Okay, so these are a normal games, but the arena will be, very interesting.






Appearance (I'll make lunaiis):







Okay, I've gone a little crazy on this one. Tributes will be visiting the 7 wonders of the world (my choice), The Colosseum, The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, The Grand Canyon, The Pyramids of Giza, Victoria Falls and Chichen Itza.


  • Tux Golden (D1)
  • Chic Bucci (D1)
  • Issa Jackson (D2)
  • Ursula Shrapnel (D2)
  • Hertz Engine (D3)
  • Candela Calor (D3)
  • Blue West (D4)
  • Aquamarine Summerton (D4)
  • Sagitarius Profane (D5)
  • Jillian-anne Forsythe (D5)
  • Talon Faust (D6)
  • Cho Abiko (D6)
  • Banjo Fielder (D7)
  • Tinder Leafs (D7)
  • Zil Sperry (D8)
  • Mystique Cirque (D8)
  • Thorn Sparrow (D9)
  • Peppa Rannoch (D9)
  • Vulcan Olympus (D10)
  • Venus Olympus (D10)
  • Reginald Turner (D11)
  • Astrid Mitchell (D11)
  • Ridge Hillsong (D12)
  • Violet Moira (D12)
  • Tristan Jill (D13)
  • Summit Nuclear (D13)


Male User Female User
One Tux Golden Tommyboy97 Chic Bucci Tommyboy97
Two Issa Jackson TheMysteriousGeek Ursula Shrapnel TheMysteriousGeek
Three Hertz Engine TBWTPT Candela Calor TBWTPT
Four Blue West Angry birds12 Aquamarine Summerton Angry birds12
Five Sagitarius Profane Prezziesnow9704:)! Jillian-anne Forsythe            Prezziesnow9704:)!
Six Talon Faust Firecatcher3 Cho Abiko Tommyboy97
Seven Banjo Fielder Maxoconnelll Tinder Leafs Firecatcher3
Eight Zil Sperry YoungGuy5 Mystique Cirque TheMysteriousGeek
Nine Thorn Sparrow Firecatcher3 Peppa Rannoch Firecatcher3
Ten Vulcan Olympus TheMysteriousGeek Venus Olympus TheMysteriousGeek
Eleven Reginald Turner Beetee19 Astrid Mitchell Beetee19
Twelve Ridge Hillsong Tiki tooki Violet Moira Cloveismywife
Thirteen Tristan "TJ" Jill Cloveismywife Summit Nuclear Annamisasa

Training Scores

Male Score Female Score
Tux Golden (D1) 11 Chic Bucci (D1) 10
Issa Jackson (D2) 10 Ursula Shrapnel (D2) 10
Hertz Engine (D3) 6 Candela Calor (D3) 5

Blue West (D4)

9 Aquamarine Summerton (D4)                        10
Sagitarius Profane (D5) 6 Jillian-anne Forsythe (D5) 6
Talon Faust (D6) 10 Cho Abiko (D6) 7
Banjo Fielder (D7) 8 Tinder Leafs (D7) 7
Zil Sperry (D8) 5 Mystique Cirque (D8) 8
Thorn Sparrow 9 Peppa Rannoch 7
Vulcan Olympus (D10) 9 Venus Olympus (D10) 9
Reginald Turner (D11) 5 Astrid Mitchell (D11) 5
Ridge Hillsong (D12) 5 Violet Moira (D12) 5
Tristan "TJ" Jill (D13) 4 Summit Nuclear (D13)



Tributes will be put into groups based on training scores


Tux Golden (D1)

Chic Bucci (D1)

Issa Jackson (D2)

Ursula Shrapnel (D2)

Aquamarine Summerton (D4)

Talon Faust (D6)


Blue West (D4)

Banjo Fielder (D7)

Mystique Cirque (D8)

Thorn Sparrow (D9)

Vulcan Olympus (D10)

Venus Olympus (D10)


Hertz Engine (D3)

Sagitarius Profane (D5)

Jillian-anne Forsythe (D5)

Cho Abiko (D6)

Tinder Leafs (D7)

Peppa Rannoch (D9)


Candela Calor (D3)

Zil Sperry (D8)

Reginald Turner (D11)

Astrid Mitchell (D11)

Ridge Hillsong (D12)

Violet Moira (D12)


Tristan "TJ" Jill (D13)

Summit Nuclear (D13)

Day One: The Bloodbath

Thorn Sparrow, D9, Metal Plate

My plate escalates from the subterranean, trapping me in our ephemeral arena where we have a liscence to slaughter other children. It makes me unconditionally nauseated. I pick my head up, and gaze at the exterior of the legendary Colosseum. Rome is very superlative compared to Panem, but I sure wish I was back in Panem, at home, safe. Breathe in, and out, Thorn. I sigh and glare ahead of me. Weapons and supplies are sprinkled around infront of me, but something divergent catches my eye. Five wooden crates are sheathed upon one of the many concrete staircases, each plastered with the a certain number. 1 being the best, 5 being the worst. I cast a quick look to my side and see Mystique Cirque from District 8. She's very cordial, and I'm extremely jovial that she's in my group. Together, we will be unstoppable, along with the other members of my group. The gong audibly rings, causing my eardrums to rattle in unison. I take another deep breath, then launch myself into fray.

Cho Abiko, D6, Colosseum

I gallop forth from my metallic disc, releasing me into the massacre. I scamper through the human butchery, then gape furiously as I catch sight of Issa Jackson patrolling a stockpile mounted with provisions. A copper frying pan that lies 2 metres to my right clasps my attention. I grapple the frying pan free then briskly approach Issa. Issa briefly sights me advancing on him, then equips himself with an acuminous knife. I breeze in on the calumniattor, then clobber him over the head, knocking him unconcious. Removing a glimmering knife from the stockpile, I usher my team members towards our maroon shaded crate. We each clamp a lustrous handle then drag it down the glossy staircase. A glistening arrow whizzes past my forehead, then lodges itself in Jillian-anne's neck. She sinks to the ground, extinct. I gape over my shoulder, then find her perpetrator. Aquamarine Summerton of District 4. "Come on guys, get a move on!" I ambitiously bellow before abandoning Jillian-anne.

Tux Golden, D1, Colosseum

Glazing objects are being cannonaded around in our human zoo, and the only tribute with a kill is Aquamarine. I nudge the boy from 8 to the ground, then flip him over violently. He begs for help, but nobody checks in. An obscene simper appears on my face, then I gently comb my knife around in his chest. He anguishly shrieks for help once more, but again, nobody rings in. I uproot the knife out of his chest and run over to Chic and Talon, who are circled around Issa's cold body. "Tux, he might be dead!" Chic bawls, brushing her fingers across his chest. Does she even know what she's doing? I bunt her out of my way, and Issa's eyes quiver open. He strokes his head, which has been hit with a powerful force, then calamitously mumbles something under his breath. "It was the girl from 6!" He growls. "She whacked me one with that frying pan!" Frying pan? "Why a frying pan?" I query. "How should I know?" He hisses. "Okay, well we should probably get our crate," I announce, heaving Issa to his feet. "Before someone steals it." We dart towards the crates, and meet up with Aquamarine and Ursula. We rend the crate down the staircase and after ten minutes of towing the crate, set up camp by a silver tombstone. I wonder what's going on back at the stockpile.

Venus Olympus, D10, Colosseum

Things are running smoothly at the stockpile, so far. The pair from 13 struggle to hoist their crate, and we're already cantering up the staircase. Mystique launches herself at Summit like a gluttonous lion, then slams her head frequently on the staricase, dusting our faces with her own syrupy blood. Mystique tosses Summit's cold, crimson body over her shoulder and immorally grins, leaving TJ horror struck. TJ makes a run for it, dropping his own crate and circuiting towards the opposite end of us. Violet Moira, District 12, hurls a knife in my direction, and I quickly execute a barrel roll, evading the lethal blade. She hisses something under her breath, then explodes into a vicious aggressor, converging on me quickly. She chucks knife after knife, and I barely dodge half of them. Loud shrieks escape her mouth, and she charges towards me. She strains me to the ground, and glissades a coruscating sword from her belt.  "Where's your nephew, huh? Where is he!" She shouts in my face as I tremble with fear. "Talking behind my back, huh?" Vulcan screams, leaping on top of Violet.  "Vulcan, no! She'll kill you!" I yelp, and dart towards them, who are now a few yards away from me. "I'll handle this myself Venus!" But I know he can't. Or can he? I've actually never seen him fight before, and I know he wants to show me what he's made of. "Go get her, Vulcan!" I cheer before taking a few cautious steps back. 


Violet makes the first move, and belts Vulcan across the face, causing him to stumble backwards. Vulcan then slides under her legs, and cuffs Violet's carbs so hard she buckles to her knees. Violet equips herself with a knife, and crawls towards Vulcan like a lion stalking it's prey. She clumps the knife across his arm, then cavorts to her featherweight feet. Violet breezes in on him once more, with a sinister smirk set on her battered face. But Vulcan hasn't given up that easily. Vulcan peers up in enough time to catch sight of Violet barreling towards him. He flings his fists at her, and a gruesome, purple blemish appears on her nose, along with the sickening sound of a crunch. Vulcan retrieves an axe from a nervous Venus, and sprints towards Violet. He anchors the axe with a powerful grip, then buries it into Violet's leg. Anger boils up inside of Violet as she evulses the axe from her leg. She slumps the axe to the ground, then readies a knife. Vulcan charges and bowls her over while catching hold of the axe, Violet rises, only to get another smack across her face. Vulcan crushes Violet's left arm with the back of his axe, enraging Violet even more. Violet plants a sickly chink in Vulcan's hip with her menacing knife, allowing blood to seep from the chasm near his stomach. Vulcan screeches in pain, only to be kneed in the temple. Vulcan collapses to the ground, almost lifeless, but gets right back up, and swings into action. He solidly socks Violet in the neck, launching her to the ground. He then maliciously stomps on her hair, ripping chunks out one by one. She shrieks louder than ever, and clutches her bleeding sculp with terrifying pain. But nor does Violet give up, she clenches Vulcan's ankles, and throws him on his back. She elbows him in his chest, then finally unleashes the knife. About to dunk the knife in his heart, Vulcan has rolled back up to his feet. Violet rises from the ground, absolutely raged. Vulcan kicks Violet in her chin, then swipes his fist across her face once more. He rears the axe and catapults. Violet smacks her eyes shut, then hears the sickening crash of the axe finding her chest.

Reginald Turner, D11, Colosseum

Already two of our team members have been exterminated, and their bleeding carcasses now grusomely recline on the solid surface. Ridge is pretty shaken up by this turn of events, and Astrid has agreed to abandon the scene with him while Candela and I capture our crate before things get ugly. Blue, Banjo and Mystique come racing down the steps, lugging their crate behind them laboriously. Candela sabotages Blue by implanting a knife in his ankle, then bolting up the steps before Blue can spike Candela with his trident. I clench one of the handles of the crate when Candela ferociously sneers. She rushes to the back of the crate and starts jolting it like a caveman nudging a boulder down a hill. After a few seconds, the crate begins trundling down the steps, and catches up with the team below. Mystique sibilates, then dives out of our crates path, dropping hold of her own. Blue instantly submerges to the ground, causing tiny fragments of wood to cycle across his back. But Banjo hasn't reacted yet, and our crate has kneaded him like dough, snapping his neck briskly in unison. Candela adroitidly nods with satisfaction, then hastes down the steps. We collect our supplies then quickly whisk away in the direction Astrid and Ridge had fleed from.

Ursula Shrapnel, D2, Colosseum

Chic is absolutely vexatious, and I just can't wait to ring the life out of her when the time arrives. First of all, she's annoying, and only goes on about her skilled, flawless sisters. Secondly, she doesn't give a damn about anything, and expects Tux, Issa, or Talon to take care of everything. And to conclude my theory, she's just an absolute bucket of terror. If I could deaden her with insults, then I so would. But a quick turn of events strikes the career camp when Hertz, Peppa, and Tinder expose themselves by hustling towards us velociously. I don't know where Sagitarius and Cho are from their team, but I shove that thought into the back of my mind. I elusively captivate four gleaming hammers from my midnight blue backpack, then cascade into action. Talon and Aquamarine have gathered around Peppa, and Issa and Tux have clustered on Tinder. And of course, Chic sits back and watches in fondness. Now, one massive game of dodgeball is being played, except with sharp, noxious blades. I propel one of my deadly hammers in Hertz's direction, sending him crumpling towards the ground, the claw of my hammer in his neck. Wow, is it this easy? Peppa and Tinder have slowly deserted the scene, pretty wounded. Good, because we put up a tough fight. Meanwhile, six cannons have sounded. Great, so only six people have been slaughtered today? Pathetic job, people. Pathetic.

Blue West, D4, Colosseum

Tinder and Peppa dart past us, screaming and shrieking. Thorn turns to me, then shrugs his shoulders with a nimble jolt of his body. Mystique, Thorn, and I have decided to go investigate the chaos they were running away from. Then a piercing gasp escapes my mouth when I spot a deceased Hertz, with a horned hammer clipped to his neck, blood seeping from the chamber near his throat. Mystique takes an alarmed step back, then readies a sword. Chic, Issa and Talon step out from behind a large marble rod, then take the first strike. Talon throws Mystique to the ground, and whilst this is occuring, Chic elusively unlocks Issa's throat, sending her ally capsizing to the ground. Ursula and Tux arrive, just in time to see Chic rolling the knife out of Issa's leeching throat. Chic chuckles sinisterly, then pounces on me. Chic sadisticly glissades the knife across my chest, splattering her face with my hot, sticky blood. The last image I see before the life rains out of me is Chic sprinting away, and Ursula chasing after her. "Thorn..." I choke out. The rest of the careers abandon the scene. "Thorn, Mystique... win for me..." Then the sound of my cannon.

Tinder Leafs, D7, Colosseum

Hertz was once my friend, and now he's gone. Escaped from this terrible game, now parading in heaven. Oh, how jealous I am of him. Maybe, I should just crucify myself right now, then be deposited into an oven, where I can burn to death. Have my family clasp my own ashy crisps that were once fractions of my tan, glossy skin. No, Tinder. Fight. Bring down anyone in your way, win these games. Return home. Yes, I won't give up, I'll brawl for the crown. I'll dominate these games and go back home, where I can see my family. Yes, my family. I can just see my older brother, running towards me, then clutching me up high, in a big, comforting hug. Then there's my friends. My beautiful friends, who are all back at home, rooting for me to come out of these games alive. Bring honour to them by becoming a victor. I snap back into reality, then rush over to Sagitarius. "Me and Peppa and Hertz were going to grab some food from the stockpile, and then we ran into the careers. Ursula put a hammer in Hertz's neck before we ran away." I tell him, still shaking with shock. "It's okay, Tinder. Go get some rest, it will be a big day tomorrow."

Chic Bucci, D1, Colosseum

Honestly, I have no idea what inside of me told me to slit Issa's throat. But it doesn't really matter anyways, I've erased two major threats, and Ursula stopped chasing me about ten minutes ago. I apatheticly plop down behind a large brick podium, then roll under a small chamber beneath it. Here, no one will be able to spot me, so I think I'll be good for the day. Two cannons rattle me into focus, yes, 9 have had their lives confiscated. And today, two lives have been crumpled into dust because of my actions. The repugnant image of me slaughtering two children quiver me into a regretful sinner. These repulsive twists and turns of my knives have resulted in me transforming into a savage killer. I quickly slide out from my hiding spot and toss my knives in a random direction, not wanting to see the horrible chunks of silver ever again. Tomorrow, I have no idea what I'm in store for. But I can all ready tell, tomorrow, many will die.

Day Two: Rounds

So, I don't think anyone's reading this anymore, but anyways, I'm shortening these games by making rounds, and the last one standing wins. Yeah, sorry. Random Name Picker will pick who's versing who, thanks. Oh, and there will be a party after the rounds, to let people see who won the rounds.

Ursula VS Astrid

Ursula and Astrid are raised into the grassy arena, and the golden cornucopia lies infront of them. Ursula rings in the items at the cornucopia, she can see whips, frying pans, baseball bats, crowbars, and other odd objects used for clobbering and shattering. Astrid shudders, seeing that her competition is Ursula Shrapnel of District 2, the skilled, hammer wielding career, and Ursula would probably be laughing at Astrid if she wasn't mute.

The gong rings out across the cornucopia, and the two girls dart towards the cornucopia. Astrid quickly grabs a whip, then lashes Ursula across the throat, which is ironic, because Ursula was whipped across the throat, the cause of her becoming mute. A red mark appears on Ursula's throat, and she socks Astrid in the neck before scuttling past her. Astrid, clasping her neck, chases after the mute, District 2 female, clutching her jet black whip. "Where are you!?" Astrid screeches, not being able to find Ursula.

Out of nowhere, Ursula jump outs from behind a rack filled with weapons, wielding a large, wooden baseball bat. Astrid gasps, then belts Ursula three times across the chest. Ursula collapses to the ground, almost dead, but she quickly rolls back to her feet, Now equipped with the baseball bat, Ursula sprints towards Astrid, then clobbers the baseball bat over Astrid's head. Astrid falls to the ground, holding her spiked head. Batter up Ursula thinks to herself before she striking Astrid in the head with her bat.

Ursula drops the bulky baseball bat now splattered with blood. Then waits for the hovercraft to take her away from the temporary arena. But it never comes. Astrid comes up behind Ursula, then whips her tailbone. Astrid laughs as  Ursula sinks to her knees, then Astrid raises the whip for the finishing blow, which never comes. Astrid falls flat on her face, due to the injuries Ursula caused her. The hovercraft comes and picks up Ursula

Peppa VS Thorn

Peppa and Thorn are elevated into the arena, and once they both spot eachother, their jaws drop. How could they do this to us? Peppa thinks to herself as she stares into the eyes of Thorn. Thorn decides to draw his attention away from Peppa, and peer into the horn of the golden cornucopia infront of them. Rather odd objects used for smacking and belting with are found, making the deaths more painful, and more entertaining. Peppa just decides she'll kill Thorn, knowing that she needs to survive to return to her family that need her.

The gong sounds, and the two natives from District 9 cautiously step off of their plates, then rush towards the cornucopia. Peppa grapples an argent crowbar, and corners Thorn by the horn of the cornucopia. "How could you?" Thorn asks as Peppa advances on him. "My family needs me!" She bellows, then swings down the crow bar. The horned crowbar buries itself into the cornucopia, courtesy of Thorn stepping away from Peppa's clash.

Thorn grabs a frying pan from the weapony rack, then approaches Peppa. Peppa swings the crowbar at Thorn once more, this time it pierces his shoulder. Thorn yelps in pain, then takes his first strike with the frying pan he's armed with. Peppa gasps as the frying pan is smashed over her head, then she stumbles backward, clutching the bump planted in her head. This encourages Peppa to strike Thorn again, this time in his chest.

Thorn yelped, clutching his bleeding chest, then struck Peppa again with the pan. Peppa dodges the strike fluidly, then begins to spin towards him, equipped with her lethal crowbar which would soon take his life. Peppa swung it at Thorn, but he ducked, dodging the attack, but when he came back up again, Peppa scraped it along his hip, and then slowly, and painfully dragged it across his stomach.

The crowbar didn't cut too deep, thankfully, and Thorn cried with pain. Thorn charged Peppa, then smack her in her  leg. Peppa's legs buckled, sending her rolling across the ground. Peppa springs to her feet, then hits Thorn over the head with the crowbar. Thorn tumbled to the ground, but quickly gained the strength to bash the frying pan into Peppa's chest. Peppa fell to the ground, good as dead. The hovercraft comes and retrieves Thorn.

Talon VS Ridge

Talon and Ridge are lifted into the arena on their metal plates. Ridge, another mute tribute, scans the cornucopia infront of him. Ridge decides to grab something heavy, knowing that he's one of the strongest tributes. Talon knows for sure, that's he's got this in the bag. Talon, probably the biggest threat in the arena after Tux, eyes his competition. I really shouldn't underestimate him, he seems determined.. Talon thinks to himself before the gong rings, allowing the two boys to rush for the gleaming weapons infront of them.

Talon reaches the cornucopia first, he quickly grabs a large, metallic hammer before rushing towards an unarmed Ridge. Ridge dodges the first strike, then knocks Talon to the ground with a hard shatter of his body. Talon towers over, hitting the ground thud, letting Ridge make a break for the cornucopia. Talon, now on his feet, creeps towards the cornucopia, where Ridge could pop out and kill him in any second. Talon oozes his feet through the opening of the cornucopia, clenching his hammer tighter than the grip before.

Talon's back starts to ache as the whip makes impact. Talon whirls around, only to get another strike across the side of his face. Talon tumbles backwards, smashing into the weapon rack, sending all of the glimmering blades across the floor with a loud clatter. Talon, now having lost grip on his hammer, crawls away from Ridge, who's about to finish him off. As Talon bounds to his feet and scrambles away from the cornucopia, Ridge quickly makes the scene.

Ridge rattles the whip over Talon's left temple, sending the dazed boy quivering into the golden wall of the cornucopia. Talon socks Ridge in the neck, then starts snickering like a maniac. "No one, no one can beat me!" Talon hisses, only to have Ridge's whip swathed around his neck. Ridge tugs the whip with all of the strength he has, causing Talon to be throttled rapidly. Talon then falls to the blood stained grass, leaving the carcass to rot while Ridge is picked up by the hovercraft.

Candela VS Chic

The two albino blondes are raised into the arena, both tossing their blonde curls about. Candela, the vicious, platinum blonde bandit smirks as she sees the bimbo from District 1, who will be smoldered in no time. Candela begins to laugh, knowing that this will be easy as pie. Chic had made a promise to herself, to never, ever kill another tribute. But, now, she doesn't really have a choice. Chic looks infront of her, she can't really make out what weapons there are, too busy looking at the blood stained grass in digust. Soon, the gong rings out, and the two girls rush towards the cornucopia like hungry tigers chasing after a tasty gazelle.

Chic makes it to the cornucopia first, but Candela arrives just a second after, large curls blowing in the wind. Candela retrieves two, twinkling, golden screwdrivers, wielding one in each hand. Chic sighs, then grasps for a sparkling golf club. The two beautiful girls advance on eachother, and Candela earns herself with the first blow. One of Candela's screwdrivers clips to Chic's shoulder blade, and Chic just rips it out with a squawk of pain, then hurls it over her shoulder without caring about the stupid weapon.

Chic clubs Candela below the throat with a swing of the deadly golf club, letting blood burst from Candela's hole below the neck. Candela coughs up some blood, then once Chic thinks she's dead, that's when Candela swings into action. Candela sprouts her screwdriver through Chic's torso, but the hole wasn't too deep, and Chic still played on. Candela, clasping her bleeding throat with one hand and wielding her screwdriver with the other, pounced on towards the girl from 1. Candela struck Chic in the hip, letting Chic fall on her back.

Candela lumbered towards Chic, then quickly stood over her. Candela raised the screwdriver. "Don't worry, you'll see all the other tributes in hell!" Candela brung down the screwdriver, which was so close to piercing Chic, but Chic quickly rolled away from it just in time. Chic grabbed her golf club, then slithered it through the slot in Candela's throat, opening Candela's neck fully, the second time Chic has repeated this movement. The hovercraft appears over Chic, then quickly picks her up, then later picking up Candela's corpse.

Tinder VS Vulcan

As Vulcan is being raised into the arena, he desperately hopes that his opponent isn't Venus. His wish comes true as he comes face to face with Tinder from District 7. Tinder peers into the golden mouth of the cornucopia, where strange metallic objects hang around in awkward places, and hosing blood stain the golden chamber. Soon, the two strong tributes are now running for the cornucopia, courtesy of the gong rattling their eardrums.

Vulcan reaches the cornucopia seconds before Tinder comes barreling towards him, armed with an axe she managed to find buried deep under odd metal gadgets. Vulcan elbows Tinder in the chest with full impact, sending blood from Tinder's mouth to splatter Vulcan's light brown shirt. Vulcan ignores the crimson, syrupy blood that stains his shirt, and quickly grabs a metal chopstick, a very odd weapon the gamemakers decided to throw in for the fun of it. At the tip, the chopstick is sharper than a talon, and Vulcan is too busy focusing on the chopstick to dodge the attack.

Tinder smashes into his side, sending him flying backwards, but he still grips the chopstick that would soon take her life. Vulcan rubs his head, then gets back up. He charges at Tinder, then slices open Tinder's chest with a sickening swing of his chopstick. Blood seeps from Tinder's bust, and she collapses to her knees, hands buried in her own chest. More blood oozes from her mouth, and the sight of the hot blood trickling down Tinder's chin fills Vulcan with fear. He's killed one person already, and he can't be the cause of another.

He simply just waits for the hovercraft to appear, back to Tinder, not wanting to witness her death. Tears flood from his eyes, and he quickly wipes them away. He wants to survive, and he's done the right thing by killing her. But, what he doesn't know, is that she isn't dead. Tinder's hands wrap around Vulcan's neck, and she struggles to snap it. Vulcan nudges Tinder in her chest, sending her back to the ground, where she belongs Vulcan thinks to himself.

Vulcan, armed with his chopstick, slowly walks towards a dying Tinder, he knows that he could just leave her to die, but even though she tried to kill him twice, he doesn't want her to suffer. He kneels down beside Tinder, then lays the chopstick on her neck. Then when he's about to drag the chopstick along her neck, he remembers she has an axe. An axe that is now in his head. Tinder quickly gasps, but it hurts so much she stops halfway. I just killed him she thinks. An innocent boy who could have had a family back home. Tinder bursts out in tears, and medics nurse her back to health before the hovercraft comes and collects her.

Reginald VS Tristan

Reginald and Tristan are raised into the arena, both already placed in running positions. Reginald looks a bit more determined than Tristan, but Reginald doesn't look as ruthless as the boy opposite him. Reginald shuffles on his plate, eager to be the first out of the two to reach the cornucopia and be the first to grab something that will take Tristan's life. Tristan, the myserious, sensitive boy who doesn't talk much can already tell Reginald will beat him to the cornucopia, due to the injuries Tristan had gotten at the cornucopia battle on day one. Soon, the gong rings, and the boys flare towards the cornucopia.

Just like Tristan had predicted, and how Reginald hoped, Reginald makes the cornucopia first, and quickly grabs a scimitar. A scared Tristan enters the cornucopia, knowing that Reginald will strike him when he least expects it. Tristan cautiously removes a golden dagger from the weaponry rack, then instead of lurking around the cornucopia, sprints through the cornucopia, letting out a battle cry. Reginald hops out infront of Tristan, then throws the scimitar with fury.

The blade attatches to Tristan's skull, and Tristan slumps to the ground, letting the life drown out of him. The first battle of the day where it only took one hit to end the tribute. Reginald takes a look at Tristan's corpse, then feels a bit guilty. His family would have watched Reginald kill another human being, which scares Reginald. I wonder if Asrtrid survived he wonders. After a minute of waiting, the hovercraft still hasn't came to pick him up. Reginald removes the scimitar from Tristan's skull, then with his eyes closed, swings it back down on him.

More blood sprays Reginald as the scimitar makes impact with Tristan's skull once more. Reginald turns away from the mess he's made, and watches in relief as the hovercraft makes it's way towards him. The claws come and pick up Reginald from the arena, and take him back to the Capitol.

Aquamarine VS Cho

Aquamarine and Cho are lifted into the arena, the fight people have eagerly been waiting to see. The two vicious girls look eachother up and down, finding fault in one another. Cho finally draws her attention to the gleaming cornucopia, where she would reach first, even if it means fighting Aquamarine, hand to hand. After a minute that seemed like an hour to the girls, they jump off of their plates and sprint towards the cornucopia.

Cho thinks she has made it to the cornucopia first when Aquamarine runs infront of her, steel claws attatched to her knuckles. Cho clenches her fists and punches Aquamarine in the face before running past her, searching for a weapon. After a few seconds, Aquamarine slowly hisses, then advances on Cho from behind. Cho has found a long knife, at least 10 and a half inches long, which she swings at Aquamarine as she spins around.

Aquamarine ducks just in time, and Cho screeches as both of her kneecaps witness a blazing pain. Cho looks down and watches in disgust as Aquamarine removes her steel claws from Cho's legs. Aquamarine maliciously smirks, then feels the wrath as Cho swipes her knife across Aquamarine's waist. Aquamarine stumbles backwards, then to her surprise, has Cho's knife sliding through her thigh.

The tip of the long knife is almost visible as it's about to come out of the back of Aquamarine's thigh, but never gets the chance because Aquamarine has deposited her steel claws through Cho Abiko's chest. Cho gasps for air as she slowly falls to the ground. Cho clutches her chest and begins to cry. Aquamarine is rolling around on the grass screaming louder than ever.

Aquamarine forces herself to stop crying, then crawls over to a still crying Cho. "Wimp," Aquamarine whispers into Cho's ear, barely audible. Aquamarine lifts up her hands, then plunges the steel claws through Cho's stomach. Aquamarine falls on her side, grasping the hole in her leg. "Help," Aquamarine says, in too much shock to scream, soon the hovercraft flies by and picks her up, where she'll get her leg fixed in the Capitol.

Sagitarius VS Mystique

Sagitarius and Mystique are raised into the arena, and Mystique's face brightens as she spots the whips located in the cornucopia. The very strong-willed Sagitarius stands tall on his plate, not wanting to appear weak to Mystique and the viewers at home. He quickly looks behind him, but he sees nothing, knowing that there's no escape. Mystique, ecstatic that whips are found in the cornucopia, also stands tall on her plate. The two very competitive tributes are sizing eachother up, barely noticing the gong that has just rung out.

Mystique makes it to the cornucopia first, then grabs a whip. She stares at it as if it's pure gold, then remembers where she is, which is definitely not the circus. If I can tame a lion, Mystique thinks to herself while groping the whip, then I can tame a tribute. Mystique swings around and scouts out the cornucopia, looking for the well hidden Sagitarius. 

Sagitarius jumps out infront of Mystique like a lion. Like a lion that needs be tamed. Mystique grimaces with delight, then smacks Sagitarius four times in the neck. Sagitarius lumbers backwards, until he grabs the object closest to him, a dull, blunt knife. Sagitarius begins to wield the useless knife, and he swiftly dodges a hit Mystique strikes him with. Mystique growls with anger, then swings the whip at him again.

Mystique boils with anger as Sagitarius steps out of the whips path once more, letting the whip belt thin air. Sagitarius slides the knife into his belt, then grabs on to the other end of the whip. The two tributes begin having a game of tug of war over the pitch black whip, and Mystique manages to snatch it back off of him.

Sagitarius arms himself with the dull knife, then creates a slice across Mystique's chest. Lucky for her, if the knife was any sharper, that swipe would have taken her life, but the cut Sagitarius painted across her chest isn't too deep, and she's about to finish him off when his knife makes impact with her temple. The hovercraft comes and collects Sagitarius, leaving only one more battle left before the party.

Tux VS Venus

I hope Vulcan survived... Venus thought to herself as she was being lifted into the arena. Venus gulped as she saw who her competition was. No other than legendary Tux Golden. Venus buried her face into her hands. There's no way she can win against him, no possible way at all. Venus took a large breath, then stared daggers into his eyes. Tux chuckled, the noxious boy was about to butcher this girl like a pig. He readied himself in a running position, then the gong rang out.

Lucky for Venus, she's a fast runner, and makes it to the cornucopia before Tux does. Venus makes the most of this oppurtunity, and grabs a hatchet. Venus runs behind a jet black crate and waits for Tux to arrive, she'll have no problem confiscating this savage's life, and takes it as a privelege. Tux rushes into the cornucopia and growls, determined to find Venus. Tux grabs a jet black axe, then lurks through the cornucopia, searching for the girl he will need to kill to become one step closer to becoming the victor.

Tux sees a brown mane move around in the cornucopia, he had finally got her, and when he zoomed around, charging with his axe, she had vanished. Huh? Tux thought. He knew that she was there, and now, she was no where to be found. Tux strolled around for a minute or two, and finally left the cornucopia, baffled, Where did she go? He thought for the hundreth time. And that's when he saw her, his jaw dropped.

Venus is perching on top of the golden cornucopia, twirling around her hatchet, laughing at Tux's stupidity. Where else would this clever girl be located? Tux growled at her, then began to climb the golden cornucopia. Venus gasped as she saw his hand appear near her, and she quickly buried her hatchet into his hand. Tux yelped in pain, and had the hatchet ripped out of his flesh before he fell from the cornucopia, hitting the ground with a thud.

Tux groaned and moaned on the ground, then saw the brunette girl tower over him. Venus raises her hatcher, then brings it down. The hatchet buries itself into the grass, and Venus grunts with anger. Where the heck is he? Venus thinks to herself, but what she doesn't know, is that Tux is right behind her, holding his axe in one hand, Venus turns around, then gasps. "Oh no.." she says, as Tux creeps towards her, belting around the jet black blade.

Venus ran towards Tux, and the two shattered into eachother, Venus' hatchet was now buried deep into Tux's lungs, and Tux's pitch black axe was now sticking out of Venus' stomach. The two gasped for air, wondering which one would die first, and who would make it out alive. Soon, Tux fell on his back, and Venus wish she could celebrate. The hovercraft appears over Venus, and soon picks her up.

Day Three: The Party

Chic Bucci

I'm the first one to make it to the party, which is located in President Blunt's mansion. I stroll around his mansion, which is jet black. Black like his soul. This house is very just filled with luxuries, which I'm usually bathed with back at home. My father is the Mayor of District 1, meaning we're pretty wealthy, and definitely the most well off family in the whole of District 1. Soon, I hear someone creep through the door, and I really hope it's Tux. Yeah, he might be a bit mental, and definitely not as soft as me. But, he's from home, and I'm basically forced to share a special bond with him. But he doesn't really care about me, so why do I bother?

Sadly, the person to enter the room is Aquamarine Summerton, and I must say, she looks stunning with her sea blue dress that drapes to her feet, and twinkling golden jewelry. "Hey.." I nervously say to her, and I'm quite scared for her reaction. I did kill her District partner, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't only just her District partner, but maybe the love of her life. Aquamarine smiles, then begins to speak. "Hi, Chic. I'm surprised to see you here. Who were you up against?" She asks me, and I sigh with relief, she doesn't seem so mad at me. "Candela, from 3. That girl can fight, she wounded me quite badly." I tell her, and she sighs. "You should see the cut I got from Cho." She lifts up her dress, revealing a large, long cut. I quickly gasp. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I never wanted to kill Blue, I just snapped!" I cry, and she quickly locks me in a hug. "It's okay," she says. "Don't be sorry, we're gonna win, okay?"

Thorn Sparrow

Creaking through the door, and I'm surprised to see the girl from 1 and the girl from 4 hugging eachother. "Hi, I hope I'm not interupting?" I ask, and the girl from 4 quickly shakes her head. "Oh no, your not at all. I'm Aquamarine, and this is Chic." Aquamarine says, and I nod. "Congrats." I say with a sharp, cool tone. "So, who'd you have to kill to be here now?" Chic asks, and it pains me to tell her the answer. "Peppa." I say, my cool tone plummeting, and a sad, gloomy tone filling in the gap. "Oh, I'm so sorry. She was your District partner, wasn't she?" Chic asks, and I simply just nod again.

Soon, Sagitarius walks through the door, and greets us with a cool smile. "Hey guys," he says. "How's everyone?" "Good, I guess. The punch is good." I say, raising my glass of plum pink punch. "Oh, nice. So, who were you guys up against? Aquamarine and Chic reveal they were up against Cho and Candela. I tell him I was up against Peppa, and he quickly says sorry. "Well, I was up against Mystique, and I'll tell you this, she definitely knows how to use a whip." He chuckles. The anger boils inside of me. "You killed Mystique?" I shout, then Aquamarine pulls me back. "Thorn, h-he had too. He had no choice!" Aquamarine tells me, and I can tell she's definitely changed, because she's become very nice all of a sudden. "Whatever." I growl and storm off.

After the party

Venus Olympus (D10): A Promise

My brother. He's dead. Perished. And now, we're forced to kill eachother outside of the president's mansion. We were each given a weapon, and I've managed to get this elongated, shimmering sword. Illuminating in the midnight light, I twirl the sword around and practice my thrusts.

Quickly, I slip into the presiden't mansion and creep through the house. I will murder Tinder if it's the last thing I do in life. I see a girl lumber through the kitchen ahead of me, and I quickly lace my fingers around the chinese broadsword.

"Who's there?" I roar as I slip into the kitchen. Chic Bucci stands there, holding a large, swarthy meat cleaver. "Uh, hey." She says humbly. "Nice weapon. This weapon's too deadly for my likings." She purrs, then drops the meat cleaver.

"Are you insane?!" I almost yell, smacking a hand over my mouth. "Why? I'm not going to play the game, I made a promise to myself not to kill anyone, and I'm sticking to that promise." She says, beaming.

"But good luck to you. Watch out for Ursula, she's got a meteor hammer." And with that, she fades into the darkness. Have I just cheated death or what's going on?

Ridge Hillsong (D12): The Silent Showdown

I see her, Ursula Shrapnel. She's out under the gazebo outside, swinging around the two, elephantine steel balls. Ursula was used to regular hammers, but this weapon was extremely out of her comfort zone.

I was away from Ursula, a good twenty meters, and was prepared to strike at any moment. I gripped my black sickle tight, then crept towards Ursula.

Rounding the gazebo, I quickly mount the staircase, where her back is only visible. She swings the hammers around once more, then I pounce. Just before piercing her back, she twirls around and the hammers crash into my head.

Toppling over backwards, I hit the oaken surface with the back of my head. I stumble to my feet and stare at her. We're both mute, I wonder what happened to her, but something tells me it has something to do with the red streak across her throat. Maybe she was whipped?

I stab her in the shoulder and she lumbers backwards, whirling the two hammers in the ear as she staggered. She slowly grinned, then swung them down on me. Swiftly, I sidestep to evade the blade. Red liquid streams down her arm as she swings again.

This time, I'm caught in my chest, and I feel like the air in my lungs has been confuscated. Before I go down, I plunge my sickle into her abdomen and hear the spurt of blood. 

Victor Tinder Leafs of District 7! Aquamarine and Chic escaped, blah blah blah.

Death Chart

26. Jillian-anne Forsythe: Arrow in neck by Aquamarine Summerton

25. Zil Sperry: Knife through chest by Tux Golden

24. Summit Nuclear: Head slammed against staircase repeatedly by Mystique Cirque

23. Violet Moira: Axe through chest by Vulcan Olympus

22. Banjo Fielder: Neck snapped by falling crate

21. Hertz Engine: Hammer thrown into neck by Ursula Shrapnel

20. Issa Jackson: Throat slit by Chic Bucci

19. Blue West: Knife in chest by Chic Bucci

18. Astrid Mitchell: Hit repeatedly with baseball bat by Ursula Shrapnel

17. Peppa Rannoch: Chest striked with frying pan by Thorn Sparrow

16. Talon Faust: Strangled to death with whip by Ridge Hillsong

15. Candela Calor: Neck ripped open by Chic Bucci

14. Vulcan Olympus: Axe in head by Tinder Leafs

13. Tristan Jill: Scimitar through skull by Reginald Turner

12. Cho Abiko: Steel claws through stomach by Aquamarine Summerton

11. Mystique Cirque: Knife through temple by Sagitarius Profane

10. Tux Golden: Hatchet in lungs by Venus Olympus

9. Ursula Shrapnel: Sickle through abdomen by Ridge Hillsong

8. Reginald Turner: Sickle through neck by Ridge Hillsong

7. Sagitarius Profane: Sword in back by Venus Olympus

6. Ridge Hillsong: Dagger in windpipe by Thorn Sparrow

5. Thorn Sparrow: Sword in back by Venus Olympus

4. Venus Olympus: Fell from balcony, head cracked open

3. Chic Bucci: Escaped.

2. Aquamarine Summerton: Escaped.

1. Tinder Leafs: The Victor!

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