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Tribute Template







  • Brielle Teagan (D1)
  • Dylan Kane (D1)
  • Trifle Woods (D2)
  • Jako Monkor (D2)
  • Electrucia Powers (D3)
  • Blake Hatch (D3)
  • Alanna Tewie (D4)
  • Trevor Tewie (D4)
  • Tammy Daisy (D5)
  • Trenton Powers (D5)
  • Swift Mage (D6)
  • Mac Williams (D6)
  • Amber Kingly (D7)
  • Canvas Firefall (D7)
  • Claire Marino (D8)
  • Cameron Fenzer (D8)
  • Marla Kantoon (D9)
  • Tommy Launkrey (D9)
  • Sarah Smith (D10)
  • Tyson Ashford (D10)
  • Keira Lark (D11)
  • Harvest Winter (D11)
  • Melanoi Jet (D12)
  • Ash Hail (D12)
  • Amerylis Silvermoon (D13)
  • Pamline Falcone (D13)
District Male User Female User
One Dylan Kane TJ812 Brielle Teagan ViniciusDeAssis1999
Two Jako Monkor Maybell Rocks!! Trifle Woods Angry birds12
Three Blake Hatch Talis818 Electrucia Powers Katniss6226
Four Trevor Tewie Maybell Rocks!! Alanna Tewie Maybell Rocks!!
Five Trenton Powers HGF21 Tammy Daisy JWW
Six Mac Williams Angry birds12 Swift Mage TBWTPT
Seven Canvas Firefall Hammers Amber Kingly Miscellaneous2
Eight Cameron Fenzer ~PopTart~ Claire Marino ~PopTart~
Nine Tommy Launkrey HGF21 Marla Kantoon Thena.airice14
Ten Tyson Ashford Leapkit Sarah Smith Talis818
Eleven Harvest Winter HeavyRotation Keira Lark The Outsider
Twelve Ash Hail Katniss6226 Melanoi Jet TBWTPT
Thirteen Pamline Falcone TBWTPT Amerylis Silvermoon Dedejacob

Training Scores

Male Score Female Score
Dylan Kane (D1) 9 Brielle Teagan (D1) 10
Jako Monkor (D2) 7 Trifle Woods (D2) 11

Blake Hatch (D3)

11 Electrucia Powers (D3) 10
Trevor Tewie (D4) 7 Alanna Tewie (D4) 5
Trenton Powers (D5) 5 Tammy Daisy (D5) 7
Mac Williams (D6) 9 Swift Mage (D6) 7
Canvas Firefall (D7) 6 Amber Kingly (D7) 6
Cameron Fenzer (D8) 7 Claire Marino (D8) 8
Tommy Launkrey (D9) 8 Marla Kantoon (D9) 4
Tyson Ashford (D10) 10 Sarah Smith (D10) 5
Harvest Winter (D11) 6 Keira Lark (D11) 8
Ash Hail (D12) 7 Melanoi Jet (D12) 7
Pamline Falcone (D13) 9 Amerylis Silvermoon (D13) 8


The arena is a gorgeous forest bursting with every colour that you can think of. In the center of the arena lies the golden cornucopia, and surrounding the cornucopia are majestic purple trees. There are also caves, meadows, lakes, and much more.

Death Chart

26. Tammy Daisy: Axe to skull by Brielle Teagan

25. Cameron Fenzer: Knife to chest by Trifle Woods

24. Tommy Launkrey: Sword to chest by Electrucia Powers

23. Swift Mage: Machete to back by Blake Hatch

22. Ash Hail: Poisonus dart to skull by Keira Lark

21. Pamline Falcone: Trident to abdomen by Tyson Ashford

20. Sarah Smith: Axe to throat by Marla Kantoon

19. Dylan Kane: Axe to chest by Mac Williams

18. Alanna Tewie: Knife to skull by Trifle Woods

17. Amerylis Silvermoon: Poisonus dart to skull by Keira Lark

16. Trenton Powers: Mace to windpipe by Blake Hatch

15. Brielle Teagan: Axe to chest by Electrucia Powers

14. Keira Lark: Knife to throat by Trifle Woods

13. Blake Hatch: Hammer to eye by Canvas Firefall

12. Trevor Tewie: Axe to back by Marla Kantoon

11. Jako Monkor: Axe to chest by Marla Kantoon

10. Canvas Firefall: Knife to skull by Past Victor

9. Claire Marino: Axe to chest by Past Victor

8. Melanoi Jet: Torn to shreds by Wolf Mutts

7. Mac Williams: Blown to bits by a Bomb

6. Electrucia Powers: Knife to throat by Trifle Woods

5. Tyson Ashford: Knife to heart by Trifle Woods

4. Amber Kingly: Knife to temple by Trifle Woods

3. Trifle Woods: Knife to stomach by Amber Kingly

2. Harvest Winter: Knife to chest by Harvest Winter

The Games

Electrucia Powers, D3, Cornucopia Plate

I stride into my tube and watch as I elevate up into the arena. It's majestic, exploding with different shades of colours. I try to figure out where to go, the careers are bound to be comfortable in the cornucopia, so I guess that's a good start. I'll take off into the south of the arena, right behind the cornucopia. Therefore, I must make an appearance in the bloodbath. And for a fact, I will not vanish.

Trevor Tewie, D4, Cornucopia Plate

Time is ticking. I lock my eyes into Alanna's and she addresses me to spring ahead, which of course means to attend the bloodbath. I'm not sure if I'm cut out for these games. My sister, Alanna, has despised them from the very beginning. I glare into the time and focus on one thing. My fate. The gong rings and I burst into action.

Trifle Woods, D2, Cornucopia Bloodbath

I dive off my plate and see the gleaming cornucopia in my vision, I shut off everything around me and head straight for the golden horn. I seize a kit of knives and spill them into my backpack, I whirl around quickly and dash straight toward the action.

Brielle Teagan, D1, Cornucopia Bloodbath

I reach the cornucopia with succsess and abduct a few weapons from inside the horn, as I whip around I quickly bombard the girl from 5 to the ground. I drive my axe into her skull and watch as the life drains out of her. I lurch off of her body and gaze in excitement as Trifle lodges a knife into Cameron's chest.

Tommy Launkrey, D9, Cornucopia Bloodbath

I start to feel repugnant as I hurdle over Tammy's corpse lying down on the ground, then I remember my goal is to survive. I race for a spear that lies a few yards away from me, I grab hold of the end and yank it from the ground. But what I don't know is that Electrucia Powers is clasping the other end. Soon enough, we're having a game of tug of war over a spear, she scoops up a sword and pulls me towards her. She plants the sword into my heart and my world slips into darkness.

Blake Hatch, D3, Cornucopia Bloodbath

I retrieve a machete from Brielle and prowl the scene for a victim. I spot the girl from 6 tackling the boy from 13 to the ground. She's about to bury an axe into his stomach but not before I deliver a machete to her back. She topples off of him and he quickly cruises away from my painful death I would have donated him.

Keira Lark, D11, Cornucopia Bloodbath

As I'm running I catch a glimpse of Harvest, Marla, Amerylis, and Canvas running away with backpacks. My face floods with envy as I struggle to find a backpack of my own. I then see it in the distance, and storm straight for it. The girl from 8 and the girl from 7 also are sprinting towards it. I smack the girl from 8 in the face and fetch the backpack from the ground, I twirl around and grab a blowgun and poisonus darts before leaving. I scramble away from the violence and collide into Ash Hail from District 12. I shoot a dart at him and it skewers his brain. I twirl around and watch in disgust as Tyson impales Pamline in the abdomen with his trident.

Marla Kantoon, D9, Forest

I wind through the forest as fast as I can and run into the girl from 10. I send her an evil smile but quickly shake it off. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be a weakling. "Allies?" I ask her. She nods her head and ambles towards me. "So, what did you do in your private session?" She asks me as I pull out my axe. "Not this!" I say and then slam it into her throat. I salvage her supplies and urgently desert the scene as her cannon fires. My first kill, and there's more to come.

Harvest Winter, D11, Forest

After three hours of hunting and gathering, I decide to take a break and eat some dinner. I look up into the sky and the first face advertised is the girl from 5, which means everyone from 1 to 4 survived. The next face to display is the girl from 6, quite young but such a good fighter. Then it goes, the boy from 8, the boy from 9, then the girl from 10, and last, the boy from 13. None of them really meant much to me, but it's so hard to stay serene in this whole situation. I climb up a tree and draw out some rope, I scavenge the tree for a good branch and soon find the perfect one. I secure myself to the tree and soon drift away from all the horror.

End of day one.

Day 2

Melanoi Jet, D12, Forest

I arise from my sleep and sniff something burning and repugnant. I take a look down and stare at the careers who are burning down my tree. I lunge out of the tree and evade the knives being thrown by Trifle. My mouth makes the perfect O shape as a tree starts to fall right in front of me. I plummet to my side and feel someone clutching my shoulder. I gaze into Trifle's eyes and she's about to stab me when a tree starts to tower down behind her. I quickly snap back into reality and jump to my feet, I somersault away from the tree and start barreling towards the lake.

Mac Williams, D6, Lake

I hear the scream. The scream of an innocent child, being tortured or maybe even worse. I then whip around as that screaming child comes into my vision. I stand by and watch the action, with my axe poised, ready to charge. The boy from 1 pins the girl against a tree and that's when I charge. The boy senses that I'm here, but not fast enough, I bury the axe into his chest and rip it back out as he drops to his knees. The cannon blasts and I take the girl by her hand and run as fast as I can, away from the careers.

Jako Monkor, D2, Forest

My alliance consisting of Alanna, Trevor and I slowly stumble through the forest with our weapons poised, as I'm the strongest, I lead the pack. Soon, I become aware that we are being stalked, and that's when the twig snaps behind us. I roll around and get a glimpse of Trifle catapulting a knife into the back of Alanna's skull, I let my spear fly at her but she bashes it away just in enough time. She then lets her second knife fly, straight for my head. I toss my body away from the knife and land on my side, I yank a knife out of my belt and spring to my feet. I hurl my knife towards Brielle, but she deflects it with her axe and then slams it into Trevor's hip. "Come on guys, let's go!" Howls Trifle as she gathers her knives. Soon, she will be dead, and so will the rest of them.

Amber Kingly, D7, Meadow

The girl from thirteen is chasing after me, armed with a bow. I hear the arrow gracefully speeding through the air and give a sigh of relief as it flys over my shoulder. I then run into the girl from 11, and she launches a dart toward my skull. I pounce away from the dart, and watch as it finds it's new target. The girl from 13 slides to the ground, with the dart in her skull. The cannon roars, and I whip around and dodge the next dart. This girl just won't give up, she's wasted at least 5 precious darts just to kill me, but she realizes it's no use, and fades away back into the forest.

Claire Marino, D8, Cave

I snuggle up to my warm fire and take a few deep breaths. This is my second day of surviving, and I plan to last at least three more. I know I can't win these games, but I won't go down without a fight. I hear the anthem begin and rush outside, just in time to see the faces. The boy from 1, the girl from 4, and the girl from 13. Three more competetors I don't have to face in these games. I walk back into my cave, and slip into my sleeping bag. And thankfully, I fall to sleep.

End of day two.

Day 3

Brielle Teagan, D1, Forest

I look like a complete mess! My hair is so dry and my hands are covered in sheets of blood. But don't get me wrong, Trifle looks absolutely repulsive. She has cuts all over her body from head to toe, she is battered in bruises, and just looks like an absolulute pig. I try to go back to sleep, but am rudely interrupted by a stampede of tributes coming towards us. Wait, what!?

Harvest Winter, D11, Forest

I have allied with Electrucia, Trenton, Canvas and Keira. Last night, we came to the conclusion of taking down the careers early in the morning. Five against Three, what are the odds? "Well, well, well, what do we have here? Five pathetic little weaklings thinking that they can take us on?" squawks Trifle."Game on!"

Trenton Powers, D5, Forest

I tighten the grip on my knife and start hacking away at Blake. My knife against his mace, this might be tough. I open a gash in his hip and he reacts by hammering his mace into my stomach. I lumber backwards and soon fall to the ground. I throw my knife at him and it carves a line of warm blood across his face. I feel my body becoming weaker, I know my time is short. But Blake awards me with a quicker death by smashing the mace into my windpipe.

Electrucia Powers, D3, Forest

The boy from five just died, and now my District partner is targeting me. I fling my axe towards him, he dodges the axe by crouching down on the ground. I sprint toward him and roundhouse kick him in the jaw. I watch in delight as he goes flying back two metres, I pull out the second axe and chuck it at his head. A cannon fires, but he gets straight back up and starts fighting me, hand to hand. If my axe didn't kill him, then who did it kill?

Trifle Woods, D2, Forest

So far, two cannons have fired, one for that boy from five, and one for that girl from one, she lies on the ground, with an axe bang smack in her chest. Right now, I'm taking on the boy from 7 and the boy from 11. And the girl from 11 is up in a tree shooting darts at people. I lift up my knife and send it spinning towards the boy from 7. The knife finds his calf, and he falls to the ground. My next knife goes flying towards that girl in the tree, she whips her head to the side but the knife has still found itself at home, in her throat. She slides out of the tree and the cannon blows.

Blake Hatch, D3, Forest

The boy from 7 bounces to his feet and throws his hammer at me. I dodge the hammer with my arm and start to run as his second hammer flies. This time, I'm not so lucky and the hammer buries into my skull. I drop to the ground and see his third hammer gliding towards me, right in my eye.

Trevor Tewie, D4, Meadow

My sister...she's gone. Which means I have nothing, nothing at all left. I might not have anything left, but I have something to fight for. Jako looks over to me, and gives me a half smile. "Pass the bread, please." He asks. "It's over there, behind that tree" I say. "Well, then go get it. I'm hungry." I nod my head and walk over to the tree. Huh? All the stuff is gone. As I get up to leave I feel an axe blade bury itself into my back. I fall to the ground and build the strength to let words flow out of my mouth. "At least, I'll be with Alanna" I fall face forward and hear my cannon fire.

Jako Monkor, D2, Meadow

Trevor still hasn't gotten back, maybe I should go check. As I'm walking over to the tree, a cannon fires, and Trevor's dead body falls right infront of me, with an axe in his back. I take a step back and draw out a knife. "Come out, come out, where ever you are." I say as I walk closer to the tree. "Boo!" Screams the tribute behind the tree and throws the axe into my chest.

End of day three.

Day 4

Marla Kantoon, D9, Meadow

Ten tributes remain, and if i'm lucky, only one will die at my hands. But, I don't really mind killing, and to prove it, I just killed two boys last night. This weakling strategy really works. "Attention tributes," announces Claudius Templesmith. "10 of you remain, and today there will not be a feast, there will be something more thrilling." Oh god..."There are six empty tubes at the cornucopia, in order to survive, you must enter one of these tubes. For the four tributes who do not make it, well, time will tell." My jaw drops. I retrieve an axe and quickly make my way towards the cornucopia.

Claire Marino, D8, Cornucopia

I burst into the clearing and quickly run for a nearby tube. I'm about to step in the tube when a knife whizzes over my head. I turn around and spot Trifle Woods approaching me. She grabs me by my neck and drags me for five minutes. Soon, I am at the other end of the lake. This can NOT be good. I bounce back to my feet and dart for the cornucopia.

Tyson Ashford, D10, Forest

Ugh! I can't find the god damn way I'm supposed to go. I jog for a little while but when I look into the distance there is nothing but trees. I whirl around and my face glows as I spot the cornucopia. I head straight for it and when I have reached it, Canvas Firefall tackles me to the ground. He draws out an axe and starts hacking away at my legs. I suckerpunch him in the head and he goes flying backwards. In the corner of my eye, I see Marla Kantoon making her way into the tube.

Harvest Winter, D11, Cornucopia

Two tubes have been filled which leaves only four spots left. I run into a tube and sit down as the glass doors close. Only three spots remain. Amber and Melanoi slowly make their way towards the cornucopia. Tyson throws Canvas off of him and dashes inside a tube. Two spots left. Melanoi kicks Amber in the face and the girls are now rolling around on the floor fighting over a tube. Amber fights her way into the tube and Melanoi runs for the last tube. Along with Canvas, Mac, Electrucia, and Claire has now made her way to land.

Electrucia Powers, D3, Cornucopia

I shove Canvas out of my way and pierce my sword through Melanoi's leg. I hop into the tube and watch as Mac bangs his head against the glass. Hah! The four remaining tributes all look around, stunned. They know that there is no possible way of living now. Two hovercrafts appear above them and soon a handful of victors are dropped to the ground, armed with weapons. One of the career victors, Bliss Creme, shoves a knife into Canvas's head. Then the District 7 female victor, Chastody Seneic, buries her axe into Claire's chest. Melanoi stabs one of the victors in the heart and instead of being killed by a weapon, a pack of wolf mutts come and tear her to shreds. Then to finish off, Mac is blown to bits by a bomb. Well, tomorrow is the final day, an I'm going to win.

End of day four.

Day 5

Amber Kingly, D7, Cornucopia

"Attention, tributes" Announces Claudius Templesmith. "The door will open in exactly one minute! May the odds be ever in your favour!" I position myself, and get ready to fight. Fight for my life. At least 30 seconds have passed, so I look around at the other tributes. Everyone looks determined, even the weakling from District 9, but I'm not so sure she is a weakling. Trifle looks extremely determined. She has killed so many innocent children. So now, I will make sure, that I, Amber Kingly, am the killer of Trifle Woods. The doors fly open, and I swing into action.

Trifle Woods, D3, Cornucopia

I don't even waste a second. I throw a knife at the girl from 7 and she dodges it with her axe. She's lucky this time, but the next time, she won't be. I dart around the cornucopia and see the girl from 3 swinging her sword at the boy from 10. I hurl a knife towards the girl and it buries itself in her thigh. The boy looks at me and I return him a sinister grin. I chuck my next knife at the girl and this time it buries itself in her throat. She slumps to the ground and I walk around the cornucopia, like a lion searching for it's prey.

Marla Kantoon, D9, Cornucopia

I'm in the final 5. I could make it home! I feel a blade on my back, oh god, this isn't good. I spin around and knock Harvest Winter to the ground with my axe. "I didn't think you were weak, Marla," he says. "Please make my death quick." At this very moment, I look back on what I have done. I've killed innocent children, and I've transformed into some kind of beast. "No," I say. "Win, with me." He's about to say something but I shut him up. "Hurry! Trifle's looking for us!" I scream and dodge a knife thrown by her. "Speaking of the devil?" She says and curls her mouth into an evil smile. I cartwheel away from the next knife and take Harvest by the hand.

Tyson Ashford, D10, Cornucopia

While three of the tributes are fighting, I plan to take down Amber Kingly. I throw a spear at her and it whizzes over shoulder. She looks confident, but I know she's scared on the inside. "Stop!" She yells. "If we team up with the others, we can take down Trifle, all together!" I look over at Trifle, who doesn't have that many knives left in her vest. "Fine! Let's go!"

Harvest Winter, D11, Cornucopia

Amber pulls me towards her and tells me a plan I don't mind acomplishing. Tyson tells Marla and we all circle Trifle. "Oh, what's this? Some sort of rebellion against Trifle Woods?" She shouts in Tyson's face before plunging a knife into his heart. "Your a bitch, Trifle!" Screams Amber and shoves a knife into Trifle's stomach. As Trifle falls to the ground, she throws a knife into Amber's temple. Two cannons fire.

Then there were two...

3rd Person:

The two tributes just stand there, absolutely clueless of what to do next. Harvest takes out a knife and is about to commit suicide when Marla tackles him to the ground. "You can't!!!!" She screams, and she cries for the first time in her life. "You have to win!" Shouts Harvest. "You deserve it!" "No I don't! I'm a killer, you haven't made one kill in these games!" Roars Marla as she draws out an axe. "Guess what everyone!" Shouts Harvest with his head towards the sky. "This year, you won't have your victor!" Marla stares at Harvest, confused. But soon understands what he's meaning, and brings the axe to her neck, while Harvest shoves a knife in his chest. "Stop! Congratulations to the victors of the 4th Hunger Games!" Marla smiles and drops the axe, but she realizes something, and frowns. Harvest was dead.


Congrats Thena.airice14 and their tribute Marla Kantoon! The Victor of The 4th Hunger Games!

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