opponents consist of the girl from 1, the boy from 2, the boy from 7, and the pair from 12. My odds of winning have escalated. Tomorrow, I have my private training session. Let's hope my odds stay this way.

Update: Yeah, I didn't feel like doing anymore training POV's, so I hope that's good enough for you^

Capitol Update:

Head Gamemaker Furius Bitterblue has been murdered. His replacement will be Percius Deathbell, an eighteen year old citizen from District 2. That is all for now. Thank you.

Training Scores:

Bone Shadows: 6, Flovia Slash: 10.

Alexander Sidorov: 8, Vanessa Jimenez: 8.

Digit Starr: 7, Lucky Dawn: 6.

Mantar Presuer: 9, Cerah Kraystead: 8.

Felix Shelsher: 5, Skye Silverguard: 7.

Rhys Stolt: 7, Ophelia Bourderax: 8.

Stone Wore: 10, Velma Ready: 12 (for rebelling.)

Cat Ifes: 8, Ephedra Jones: 7.

Fernando Llan: 6, Mable Frost: 7.

Martelo Kanuro: 5, Celeste Ryder: 9.

October Fest: 9, Synthesia Volente: 6.

Kohl Cyphers: 8, Vixen Ice: 10.

The tributes who commited crimes were also evaluated, here's their scores:

Canopy Starsos: 8, Chandelier Fronum: 7.

Razor Raptor: 11, Spirit Velocity: 9.

Dustin Hopper: 7, Belle Taylor: 6.

Earl Zoranovic: 9, Angelique Bluesong: 8.

Phobos Adams: 10, Vera Neuros: 5.

Xavier Thread: 10, Cho Abiko: 9.

Sylvester Velvet: 8, Demanir Crowney: 8.

Lynx Ifes: 9, Jade Ifes: 6.

Lucius Shadows: 8, Jene Krach: 5.

Azrael Plasma: 9, Violetta Ferral: 7.

Bulgur Durum: 7, Hera Min: 8.

Birch Saunders: 10, Noiri Blanche: 9.


The arena is an abandoned island. Yes, a gloomy, swarthy abandoned island. It never shines on this island, the glimmer of blades will be the only shine on this island.

To the north, there's a series of buildings. Large, jet black skyscrapers and hulking towers. There's a thick, black road, perfect for some street fighting action. There are alley ways and shops you can enter. The city has been evacuated, there may be a few cats here and there though.

To the east, there's a large bamboo forest. It's hard to dodge the thin rods of bamboo, and this is definitely the best place to hide or escape from danger. There are quite a few mutts here too, and it's blaring with the rumble of singing insects.

To the south, there's a dark area; the temple ruins. You better watch out here, you can easily trip over and crash into some thick objects, and always watch your back. You never know what's going to show up in this area, that's for sure.

And finally, to the west, there's basically everything. A small, desert oasis, rock pools, lakes, caves, a tropical rainforest, small caves and tunnels, waterfalls, everything really. The arena is actually quite small, about eight kilometers in diameter. The cornucopia is located in the middle of the arena.

There will be a cornucopia bloodbath for the reaped tributes, but the tributes who have commited crimes will begin in random parts of the arena. There will be supplies and weapons hidden around the arena for them to salvage too.


Okay, so, in the northen area of the abandoned city, there aren't any muttations at all. Only spiders, which aren't really threatning, and maybe a few cats that weren't captured when evacuating the city before hand.

To the south, in the temple ruins, there are rattlesnake and lizard mutts. Scarlet furred spiders (I've named them 'roadrunners') which rapidly bolt through the arena only bite, but they don't kill. Their bites are lethal, they don't kill you, but they put you in a weak state and if in battle, well, you're in trouble.

To the west, there are only a few muttations. Doe muttations which are located in the rainforest, horns have been attatched to their head and have been sharpened, so you wouldn't want to get headbutted by one of these. And scorpion mutts, which are located in the desert oasis (there are only two of them).

In the bamboo forest, there are no mutts, so it's your lucky say. Although, there might be a roadrunner racing through this area, waiting to get it's fangs buried into human flesh.


There are bushes in the bamboo forest with berries named "zestvenom", inside of the purple berries, there is a zesty liquid which is sweet for the first few minutes. But after about ten or so minutes, the venom of the berry will set in, and your throat will peel and blister until you choke in your own blood.


Velma Ready, D7, Hovercraft:

Relax. That's the only word right now I can think of. Yes, relax. After putting up a fight at the reaping, dealing with the torturous comments from my district partner, throwing knives at the gamemakers, I'm now here. Here in this hovercraft, sitting with twenty three others that want to murder me. Everyone will be targetting me once I'm in that arena, (thankyou very much, gamemakers,) and all I can do when I'm in the arena is watch in awe as they come stalking towards me rapidly, their cutting instruments sealed in their grip, ready to butcher me as if I am a lamb. So when I'm in the arena, I have to run. I have no other choice at all but to run. Maybe I'll find someone who can help with the task of ruining the games, then finally taking down the Capitol. Suddenly, the leather straps laced around me unbuckle, and I look up to see my stylist, a young woman with obsidian tresses, staring down at me with her electric violet eyes, innocently glistening with the pearls of tears. We've arrived in the arena. Well, not quite in the arena, just beneath it. Just beneath the habitat where the tributes will slay one another. But I won't kill. Well, maybe I won't. If I'm provoked by those beasts, I will kill. Beasts meaning the careers. Shuddering at the thought, I grapple a water bottle and chug it down without hesitating. "G-good luck." I turn to see her. The girl who made me look beautiful for the chariots, who I've became so close with. "Oh. Thanks." I tremble as we chain ourselves into a hug. "You're the biggest target." She whispers, although it's barely a whisper as it's contorted with the sound of choking. "Don't cry. I'll be safe." I declare confidently, then I'm ordered to step into my tube. Nodding, I step into my tube and watch as the thin glass revolves around me. Then the metal plate escalates, where I'm launched into the arena. The sanctuary of death.

Mantar Presuer, D4, Metal Plate:

The arena... It's repugnant. Behind me, there's ruins of a temple. It's marble structure has crumpled, and the area is now peppered with broken objects. To my left, there's something, well, not repugnant, I guess? Yeah. It's sort of a tropical area really. I can see caves, waterfalls, a small desert, a rainforest, and lots of other areas I can't quite work out. To my right, there's a forest. Not just any kind of forest, but a bamboo forest. The golden staffs of bamboo are stable, even in the blundering wind that's washing through the arena right now. And behind the cornucopia, there's a large environment with dusky buildings. The sky's a dark plum shade, and the glimmering chapel ahead is where I'll be heading. The cornucopia. It's radiating blades spill out across the chamber, and I can almost hear the gleam of the lethal instruments. Positioning myself, I scan the other tributes, looking for Cerah, the girl from my district with just one arm. She's the closest to the loot, and she stands tall on her plate, an evil grin furnished upon her. How can tributes be so cruel? Why do tributes from 1, 2 and 4 want to literally kill children? I know for sure I don't. I could never live with myself. And suddenly, the gong rings out. I need to get my hands on a weapon, I need something to defend myself with. Lunging for the tower of hulking blades, I capture hold of a luminous cutlass, a viperous sword, then wheel around. Flovia Slash of District 1 tumbled backwards, having been knocked by the blade of my cutlass. "Oh, sorry." I say, helping her up. "Whatever," she snarls, "be a gentleman and give me that sword, why don't you?" She says with a grin. Collaring the sword, I take hold of the blade and hand it to her. She grins then elevates a capsule of purple liquid. "Huh? What's that?" I ask as she coats her sword with the violet fluid. "Oh, just poison. My weapon will be the deadliest in the arena!" She screeches as she heads off, ready to slay some tributes. Throwing a backpack over my shoulder, I round the cornucopia then head for the west of the arena.

Flovia Slash, D1, Cornucopia:

Time to get my kill on. The grip around the handle of my sword, a falchion to be exact, tightens as I beam. These weaklings better watch out, as they will not escape the painful suffering of my sword. The pair from District 2, Vanessa and Alexander, finally join me, although they better keep their distance. I won't tolerate with that romantic crap of theirs, or I'll hang their heads from the cornucopia. Now, where the hell is that District 12 girl? I made a promise to her. To butcher her. Well, I guess I can kill some other underlings in the meantime, can't I? As if on cue, the boy from District 10 comes galloping towards me, a small hatchet in hand, ready for the launch. His weapon's a disgrace. He creeps closer then drives his hatchet in direction of my chest. Nice try, punk. I evade the cadence of his blade by sidestepping, then with a twirl, I thrust my swords upwards. Swiftly, he dodges, then spiritedly swings his chopper towards my throat. Ducking, I hear the skirl of the blade as it hovers over me briskly. With a thrust, I drill my sword varnished with a sheet of poison through his thigh. He yelps in pain, throwing his hatchet which lodges itself into the cornucopia. "Nice try, District 10. Try harder in hell." I chirp, then stab him in the throat. Blood now runs through the blanket of poison, a deadly mixture sheltering the blade of my sword. "Come on, what are you waiting for?" I ask the careers cunningly as I stare Vanessa and Alexander up and down.

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Cornucopia:

Vixen. That's who I need right now. Maybe she's already left, expecting me to scavenge the arena and find her. Nope, I don't think she'd do that. She'll be around here somewhere. Just incase, I snatch another backpack, which almost results in getting murdered by that boy from 1, who's violently wielding machete. As I'm about to leave the massacre, I realize that I've forgotten something deadly important. A weapon. As I whip around and head back towards the golden chamber, I decide that I'm going to get two, incase Vixen hasn't already got one. I'm trying to remember what weapon she was best with manipulating, was it a sword? A dagger? I end up grabbing the first thing I find, a protracted switch blade, when I see something incredible. A gun! Immediately, I drop the switch blade and make a direct route for the gun. About to catch hold of the pitch black pistol, I watch in despair as five stalky fingers wrap around the gun. Digit Starr, the boy from three, aims the pistol, right at my chest! At my chest! "Run, 12!" He screeches as he cocks the gun. Without a second thought, I sprint out of the cornucopia grabbing a bow and sheath of arrows as I abandon. Then finally, I nip a pickaxe from an onyx rack before leaving. "Kohl!" Someone shouts behind me. I immediately know who it is as I whirl around. Vixen comes charging towards me, when the boy from 9 sprints infront of her and slashes her chest with a short sword. "Vixen!"

Vixen Ice, D12, Cornucopia:

Thank god I got my hands on this bulletproof vest. Otherwise, I'd be dead right now, taken by a short sword. But obviously, I have great taste in supplies. I knew this vest would protect me the minute I saw it. But now, I'm armed with nothing. No weapons. Just this bulletproof vest. Falling to the ground, I plan to play dead. Hopefully this will work, and give Kohl enough time to eliminate the boy from 9. I peek upwards and watch as the arrow hits Fernando in the side of his neck, unsewing his throat in one fluid motion. "Kohl!" I screech, rising to my feet. But then I realize, Kohl didn't shoot Fernando, infact he hasn't even loaded an arrow yet. I look to my side, and see the boy from 7 lower his bow, grinning as if he'd just put an end to the games. But no, this guy wants to compete in these games, he wants to murder. He stalks towards me slowly, unsheatheing a katana from it's pitch black canvas. "Kohl! Help!" I shriek as I run away from the boy. "Vixen, hurry!" I finally reach him, and he gives me a pickaxe and a backpack. Now I'm armed. But I'm not that capable with a pickaxe, I haven't worked in the mines yet, but I'm sure it can't be hard. Taking eachother's hands, Kohl and I sprint for the bamboo forest, not looking back once.

October Fest, D11, Cornucopia:

Before I leave the cornucopia, I realize that something doesn't feel right. Oh, yeah. I forgot Synthesia. I promised I would ally with her, and now I can see that she's duelling with sword fighting with the boy from 1. Wait! What!? Ribboning my fingers around the handle of my sickle, I sprint towards the two. Bone, the boy from District 1 who decided he didn't want to ally with the careers, is gaining the upper hand. His obsidian machete glimmers greatly in the dusky illumination, and his weapon is more easier to handle than Synthesia's. She wields a normal sword, except the blade is slightly curved. Stealthily, I creep up behind Bone then raise my sickle. TUNK! The sound isn't pleasent, at all, and now I'm slightly sprinkled with a mist of blood. Bone's body slumps to the ground. I kneel down and begin prying loose the sickle. "Thanks, October." Synthesia says gently. She reminds me of my sister, Summer, not just in looks but their personalities are so similar. "Well, I promised I'd try find you, didn't I?" I say as I wrench the arched blade out of Bone's head. "Come on," I bellow, "let's get going." I say and take Synthesia by the hand. "We're heading for the west of the arena, I can definitely see some water over there." I state as we jog towards the oasis.

Ephedra Jones, D8, Cornucopia:

He's coming. Oh god. He's seen me. I though hiding behind a crate in the cornucopia would help me survive this rampage, but obviously not. I recognize him as the boy from 6, the one who the boy from 1 teased. The boy from 1, Bone, is dead. Thank god for that, he was a threat, no doubt about it. The boy approaches me, a knife in hand. I clutch my weapon, a frying pan, (pathetic, I know,) and stand up. He swings his knife at me, then I feel my chin rip open slightly. Okay, that's it. Infuriated, I pounce upwards. Now on top of the crate, I take a mighty swing, cracking his skull open with the copper of my frying pan. Blood splatters against the crate, and I hop down, grabbing a more appropriate weapon, a knife. Thinking he could use another blow, I jab the knife into his right temple for good measure. I can deal with gore, and I'm gonna have to put up with it for a few days, possibly weeks. I haul a backpack over my shoulder and head for the towers.

Digit Starr, D3, Cornucopia:

Wow. Looks can be decieving, that's something I've learned today. I grabbed this pistol, then when I fired one of the bullets, it turned out to be a poisonous dart. Well, I guess now I can trick people into thinking this thing can fire bullets, so I'm gonna put it to the test. Rushing outside of the cornucopia, I aim my dart pistol at the girl from 10, who can't be older than twelve years old. She carries a cleaver, the kind for slaughtering piglets, but I can't see this girl hurting a pig, let alone a human. Instead of gaping in fear, she grins. Is this some kind of an illusion, or did a twelve year old girl carrying a cleaver just smile? "I'm not scared of you," she purrs, nurturing her cleaver, "you wouldn't dare shoot an innocent little girl like me, would you?" She hoots. She's right, I wouldn't kill a little girl. I pretend to cock my gun, and that's what sets it off. Instead of charging towards me and slicing my gut open, she simply just throws the cleaver, and it oddly sinks into my shoulder. How the hell would a twelve year old know how to throw a cleaver? Searing pain sets in, especially when I pull the blade out of my shoulder blade. When I look back to her, she's gone, and I can see her short blonde bristles disappear into the temple ruins. With my backpack secured, it's straps wrapped around my shoulders, I head in to the cornucopia to hide, in opposite direction of the girl from 10.

Cho Abiko, D6, Temple Ruins:

So here I am. Competing in The Hunger Games. As soon as the gong rang out, I ran for a gleaming flail I saw hanging from the ruins of the temple. Now, I'm armed with a bladed flail. One of my District partners, Xavier, ran by, holding a large, jagged knife. He was headed for the bamboo forest, or possibly the cornucopia. But all that matters is that I'm competing in this game, and I'm alive. Suddenly, as I'm running through the ruins, I bang into someone. Oh god. I swing my flail at the figure, which turns out to be a bad idea. It's only that Jene girl from 9. "Oh, hey." I say as I bring my flail back to it's original position. "Um... hi." She quietly murmurs. "I'm so scared. Help me." I help her up and hug her. Easily, I could crush her back in with the spiked globe of my flail, but what's the fun in that? I'm not going to sink to a careers' level, am I? As we silently depart from our hug, I hear the whistle of the jagged blade as it impants itself into the back of Jene's head. "Ahh!" I screech, then watch in disgust as Xavier rips the knife out of Jene's head. "Hey Cho." He mumbles. "You killed her!" I shriek. Although I probably would have killed her, I could tell she was just a hopeless girl from District 9. "Oh well." He says, then launches his blade, in my direction. I evade the blade with a pirouette then head off, taking his knife with me.

Razor Raptor, D2, City:

Trudging through the streets, I gaze skyward. I need her. Spirit Velocity, the girl I love. I take out my token, a golden ring I plan to give her when I find her. She's a fighter, that one. I know I'll find her. And when I find her, it won't be the sight of her dead body. She'll be alive and dominating. I hold my weapon, a hooked sword, as if it's a vice. I prefer puppeting this weapon with another hooked sword in hand, using one of the swords to dodge deadly blows, and using the other to thrust into my opponent. But this will have to do for now. I hear a hiss behind me, and twirl around on cue. The boy from 7, Sylvester, comes towards me with a battle axe, and he swings without hesitation. I evade the launch of the battle axe with my hooked sword, then knock it out of his grip. Unarmed, he turns on his heels. I create a tunnel through his windpipe, having had thrusted my sword through the back of his throat, sliding the blade in downwards. Warm blood pours out of the niche, drenching his body suit with the vile liquid. His body falls forward. Sighing, I kick his body away and salvage his battle axe incase Spirit hasn't found a weapon yet. Spirit. I need to scavenge out this whole arena until I find the girl of my dreams, Spirit Velocity. I tuck the battle axe into one of the slots in my belt and take off.

Jade Ifes, D8, Bamboo Forest:

I need to find them. I know they don't need me, but I need them. Them meaning Cat and Lynx, my brothers who will protect me. I started here in this bamboo forest, and I've got a backpack and a war axe. I have no idea how to use this, in my private session I just tied some knots and set up a few snares. But maybe, just maybe, I might have to kill. If I don't want to kill, I'll have to find my brothers, quickly. I hear rustling in one of the bushes nearby, and I take a big breath. "Jade?" The figure asks me. "Is that you, Lynx?!" I almost shout as I lunge for the bushes. "Oh my god! Lynx!" I shriek. "Keep it down, you'll draw attention." He whispers. "We need to find Cat." Slowly, my beam transforms into a starless frown. "Is the bloodbath still going?" I ask Lynx. Almost instantly, six cannons ring out. "Hm. Guess it must have ended." He says. I look down and see his weapon, a silver kama. It's sort of like a sickle, escept the blade doesn't curve as much, and it's handle is elongated and slender. "Nice weapon. I found this stupid thing." I spit, raising the war axe I can barely lift. "Well, keep it incase. You don't know what's going to happen. Sorry Jade, but you might have to fight at some point during the games. But I promise I'll protect you, okay?" Simply, I nod, then we begin searching for Cat.

Felix Shelsher, D5, Rainforest:

It looks like I've came to the right place. So here I am, looking out over the arena up in a large palm tree. It's a bit drizzly in this forest, with constant mists of water spilling over me when I least expect it. Oddly, I found a small red dagger up in this tree. I thought they kept all the weapon stockpiled in the cornucopia. Maybe they've added a twist to these games? Well, I couldn't care less. Now I have a weapon, a backpack, a bag of delicious pears, and I can see a waterfall about a hundred yards away from where I perch in this tree. I may have to move from here soon, I've seen a doe with metal horns, which are no doubt muttations. It didn't look too happy either. So once the coast is clear, I'll be heading off. I'll check what's left at the cornucopia, then maybe hide in a building near the city area. A girl with long, blonde strands of silky hair walks in the distance. And she's walking towards me! Me! On her shoulder, I see the patch 'D2', meaning District 2. But I remember the girl from 2 with long brown hair, and she was mexican. This girl, I haven't seen before. But now, she's going to kill me. Now, she's right beneath my tree, and she pulls out something I don't want to see. A war hammer. "Allies?!" I screech. "Haha. I don't think so." She hoots, then begins climbing the tree. "One question before you kill me though," I pant, "who are you?" Sighing, she finally replies with; "Darling, I'm Spirit Velocity from District 2, I've commited a crime and this is my punishment. There are twenty-three others who have commited crimes, now roaming the arena. One of them is my fiance, and I'm sorry, I don't want to kill you, but my odds of winning increase by this." She says finally, then launches her war hammer towards me. In a fit of shock and terror, I topple out of the tree, barely missing the soaring war hammer. I dust myself off then sprint away from Spirit, never wanting to come face to face with her again.

Angelique Bluesong, D4, City:

Great. Now, here I am, in the middle of an abandonded building, wielding a spear. I look extremely different to my normal attire, which is usually a blue toga, some white sandals, hairclips and a necklace, but now I'm in this dangerous, jet black body suit. I guess my coruscating, platinum blonde hair will now stand out. Wonderful. The tip of my spear sinks into the wall, then I hear the sound. It's a shattering like sound, then horror slithers into the room as I realize what the noise is. The sound of broken glass. Immediately, I yank the spear out of the wall then dive under a wooden table. Out of all of the buildings here, why this one?! I ask myself. Foot steps creep into the room, and I can tell by the pale, well toned legs that it's a girl. Girl's aren't threats, are they? I crawl backwards, then hear the crunching sound. I've banged into the wall. Shit. Now she knows where I am. She quavers downwards, her hands braided around an electric blue trench knife. A reluctant, shimmering tear cycles down her left cheek, and she's shivering wildly. "W-who are y-you?" She asks as more tears cascade. "I'll tell you later, come on, I'll keep you safe." I say, heaving the girl to my comfort. "Thank you." She says. I can tell she's from District 3, as the number 3 is sewn to her body suit. But she's not Belle, the other girl from 3. "What's your name?" I ask as I wrap my arms around her. "Lucky." She says. "You have a beautiful name. My name's Angeli-" then it strikes. The scalding pain as an abyss rips open in the side of my neck. I see the twinkling blade beneath my chin, being forcefully rammed through my neck. "No. No. No." I screech as I try desperately to remove the blade from my neck. Then finally, I watch in disgust as the trench knife ruptures the other side of my neck, splattering the grinning Lucky with a bounty of blood.

Lucky Dawn, D3, City:

I had to get out of the bloodbath fast, so I quickly grabbed a trench knife. I thought it would be hard to manipulate, but obviously it's turned out great. If I can trick more girls into thinking I'm just some weakling from 3, I'm going to dominate these games. I can easily dispose of the male competitors, I don't get what they all see in themselves. I rip the trench knife out of the girl's neck then let her collapse to the cold surface beneath me. And boys say girls can't kill. Yeah right. Watch me boys, I'm going to win these games blindfolded. I salvage the girl's backpack, but leave behind her spear as I have no use for the pathetic weapon. Now, where to go? Another building? The cornucopia? Oh, yes, the cornucopia! I think Digit's there. Wow, with these weaklings around these games will be a piece of cake.

Birch Saunders, D12, Desert Oasis:

A cannon roars out across the arena. Another dead. Vanished. Their existence retrieved by the hands of death. I started here, in this beautiful oasis, and now I'm clasping a bow. I need to find an ally, someone who I can trust. Someone trustworthy and resilient. As if my wish has just come true, the dark skinned girl from District 3 walks by, holding a red fire axe. "Belle!" I hoot. She whips around and raises her fire axe. Seeing that it's only me, she beams, tucking the axe into her belt. "Birch!" She calls. Finally, we meet, swathing ourselves in eachothers arms. "Hold on one second." She says, then pulls a jet black blade out of her backpack. "It's a pugio. It turns out I'm pretty good with it. I can throw it, too." She says, smiling. "What's the fire axe for then?" I ask. "Oh, I found it in the cornucopia. I had a brief chat with Digit, I knew him before I was thrown into this mess. We better watch out, he's got a gun. Oh, and I stole this pugio from Vanessa's pack." I'm shocked. "Wait, Vanessa's pack? She's a career." I spit. She grins. "Well, to get that I had to fight them. I hit Vanessa in the leg with this fire axe, and her little boyfriend gave me this." She declares, then reveals a deadly slice across her thigh. "With a knife. I managed to get the pugio before I ran away though." "Oh, I can bandage that up," I say, "come on, let's go." I kiss her on the cheek. She stares at me, shocked, then simply smirks. 



48: Martelo Kanruo

47: Fernando Llan

46: Bone Shadows

45: Rhys Stolt

44: Jene Krach

43: Sylvester Velvet

42: Angelique Bluesong


THE CAREERS: Flovia Slash, Alexander Sidorov, Vanessa Jimenez, Cerah Kraystead.

Kohl Cyphers and Vixen Ice.

Belle Taylor and Birch Saunders.

Synthesia Velonte and October Fest.

Lynx Ifes and Jade Ifes.

ALL GIRLS ALLIANCE: Vera Neuros, Hera Min, Ophelia Bourderax, Noiri Blanche, Demanir Crowney and Violetta Ferral.



Hera Min, D11, Temple Ruins:

Yesterday night, I gathered five others girls into an all girls alliance. We're going to rule the arena, yes, girls. Right now, we're on our way towards the cornucopia. We'll kill that nerd from 3 then take over the arena, slaying any tresspassers. We're all armed to the maximum. Vera, that weakling from 5, was forced into our group. We can't afford to carry dead weight. I grasp my dagger triumphantly, ready to cut down obstacles in my way of becoming victor.

Digit Starr, D3, Cornucopia:

Okay, I got some good news and some bad news. Mk? The good news, well, the gun I found yesterday shot darts, and after salvaging the remaining supplies from the cornucopia, I found bullets. Yep. Real bullets. So this morning, I replaced the darts with bullets and now, I definitely got the best weapon in the arena. Bad news. Okay, well Lucky Dawn, my District partner, came into my camp last night and asked for an alliance, and well, I had no choice but to say yes. Then idiotically, I let her take watch. I knew she was up to something, so I stayed up all night. And then the cold steels of the blade pushed against my neck. My eyes widened, and I saw her trench knife, digging into my neck. I snapped my neck backwards and dodged the deep puncture of the knife, and she took off, along with my axe and spade I also found. And now, more bad news. Two boys are running towards me from the city, and a group of at least 6 girls are sprinting towards me too. Great. Who will kill me first?

Ophelia Bourderax, D6, Cornucopia:

Don't even ask why I'm with these weaklings. I joined their alliance, hoping to slit their throats whilst taking watch, but Hera also stayed up. If I thought clearly, I could have just killed her then moved on to the other four, but I was so tired I couldn't even think straight. So here I am, ready to kill some weakling from 3. And great, more weaklings are rocking up. I remember them from sitting opposite them when we had individual training, their names are Phobos Adams and Lucius Shadows. Well, more the merrier, right? As I ready a sword, I feel the solid, small missile burrowing through my stomach. I lose grip of my sword and fall backwards. Vera screeches, rushing to my aid. "W-what h-happened?" I manage to get out, clasping my wound. "Y-you've been shot." Vera chokes. Shot? So that boy from 3 has a gun. "Oh." I laugh. "W-well, d-don't trust Hera, o-okay? Sh-she's g-going to be-betray you," I gasp, "a-and Noiri. D-don't trust h-her e-either." I finish with slow wheezy breaths, then I gaze skyward before the cannon sounds.

Phobos Adams, D5, Cornucopia:

"Attention tributes!" The new arena announcer, Clovis Templesmith, chirps. "If you haven't already noticed, there are some unfamiliar faces in the arena. They are tributes, and they will be joining you. These tributes have been very bad towards the Capitol, and have done bad things which need punishing. But also here in the games, we like to keep our numbers even. So here's the deal. There's 39 tributes left in the arena, so thirteen tributes must be killed in the next twenty minutes. Minus thirteen from thirty-nine, we will have twenty-six tributes left in the arena. Twenty-six is a nice number isn't it. If thirteen aren't dead in the next twenty minutes, well, you'll just have to wait and see. So, ready, set, go!" He bellows. Lucius turns to me and I turn to him. He unsheathes his sword almost immediately and swings at me with a mighty battle cry. The sword rips through my stomach, and before I go down, I slash open his throat with my battleaxe. BOOM! BOOM!

Spirit Velocity, D2, City:

Oh come on! You have got to be kidding me! I saw Razor just after the announcement, and he was already bolting through the city and heading for the bamboo forest. "Razor!" I scream, chasing after him equipped with my steel claws. "Razor!" Then suddenly, I see him running back and grinning as he sees me. I cup my ring finger, brushing the palms of my hands along the goldenrod ring. "Spirit!" He screeches, jovial to see me. He runs towards me and we engage in a hug, which is a stupid idea because there's bladed clipped to my knuckles. "Come on Spirit! We need to kill!" "Razor. I don't think I can. I saw one of the boys from 5 and regretted trying to kill him." "Trying to? Did you end up killing him? "No. I didn't." I say. "Well, let's go. I can do the killing if you're sure you don't want to help. But if we stumble into an alliance, I might need your help." He says. I nod, and run after him as we head for the rainforest.

Cat Ifes, D8, Bamboo Forest:

Sprinting through the forest at full speed, I keep the grip on my cutlass tight like a vice. I might have to kill, and obviously, with the new tributes an all, I might run into a threat, someone bad. Then all of a sudden, I stumble into two tributes, and I'm thrown backwards into a stalk of bamboo. I slash at the figures, then realize. I've just stumbled into my brother and sister. "Ja-jade? Lynx?" I murmur, lowering my cutlass. "Cat!" Jade barks triumphantly, swathing her arms around me like lace. Lynx's eyes are bulging, and he almost loses grasp of his gleaming kama. The blade is drenched with blood, and a cannon rings. "Guess he's dead." Jade tells Lynx. "Who?" I ask. "Lynx stares at the blade and sighs. "I killed Dustin. The boy from three. Not Digit, the one with blonde hair. I nod. "Why'd his cannon only ring now?" I ask. The two of them shrug. Then suddenly, Dustin emerges from the bamboo and swings a knife at Lynx as he clutches his bleeding stomach with his free hand. Jogging backwards, I watch as Lynx plunges the kama through Dustin's forehead. Another cannon rings, confirming Dustin's death. I look at the corpse, a trail of blood leaking from the boy's opened head. "We need to get moving. Four are dead. Nine to go." Lynx says, and we quickly sprint away from the human carcass.

Flovia Slash, D1, Rock Pools:

Demanir's body lies limp on the ground, courtesy of slicing open her neck with a bread knife. I rip the knife out and guffaw. Vanessa, Alexander and Cerah stand behind me, ogling the blood drenched corpse. Cerah chuckles for a bit, and I whirl around and grab her by her neck. "Shut up, cripple. We can't have someone in our pack with one arm. But don't worry, I'll even it out for you." I purr, laying the blade upon her remaining shoulder. "Vanessa, Alexander, hold her down!" I roar, and she begins screaming like a banshee. Vanessa stares at me in shock, but my glare cuts through her, sending her pouncing towards Cerah with a sledgehammer. "Down!" Vanessa shouts, crushing Cerah's kneeecaps in with the hammer. Cerah screams as the blood hoses out of her knees and she slips to her legs. Vanessa crushes Cerah's forehead in, unsewing a layer of skin. Vanessa bashes in her throat and Cerah's roars of agony fade away. Her voice box must have been hit. Cerah's windpipe, now black and bruised, jiggles around, and she tries to scream, but croaks barely come from her lungs. Alexander jerks back her throat and Vanessa digs her nails in, knocking Cerah's head into the ground. Vanessa slams the hammer into Cerah's stomach, and a torrent of raspy air jets from Cerah's throat. Alexander hits Cerah's chest with the handle of his mace, keeping Cerah down for good. Time to get to work! I grab Cerah's arm and dig the bread knife into her shoulder, studiously hacking downwards as pearls of tears roll down her cheeks. The knife finally comes loose, and Cerah's remaining arm now lies by her side. The cannon rings as I open Cerah's gut for good measure. I turn to Vanessa, who's holding a sledgehammer carpeted with a sheet of blood, then grin as I pick up Cerah's disfigured arm.

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