Let the Games begin!

Let the games begin

Let The Games Begin!












Quell Twists

  1. Each tributes must be the child of a previous victor
  2. Each time a tribute dies, a part of the arena will break off.
  3. Four ferocious tributes from my past games will be brought back to life and will have a chance to win it again.


Okay, so basically it's split into 4 wedges, each containing a different environment. But don't worry, each wedge will have their downfalls *evil smirk*. Anyways, so as you can see, the first wedge contains an odd looking tree, which represents a jungle. The next wedge to that one contains a forest (original, I know). And then a beach, and then mountains. It's pretty simple, oh, and the Cornucopia will be in the middle, (I was too lazy to draw it) and so will the tribute plates. OH, and there is an OCEAN around the island. Cool, hope you like it.


  • Astro (0)
  • Morolith (0)
  • Calypso (1)
  • Enzo (1)
  • Blaze (2)
  • Narcissa Kranium (D2)
  • Macadamia (3)
  • Cyber (3)
  • Niagara (4)
  • Glacier (4)
  • Natalie (5)
  • Canopy (5)
  • Fortuna (6)
  • Mhoss (6)
  • Tree (7)
  • Krane (7)
  • Tea (8)
  • Cocaine (8)
  • Nike (9)
  • Ares (9)
  • Igraine (10)
  • Satan (10)
  • Anabel (11)
  • Forrest (11)
  • Libra (12)
  • Leo (12)


Male User Female User
Zero Morolith Dmitry YoungGuy5 Astrid "Astro" Bellia Thena.airice14
One Enzo Dennision CatoLover123 Calypso Circut AcidOcean
Two Blaze Woods 66mc Narcissa "Iris" Kranium 66mc
Three Cyber Bytes TBWTPT Macadamia Nox MidnightDeaths
Four Glacier Dettifoss Tiki tooki Niagara Cosmos Tiki tooki
Five Canopy Fogg MidnightDeaths Natalie Brine Angry birds12
Six Mhoss Fleete Tiki tooki Fortuna Kinglsey TheDeadlyOne
Seven Krane Octrus Kanine400 Tree Summer TheMysteriousGeek
Eight Cocaine Druggs AxedFox Tea Forrest AxedFox
Nine Ares Jones Evilharibomadness Nike O'Hare Tiki tooki
Ten Satan Lockwood TheMysteriousGeek Igraine Avena Wesolini
Eleven Forrest Shadows Jabberjay78 Anabel Tinder Jabberjay78
Twelve Leo Algieba Beetee19 Libra Gliese Beetee19

The Returning Tributes

  • Trifle Woods
  • Brass Sater
  • Lilac Coalburner
  • Israel Tree

Training Scores

Male Score Female Score
Morolith Dmitry (D0) 9 Astro Bellia (D0) 8
Enzo Dennision (D1) 7 Calypso Circut (D1) 10
Blaze Woods (D2) 8 Iris Kranium (D2) 11

Cyber Bytes (D3)

6 Macadamia Nox (D3) 7
Glacier Dettifoss (D4) 10 Niagara Cosmos (D4) 8
Canopy Fogg (D5) 5 Natalie Brine (D5) 9
Mhoss Fleete (D6) 9 Fortuna Kingsley (D6) 6
Krane Octrus (D7) 8 Tree Summer (D7) 7
Cocaine Druggs (D8) 9 Tea Forrest (D8) 8
Ares Jones (D9) 7 Nike O'Hare (D9) 6
Satan Lockwood (D10) 10 Igraine Avena (D10) 5
Forrest Shadows (D11) 7 Anabel Tinder (D11) 6
Leo Algieba (D12) 9 Libra Gliese (D12)


Returning Tributes:

Trifle Woods (D2): 9

Brass Sater (D2): 10

Israel Tree (D7): 8

Lilac Coalburner (D12): 9

Chariot Rides

District One The first chariot of the night rolls out on to the streets of the Capitol, and District One are always dressed to impress. Screams are thrown into the air as the citizens catch a glimpse of the tributes grinning cheerfully. Calypso is bejeweled from head to toe in her beautiful body suit made out of genuine gemstones, and a flaming tiara rests on her head to complete the look. Enzo is armed with a golden staff covered in precious diamonds, and is dressed in a glistening body suit drenched in diamonds. Calypso looks extremely confident, while Enzo couldn't care less, but he sure does love the attention.

District Two The eyes of the citizens of the Capitol darted towards the second chariot as it rolled into the streets. Iris was decorated with a pitch black cloak which burnt from the bottom, revealing a sparkling set of armour. Blaze looked absolutely terrified as his apple red cloak burnt from the bottom, revealing his own set of armour. Then to put the cherry on top, Iris planted a kiss on Blaze's lips, and the Capitol audience went completely insane.

District Three After an impressive start to the night, the third chariot then came into the clearing. Macadamia clutched a plasma ball in each hand, and was covered in a dress made out of velcro. Cyber was dressed in a lab coat, safety goggles, and black leather pants. The audience didn't care much about the chariot, but were blown away when strucks of lightning shot out of the chariot. Macadamia started juggling her plasma balls, and Cyber threw a cheesy smile to the crowd.

District Four The audience couldn't wait for District 4's chariot, and after three outstanding chariots, they couldn't be let down now. The chariot rolled out onto the street, and the screams from the crowd became louder. Niagara was wearing an ocean blue dress, which dazzled greatly in the light, her wavy hair falls to her hips, and she held a sky blue trident in her hand. Glacier was dressed in a blue body suit covered in seaweed, and clutched a glistening gold trident. After a few seconds of being seen, they raised their tridents, and fresh spring water was blasted out of the blades, which rained over the crowd.

District Five Canopy and Natalie come tumbling down the road, dressed in rediculous windmill costumes. Canopy glares viciously into the audience as they laugh their heads off. Natalie waves to the crowd, and puts on a wicked grin. Canopy elbows Natalie in the stomach, not wanting her to make a fool of herself on nation television. She ignores the pain, and simply keeps smiling. What the heck? The audience think to themselves.

District Six Mhoss and Fortuna from District 6 are barely noticed with 5 chariots ahead of them, but the cramped crowd manage to get a glimpse. They are studded with thick black tyres, and wear steering wheels on their heads. The audience sigh with anger, and wait for the next chariot to come.

District Seven The moans and groans from the audience are soon lifted into screams and roars as the pair from 7 come racing down the street. Tree wears a long garment made out of pure oak, and has twigs and leaves flowered in her hair. Krane is dressed in a body suit also made out of oak, and a crown sprinkled with acorn shells. But then something magnificent happens, their outfits start flaming, trapping them inside a fireball, and soon, it vanishes, revealing ash dusted over their skin. The crowd rawr, and start rating the chariots.

District Eight Tea and Cocaine are wearing drab sacks made out of sewing needles. The crowd boo them, and start throwing apples at them. "It's not our fault!" Screams Tea as she widens her mouth. One of the citizens laugh at her, and throw a wine bottle at her. Tea ducks under it, and pulls the finger at the man who threw it.

District Nine The District 9 chariot rolls down the road, and they are certainly NOT dressed to impress. Nike wears a beautiful dress, but it is ruined as it is covered in basil. Ares is dressed in a body suit studded with wheat. The crowd don't mind the outfits, but they will most likely not be at the top of the list. Nike nervously donates a smile to the audience, while Ares just stares at the ground.

District Ten Another girl and boy who look absolutely stupid. Igraine is wearing an ugly cow outfit with a pitchfork in her left hand, and Satan is wearing a chicken costume with flaming wings. Members of the crowd are now leaving, and if there isn't a good chariot soon, the stylists will be assasinated.

District Eleven Thank god. The District 11 chariot tumbles down the road, and screams are heard from the audience. Anabel is dressed as Eve, and Forrest is dressed as Adam. Anabel holds a golden apple in her left hand, and waves to the audience with her right. Forrest wears a happy smile, but on the inside, he feels like crying. The audience clap with satisfaction, and they think they can wait for the next chariot.

District Twelve Another disappointing chariot rolls down the road, the audience sigh and look away, waiting for the night to end. Libra wears a long black jump suit, which has been rolled in ashes, and Leo wears the same, except it has been rolled in leaves. Yuck, the audience think to themselves.

District Zero As the tributes from 0 slide down the road, the audience are blinded by a yellow light. Astro and Morolith are dressed as yellow suns, shining a glimmering light on the audience. Although the crowd can barely see, they still love the chariot. Morolith smiles to the crowd, while Astro keeps a straight face.

Returning Tributes The last chariot of the night. Trifle, Brass, Israel and Lilac come barreling down the road, all dressed in shredded clothing, bruises on their arms and legs, and fake blood trickling from their foreheads. Axes, spears, knives, and hammers come flying at them from random places in the crowd, and the tributes dodge them with succsess. These tributes are forces to be reckoned with, especially Lilac.

Death Chart

30. Macadamia Nox: Stomach sliced open by Iris Kranium

29. Ares Jones: Sword to the heart by Mhoss Fleete

28. Tea Forrest: Dagger to the head by Satan Lockwood

27. Fortuna Kingsley: Decapitated by Canopy Fogg

26. Leo Algieba: Knife shoved down throat by Israel Tree

25. Israel Tree: Axed by Libra Gliese

24. Igraine Avena: Neck sliced open by Cocaine Druggs

23. Enzo Dennision: Gutted by Lilac Coalburner

22. Lilac Coalburner: Knife to the neck by Trifle Woods

21. Canopy Fogg: Axed by Nike O'Hare

20. Cocaine Druggs: Knife to the heart by Brass Sater

19. Astro Bellia: Hammer to the head by Iris Kranium

18. Calypso Circut: Knife to the back by Natalie Brine

17. Blaze Woods: Throat slit by Natalie Brine

16. Trifle Woods: Dagger to the temple by Anabel Tinder

15. Anabel Tinder: Axed by Trifle Woods

14. Glacier Dettifoss: Decapitated by Natalie Brine

13. Krane Octrus: Knife to the head by Brass Sater

12. Brass Sater: Axed by Tree Summer

11. Tree Summer: Knife to the back by Niagara Cosmos

10. Morolith Dmitry: Throat slit by Libra Gliese

9. Niagara Cosmos: Spear to the neck by Iris Kranium

8. Cyber Bytes: Spear to heart by Iris Kranium

7. Libra Gliese: Arrow to the brain by Forrest Shadows

6. Forrest Shadows: Axe to the chest by Satan Lockwood

5. Mhoss Fleete: Knife to the chest by Iris Kranium

4. Natalie Brine: Knife to the chest by Satan Lockwood

3. Nike O'Hare: Knife to the neck by Iris Kranium

The Games

Day 1

Satan Lockwood, D10, Cornucopia Plate

I snigger furiously as I glare into the eyes of the stupid competitors around me, thinking they have a chance of winning. I'm going to conquer these games, that's a god damn fact. Looking for an easy target, my mouth curls into a wicked smile as the girl from District 8 tries to avoid my vicious gaze. As she peeks to see if I'm still staring at her, I pump my fist into my hand, signalling that she's a goner.

Nike O'Hare, D9, Cornucopia Plate

My temples are throbbing, my heart pounding. I don't want to compete in these horrible games, but if I want to live, I don't have much of a choice. I cast a quick look over my shoulder, catching a glimpse of the arena. It is split into 4 wedges, a forest, a jungle, a beach, and mountains. I decide I'm heading for the mountains, knowing that it is the best place to keep me concealed. The gong rings. I leap forth from my metal prison, entering the arena, entering the fray. Entering the place I may die.

Iris Kranium, D2, Cornucopia

Violently jumping off my plate, I sprint straight for the cornucopia with a determined look on my face. I am mesmerized by a sparklling set of deadly looking knives, in the bat of an eyelid I decide that those are mine. I dart over to them in a hurry and quickly seize one before hacking Macadamia's stomach open. The sight of her insides cascading out of her belly fills me with delight. I twirl around and head straight for my next victim.

Ares Jones, D9, Cornucopia

With agility, I dodge the thrust of Mhoss's sword with succsess, and slash my machete across his leg. He clutches his leg in pain and stares at me, fully enraged. He plunges his sword into my chest and I buckle over backwards. The life drains out of me slowly, and I'm kind of glad when he stabs me in the heart, granting me a quick death.

Tea Forrest, D8, Cornucopia

I dash for the cornucopia and grasp a long thin spear. When I turn around to run, Satan latches on to my foot tightly and drags me towards him. "Please don't kill me!" I scream, which was pretty stupid considering he's a cold-blooded killer. I plant my spear into his shoulder and leap to my feet. I smack him across the face, and when I turn to run a sharp object enters the back of my head.

Tree Summer, D7, Cornucopia

I remove a glimmering axe from a rack and snatch a backpack as I head towards the forest, not wanting to look back. An arrow flies past my head, that's when the sweat starts to trickle down my forehead. I reach the forest and quickly mount up a tree. I go through my supplies and reckon I can last about 2 days with this supplies. Well, I hope Krane is okay.

Glacier Dettifoss, D4, Cornucopia

I narrow my eyes towards a glimmering sword. I head straight for it, knocking a few people to the ground while I'm at it. I pounce like a tiger and grab the sword's handle. Twirling around looking for a victim, I watch as the boy from 5 decapitates the girl from 6. Wow, we could use someone like him. But before I get the chance to ask, he grabs a backpack and disappears into the jungle. I put the thought of allying with him in the back of my mind and set my eyes on my first target.

Israel Tree, D7, Cornucopia

Hehe. These stupid tributes can barely lift a knife, I'll show them how it's done. I walk over to the boy from 12, and slowly shove my knife down his throat. I chuckle as he struggles to breathe for air, and he soon plummets to the ground. I laugh hysterically at the look on Libra's face. A single tear rolls down her cheek, that's when she snaps.

Libra Gliese, D12, Cornucopia

I sprint straight towards Israel and throw him to the ground with my kick. I plunge the axe into his chest without a moments hesitation. I slowly crawl off of his cold limp body and run, run as fast as I can. I run into the mountains, tears still rolling down my cheeks. I want to get away. Get away from the horror that is declared The Hunger Games.


Natalie Brine, D5, Jungle

I have nothing. No food. No water. No weapons. Nothing. But I have a plan. I scale up a tree, and I can see the stupid careers from where I ensconce. This year, the careers are going down, and I have the perfect plan on how to do so. The pair from 11 walk below me, I take a deep breath, and get ready to pounce.

Forrest Shadows, D11, Jungle

"Anabel..." I say. "I need to tell you something." "What is it?" She says innocently while brushing the hair out of her face. "I know I haven't known you for long, but I think I lo-" The girl from 5 falls from above, and lands on her feet with a sadistic grin. "Hi, I'm Natalie!" She says as I remove a knife from my pocket. "What do you want?" Anabel renders. "I have a plan," Natalie continues.

Anabel Tinder, D11, Jungle

Natalie's plan is really crazy, but I'm sort of liking it so far. "So we get a few other tributes and battle the careers until there's none left, and then we don't kill anyone, so the Capitol will have no choice but to let us all win!" She declares with joy. "What if the careers kill us all?" Forrest asks. "Oh believe me, they won't." "Hmm. Well, I guess I'm in then!" He cheers. "Anabel, you in?" I nod with a smile on my face, but on the inside, I'm not sure if this will work.

Igraine Avena, D10, Beach

I canter towards the sea, crouching down I slowly imbibe the seawater. I dispose the water down my throat and quickly hack up some vomit. "Haha!" Yells a voice from behind me. I whip around and see 9 careers filled with bloodlust. "So, what do we have here?" Iris asks while the boy from 8 steps forward. "Cocaine, kill her!" Haha. Why the hell would you name your child Cocaine? The last image I see before I die is Cocaine taking out a harpoon and slicing my neck open.

Cocaine Druggs, D8, Beach

I didn't want to do it, but I had to prove myself some how. "Nice work," Trifle tells me with a pat on the back. Ugh, gosh I hate them. Why do they even want to kill? It's so pointless. Some of them like Trifle and Enzo are nice, but the ones like Iris and Brass are just absolutely rude. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! So, 7 have died today, meaning that 23 tributes are left. I could win this. Haha, no I can't.

Astro Bellia, D0, Mountains

Hiking up the mountain, I find a thick tree nearby. Great, now I can practice my spear throwing! I march towards the tree and stand 10 metres away from it. Chucking the spear with all my force, it hits the middle with succsess. I traipse towards the spear and yank it out, a twig snaps behind me and as I twirl around, my spear is already gliding. My spear has landed right between the eyes of a squirrel. Well, that was lucky.

Mhoss Fleete, D6, Forest

I've noticed something the others haven't. Every time someone is killed, the arena rumbles, similar to the earthquakes back in District 6. Hmm. Oh well, it's probably nothing. I managed to get a sword, a water bottle and some knives in the bloodbath, and the apples in this tree are really flavorsome. So I reckon I'd be able to last a few more days with this supplies. The faces in the sky tonight were Macadamia, Fortuna, Israel, Tea, Ares, Igraine and Leo. Fortuna, she was so young. Well, there's nothing I can do but forget. Thankfully, I fall to sleep.

End of day one.

Day 2

Lilac Coalburner, D12, Cornucopia

The careers, what a joke. Leaving the cornucopia unguarded, smooth move. There isn't much left, but there's enough to last me a few days, which could be very helpful. Crap! I think as I see the careers slowly making the scene. I have three choices. 1. Take what I need and run, 2. Fight the stupid buggers, 3. Hide in the supplies. The boy from 1, Enzo, points me out to the rest of the careers, so basically I have no other choice but to brawl. "You wanna dance!?" I scream, holding out a knife. "Then let's dance!"

Trifle Woods, D2, Cornucopia

The girl from 12 screams at the top of her lungs, and charges towards Enzo like a maniac. By the time Enzo has just pulled out a sword, the girl from 12 has gutted him. A cannon blasts, but the sound is drowned out by the girl from 12 screaming as she pounces on Niagara from 4. I catapult a knife into the girls neck, shutting her up, and granting me with my first kill. Wow, already 2 of the returning tributes have died, leaving me, and my partner Brass Sater the remaining competitors from the group. Man, it's gonna be sad when I kill all of the careers tomorrow.

Morolith Dmitry, D0, Jungle

Astrid, I need to find her. Everyone back at home calls her Astro, but I call her Astrid. I don't know why, but I just do. "Hey, you!" A voice comes from behind me, I twirl around, throwing a knife as I do. The girl from 5 smirks, the boy and girl from 11 behind her. She holds out her hand, and grabs the knife out of thin air, then chucks it over her shoulder. "Nice try, punk." She says. "Anyways, I have a plan." "Well, what is it?" I question as the grip on my knife becomes tighter. "Well, we get a few more tributes and take down the careers, then we refuse to kill anyone, which means they'll have no choice but to set us free!" She roars with excitement. "Who's they?" I ask. "Well, the Capitol, of course." I think about this for a while, then calmly smile at her. "Well, are you in?" "Hell yeah, I'm in."

Krane Octrus, D7, Mountains

I spy on the girl from 9, who is greedily stuffing blueberries in her mouth. She's equipped with an axe, and doesn't look that friendly. Well, it's worth a shot. "Wanna be allies?" I ask, stepping out from behind a tree. "Um, su-" a knife flies past her head, burying itself into a boulder. She smiles cheerfully, and runs to investigate. A cannon fires, probably hers. As I turn with a sigh, a hands pats me on the shoulder. "Where are you going?" She asks, bloody axe in hand. I certainly underestimated her, I think.

Natalie Brine, D5, Mountains

We have picked up three more members for our alliance, the girl from 0, the boy and girl from 7, and the girl from 9. The odds of taking down the careers are fairly good. The pair from 0 are good, along with the boy from 7. "When will we fight them?" Tree asks. "I'd say tomorrow, we might also pick up another person while we're on our way to the cornucopia," I reply. "Maybe the boy from 5, but definitely not the pysco boy from 10, along with the girl from 12 who went mental when her district partner died." "Well, if we go down, they're going down with us!" Nike howls, shoving a dagger into a tree. Yes, they will go down with us, and I'll make bloody sure of it.

Niagara Cosmos, D4, Cornucopia

Glacier...I'm worried about him. He was never like this back in District 4, he was never mean. Everytime I look at him, I think; Who's done this to you? Then I remember. The Capitol. Those murderers. "Down with the Capitol!" I scream, hoping the cameras caught me. "Are you stupid!?" Glacier shouts, putting his hand over my mouth. I punch him in the face, then storm off in to my tent. The tears start to rain down my cheeks. I wan't to get out of here. But not in a body bag.

Brass Sater, D2, Cornucopia

The people around me are so stupid. Honestly, I must be the only one here with an IQ higher than a 10 year old's. Walking into Cocaine's tent, I find him sleeping. I bend down, knife in hand. His eyes flutter open and I laugh, knowing he can't yell for help. "Sshhhhh," I say. "It's just a bad dream, go to sleep," I finish. He looks up just in time to see my knife enter his heart. I rush outside of his tent, wearing an evil smirk. Man, that was close. I didn't even realize Blaze was on guard. Oh well, at least he didn't catch a glimpse of that evil event. I can't wait to dream about my future kills.

End of day two.

Day 3

Anabel Tinder, D11, Mountains

Today, we strike the careers. They'll never know what's coming for them. The faces in the sky last night was the boy from 1, the boy from 5 (Nike said that was her kill), the boy from 8, and the returning girl from 12. Four threats, done and dusted. As we exit the mountains, we spot the careers. The boy from 2 is guarding, and the girl from 1 stands a few feet away from him, armed with a battle axe. "When should we charge?" I whisper to Natalie, the leader of our pack. "Hmm. A few minutes." We wait a couple of minutes, and Natalie nods. Taking out my dagger, I take a deep breath. These could be the last moments of my life.

Calypso Circut, D1, Cornucopia

"Blaze!" I shout. "Yeah?" "We have some visitors!" Blaze spots the figures running towards us, then unleashes a sword. The grasp on my battle axe becomes even tighter, and the rage inside of me becomes thicker. By now, the rest of the careers have woken up, and are prepared for battle. "Bring it!" Yells the girl from 0. The girl from 5 looks strong, and her knife throwing skills in training proves it. Staring at the strong competitors ahead of me, I wonder if I will survive the bloodshed that is soon to come.

Iris Kranium, D2, Cornucopia

The girl from 0 doesn't even realize that I have pinned her to the ground, but she's putting up one heck of a fight. She spears me in my shoulder, letting anger erupt inside of me. I slam my hammer into her skull and watch in excitement as she crumples. The first cannon of the battle fires, and as I run for the boy from 11, I can see Calypso has a knife in her back. The girl from 7 is on top of the cornucopia, dodging the knives and spears coming her way. Wow, they're good. But not as good as me.

Forrest Shadows, D11, Cornucopia

Iris from 2 hurls a knife towards me, and I dive to my side. The knife lodges itself into the golden horn of the cornucopia and I run to get it. As soon as I yank out the knife, I watch as Natalie jump on Blaze and slit his throat with satisfaction. Then something horrifying happens. As Anabel fights the well-known Trifle Woods, Anabel gets an axe in her stomach. Anabel stares into Trifle's eyes, then inserts her dagger in Trifle's temple. I rush to Anabel's aid, and hold her hand. "Forrest.." she says. "You have to win, tell my family I love them." Her cannon fires, along with Blaze's and Trifle's. I look back at the fight going on. Time to slaughter these mongrals.

Nike O'Hare, D9, Cornucopia

Well, Natalie is very vicious. She's already stabbed Calypso multiple times, and she has just slit Blaze's throat. Distracted, the boy from 4 throws his knife at me, and I barely dodge it in time. He sighs with disbelief, then throws another one. I plummet to my left as the knife flies inches above my head. Someone screams behind me, and I see Krane pulling the knife out of his shoulder. I throw my axe at him, and he fluently knocks it away. Well, I'm weaponless. He sees this as the perfect oppurtunity, but he doesn't expect an evil looking Natalie to come up behind him and chop his head off with a sword.

Krane Octrus, D7, Cornucopia

I'm wounded pretty badly, courtesy of Glacier's knife in my shoulder. I clutch my shoulder with pain, when a powerful force brings me to the ground. Brass Sater. More vicious than ever. He stares at me for a while, then scares me with his wicked smile. Giggling, he brings the knife to my face and starts carving in his initials. I scream, and Tree barely reaches me in time before the knife is shoved into my head.

Tree Summer, D7, Cornucopia

"No!" I screech, but Brass has already finished Krane off. "You little prick!" I throw my axe at Brass, and it's dead in the middle. He sinks to his knees, and I run past his cold body. I charge towards Niagara and lock my hands around her neck. She chokes for air, then slides to the ground. But what I don't realize is that she is still alive. She slides between my legs, and plunges a knife into my back. I growl at her, and see Iris approaching Natalie. A fight I would have done anything to see, but that bitch from 4 stabs me again, this time with more force, and I slip into darkness.

Natalie Brine, D5, Cornucopia

The girl from 2 charges towards me, and I swipe her away with my knife. "You really think you stand a chance?" I shout, stepping towards her. "C'mon Niagara, lets go!" Iris screams, beckoning Niagara over. "Wel'll get you soon, weakling!" She screams, showing me her fist. They charge towards the beach, leaving me here with Nike and Forrest. She'll be dead tomorrow, I know that much. "Where's Morolith?" I ask Nike, and she replies with a shrug.

Day 4

Morolith Dmitry, D0, Jungle

I couldn't handle seeing all those people die yesterday, so I left. I've been hiding up in this tree, and no one has found me, yet. The girl from 12 is below me, crying, then starts climbing the tree that I perch in. Crap! Ever since she lost her best friend in the bloodbath, she has gone bonkers. She spots me easily, then chucks her axe at me. It flies over my head, causing me to fall 20 metres to the ground. I land face forward, and hear her feet landing on the thick leaves scattered around the trees.

Libra Gliese, D12, Jungle

Man, I'm surprised the boy from 0 has lasted this long, I mean, most tributes from 0 don't even survive the bloodbath. Whatever, he's about to die anyways, so what is there to worry about. I take out my longest knife, and slowly stride towards him. I slice him across the neck, then snicker as his cannon fires.

Mhoss Fleete, D6, Forest

Yesterday, I was so lucky. I heard 9 cannons, and another one has just sounded. Lots of threats were killed yesterday, taking me closer to home. 9 tributes remain, and I'm making sure the next few cannons aren't mine. I try and figure out the remaining tributes, and my guess comes to the girl from 2, the boy from 3, the girl from 4, the girl from 5, the girl from 9, the boy from 10, the boy from 11, the girl from 12 and me. If I go out hunting today and kill a few tributes, then maybe it will bring me even more closer to home, but it could very well bring me closer to my death.

Cyber Bytes, D3, Beach

I am so sneaky. I have been spying on Niagara and Iris, and eventually followed them here. They have gone spear fishing, and I can tell something's up. I stealthily creep towards their supplies, and throw some poison into their loaves of bread and their water. My plan is genius, and they surely won't catch any fish. I rush over to my hiding spot, and see them arguing over god knows what.

Niagara Cosmos, D4, Beach

Iris is such a bitch! She's screaming in my fact that I let Blaze die, when I actually had nothing to do with him. "Oh shut up Iris!" I scream, slapping her across the face. "You've crossed the line, skank!" She yells. She brings the spear out of the water and slams it into my hip. I dodge the next blow with my own spear, and am about skewer her when she knocks me under the surface. Horrified, I barely spot the spear drilling into my neck.

Cyber Bytes, D3, Beach

A cannon fills the purple sky, then I see something I don't want to see. Iris Kranium comes barreling towards the shore, equipped with a deadly looking spear. She bowls me over and I am on my back. Realizing I have no weapon, I punch her in the face with all my might. She rubs the blood that seeps from her nostrils off, then charges towards me. She manages to plant the spear through my heart, giving me my death blow.

Natalie Brine, D5, Jungle

We see the girl from 12 up in the trees, and Forrest shoots an arrow through the girls shoulder. She yanks it out, and Forrest shoots another arrow. This time, she is demolished. She falls from her tree, in unison with her cannon. "Nice shot!" I cheer, seeing that the arrow was right in her ear. This alliance is going not too bad, and we have managed to make the final 6. But one thing bothers me. What if it comes down to us?

Nike O'Hare, D9, Jungle

"Guys.." Natalie announces. "What happens if it comes down to us?" My body shivers. What if it does come down to the 3 of us. "Let's not talk about it," Forrest responds. "We have to talk about it!" Natalie sobs. The two of them argue, and I watch in horror as the hovercraft collects Libra's body. She was so lovely in training, and it's such a shame she cared so much about Leo, but she never knew that he didn't really stand a chance. "We'll rebel!" Shouts Forrest. "Rebelling will not work!" Natalie reminds him. "They would never leave us alone, they would torture us!" "Fine! We'll just have to kill eachother!" "There's no way I'm going to kill you two!" Natalie yells. The two argue back and forth, when Claudius's voice stains the air.

Satan Lockwood, D10, Mountains

"Tomorrow, at noon, there will be a grand feast for those who are running low on supplies, so we hope to see you there!" Wow, a feast? Original. I have been owning these games, but something that frustrates me is that I haven't had a kill since the bloodbath, and I need more blood. Hehehe. I will dominate these games, and kill everyone in the arena!

Day 5

Forrest Shadows, D11, Jungle

I wake up at about 10:00am, and take one last look at Natalie and Nike. It's time to leave. I gather my supplies and take off. I see the cornucopia infront of me, and before I charge, I take out an orange and start munching. I'm gonna have to be really prepared. Nike and Natalie should arrive at any moment. I take one last deep breath, then spring forward.

Satan Lockwood, D10, Cornucopia

I took my mentors advice, and came here early. I need more blood. I spot the boy from 11 sprinting towards his pack, and I know that he hasn't spotted me. Yet. I come out from behind the cornucopia, and throw my axe at him. He tumbles to the ground, with my axe in his chest. the cannon fires and an evil smile appears on my face. Iris will be next.

Iris Kranium, D2, Cornucopia

The boy from 11 has been killed, and I run for my pack. Unexpectedly, an axe comes out of no where and clips to my pack. I whip my head around and see the boy from 10 charging. Bad choice, I think to myself.

Natalie Brine, D5, Jungle

"Natalie!" Screams Nike. I sit up quickly and see Nike curled up in a ball. "What! What's wrong?" I ask, confused. "A cannon!" Wow. Big deal. "C'mon! We're going to be late for the feast, I have some unfinished buisness to deal with." "No! What if you die?" "Believe me Nike, I won't die," She goes silent for a few minutes, then grabs a dagger. "Okay..."

Mhoss Fleete, D6, Cornucopia

The girls from 5 and 9 have arrived, bringing the remaining of us together. Iris and Satan are fighting, Nike and Natalie grab their packs, but Natalie isn't done yet. "Get off her!" She screams at Satan. "She's my kill!" Wow. A girl from 5 wants to kill? That's definitely a first. Nike backs up, and watches in horror. Poor girl, she just wants to get home. Iris escapes from the two attacking her, then spots me. She charges towards me, Natalie and Satan chasing after her. I'm sorry, 6, I cry in my mind as Iris's knife enters my chest.

Nike O'Hare, D9, Cornucopia

"Natalie, Iris is going to kill you!" I scream, begging for Natalie to back out of the fray. "No! This ends now!" She shouts, but before she can give Iris the finishing blow, Satan swipes the knife across Natalie's chest. "No!" I scream again, rushing over to her. "Nike.. I should have listened to you," she starts in a barely audible whisper. "Nike, win for me, win for your family.." "I can't, Natalie, I can't kill another person, it hurts.." "That's your choice," are her last words before her cannon fires. I watch Iris and Satan wrestling on the ground.?

Iris Kranium, D2, Cornucopia

The girl from 9 rushes towards me, and I slide my knife into her neck. "Well, that backfired for you, didn't it?" I chuckle, getting up from the ground. Satan looks up and smirks his evil grin. "What?" I ask. He whispers something to me, then I snicker. I bring the knife to his chest, he brings his to mine, then Claudius Templesmith's voice fills my ears. "Stop!" Ha! "I present you with the victors of the 5th Hunger Games, Iris Kranium of District 2 and Satan Lockwood of District 10!"


Satan Lockwood, D10, District 10

Victors village is really different from what I'm used to... I've been visiting a doctor every monday and friday for therapy, and I'm putting the pieces of my life together, slowly, but surely. My brother, Dragon, has been helping me out a lot aswell, and I still see Iris quite a lot. I don't know why I wanted to win with her, she just looked so evil at the moment. She's given up her devilish ways as well, and I'm glad that we're both becoming normal now. I'm not looking forward to mentoring next year, but I don't have much of a choice. A knock on the door erases my thoughts and I jerk open the knob. "Hey! I'm Venus and this is my nephew Vulcan, can we please have your autograph?" I sign their sheets of paper and kindly slam the door in their faces. I turn back around and saunter past my victors crown. I examine it closely, and notice that there is a silver incrusted "10" on the inside ring. The Hunger Games will not haunt me, because I will be proud to say to my children that I was one of the two victors of the 5th Hunger Games.

Iris Kranium, D2, Reaping (One year later)

I confidently creep towards my seat, not even hearing the escorts voice over the screams blaring from the crowd. I remember last year, I was right over there in the 14 year old section. My mother begged me not to volunteer, but I didn't listen. And look where I am now, mom!!! The escort, Kourtney Bell, widens her mouth into the cheesiest grin I have ever seen in my whole life. She trots over to the girls bowl and shouts out "Ladies first!" She punches her fist into the bowl, and digs out a slip. "Ursula Shrapnel!" She shouts into the microphone. A girl with black pigtails and beautiful eyes pops out of the crowd, then casts a look over her shoulder. Nobody volunteers. As Ursula saunters up on stage, I realize who she is. She was in my class last year, and she's mute. She wears the latest brands, but rumours went around that she steals them. What a kleptomaniac. Kourtney tumbles towards to boys bowl and tears out a slip. "Oscar Du Winter!" A boy that I recall being gay prances towards the stage, head held high. "I volunteer!" A boy in the crowd runs out of the 17 year old section, and jogs onto the stage. He looks confident, a little bit too confident. "Issa Jackson," he says into the microphone. "Your future victor!" A few boos come from the crowd. Issa? Issa Jackson.. It sounds familiar. Then I remember that he was stood down from school for bullying some kid called Daniel Patterson. The two look like forces to be reckoned with, and I'm really proud to say that I am mentoring these tributes. "District 2, I give you Ursula Shrapnel and Issa Jackson, our years tributes!"

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